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Month: February 2017


I was reading Gen Hasnain’s article about the martyred Kashmiri jawan of the JAKLI Regiment in which he mentions the cultural change this Jawan would have gone through after his recruitment. He also mentions how this jawan would have spent his leave where he would have come across many of his friends and families who may have been working overtly or covertly with the militants. Some of his friends would have taken up the gun for the so called jihad. There would have been a dichotomy in his mind. Here was a Kashmiri who made a choice to pick up a gun for the sake of his motherland and on the other hand his friend covertly picked up a weapon for the destruction of his motherland. This issue I want to talk about.

I have a feeling that certain people of Kashmir do not want to see any progress. The money spent on maintaining the armed forces and subsidies can be better utilised for Kashmir to begin with. I say, bring peace and see your own growth. Mingle with rest of India and see for yourself what India can do for you. This may bring a change in your myopic perspective? There is also a miniscule of Kashmiri’s, who get brainwashed, go across, train as militants and come back, who have no idea what life actually is in Pakistan.  They will never know the difference of the filthy mindset the paki’s have because they never see any ground realities. The Hurriat leaders are very clear that joining a failed state is of no good to man or beast. They just want to keep this issue alive so that someone keeps funding them till the time they are alive and look after their families who reside in Pakistan. They very well know that they will never be able to get their so called “azadi”. Moment our Kashmiri brethren open their doors to rest of India for every other thing besides tourism, Kashmir will take a turn for good. They tried ethnic cleansing by shunting away the pundits in reciprocation achieved more animosity. They brought in militancy, in reciprocation brought in retaliation by the security forces. Had they lived peacefully, Kashmir would have been the biggest tourist attraction of the world. Time now has come to change your mindset and align Kashmir with emerging India.

Today, if you go to dilli haat, it has a Kashmiri restaurant serving Kashmiri delicacies. How many people visit it actually? Half of us skip it when we see the name Kashmir written there, probably one has an apprehension that the person serving us would be a militant of kinds. We prefer to go to the next joint which may be a Tibetan joint, as we consider them to be peace loving people and momo’s they serve we all love. I swear friends; many of you who may have never tasted Kashmiri cuisine, most of their dishes are non-veg and are yummy to say the least. The Wazwan, which is a complete meal in itself finds no place on the Indian platter, as the pizzas, burgers, momos, idili-doasas etc have now become our acquired tastes. Because Kashmiri’s shun us, we shun everything Kashmiri too. Quite true, isn’t it?

I also see in most of the states we have these J&K emporiums. We as fauji’s do visit them for nostalgia. Ladies might get hold of an odd “Firen” of pure wool for the winters with that beautiful embroidery. Some of us do fall in for the “namda” for our bedroom’s floor. The paper mashie lamps which are beautifully hand painted besides “pashmina” which is banned now but still woollen cashmere shawls find a place in the wardrobe of a few. Many of us just avoid them because we do not know what is unique that they sell. A few who dare to enter the showrooms return back on seeing the prices tags, as things are really costly. A typical Kashmiri dried mushroom called “gucchi” costs 15000/- Rs a kg may be more. I will not talk about the saffron, which is a painstakingly difficult to collect and costs more than 300 Rs per gram. The cost of walnut wood furniture, the lesser said the better. The scope is unlimited in Kashmir, provided they are willing to do free trade.

I feel till the time the Kashmiri’s think that to stay in all kinds of isolation will bring peace, they are sadly mistaken. India has progressed because it welcomed the world. Even our defence equipment is imported; our cosmetics were imported till a few years back, now they are made in India. The basic reason is that we wanted the best for us as a country. Why the Kashmir’s can’t think that way? What is so pious, holy and pure about your breed that we the rest of Indians are considered outcasts of kinds?

This jawan firstly with his exposure to the military dastoor would have lived his life with people of all faiths and cultures. His mother tongue though would have been Kashmiri, but he obeyed all words of command in Hindi. He would have got an exposure to all other Indian languages and food as his clerks, workshop people and other tradesmen would have come from all the other states of India. When he would have gone to Delhi, or to various other trainings, he would have realised that he was a frog in a well till now. The road networks, the railways, the airways, the infrastructure, the hospitals, the malls, must have been an eye opener for him. I am sure he would have thought why all this can’t be created in Kashmir. Why can’t his village also develop as the villages in rest of India?  What is wrong with the people and politicians of my state? He would have sensed something amiss for sure.

