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Month: December 2016


Is the father always right? Are parents always right? These two questions intrigue me, especially so when I found a person no less than a Chief Minister of the largest state in India being sacked for airing his differences with his father. Well, as per the Indian traditions and culture, the elders can say anything, and their word is final, more so in case of a father. I am not discussing the reasons and politics here folks as I don’t know UP politics. I am discussing the decision per se. Right or wrong that time will tell, but finishing off a career of a young, dynamic and upcoming politician, who is a Chief Minster at that, in broad daylight, amidst the public and media, in front of the whole nation, is in my view very shocking, very unfortunate, very sadistic, very regrettable, very cruel and a very nasty decision. A state which was coming to some shape under him now is headless. The political vultures have already started encircling above, waiting for the animal to fall. I can’t swallow it as of now. In case it brings prosperity to UP then it would be the best decision, if not the heaven help them.

I am today convinced that politics is purely a game of convenience. Alignments are made and broken for self and vested interests. Ideologies are put aside to get to the seat of power. Arm twisting is done to extract more mileage out of the party in power. Minority cards are played to appease and win such votes. Money flows like water, biryanis are made by the ton, liquor flows like rivers, just to get to that political seat. But here I find a father destroying a career of a leader who is so overshadowed by family more so by dad and uncle that he is shown the door for their convenience I feel. The modern point of view is not acceptable to the older generation. Fresh ideas are not understood by the old generation. Separation of the wheat from the chaff is not palatable to the father. The risk of accepting a spade as a spade is missing from Netaji’s vocabulary. The leadership or rather the domination of party politics by a young mind is not acceptable to the older lot, which has cost Akhilesh his job. A sad day indeed!

The next thing I want to discuss is the lessons which come out of this kind of politics. Will younger generations get motivated to join politics is my first question? Will dissent from the conventional ways of thinking attract so much of punishment? Will the enemies within the party leave me to do my job? Will the political rivals now respect me or care for my achievements? Will the state have continuity in its thought process of development? Are the oldies capable of achieving the goals which the youngsters have set? Can the oldies keep pace with the younger thought process? Will people accept me if I try and stand up on my own? Will I still have the same enthusiasm to work, after being sacked once, even if my father forgives me? Will I be able to forgive my father? Will I be able to trust my father as a head of the party? Will I be normal hereafter? Is dynastic politics got any relevance in today’s India? Will I be able to contribute positively from now on?

There is an old Doha of Rahim which says “Rahiman Dhaga Prem Ka, Matt Todo Chhitkai, Toote Se Phir Naa Jurre, Jurre Gaanth Padh Jaaye”. Rahim says “do not break a thread by snapping it off. Once broken, it would not remain the same. If you try joining both pieces again there would always be a knot”. I find it absolutely fitting in this scenario. Will there be business as usual amongst the father and son? Will there be business as usual between party members? What message is it conveying to the state, to the country and the world that the chief minister is at the mercy of a father or uncle? My way or the high way seems to be the flavour of the day. I can only say that this has been the most ridiculous move of 2016. Most immature, most childish, most uncouth, most unparliamentarily move this has been. I still say that I do not know and understand their state politics. I do not know what was brewing in their minds, and I do not know the reasons why this had to be done, but this much I know that such things should not be done. So what if you are the father, so what if you are the head of a party, so what if you are the founder of the same. So what you have more experience, you can’t shatter a man of a stature of a Chief Minister, even if in your wisdom you feel he was wrong.

I have yet to understand, is it the state first or politics first or family first or vested interests first, or is it the nation first. Can the nation be below partisan politics? Can a nation be made a mockery of in the whole world that a father, a party leader and head can simply sack a member who is the sitting Chief Minister of a state with the largest population, which sends the largest number of MPs to the parliament, which is going through a turmoil of the religious intolerance of kinds, which is concentrating on infrastructure and other developmental projects with an aim to outshine the other states. Will the father allow all systems put in place by the son to be questioned and modified as per his liking? I don’t know, but indeed I feel quite flabbergasted, that if in a moment the job of a Chief Minister can go, then all other appointments should be prepared to bite dust.

I don’t know why I have a liking for Akhilesh. Is it his politeness? Is it his maturity? Is it the tact with which he handles the media? Is it his thought process? Is it his vision? Is it his developmental work? Is it the love for his state and the country? I can’t say. But in my hearts of hearts I have a soft corner for him, as I find a kind of youthfulness in him, the gentlemanliness in him, the ethos of traditions he upholds in terms of never uttering a word against his uncles or father. I don’t care for a father, who took such a decision to sack his own son for a few differences. I would say the intolerance of the father, or the inflexibility of his took the toll to sacrifice this young man to be made a matter of talking shop across the media. This has become a typical case of divide and rule. The harbingers of chaos are waiting at the gates to pounce on every opportunity they get. I hope they don’t succeed.

I can vouch for my relation with my father, if he had raised me to this level; he would rather die before pulling the rug from under my chair. May be all fathers are not the same. Let me usher this New Year by dedicating this article to my father who held my hand, taught me to write, pushed me to study, made me an Army man, and today rests in peace. Thank you dad, I know you would have never done such a thing. Will Mulayam be “mulayam” on his son? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


You all must be wondering about the title of my article, and rightly so, as I believe a flight from Goa which was about to take off decided to go by road to Mumbai and also another two flights came nose ball to nose ball on a Delhi runway. It must have been fun when the pilots would have lowered their windows and shouted the choicest of abuses at each other. I hope they are not taking lessons from the Indian Air force that is practicing landing on highways. Be that as it may, I actually flew down memory lane and many-many moons back when I was a school and college going kid and travelled frequently between Kapurthala & Jalandhar (Jullunder) as it was called at that time. The only mode of transport was by bus. Aircrafts I had not seen except the Air force planes which used to do their combat exercises or a trail of white lines (condensation trails) emanating from a Dakota packet flying over head. Air travel was for the super rich and we belonged to Dangar (cattle) class.

I remember standing at DC Chowk, we used to wait for busses going to jullunder. We had three categories one was the PEPSU roadways, with a symbol of a Greek character “the flying horse” PEGASUS, believe you me one used to find painted on the driver’s door “pilot” and true to the spirit  of the insignia, those buses really used to take off. The conductor used to shout “RAH DI SAWARI KOI NA HOVE” (we don’t allow passengers who have to get down enroute) and once warmed up, the KILLI (accelerator) only found the floor and one wondered whether the damn thing had brakes. Mid way the pilot would adjust his “Pug” and scratch his beard with no hands on the steering. Even the dogs feared crossing the roads. True to their words, we used to be before time in jullunder, the 54 seater bus never had more than 20 passengers for obvious reasons, more so to live another day.