I am convinced that unless the J&K government opens its portals to rest of India they can keep fighting for azadi and reach nowhere. Till the blockage in our artery to let the rest of Indians cross the Jawahar tunnel into the valley is not removed, the heart attacks will continue. Some blood like a trickle does pass thorough as tourists, but it is not enough. The armed forces have been inducted as medicated blood to keep repairing all damaged parts of humanity in the valley. Some of our own cells get destroyed in the bargain, never mind, this jawan was one. Kashmir has to take a call, either they allow the blockage to be removed, or else surgery will continue till it is repaired fully. The valley will not be left to die for sure, external infections like Pakistan will be dealt with as per the severity of infection from time to time. Internal germs (militants) will be kept under check through our medicines called armed forces, till the time Kashmir is completely overhauled in heart, body, brain and soul.

The more you delay it, more medicine will be pumped in. The more you resist it, more methods to bypass will be found. So dear politicians and people of Kashmir your state is on the operation table, Doctors, nurses, and all equipment at the hands of India is ready to cure and treat you. Will you listen to my advice and start a healthy life, or will you keep visiting and consulting the quack’s across the border for the futile “desi illaj”. I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


We lost two brave hearts of the 44 Rashtriya Rifles (RR), besides a few of them are still battling for their lives as I write, sad indeed, and this again happens to be in Kashmir. What have the militants achieved? Their own elimination from this earth, that’s what they have achieved. I fail to understand how people can get motivated to die for something they have been brainwashed to assume as their cause. Well, I have one life, I should now live it the way I feel I should. Yes, if I want to be flashed on social media with blood spattered faces, blown up brainless heads, broken limbs, half burnt bodies, laid out in front of a plethora of media people, the choice is mine. I may become a Burhan Wani of kinds, but after I am buried, I turn to dust. If the dust of this character motivates me to blow myself up and cause damage to the forces, no one can stop you. Unfortunately, the forces shall have to take those hits and causalities, but you militants be assured that you shall be blown to smithereens and de-weeded as you grow.

I have another outlandish and bizarre suggestion and let me blow myself up like a fidayeen by suggesting it. I suggest that all the people who have now forcefully occupied the villages of the Kashmiri Hindu’s change places with them in their transit camps for next 30 years. Let Hindus come back and rebuild their homes and find their hearths in the place where they existed for thousands of years. Will the Muslim brethren who say they shall welcome these people back with open arms ready to take this plunge. You drove them out, be man enough to drive them back in. Be man enough to understand their woes by staying in make shift shelters, where a new generation doesn’t even know what a Kangri is; where the new generation has never seen a saffron plant growing; Where the new generation hasn’t seen a chinaar tree; where the new generation knows about a walnut, but doesn’t know that houses are made out of walnut tree wood. They know a house as a tent; they know that one has to live it like sardines, what an irony! Ok, I relax my version and say let the Kashmiri Hindus return under full ARMY protection and rebuild their lives. Will the Kashmiri Muslims promise that they will not touch them? They may have their grudges with the security forces all right but vow not to trouble the Hindu sons and daughters of the soil and be prepared to face the wrath of the security forces if militancy of any kind is unleashed against Hindus.

I can see many eyebrows being raised already. People will call it utopian, not doable, impossible, unattainable, beyond comprehension, impractical, unfeasible, and words to that effect. I say, let us do it, well this will only be possible if the present generation of Hindus are ready to go back from Delhi and Jammu. I know the old timers are waiting for an opportunity, if they are given an assurance to be protected in their homeland. Present generation, I cannot vouch for though. I am convinced this should be done. On return of the real owners of the land, all those who create violence against them should be put in the clink. All those who pick up weapons should be eliminated, all those who resist their coming back should be told to shut up. Pakistan and the jihadi’s should get a clear message that the more you interfere, the more we shall ensure the protection of these people. They were, are and shall remain the integral part of Kashmir, like it or lump it.