Then there was this transport service called the PRINCE BUS. Nicely painted, good seats, radio, nice lighting inside those blue, red, orange and green ones. Well dressed conductor and driver, clean floors. We used to be told that this is also a nonstop bus, but it used to stop at zozila stadium, chungi naka, railway crossing, khojewala, uccha pind, neeva pind, teda pind, veenga pind adarsh chowk, phutbaal chowk, doordarshan, nakodar chowk, and three more stops before the bus stand. One used to get fed up adjusting seats and invariably as school had taught us to be gentlemen; we used to go standing in that half an hour’s run.

Then there was our own Punjab Roadways, with a motto, CHALAANGE TAN PAHUNCHANGE (we shall reach if we move). My goodness lord, torn seats, no back rests, doors invariably broken, cracked wind shields of the driver, widow glasses missing for the passengers, MUFLI CHILKAS to pass time like one bursts bubbles of the Amazon delivery packing’s, smell of diesel mixed with fumes. Invariably, the bus won’t self start, the driver will coolly request the passengers to push, well, the crowds were supportive and used to push it and once it started it won’t stop, due to the fear it might stall, so you run and get on the bus. Your seat which you had kept a hanky on gone and so did the kerchief. Now you wonder, did you take the right decision as invariably it would have a damaged silencer thus made a deafening noise. Many a times if you were in a bus behind this one & you would be amazed to see the chassis bent, one always wondered which side the bus is actually going. To top it all it won’t let you overtake it as a matter of prestige and looking at it from behind one was scared to even think of overtaking it. Well those were the good old days.

I am not getting into the technicalities of why the plane wavered off the runway, but it is a matter of concern. I was also shocked to see the planes and its pilots staring at each other on the runway. Well this again reminds of Punjab roadways, where the right of way was always of the bus, right side-wrong side was not the point of discussion, the bus is always right, you move your vehicle off the road and in time to save yourself the wrath of the state transport. Literally, one feared for life seeing a bus. We were basically pedestrians, or on cycles and ultimate used to be on a borrowed scooter. In those days there were jawla horns blaring. If you hear it leave the road, as you never know which side the bus will appear from. You might be expecting it from the front but it might surprise you from the rear too. Today, those ugly horns have been replaced by flashing of head lights in the day on high beam. If I have flashed it, it is my way. I may flash it to warn you to get out of the way. I may flash them to ask you to give me side as you are going too slow as per my standards. Lights flashed means all traffic rules are redundant thereafter. The vikram or the tamtam drivers are the worst, if you don’t budge they will swing their vehicle towards you when they are just short of you and then swing back on track. I have almost had a heart attack many a times, but now am used to their tactics. Traffic sense, traffic discipline, traffic norms are made and broken by me as I decide them to be. If I am in a good mood, I will let all traffic pass, if my wife has had a fight with me, hell can break loose. You can watch out for your own safety for all I care. I own this road. Period!

Well, if that be so for the airlines in India, Gods help us. Thank God I haven’t taken a flight since some time. These days I pay for my water and food during air travel. I hope they let me carry my poori sabji and aam ka achar in the aircraft one day. I also hope they don’t tell me to push start an airplane someday. I heard on a panel discussion that all this is because the IAS babus are not treating the airline safety properly. In fact they were questioning that a babu who has no clue of aviation is made its head and it needs to stop forthwith to improve aviation in the country. So in the same breadth may I say the same for defence too? In Canada the defence minister is a retired Lieutenant Colonel and a war veteran, the sports minister has been a Para-Olympian, the education minister is a doctorate, our PM is a Chaiwala, and down the line, our finance minister is a lawyer, our defence minister is an engineer, I shall not talk about the rest. It is something like the fauj, moment you do a Radio course, instead of making you the signal officer of the unit you are made the quarter master. Comedy of errors everywhere!

Ladies and gentlemen, India is India, no one can beat it, no one can run it, no one can destroy it, no one change it. I am lucky to be born here, it has its wonky ways of functioning, it has its own ways of running and repairing itself, it is unique, it is wonderful, so why can’t we change it to Jet Roadways, and let Punjab Airways handle aviation. Is it possible? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


As I sat on my throne this morning with my newspaper, the front page headlines had a personality who was putting all sorts of allegations on the PM. Right-Wrong, half baked, fictitious, true-false, fabricated, conjectured, made-up, correct, I don’t know. Now I have got so fed up of this allegation baazi that I folded the news paper shifted to read my face book messages. Then my thoughts started drifting to this personality who keeps saying BHAIYA JI.  I should call him the same, not as slang as he uses it, maybe as a younger brother. But then I think I should leave it at BABA, yes I am talking about the one and only Baba. I have decided to do some baba bashing, as within me I have started to totally mistrust him, his way of doing politics, his personality and may be his party’s thought process. Somehow I have a total disconnect with both and he is totally & fully responsible for it.

Let me confess to you that I was an ardent fan of your Dadi. Chacha Nehru I had just heard about and remembered his birthday for my GK class as children’s day. Your real chacha we were all scared of, as kahin nasbandi na kar de, we were kindergarten school going kids then & didn’t even know what nasbandi was. I became a fan of your Dad and Mom when they came to Jaisalmer many-many moons back to my unit, I had one pip on my shoulder and I had to sign for a sample taken by his doctor of a Bonda, pakora and jalebi, as I was the in charge of that stall where your father and mother were supposed to eat, instead they interacted with the jawans and shared from their plate. I felt so happy when they sipped tea in a Mug enamel of the good old days. I was impressed by his personality. More so because he drove your mom from the Airport to the unit in my COs open jeep. I can never forget it, and those memories are etched in my memory for ever. A historic moment for my unit and we have preserved the visitor’s book page and that photograph as part of Unit History.

I wish baba you be one percent of your father. Frankly, I do not know about your political career. I do not know are you willingly pursuing it or have you been forced into it. I also don’t know why your mother is also heading this organisation, which I feel she does under pressure of all the congress stalwarts who owe their lives to the surname you carry. Well, the truth may only be revealed if a book is written truthfully, in any case you’re and your party’s credibility appears to be goofed up as far as I am concerned. You have good leaders in terms of the oldies and other youngsters, who are well indoctrinated into politics. Here I mean Scindia, Pilot etc, who look and conduct themselves in a far more convincing manner than your good self. Even your sister is far more credible. Let them lead the change, let them bring in new ideas and let us see fresh faces. At least make them your party’s spokespeople in place of Mr Manu Singhvi who is your lawyer alright, but circumvents issues with his judicial jargon and also Mr Manish Tiwari, who doesn’t get out of his oxfordish English which is beyond the comprehension of people with limited vocabulary like me. Tata’s tried a change and failed, why the congress can’t too. You all require a churn, an overhaul, if not a complete change, is my view.