Can someone take this strong a stand in the Government of India? Well, I am sure there would be such people. Here I do not want any sadhu’s, sadhvi’s and baba’s or maulvi’s to come in please. Let it be a political decision, left to the army to execute, with full powers to act against all those who can or may create trouble to resist this move. Issue here is unless the Constitution of India is applicable in Kashmir; any such decision will be invalid. So Mehbooba ji are you willing to bring Kashmir under one flag? Will you pass a resolution that now the Constitution of India is valid in Kashmir? Will you accept that Supreme Court of India’s decisions are valid in Kashmir? I know the answers very well madam. Issue is, let us understand that it is a few Kashmiri politicians who do not want a stable Kashmir. I am not talking of Jammu and Ladakh regions; I am just talking of Kashmir valley, and especially that part of Kashmir which sees all this turmoil. If the so called J&K government is ready to take this plunge, Kashmir issue internally will be sorted out within days. Externally we shall see as the situation develops.

Moving of the darbar is another issue in my mind, don’t people in Canada, Alaska, or any other cold country have their capital at one place. It will save money for the development of J&K. I suggest as laid out in the manifesto of the BJP to make small states, let us bifurcate Ladakh to start with so that region really gets the attention what it deserves. The vacant seats which are reserved for the POK constituencies need to be scrapped forthwith, once we get those areas back they can be added back at anytime, but let us stop this farce, like the Pakistanis have kept seats of Indian occupied Kashmir vacant in their assembly, we need not to ape them. Let us be practical, once that area is with us we shall create that seat. We know Kashmir is an integral part of India, so where is the doubt, and why should be there a doubt in Indian minds. Pakistanis can keep jumping, screaming and screeching should not be our concern at all. Let them call it disputed, it is not disputed for us, Period! They are imploding from the within now. Their snakes are not only biting them nice and proper but exploding themselves. Let us leave Pak to rot in its own mess. Let us live our lives in the country of our choice, in the place which is ours, in a place where we are one, (if we want to be one).

I have given many hints Mr PM. Now to think and make it workable is your responsibility. If you think you are going to wait for BJP to be the single largest party in J&K then this dream will remain a dream. Miracles will not happen they have to be done. My Kashmiri Hindu friends, some more sacrifices may be in store for you, otherwise your return is doubtful. Modi ji and Mehbooba ji, are you going to listen? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


I saw my poor newspaper lying on one of my side table wanting to be picked up, opened, read, shuffled and laid back to rest in its huge bundle at its final resting place for the bai to pick up and give it away for raddi. My cup of tea in hand I decided to give a glance and saw a row of people gesturing obscenely with a finger pointing as if to say “up yours”. It caught my eye and my thoughts that as it is the newspapers carry all kinds of weird things let me just check these out. On wearing my specks the picture became clearer that they were celebrities with their fingers up. Generally, I find bollywood stars with a thumsup kind of ad, but fingers up cajoled me to investigate. Now I got hooked on and even saw big political netas and their families with the same gesture. I thought this must have been a mudslinging match which netas are very famous for. In Mumbai these two fraternities’ that is netas and abhinetas are loggerheads on national issues like Pakistan so finger pointing is no big deal. As I turned the pages the mystery was finally revealed that these were BMC elections. All these people were actually posing with the ink marked fingers. Long live our democrazy.

This time I found that these elections were in mid week. It appears to be a tactical victory of kinds for the election organisers. Reason being had it been on a weekend most of the glitterati and the literati of mumbai push off on weekends to tourist destinations in the vicinity. So instead of voting, they enjoy boating and floating away from the humdrum of a hectic life of Mumbai. Now they were caught between the ‘aasman” and “khajur ka per”. They had no choice but to go out and vote. Who should I vote for is a big question?  For a cause, for a party or for the sake of media, well your guess is as good as mine.

Be that as it may, I again want to get down to basic issues of this mega city. First is the space crunch. No space for a house, no space in your house, no space in the bus, no space in the train, no space on the road, no space in the slums, no space for privacy, no space for garbage, then what do we vote for. Half the city is running towards VT and the other half towards virar. There is no space on the foot paths; no space under flyovers, no space over the nallas, no space for Meethi River to flow, no space for planes to land, in fact there is no space in space above Mumbai. Even the pigeons are fighting for space in the kabootar khanas as they don’t find space on any tree. Well the space for trees has been eaten away by something else, even the crows’ ride BEST buses to commute as they are afraid of cables which may cause fatal flying accidents in the crowing community. They can be charged for ticketless travel though.

The worst space crunch I find for the madly in love couples. Sea fronts and beaches are there favourite joints. Even in the scorching sun, love knows no bounds, armed with an umbrella, not for the sun but to hide identities from the public to do things which should be done at home. As 15 people staying in a 2BHK flat is not an uncommon phenomenon. In fact, there is a space crunch on the parapets of the sea faces too. The witness to their “conversations” is the sun and the sea, rest of us only can read the manufacturers name on this multipurpose love enhancing gadget called the ‘chaata”. I also get surprised that all parking lots are always full at such places, to create space for your vehicle you got to have a lot of space in your wallet. The scene at the station when a train arrives is as if rats have suddenly been released to follow the pied piper. If you are a novice at stations like Dadar and Andheri, you may not be able to get down only because you are pushed back by the crowd waiting to board. Best is to stand in the crowd which has to get down, just don’t worry on who stepped on your toes just flow with them. You may reach your destination in a crumpled shirt, torn pant, nicked hand bag and maybe a picked pocket and sweaty as hell.

One does often see the green and orange vehicles of “Clean up Mumbai” kinds. My salute and hats off to those people. They toil day in and day out in that stench, picking up all that we throw. Most of us who have used taxi the “kali peeli’s”, one dreads to get behind these trucks. I can assure you, the nauseated feeling you get from the aroma generated by the fumes of the truck is better than anaesthesia. The trail of a dripping liquid which oozes from one of the trucks pipes, is like a scent of a woman that you get when you smell one whizzing past you on a bike. That trail cannot be obliterated. They are the actual heroes of Mumbai, who carry our garbage. Did they vote? Or could they vote should be the question? What is the BMC doing to keep them safe, and do their job without the stench and stink? Will the citizens vow to help reduce the stench by properly packing garbage? Such culture is missing in us Indians. I was staying in a society in Mumbai few years back, everything which was not of use, from diapers, to napkins used to he hurled as missiles down the fire duct. One could see the lift roof littered with paper and wrappers. One saw overnight dal and rotis being released from as high as the nineteenth floor, in a poly bag which used to land on cars below making a beautiful spread on the roof of many a Mercedes. Well, hope the voters of Mumbai make their vote count for them too.

The budget for BMC polls is more than many state budgets, so the moolah is a big attraction for many. The drains are blocked, in fact choked, the nallahs are full of plastic, the roads are full of potholes, the foot paths are uprooted once they are laid, the hawkers are on the roads, the busses stop in the centre of the roads, infrastructural waste is dumped anywhere and everywhere, population is exploding but Mumbai moves on. The vada pav never falls short is this city that never sleeps. The rich, the poor, the blue collar, the white collar, the dogs, the cats, the pigeons and kites, the dadas and bhais, the ganpati and the tajia,   the Parsis and the Christians, the Chawls and Skyscrapers, the slums and high rises, the Bentley’s and Ambassadors, the kaali peelis and Ola, everyone has embraced Mumbai. There is still space for everyone; there is a certain warmth in the air of Mumbai which attracts you. Kuch baat to hai Amchi Mumbai mein.

As far as I remember this finger pointing gesture used to indicate to my buddy that I see one terrorist over there. You cover my back while I, pointing the same finger towards myself am going to take him on. Thereafter, we used to give a thumsup and silently move on till the job was done. I do not know finger pointing or finger painting which is more important. There we used to point this finger to the lips to keep absolutely silent and freeze to listen to various sounds around us. Here we finger point and make noises that we voted. Well, situations are different, circumstances are different, and there is no comparison at all. The only thought which cuts across my mind is will the results of the voting finger, bring about a change in life in Mumbai. I wonder!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Do we have a choice between the devil and the deep sea when it comes to the political process? If I have to sum it up and take any party’s manifesto as a reflection of the future of this country, then, what is every party aiming at? Let us just consider the two main political parties called BJP and the Congress. I read the CPI (M), manifesto also and found the comrades shooting in thin air, with nothing concrete as such. So let us just leave the rest of the parties for the time being as they may not have a footprint like these two main political parties I mention. If I leave two controversial issues of the Ram Mandir and Uniform civil code in the background for the time being I do not find any major difference with their focus. Then why baba doesn’t like what PM is doing, in fact why should there be so much of hullabaloo about anything and everything and vice versa too?