I remember a slogan, desh ka neta kaisa ho, dash-dash jaisa ho. Can you fit in your name in slogan? Your name doesn’t gel in the dash-dash as per me. I don’t know why. I also cannot explain my dislike I have developed towards you and whatever you speak; ideology etc I am not venturing into. I am thankful to many congressmen though, who did a lot for this country over the years; in fact it would not be correct for me to bash them. Today, when you have handed over the reins of the country to another party, why don’t you let the next government take India further? Why are you into criticism mode only? Positive criticism I will welcome, but hitting below the belt, negative commenting, in fact the whole process of the parliament not functioning irritates me as a voter and a citizen beyond tolerance. Don’t make a mockery of it. Can you baba become desh ka neta in fact good opposition ka neta? Can you be the one who can give sleepless nights to the ruling party by your positivity and positive contribution? If yes then start today, if not then just shut up.

Today they laugh at you; take jibes at you, in fact now the PM ridicules your conduct and oratory. It doesn’t gel with the status of the PM for sure. I disliked the way he took pot shots at you the other day. Well, if you are allowing yourself to be made a laughing stock, the choice is with you, if you mean serious business in politics, then give the reigns to people who are far more capable than you. Can you understand the hidden message in this? You are leading this party and its politics to the brink of extinction and into history books. If you need to be politically relevant don’t tell us what you want, tell us how you will achieve it. Sit with the opposition and suggest to them that this is how things can become better. By just waving off kissan loans, will solve nothing, how will you make kissani sustainable in the present environment is the question. Gareebi is there in US and UK too. How do you propose to the present government to bridge this ameer-gareeb gap? I haven’t seen one suggestion. I as a citizen cannot wait for you and your party or its alliance to come to power in which ever elections, may be 25 years from now, and then you will make everyone ameer, my foot.

Dear Rahul baba, by just making noise, by misleading and misinforming the public, by giving false promises and above all suggesting nothing, doesn’t make you a great leader. By giving anti BJP speeches or Anti modi speeches you achieve nothing. By being in the opposition, unless you do something constructive for me you are irrelevant and wasting my money, I don’t pay taxes for such immaturity is my view. By cursing the present government for its policies, you gain nothing. By singing self praises about the past you impress no one. Times have changed, people are result oriented. People are desperate now to achieve more in a shorter period of time; you appear to be doing Stone Age politics. Don’t drag this country backwards.

My sincere suggestion is baba aap politics se sanyaas le lo. It is not your cup of tea. Sit back and enjoy the pension you have earned. Your party will fare better without the Gandhi name is my view. If you can enhance the pace of development by constructive and positive criticism, I shall salute you for that, but if you are going to continue with your monkey business of hate speeches, and waste my money, then I am done with you and anything to do with a group of baboons. Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Why this controversy-controversy-controversy G? Read it in the tune of why this kolaveri-kolaveri-kolaveri D? Should I start with politics and politicians? No I shall leave them alone as I do not want to raise my blood pressure. Should I get into what is happening in the Army?  No, I don’t think I should tread into that domain, as I am not aware and competent enough to get into matters Military. So if politics which affects every sphere of our lives in some way or the other is out of my ambit and Military which gave me the olive green blood in my veins is also out of the scope, Fir bacha kya?

Well, I should not talk about any of the babaji’s and babyji’s too. Some blink too much, some dance too much, some of them talk too much, some preach too much. Some brainwash too much, some do frauds too much. In reality, if I had to become that idealistic kind of INSAAN, then I might as well sit under a bodhi tree and become a baba. Well, India is full of people who spread goodness, and there is nothing wrong, but when it starts to become a cult and people forget their own faith and lie down in such people’s feet and indeed are ready to do anything told to them is where I get a little disturbed. Well, I still maintain if it gives you inner peace: go with it. But I haven’t seen people becoming Insaans even after listening to discourses and pravachans every day. In the evening it is back to two pegs and two legs, two gaalis to the gharwali as a norm. God is worshipped for personal gains, or remembered when there is an issue in the family, otherwise a horn and a flying kiss appears to be enough for the Gods. Well, it is a matter of individual faith, and how true are you to yourself, isn’t it?

I am now going to tread into a controversy for sure. I see people offering flowers to the deity’s. Well it is a matter of belief again. I think a little differently that why the Gods should be pleased with plucked flowers. I find people plucking flowers, in fact stealing them, if I put it crudely and then offering them in the pooja thalis. I know and understand the sentiment of offering the best you have to the one who guides your life, but why ruin a beautiful flower to appease someone, who knows your intentions and may enjoy flowers better where ever they bloom. It is food for thought. Maybe I don’t follow the hindu faith and maybe I don’t understand “PUSHPAM SAMARPAYAMI”.  If they are bought from the florist it is ok with me, but if they are stolen, or plucked from peoples and common gardens, then I find it objectionable. I don’t think the Gods will be pleased by such gestures. I leave it to the wisdom of people and their faith. Flowers look best in nature, I believe.

Another thing which flashes across my mind that why do we have to expect something in return from whom so ever we have faith in? Why can’t we have a clean conscious and have a straight mind? The whole day we calculate our finances and ways and means to somehow earn an extra buck. I am not saying that everyone is unfair, but we are into that “ninyanvay ka chakkar”. Why can’t we stop at ekaanvay or even lesser amount? I say this as I just heard that parents who scolded their child so much when he reported that a debit card fraud has happened with him. He gave his debit card number to someone and that fellow made two transactions quickly before this boy realised it. He truthfully confessed to his parents and they mounted on him like a ton of bricks as if heaven has fallen on earth. The poor boy got so scared that he committed suicide day before and is no more. They parents are good people. I hear Aarti in their home every day and I know they follow a guru very devotedly, and I also know they calculate every penny and why not. End result has been a tragedy of such kind for just 15000 rupees. My stomach churned up on hearing it as I knew the boy so well. A well read, tall, 25 year old handsome boy he was. Well, that is destiny. God bless his soul, and God bless the family. Parents please don’t get hyper on any such issues, the pain becomes unbearable, the loss becomes irreplaceable and the stigma attached will never go. Precious life has gone to rest with God forever.

So ladies and gentlemen, no more controversy G & no more kolaveri D. May peace be with all of you and your families. May this festive season bring joy peace and happiness in your lives, may you be blessed, and may good sense prevail in every one of us and especially those who run our country. My family joins me in wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.


© Noel Ellis


This Army Chief controversy is getting too far for my liking. Good people being over looked, senior people being sidelined, politics entering the military arena etc appear to be dangerous trends. I wrote yesterday, that once the decision has been taken to appoint a person it needs to be respected. Today, I want discuss the merit of the people who selected my Army Chief. Just because they happened to get some votes due to a wave in the country, are they capable enough to decide who is going to head a professional force called the Army, Navy or the Air force? Are they worthy enough to make such a selection? Are they educated enough to appoint such outstanding and professionally competent gentlemen. Are they capable enough to understand what it takes to run an disciplined organisation which is now getting political due to meddling of these dhotiwalas and babu’s unfortunately? Are the people who sat in decision to appoint them competent to judge an officer who has gone though a filtration process from a 2Lt stage? Well ladies and gentlemen, we have to appear in Part B, and D exams to start with. Leave alone Staff College and the other colleges like HDMC, LDMC, NDC etc. The Chief designates are M Phils and Doctorates in their professions and they are appointed by people who may be most uneducated but now are honourable members of our parliament. They are appointed by people who waste complete sessions of parliament in the name of democracy and at the cost of tax payer’s money. My Chief’s are appointed by people who have charges of rape, murder, loot and corruption in their names. How sad! How unfortunate! How regretful! But this is how the system goes. This is called democracy.

Please let me know the merit of our PM. Well I shall grant him this much that he rose from the grassroots, and worked hard to be a CM of a state three times. Irrespective of the state he belonged to, if he could effectively run his state, he can run the country too, so I grant him his due. Now is my question to him, does he know Kashmiri, does he understand Nagamese, can he speak Jharkhandi, the answer is no. But is he capable of taking a decision at a national level for each of our 29 states & 7 Union Territories, the answer is yes. Therefore, our Chief could be from the Armd Corps, Mech Inf, or any other arm, once you have been indoctrinated in the fire, once you have gone through your command and staff paces, once you have been made to undergo training at the best institutions of the world, aren’t you capable of holding a baton of an Army Chief. The bureaucrats can serve the Defence ministry or the ministry of Animal husbandry and still rise to become a Chief Secretary. He is part of the selection committee which appoints the Service Chief, isn’t it a little appalling. A person who doesn’t know which side a gun fires, is capable of appointing a person who has so many guns under his command which if fired would pulverise the enemy to dust.

Let us talk about dress the person selecting wears. Invariably he is in chappals, sandals and casuals. A person who can’t salute back properly, or acknowledge a salute at a function like launching a ship, where the Admirals are in their full finery with medals and swords, a man casually walks in without headgear and half sleeves shirt. How pathetic? How uncouth I would say. A person who may know the principles of aerodynamics being an engineer but can he fly a plane or direct fire of artillery. He may know a little what it takes to handle a large crowd because he has been a CM, but does he know how the logistics of an armed formation is worked out. Does he know how a soldier fights till the last man last round? Does he understand how that last round is supplied to the first man in the trench? Does he know the importance of a Scout who hears the first shot being fired at his patrol? Does he know fire kahan se aya? Does he understand “Dauro, leto, rengo, aar pakro, fire karo”? Does he know “chiezen kyon dikhti hain” in fact does he understand the 6S and 1M.

Believe you me all these things are not required at the level of the Army Chief, least for a defence minister? They are there to deploy nuclear weapons; to plan National Strategy. They are there to think about the future of the forces. The COAS is there to advise the Supreme Commander on what is needed to keep India safe. He is there to ask from the government what he needs to keep India safe. Does the defence minister know what is “one up” or “staggered line ahead”? Can he do any of the hand signals except rubbing his hand on his tummy to say he is hungry? Well let me not get into basics. Such esteemed gentlemen as our Chiefs have done their “mai baap parades”, “make and mend parades”, “first parade”, “halt parade” and “last parades” umpteen times. They have lived in and counted bunkers, they have marched in the hills and deserts, they have dealt with track sheds and tanks falling in blind wells, they have led various EVC & IRG columns, they have made missile bases, they have deployed surveillance grids for formations, they have made bridge heads across DCBs and canals, they have floated in many a rivers, they have deep forded in riverine terrain, they have served in high altitude, they have para jumped, they have served in UN missions in various capacities, they have guided people fighting asymmetric warfare and they are selected by people who don’t even know what I am talking about.

The maximum noise has been made by Rahul baba and his party spokespersons, bhaiya please pick up a “papplu” of commando wing, friends give him a four KG danda to balance it and then tell him to do his pad yatra in UP. Bhaiya ji, wear your dhoti and go to the glacier, I hope you know where it is. No no you got it wrong it is not in Switzerland, I am talking of Siachen, arey don’t confuse with Aksai Chin of Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai fame. O hell, no baba not your double chin yaar. Forget it, you won’t get it ever and you are dreaming of leading this country. Sorry to be so mean with my words, please baba leave politics, as whatever you say sounds more like a joke. People laugh at you. You have the young Scindia, Pilot, etc who can handle things far better than you. The image of your party is getting murkier more you open your mouth. You have no business to oppose the decisions of the government just to politicise them. You guys got the boot in the last elections and if you continue the way you are going you may be given the second boot too. Armed forces are a serious matter and we don’t get up at night early in the morning like you say. We fight all day and all night till our enemy is annihilated.

The first man to contact the enemy is the scout, and if he pin points the enemy correctly, and tells his commander FIRE KAHAN SE AYA, the commander will be able to make a quick plan, deploy his support weapons, assault & defeat the enemy. Same goes for the Chiefs too, irrespective of the arm they belong to, irrespective how asymmetric the warfare is, irrespective of the swords of honours they have got or not got. All of them are far-far more capable to carry out the duty of the COAS. I wish Gen Rawat the best again, Sir please beware. I hope you don’t fall prey to the Political fire, as no one will be able to tell you fire kahan se, kyon aur kab aya? Do you get my message hidden within these two lines, I wonder!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Congratulations Gen Rawat for being nominated to take over the world’s best Army. My congratulations to the new Air Chief designate Air Marshal Dhanoa too. Both of you have herculean tasks ahead. May God grant you the wisdom, strength and acumen to carry them out in a professional manner and may you also do something to stop this constant bickering amongst certain people especially the disgruntled lot. They only find faults with anything and everything, including your appointments. Well, in today’s world everyone has a birthright to crib and squabble. Everyone has his own favourites, likes, dislikes and everyone has his point of view. Now that the government has taken a decision, accept it and be done with it, the sooner the better. If someone can change this decision, then do it and if you can’t then let these people do their jobs.

Yes I feel bad for Gen Bakshi, he was my instructor in ACC&S long time ago, but maybe there are better things in store for him. I personally feel very bad for Gen Hariz, as I personally know him, and we wore the same RECCE & SP (TR) badge. Naturally guys, if given a choice to me I shall chose him first being from the Mech fraternity, in fact my second choice would have been Gen Bakshi as I have a soft corner for him, being from the Mech forces again and having been my “ustad” many   moons back. Gen Rawat would have been my third choice, as I don’t know him at all. I believe he is a very highly decorated officer, and I am sure the merit system must have been put in place before the final decision to appoint him was taken. I have no doubts. So why is there so much fretting and fuming amongst the armed forces fraternity. Now some politicians, who don’t know the D of Defence, and A of Attack, have also jumped in and trying to gain political mileage for no reason.