Ram Mandir issue is sub-judice so may not be implemented at least in this tenure is my hunch. In case they break the law (which I think they won’t), the streets of India will see chaos again. The Modi agenda will go back a hundred years if he lets loose the fanatics of the Mandir yahin banega kinds, and this he knows and understands well, including the consequences. So, to keep the hope alive, this issue will be brought to the fore time and again to incite people opposing it. This will flare up every now and then and later extinguished by political intervention to keep all communities amused and divided. This is what politics is after all. Uniform civil code also will be brought out in news room debates, to keep India entertained during the prime slots. Writers, thinkers will write and vent out their feelings, give suggestions and ideas how to go about it, but I feel this would also be kept just as a talking point. At the end of the day if two points out of the umpteen are not implemented, the percentage of partially addressed issues will be negligible is my intelligent guess.

Now coming to the brass tacks of the manifestoes, let me just sum it up as I see it and interpret it as a common man and not from any political point of view. I see the congress wants health care for all, so does the BJP, both want massive infrastructure development, both want to keep US on the right side, both want agricultural sector to grow, both want prices to stabilize, both want GDP to grow, both want farmers to progress, both want to reduce the fiscal deficit whatever it means. Overall, I find BJP has also focused on the north east including Bangladesh, it has focused on corruption and black money, also focused on skill development and entrepreneurship. In addition on dealing with terrorism and Kashmir both internally and externally alongside tourism and e-governance They have also focused on centre state relationships, and a national development council through states participation. They talk of smaller states for better governance, simplification of all taxes and cleaning up of our rivers, strengthening DRDO and Intelligence agencies and their networking, they talk about a better education system, plus a gas grid, as also strengthening the panchayti raj and gram sabhas in a nut shell. I might have left out a few, doesn’t matter, till I have covered the major ones.

Overall, I find there can be no better focus as stated above. I would say both the parties are seeing India through their Kala Chashma. One is wearing Ray Ban and the other one Gucci, who is wearing what you can make your own inferences. I think the actual problem lies not in the manifestoes, but the Indian mentality. Issue starts with garbage lying on the streets which we throw. Issue starts with the Nali’s not being clean which we ourselves dirty, issue starts with no school, no job, no opportunity to work etc. The actual issue is our rate of population explosion. Of course we have our external issues like Pakistan, China and others, but I feel the nation is not united as a whole for the real manifesto for the progress of India. Today, we have two roti’s to eat with two mouths to feed, tomorrow if we have four mouths, so either two go hungry, or each one gets half is a simple equation. Though I know it is not all that simple as I say, but let us not have a Sanjay Gandhi style of thing but we do need to set our limits to produce. It can’t happen overnight maybe over a period of time, say a decade or so we need to control ourselves to procreate. It will do wonders for India.

There will be lesser mouths to feed, less pressure on agriculture, more seats in schools available, more students to teacher ratio, more jobs as the present ones will continue and the other advantages I need not list out. This all can happen if we have communal harmony. No hatred, no vengeance, no vendetta, no grudge, no feud, no ill will etc. People need to have mutual understanding, mutual respect, and no narrow mindedness. Mandir, Masjid, Gurudwara should have their own place. For this the state governments are equally if not more responsible to include the national agenda keeping in view the policies peculiar to a state. They should be the ones to suggest improvements and modifications to systems to suit both the state and the centre irrespective of the party, irrespective of how things are seen from everyone’s myopic and selfish view point.

Today, unless it is the same party at the centre there seems to be no synergy between centre and states, mostly they are at loggerheads. Mamta didi is one example, Behanji I don’t remember, Amma was on her own trip, Nitish doesn’t see eye to eye so on and so forth. Therefore, setting up the national agenda from which should be derived the state agenda which is synergised, synchronised, and stabilised at all levels. If agriculture is a focus of the centre, the states are actually doing it. If railways are the focus, then most of the employees’ are from states as such. Land has to be requisitioned from states for any industry or infrastructure. If all goes well then only it will appear working like a well oiled machine.

Let me suggest another outlandish suggestion that let the President set the national agenda for five years with India as the centre of focus. This mandate is given to the government in power, and then they are told to implement the same in the next five years. The PM draws out his inferences for the nation and each state and coordinates with them how to go about implementing the President’s agenda. He then ensures that his bureaucratic and ministerial machinery work in a coherent manner. Today we are working on Jugaads, make shift arrangements, short term goals, appeasing our workers that’s it. Time has now come to think differently. It is like when I take over as Commanding Officer of a battalion, in an insurgency area, my staff is the same, but the nuances are set by the area and intensity of insurgency. Same battalion goes to the deserts, has to adopt to a different kind of warfare, this battalion moves to high altitude, things have to be modified and changed as per the enemy, terrain and resources, but the aim still remains the sovereignty, integrity and independence of India.