Ok let us for the time being just assume that a person X has been appointed the Army Chief. So what are the expectations from him today is one part of the question. The second part is that what he should do for the army to make it the fittest fighting machine against all adversaries. Now, the expectations would differ with who needs what, so let’s take the ex-servicemen for instance. They want the OROP to be implemented as they are already tired of protesting and look at you as a messiah. The serving want the 7th pay commission recommendations implemented tomorrow, with all anomalies removed. Thirdly, I will like to pay no income tax, for which I would like to push Gen X to fight with the government tooth and nail from the day he takes over. I would like MS branch disbanded, as they never give any choice posting ever. In fact when you say you don’t want Delhi they send you to Delhi. I remember telling them to leave me in the unit as it was my last chance to appear in Staff College, they posted me to an Assam rifles unit, that too under a sector HQ RR in the Kashmir valley. Thank God I passed the exam from there.

Here after come the real wishes that every commander should have a Mercedes Benz as a staff car, every CO to have a Range rover, then only every Lt Col and below may get a gypsy. All are made in India now. I would like to have free rations to be picked up from big basket and home delivered even if I am in field. If they can’t deliver there then Gen Sir the same should be delivered to where my family stays, extra bread, eggs and butter included. I would like to have all the in lieu items of ration once in a while. I may be excused from paying electricity and rent of any kind to the government for any kind of house or furniture which is provided to me. I would like the MES also to be disbanded and people like L&T or HCC to build for the army. I won’t talk about DRDO now, but take them under your wings. I would like to have any other pen in place of “Pen Wilson” from my ACG funds.  My quota of liquor needs to be increased to 24 bottles irrespective whether I drink them or not. These are just a few demands Chief, in case you are capable of getting me all this, then my vote is for you, otherwise, I shall curse the system till cows come home. One more thing, the railways and the airlines have to give me and my family confirmed seats free of cost, then I will consider you as the man who matters.

Now comes the other items on the agenda which might be required for national interest. We want the best of guns; best of equipment, best of clothing, best of transport, and best of you name it. In case the government cannot provide all these within 4 months of you taking over, I want you to put in your resignation the next day. Then I would say that you have the guts to shake the government. You have to get all pay and allowances cleared or else put up your resignation, then I shall consider you to be the Chief with certain principals. All tanks, all ammunition has to be made up and all CAPEX utilised in the first year of your taking over, otherwise you will send your resignation to the President along with your yearly report on the fitness of the Army. Then will I consider you to be worth your salt. You have to sort out Pakistan, without a single casualty, and Pakistan should be on its knees, before the next Army commander’s conference you chair. Then probably you would meet our standards to be the army chief. I want you to be a “Panga” taker, at the peril of your job and my list is never ending.

Well ladies and gentlemen, enough of fiction, enough of day dreaming, and enough of bak-bak. Given a choice, I would love to sit in the bar of Le Meridian, and fight a war on social media and destroy all my enemies while having a glass of beer. Can a Chief do what we expect out of him, or is he made the chief to do what the Nation and the Supreme Commander wants him to do within the means that the country can afford. I am sure there is ample space of improvement and ample budget available for everything. But can procedures and systems be bypassed. Is the Chief going to fight those tactical battles at ground level or is he going there for strategic thinking and implementation? Is the chief going to forecast the Army in 2050, or is he going to be the “fire fighter in chief”; that he keeps dousing one fire after the other. Are we as field commanders doing our bit to make life easy for him to fight the political bigwigs? Are we doing our bit to ensure that the chief doesn’t keep rushing from post to post? Friends he has seen enough of posts, now it is our turn to defend the country and defend it to the best of our abilities. No more heads severed and taken away, no more failed infiltrations bids. Let us sort these buggers out for our senior commanders to do what they are meant to do.

Well, had I become the chief I would have done it all, however, I would have been thrown out on day one for my dislike of politics and the politicians. I feel bad when people bring in the communal angle of a “Bhulla” and a “Kancha” in between. Not warranted and not done. My best wishes to the ones who missed out on this and God Bless and God Speed to you Gen Rawat. I am waiting for the day when my course mate becomes a chief of either of the services. Maybe then I may come to know what goes into making a Chief, and then I may also ask him how uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. I am really waiting for that day, but will they tell me the inside story? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


As I reflect on my year gone by, I remember making no new year’s resolutions. The reason was simple, so that I don’t break any. But I promised to myself, that I will pursue my hobbies of writing and gardening. At the end of the year as I reflect on them you all will be surprised that I wrote about 70 articles and could not complete 25, they are half written and shall stay in my memoirs. By the way there are still 15 days for the year to end; I may land up writing a few more. On the gardening front my efforts have started paying me. All those who are connected to me on face book would know, and I feel satisfied and content. A few days back I remember promising to myself to start enjoying the sunrise and sunsets, the breeze, the moon, the sea basically nature and I feel that nothing else gives me more solace and peace. My thoughts are calm; my day starts with cheerfulness as my blooming flowers give me so much of tranquillity & peace of mind that words can’t express.

I remember last year, thanks to the social media and the mobile networks, I was flooded with New Year messages and blessings. I think the blessings have helped me and my family tremendously. As time went by came Holi, and the wishes of the festival of colours were galore. The colourful messages really cheered me up; the choice of words in all messages was amazing as if they all were meant for me personally. Time went by came Dussera and Diwali, and again the victory of good over evil messages helped me to kill the evil in me, the festival of lights lifted my spirits and of course there was Eid and Gur Purabs where the blessings of Allah and Waheguru touched my soul, and now comes Christmas again, the festival of peace, happiness & joy which will be followed by another new year. New resolutions, new reflections, new associations and everything new is about to start again. So let me now reflect on a few things gone by and yet to come. Maybe we all can draw our conclusions thereafter.  So let me wish you folks a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year in advance. God bless every friend of mine abundantly.

We have had the worst year as far as the Indo-Pak relations were concerned. With China too I would say has been a year of ups and downs. We had our share of martyrs’ and we too did the surgical strikes. Earth quakes, typhoons, plane crashes continued in various parts of the world. Our parliament went to a new low where all we saw was no business happening per se. Statistics can claim that X number of bills were passed but were passed with hardly any deliberations. A personal attack on each other, use of un-parliamentary language has become the name of the game. Demonetisation or remonetisation is a new thing which came to light after years. The valley saw its lowest ebb. Now with Mehbooba mufti giving 4 Lakhs to Burhan Wani’s kin was like adding salt to our wounds. Well, the dance of democracy continues and is slowly transformed into “Democrazy”, but this country moves on. Mamta has been in a fight with one and all, Kejriwal doesn’t know whom to fight with or what to fight for, Rahul baba is trying to become a leader, but fails to impress me by miles, Mayawati and her written speeches shows how well read she is, Jaitley ki kately is brewing lassi of a different kind instead of tea, Amma has left no one to take over her legacy. Even then we are firing rocket after rocket and sending satellites one after the other. Corruption continues, political mis-governance continues, gareeb remains gareeb, real estate bubble doesn’t burst, banking woes continue, ATTA BHI MEHNGA, CHEENI BHI MEHNGI, MEHNGA HAR SAAMAN, FIR BHI MERA BHARAT MAHAN.

OROP, has any one heard about it? I am sure we all must have, but PM Sahib, when will your good governance reflect on it? We have deposited our life certificates already. I dread if you push the dates to the next financial year for its implementation. We the ex-servicemen are still as disciplined as we were when we were in uniform in fact more disciplined now. We haven’t behaved like the gujjars or the jat agitation, though our forces have numerous people from that community. Hanumanthappa’s are still getting buried in avalanches while defending this country.  It is matter of shame for me to see an ex Air force Chief under CBI custody, well I feel a little taken aback. If he is involved, let him get a boot, but one has to set the system right once for all, but if he isn’t, how will his image be restored. I am also awaiting the 7th pay commission. Now that the sarkar has collected so much mullah in the banks, will it part with the booty? Hoping against hope to see that implemented too. I really want to see the ache din and soon. Dear Mr PM, are you listening?

This year has seen TATA in turmoil, a rarity of kinds. Such things can also happen, in fact in this country anything can happen. Rahul baba can trigger an earth quake in parliament if he is allowed to speak. Kejriwal can cure cough by coughing out scam after scam of all governments. I can put any allegation on you and get away scot free is the game of the day. The only positive note I find in all this mess is that I believe Arnab has left his job. What a relief it must be to the viewers! His fans must be now waiting for his channel to be launched. Hope he doesn’t. Mr PM why can’t there be a cap on news channels, like you have put a cap on withdrawal on cash from a bank. Why can’t there be a limit of words, and the correct decibel level laid down for these channels? Moment you exceed any of them CBI should take over the channel and Supreme Court should suo-motto charge the news anchor for “breaking the news”. Anyways, I don’t watch them anymore, and I don’t feel like reading the news paper also anymore, so no news is good news. Good riddance to bad rubbish I suppose.

I am also looking forward to something new on the social media. Except for posts of a very few people I don’t even care to open the attachments. My good morning list from people who never wished me earlier has gotten so long, that the morning doesn’t look as good any more. Whatsapp, has become such a nuisance that within minutes one finds 345 messages unread, imagine 345 notification bells are difficult to bear, yes I can understand I can silence my phone, or that particular group notifications, but then why do I keep a cell phone that too a smart one. Face book is also losing its relevance, except I get reminded of birthdays of my good friends. I made a blog but except for the first 8 comments which some genuine friends happened to see, I find only spammers on it trying to sell me porn or Viagra, or are willing to write stories for me. Well, that’s life. Twitter I don’t enjoy handling, so won’t comment. Mail has died its own death I suppose. Above all I find all those people who post internet links on mail or Whatsapp get no attention at all. I somehow do not like people who are just forwarders. Anyways, I have to bear with them in the coming years.

As a passing thought friends, let us unite to bring in positivity in our lives and all those who we come in contact with. The more we get embroiled in our mundane lives, the more we miss out on the little goodies that nature and God has showered upon us. Let us look after the environment, let us plant a tree and admire a flower, real flower not a flower on Whatsapp. Let us make someone whom we don’t know happy, let us just be good citizens, and in the bargain swach bharat etc will fall into place. I don’t know I may be sounding like a preacher all right, but I don’t preach through forwards, I tell you what I have decided to do, and I am going to spend time with my family and friends. I shall enjoy every moment of life. I shall try and become app savvy, well I now have to learn to pay through the paytm and other e-wallets to book an OLA cab, pay them through my mobile and carry on writing and improving my garden. Any suggestions friends, you are welcome to send them to me, but will you take my words positively, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


I wasn’t surprised when I picked up the yesterday’s newspaper this morning before occupying my throne to see first four pages with advertisements of companies which are making a fast buck these days. Thanks to the demonetisation storm. Out of which two pages were dedicated to another set of advertisements related to some luxury apartments being made by a not very well known real estate company. Not well known to me at least but the prices quoted appeared beyond my imagination, to the tune of one crore for a three bed room flat. Oops beyond my comprehension, assimilation and understanding. Well, if I had to spend so much for a pig sty, I might as well buy a hen’s coop in a remote place which will be more than the area of that project itself. Well, anyways my theme is not to bash the real estate people or the companies promoting e-wallets but to bash the so called paid media.  A full page advertisement would cost the advertiser around Rs 60 Lakhs in a leading daily in Delhi to a crore in Mumbai. A pan India ad campaign can be availed at a rate of Rs 9000/sq cm. Good heavens and God save the common man from the news papers which is more of ads than news.

What surprised me that the main news was well camouflaged and hidden within the news paper as if it was of no consequence. Actually if you see the headlines that AMMA passed away had become of no significance to the news papers or in fact for the media. Every news channel was standing outside the Apollo hospital, as if they somehow had a means to see the soul of the departed leader leaving the hospital gates. Every channel was standing there as if to claim to inform India that she is no more. Each channel in the mean time had dug out all footage they had ever recorded on her. The research teams were busy digging out sound bites in which ever language she gave. Tamil interpreters were busy overtime translating every word she ever spoke into English and other languages. Every channel was running her old interviews etc, well; the whole nation was paying respects to the departed leader in some ways. No sir, not the media. Media was gathering TRPs and eyeballs. News papers were printing advertisements and making money. No one from the media was actually interested in her personality as such. That is my feeling and I am sharing it with you, right or wrong is immaterial. I found the media connecting with her for running their shows only. The news papers hid her in the ads and moved her to the tenth page where a very few go in today’s 140 character twitter world.

Though, I was not in direct touch with this lady but I started to admire her in my hind sight. The reason was she became the Chief Minister of her state six times. It is a feat if not a miracle. How she did it? How she managed it? How she governed? How she gave herself to her people, is a matter of awe for sure. I was in Tamil Nadu for a year from May of 1998 to May of 1999. What I could gather was that food was cheap, accommodation was cheap, non-veg was superb and there was no rowdyness on the streets. People were nice and friendly. People spoke in Hindi and you were not considered to be a stranger. Well, people still mistake me for a “Thambi”, due to the colour of my skin, and seriously I took a lot of advantage of this. Many of my seniors who became my pals gave me lot of lift as they mistook me for being a tamilian in NDA. Worst was as I roamed the streets of Coimbatore etc people used to start in chaste Tamil and I had to politely tell them “Tamil illay” (I don’t know Tamil). They used to think I am joking. Well, between what they thought and what they used to say; we used to finish our shopping. That is how I remember Conoor and Ooty. Lovely days, lovely times and lovely memories we had in the salubrious climate of that place above all the lovely friends we made there.