Can we have a common manifesto for our country laid out by a think tank of India and signed by the President for any party’s government to execute? Are the political parties ready to think about it? Will this be practical and implementable? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


As it is I am fed up of the political discussions and discourses on TV, now I find that political parties have started a new trend of sending sms after sms to vote for their candidates which is adding to my woes. I am referring to a few I have received on behalf of the BJP on my mobile phone. I object to it and I don’t like it at all. Firstly, you have got hold of my number from somewhere, not a big shake in today’s world. I am sure you would have extracted it from the mobile operator’s billing centres and got all numbers by hook or crook or may be by force or coercion and possibly by giving a portion of your campaign money to them. The sms comes from a computerised number which I cannot block also. Yes I remember when the elections for the PM were going to take place you had done this that time also, now it is same for the state elections.

I was confused at the names of the candidates, I have never heard of them, I have never seen them, I don’t even know what work have they done till now in their constituencies. I don’t even know which constituency they belong to, but your party shoots out some rapid fire sms as if I am going to get influenced by what you send. You guys don’t know my constituency but just because you have my number you can wake me up at two in the morning and say vote for only BJP candidates whose names are appended below. Let me tell you friends, even if I wanted to vote for them, now I will not, because I do not like to be woken up at unearthly hours to read trash. I work for a company, and I have to respond to any sms received at whatever time, as my duty is such but if you guys are going to add more misery, I can assure you, you are off my menu. Yes you may keep telling me kamal daba, I think it is high time for me to say kamal to bilkul mat daba (Khundak main). Not that I am more inclined to press any other election symbol, I am satisfied with pressing the one with no symbol, till the time this ghatia politics is being done by trying to influence innocent people by a few sms.

Well, I think when it comes to the election bhashans PM has not paid any heed to my requests. After all, the real politician in him comes out as he goes addressing his political campaign rallies. His party Chief, I can understand is a vegetarian so will speak against butchering, but when he speaks its only venom falling instead of spit coming out of his mouth. He may be politically correct, his shudh hindi grammar may be top class, but the meaning behind is clear that his party has to somehow win. Polarisation has now become a kind of appeasement of kinds. Calling each other names has become a tradition in fact a rule rather than an exception. Spreading hate for no reason is considered up market as it sells more I suppose. Thanks to TV serials. Misguiding, misleading the people and mistreating the opposing parties are a ritual of kinds. Well I have a different take, though it may again sound weird and outlandish, but I think that is the only way we can progress. I call it constructive politics. Can it be done and should it be done I leave it to you to decide.

Let us take UP, a big state, with huge stakes for my example. Say, the PM has to visit a group of constituencies and all preparations for this massive rally have taken place. Say, there are five or six candidates representing the rally catchment area, what should a positive PM do. First of all, had I been the PM, I would have sent my team to find out what are the real issues of this area? What are the priorities? Why has Akhilesh not been able to do all what he may have promised for this area? What further needs to be done? How fast can it be done? What are the stakes involved? How much can the centre fund it? How much can the state contribute for the development of the area? It could be from law and order, to infrastructure, to drinking water, to bijli, pani, etc. I sit with my central ministers and tell them to chalk out a plan in consultation with the state. Now I land up for the rally, and tell all the candidates who are actually going to contest elections to address the people with the PM in attendance, to include the issues as stated above.

Then I stand up and tell the people that as per my study the following is lacking, the following needs to be done, this will be the time frame, this will be the monetary allocation, and these will be the benefits over and above what the state government has already done and here are my candidates who shall represent you to improve upon from where ever things have reached today. My candidates are going to synergise the state and central schemes for your benefit in the following manner. The mandate given to them is say, in the first year to address certain issues, second year the issues which were priority two and then the sustainability of these issues. You as PM assure the people there that I shall ensure that my MLAs work is monitored by the party and he will be fully accountable to his constituency. In case he doesn’t, the people should send me reliable proof of progress or mis-governance, I shall tell him to step down and get out of politics to give some better person a chance if he fails. PM should have enough faith and confidence in his candidate that he shall deliver what the nation desires, Isn’t it?