My apologies folks for drifting into nostalgia again. Last two days, I haven’t seen any channel covering the ATM queues, the banking woes or the farmer’s problems. I suppose there was a cricket test match which India won against some country, or was it a one day match. India has broken all ties with Pakistan after the surgical strike, but the Indian ladies cricket team played against Pakistan and won, was nowhere in the news. Why were they playing with Pakistan, when the men’s hockey and cricket team have refused to play with them? Why was most of the media sleeping or not covering it? INS BETWA toppled over became a head line for a few moments, but why should media be bothered as another ship is written off. The navy and the defence ministry will roll heads, isn’t it? Amma news needs to be on every channel, or else people will switch to different channels. The firing from Pakistan side along the LoC continues unabated, the counter terrorist ops in the Kashmir valley continue unabated, but media was busy looking into its TRPs. The news to cover the other martyrs’ suddenly disappeared in the background not even to find a mention in the ticker, because the CM of a state was being laid to rest. Every leader of political class was looking for an opportunity to give a byte, but no one bothered about the train accident victims. Suddenly India was made to forget the horrendous Kanpur train mishap. This is Media and its power to brainwash the common man.

Well, do I blame myself for my small attention span? Do I blame the commercialisation of both the print and the televised media? Or Do I blame the consumer of this media? Do I blame the owners of the media houses for feeding us what they think should be fed to the common man? Do I blame the anchors of news shows who more or less are biased and portray to play the devil’s advocate on our behalf? Well, there is one who used to do this show. Though he doesn’t have the two glowing horns, and the pointy tail he still looks and conducts himself like a devil alright. Do I blame the gullible janta for enjoying the “noise for more than an hour” on a news channel? Or, is it that every household has a “big fight” and it becomes a ghar char ki kahani to be enjoyed with a snack and a drink before having dinner. Or is it “we the people” who don’t see through this smoke screen media is creating for us. Or have we got used to being thrashed by the media “left right and centre”. I don’t know.

Well folks, my respects to Amma and may her soul rest in peace. My prayers for the people of Tamil Nadu, may they get a leader of even better calibre than her. But I want to state with utter disgust, that today news papers are just good enough to print ads and tender notices, and the most News channels are feeding us nonsense in high decibels. I have decided that I shall henceforth use news papers only for making my compost carbon rich, packing my shoes and cover household stuff. Also, I shall shift to country music to avoid the noise in the news which might be affecting my health if I continue to take the poison they are feeding me. I am going to watch the butterflies in my garden, watch my flowers bloom, watch the moon and the stars, see the waves of the sea splashing at my feet, watch the sun rise and set and enjoy the beautiful hillocks with the calm of the river flowing by. I will write what comes to my mind; I will do what will help me stay calm. Hey folks time now to switch tracks, anyone coming my way, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


It sometimes pains me to see when politicians who have no clue as to how the Armed forces work start making loose comments. The saying “little knowledge is dangerous” comes true in this case. Yes friends, I am referring to Ms Banerjee of West Bengal fame. Madam, if you have no clue of our systems, then kindly make an effort to find out about them. If you are so agitated by the demonetisation move, then fight it out fairly and squarely with whomsoever you have a grudge with. I am sure you got it right on your face when only very few of your loyalists supported your joint venture with honourable Mr Kejriwal. Well, it appears that may be people of Bengal are with you, but neither people of Delhi, nor the government in Delhi nor the people of India are with you on this. I hope you will henceforth concentrate on Bengal only rather than waste time in Delhi. You can keep agitating and opposing. India shall remain with our PM. Period.

Let me assure you Ms Mamta that the Army has no intentions to take over your Bengal. If we have to do it we shall take over the country, but we do not think that way. Our ethos is not what you may perceive. I remember once a news paper had shot its foot in its mouth when it alleged Gen VK who was then COAS, of construing a plot of a coup due to movement of a few paratroopers and some mechanised columns. Let me in the same breadth tell you madam  that we rather take over Pakistan if not China if we really mean business, rather than waste our time getting into an argument with politician that too from Bengal. I hope you know that our Eastern Command is headquartered at your capital city. If that be so, then the complete movement and deployment of troops of all the North East is controlled under your nose and you do not have a whiff of it because it no where concerns you or your state. Let me add, Eastern fleet of the Navy is there too and you may be surrounded from the sea soon. Madam, Bengal is in trouble, both form land and sea. Thank God the air warriors are not revving up their engines.

By the way the annual census of heavy vehicles is a perennial affair, held at different times in each and every state of the country. I hope madam you would consider it appropriate to help the armed forces, in case they are mobilised against our adversaries if the need arises. I hope you are aware of the plans of not only hiring of civil transport during war and peace but impressments of transport if needed for the country. I hope you may also be aware in case it is required, all private and government hospitals would be made use of if the causalities go beyond the handling capacity of our military or service hospitals. I hope you are aware that there is a plan to mobilise the railways in times of crisis for movement of troop and equipment across the country giving top most priority to such military special trains. Power (Engines) shall be diverted to move military personnel and rakes. Mail and express trains may be cancelled, rerouted, halted for military specials to pass. I am sure you as the railway minister would be privy to such plans. If not please ring up Mr Prabhu and find out, or else you may claim that various “Howrah mails” has been taken over by the army.

I know that because there has been no military crisis in your state since long so you conveniently tend to sweep such things under the carpet. I wish such peace prevails in all states. I urge you to move to J&K for one month and see how transport is needed by the army and other central government services for their daily needs. By the way such exercises happen there too. Madam let me put you wise on one more issue. I hope you know what a “Mandi” is. The military personnel go and find out the flow of trucks in harvest and non harvest season, and also maintain a data as to what will be the availability of trucks at short notice once mobilised when the balloon goes up. I hope you understand what it means, and not when a balloon slips out of a child’s hands. We also count busses and other transport including trailers and their types, as they too may be needed during war. Please my dear didi, kindly do this exercise on your own and give all details to the army next year, without even they asking. Does the Bengal government have a crisis management plan if India is forced into a war? If not then make it today and work out these details dear lady.