The PM should also be sportsman enough to say that even if some other candidate of some other party wins, still he will give him full support to implement schemes for the upliftment of the area. I can assure you folks India will benefit, all this nafrat, aag, gaali, tanz, fiqre, jumle, will not be needed. Even if there is a change in government, the next person takes off from the point where the other one left, but with the same focus which is the nation first. Everything starts from that one drop which makes the ocean, and if we keep adding pollutants the ocean one day will die. Let our India be the ocean, let these MLAs be the drops, let them contribute to the nation. Mr Modi you have to take a lead. Stop your negative politics. I am requesting the same to all parties also. PM Sahib you have to start it first. Can you Mr PM start with praises for what has been done in that area by whichever political party? Your izzat will increase 100 fold, mark my words sir.

Can you Mr PM, start doing this Gandhigiri? Can you see how a common man wants you people to go about bringing a change in India? Will you grow beyond of BJP, BJD, SP, BSP, INC etc? Can you just see the tricolour before your eyes? Can my PM change the way politics is done in India for the sake of India?  Or, am I day dreaming too much?  I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Today I want to share a life of a labourer and his family who lived once on the road side. They earned their livelihood moving from road to road, contractor to contractor, state to state, season to season, child to child and still lived their lives to the fullest I suppose. I saw those people; they were the most satisfied ones of all the people on this earth. Their satisfaction level or if I use the word contentment level was platonic. Their needs were minimal, their demands minimal, but what they give to this country is tremendous. They are the actual people who are contributing to the progress of this country but are neglected and mistreated beyond comprehension.  My only wish is that one day everyone in my country irrespective of the richness and poorness, has a minimum quality and dignity of life.

Let me narrate to you a story as I saw it when I was a General Manger of an Infrastructure Company. I won’t know many parts of their actual lives, but what I saw in my limited visits during the time spent there should be food for thought for all of us. The site was in Rajasthan on NH-8 midway between Jaipur and Delhi. We were part of the eight-laning of this highway. It was a very long stretch and with hundreds of labourers working on it. Somehow one family caught my eye. They had two small children. The boy being about three and the other one was a lap baby less than a year old. They were living off the road under a small keekar tree; in fact one could see many households on that rocky outcrop with many keekar bushes. It appeared to be a labour colony of kinds, but under the open skies. I had landed up one early morning, so could see the laze around, small little fires lit up, some kind of vessels on the improvised chullah, some making thick bajra rotis and prominently one could see a long green chilli and onions kept alongside. Smoke bellowing from them and children gathering firewood from under the trees in this small thicket. One could see the dogs barking around, men sitting and doing “Datun”, and everyone generally busy preparing for the day ahead.

Some of the men sitting on their haunches were smoking beeris. Of course some women too had them clenched between their teeth. Well, I got involved with the traffic marshals which were supposed to be deployed in that area. Suddenly a very smiley lady brought a glass of black tea for me in a steel glass. Head covered and so was her face, a little boy in tow, dirty as could be. His shirt was buttoned with all buttons in the wrong eyelet and of course below his shirt was nothing but thin air. I thanked her and took a sip, they both withdrew to their make shift shelter, and I enjoyed the brew, kept the glass and moved on. I was really touched by the gesture. I should have been the one to have offered them something, but look at their big heart; they boosted my morale by this one cup of tea.

I had to stay there for about 15 days due to the things that needed sorting out, but every time I used to go on the road I was reminded of this family. The summer heat was picking up, and our company was way behind schedule. The client had us under pressure for completing the stretch. It used to be 40 degrees by 10 am and by noon it could hit 50+ in the sun. The local hot winds called loo used to dehydrate you in minutes. To top it all the coal tar on the roads used to melt and stick to the sole of your shoes and could melt the shoes down. One did find an odd shoe sole stuck to the tarmac, but someone had to toil in the heat to get the road going and it was these people.

This man, his wife and two children used to sit on the roadside in a heat. The ladies used to make a makeshift hammock with her spare sari for the little one to sleep under a tree. With plastic cement bags she made a improvised shelter to give shade from the scorching sun. While moving up and down the road she used to stop over and feed her baby. The other one kept playing quietly on the roadside with twigs and pebbles. I used to love to see his nose flowing and the greenish thing hanging from one nostril to his lips, and with a long sniff it used to go back inside. She would come and blow his nose once in a while. They all were covered in smoke and tar-coal. In fact for them the road was their office. For me we had a portable cabin, fitted with an AC, fridge and the works. I saw her drinking water from an old coke bottle which she must have picked up from the roadside, as brats like me usually chuck all such stuff out of our car windows. To keep it cool the bottle was covered with a piece of gunny bag. An empty tar-coal drum filled with water nearby was the only water they had to drink and for the rest of their abolitions. They also had a dog which fiercely guarded their assets, played with the children, drank from the same drum and probably waited whole day for mom to return to cook a roti or two. It stretched itself on the sand, under the shade of the jhoola of the child and alerting the mom if the baby cried. I suppose it stayed along with them where ever they moved. They were poor alright, but abundant in love I suppose.