Let me add here dear CM that I hope you are also aware that in time of need the civil airports shall be converted into service airports. I hope you would have heard that jets are landing on roads in UP. Will you make Bengal roads also on the same lines? If not then prepare them accordingly, we may require them. I just hope you won’t blame the air force which flies over Bengal for an air attack on your government. I just hope when they practice firing, no bombs drop in your vicinity. You will ask for the Air Chief to resign the next day. I hope madam you would have seen the Air defence systems deployed during the Republic day celebrations in Delhi. Is it an attempt of a coup to take over the North block & South Block? Madam the 21 gun salute which is given to the Supreme Commander of the armed forces may also be the cause of your worry, as many a times you sit there in the audience. I hope the mechanised columns don’t perturb you as it may be construed as an armed assault on the President of India. I hope you know that the missiles displayed and paraded have enough range to knock your secretariat out in Kol sitting in Delhi, don’t blame the Modi government if one flies off inadvertently.

What pained me most was your allegation that the Army people were sent to take over the toll booths as also the most demeaning comment that the personnel were extracting money from the drivers. Madam, I hope you will withdraw this comment, and apologise in front of the nation, that to set your personal agenda right you could use the shoulders of the people wearing Olive Greens. Will you hang your head in shame for once and say sorry to the army. Well, madam it is heights of your idiosyncrasy to have said it. If you apologise, our Armed forces have a big heart to forgive you and forget the issue. If you don’t, they shall still continue their dedicated service to the nation.

I am sure by now some realisation would have dawned on our universal Didi. In fact from these Behanjis, Didi’s and Amma’s one has to be careful Modi saab. They are spinsters and you are a bachelor (pun intended). Be rest assured Ms Banerjee, Bengal may not be in safe hands with you as   in next elections you may not be there but India will always remain in the safest hands due to our Army. Thus, will you stop making any loose comments in future, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


It was long ago somewhere in 1978, when as a school kid I happened to visit Sainik School Nagrota. I passed through Nagrota Army Cantt. Well, I also had some glimpses of it while passing by during my trips while deployed in the Srinagar valley. With the state of alertness and constant threat today these people still managed to infiltrate into our Nagrota Cantt and target the officer mess, is a thought which boggles my mind. I know security cannot be foolproof with the civilian population staying in and at both ends of the Cantt, besides the frequent movement of the population in and out. Cordoning off the area is not a solution, thus it gives ample space for such dastards to enter and destroy lives and whatever peace exists. My salute to the martyrs and their families well fought brave hearts, because of you we sleep well today. Very sorry to the dear families, that we could not keep your children, husbands and parent alive to see happier times. A big thank you to the fallen again, had you not fought so bravely, without considering your own safety; these guys would have done more damage. Words are only for solace, and that’s what I can offer, as I know how difficult it is to take bullets in your chest knowing full well that one shall be hit anytime form any direction.  Sad we had to lose lives, I am happy though that all ladies and children are safe and they fought well too. I pray for the injured that they return to duty fast and sort these terrorists out once for all. Let us also get the supporters and guides of terrorists and finish them at the earliest.

I have shared my thoughts of sorting Pakistan out in my dreams, and yesterday too I did the same, but on ground when I got up I found this monster still standing and laughing at me. Well, I have discussed various solutions in my articles earlier but now I think time has come to think out of the box. War is a solution, it may not be a pleasant one, but let me discuss today something different. It may not be the perfect solution, may not be palatable to many, but may work out to be the best solution. Now, with the change of baton in terms of General Bajwa taking over the reins of the Pakistani Military establishment, there could be a paradigm shift in their thought process is a farfetched dream though but I hear through my friends, that he may have a modern outlook, a peace loving outlook, a different bent of mind being from the Ahmadi Sect. Let us hope and pray we get someone who is reasonable and can understand what India wants, in fact what the region wants and what the world wants above all what Pakistan actually wants today that is peace and prosperity. Hope good sense will prevail.

My suggestion is to somehow convince Pakistan to stop supporting the Jihadist Tanzeems as a state policy to bleed India by a thousand cuts. Just this one request if they agree to in a time bound manner, say a period of one year. We in the bargain assure them we shall look after their eastern borders like a perfect friendly neighbour and leave them to sort out whatever they have to internally with the Baloch or any others. We shall ensure that we shall not either cross the LoC nor let anyone cross the LoC from our side, and they too just eliminate all launch pads and safe havens for terrorists, self created or otherwise on their soil. If need be we shall help Pakistan to locate the camps and its occupants and if they need further help we will go ahead and ensure their destruction. Let their Army & ISI disassociate with these people completely. We shall silence our guns retaliating at the borders with one order from our Chief and Pakistan should reciprocate and respect the cease fire from their side. Let our villagers return to their farms and tend to their cattle and live a normal life. This also includes stopping of support to the Khalistan Terrorist movement by the way. If the Pakistani deep state agrees to this, we shall see peace and prosperity in this region within one year. Just One good decision is needed. If not then our guns have enough thunder to shake you guys out of your fool’s paradise.

India on the other hand gets hold of the J&K state on our side and sorts it out internally. We shall involve Pakistan in our affairs later. Hurriat and its supporters can be shipped out to wherever they want to take asylum, as India can no longer stand their double game. The Government of J&K has to be brought under the Indian banner and constitution. Article 370 needs to be abolished and if possible let us have three states, which are Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir. They have their different state governments and separate set of administrators. The defence of these states remain same as existing. It is a suggestion to the Modi government that see how many jobs thus shall be created, how many youth will get sucked into the system, and see how things change as they exist now. The greater the employed people, the lesser trouble creators on the streets. Food for thought, isn’t it?

To succeed in bringing peace, chances have to be taken now, like we have had the demonetisation done by one word of the PM. Now we need a stronger will and forceful implementation of this suggestion. Let us understand that Pakistan will always confuse issues. They are fond of having cocktails, and land up throwing up as they have had one too many. They mix jihadist tendencies with Kashmir, which is not correct. Let us split hair, and segregate issues. I am convinced that these long outstanding issues will get sorted out. Moment we split our problematic state into three, where two do not have the same problems as Kashmir then the country and state can focus on specific issues which are very typical to Kashmir per se. Otherwise I do not see this whole thing ending on a positive note.

War is an option, which should be the last option and the ultimate option. We know that all 4 wars were forced on us, which the other side can keep denying. We know their state policy about terrorists and terrorism, if they accept it fine, if not then convince them to accept it and change it now. If they still do not want to live in peace then make life hell for every living creature on the other side. If peace is the solution, talks are the means. If terrorism is the solution, then war against terrorism is the only means. If friendly neighbourhood is the need of the hour, then fences have to be brought down, dividers have to be eliminated and free flow of air, water, persons and goods are the need time, but if prolonging the pain is the solution, then amputation and surgery will work, as homeopathy has taken too long for a pin prick to heal. Choice is with Pakistan.

Sincere efforts are needed on both sides, I am sure India and Modi are ready to walk that extra mile, but what is the inhibition, complex, fear, hang up, apprehension, worry, anxiety, uneasiness and hesitation with Pakistan to leave this path of self destruction, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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