The road was built in record time, the labourers worked overtime but their children never troubled them as far as I know. The workers were now ready to be shifted about 10 kms further down the road ahead as per the progress of work. The contractor brought a tractor with a trolley one fine morning. While I was inspecting other things, I saw them gather their belongings, all nicely tied up in cloth bundle. The bottle of water, a few stones for establishing a chulah in case they are not available at new location, a danda on which the “potli’ of belongings was attached. The whole bunch huddled up in the trolley, continuous cacophony as people were jumping off and on. Contactor abusing them to hurry up; Ladies getting down and running to the places they were staying just to recheck if nothing is forgotten, three dogs standing below wagging their tails as the tractor started. They all break up into a song, which I could not understand a word of, thus they moved on lock stock and barrel. Suddenly the tractor stopped, a man jumped out, picked up the dogs one by one and handed them over to another fellow on top. The dogs were thrilled beyond imagination as they made a place for themselves on the side of the trolley, tails wagging vigorously, tongues hanging, excitement at its peak, and they all move on to re-establish themselves for the next tasking. A new dawn, a new place, a new office, a new home, new challenges but life has to go on.

Today more than 30 vehicles pass that spot every hour at an average. Imagine who toiled for it? Who got the credit for it? Who made money out of it? Who uses it today? Who is maintaining it now? Who is charging toll for it? Will that family who sacrificed their lives for just those two rotis and a chilly ever be recognised for their efforts? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Had there been any national priority for Kashmir the Army Chief would not have said what he said. Had Kashmir issue been resolved 50 years ago he wouldn’t have been saluting coffins of his fallen comrades. Had the political leaders irrespective of any party had the will to resolve it, its resolution could have been done before this god damn militancy crept in. Had the politicians of J&K and India been serious about the matter, Kashmiri Hindus would have lived on happily in their homeland? Had Kashmir been on any agenda, Security forces would have remained in the role of guarding the borders and left the law and order situation to the J&K Police and other state organisations. Had this state been a national priority, there would have been no interlocutors required in the first place as no conflict would have been there. Had Pakistan been seen as a national security threat and enemy number one ab-initio, it would have been sorted out once for all after the 71 war? Had the politicians acted in time, Kashmiri youth would have never crossed over to the other side? Had INDIA been in focus, this separate flag for J&K, darbar moving up and down, separate constitution, article 370 would have been under the Indian national flag and Indian constitution.

Had politicians been serious ever, Kashmir would have remained a paradise. Still there is time, nothing wrong in sorting out the Hurriat, militants, abettors of crime, stone pelters etc. Had there been employment on the agenda, people would not have been on the streets. Had there been education on the schedule, people would think before they act and react as they do today. None of the politicians have done anything to control such mobs. They just condemn it, condone it and sit in their walnut wood houses and watch the tamasha, and wait for a Devine force to sort their state out. If the politicians can’t the army and other forces can, if need be will do it also. We are the means and not the end, if political solution is the solution, then let us get their asses moving and be done with it. Too much blood has been wasted, too many lives lost with no result in site.

These Kashmir’s are so innocent that they don’t carry guns, but carry missiles in forms of stones to target the forces. I agree they don’t want security forces amongst the villages of Kashmir, but why do they hide militants with guns amongst them? Why do they send them across for training? Why do they guide them into our country? Why do they pick up guns in the first place? What motivates them to be in contact with their Paki handlers? Why do they accept funding from Pak? Why the thought of peace eludes them? They have been told that Kashmir is integral part of India, matter ends, if you are going to keep protesting and being violent, you will be dealt with accordingly. Too much of spoon feeding, subsidies, grants and aids have been frittered away for these people only to add to the score of body bags of the armed forces. If you don’t want to obey the law of the land then be prepared to be disciplined as the land decides within it means to make you obey the law.

So what if you are further alienated? So what if you are beaten up, if you don’t behave? So what if every man who conspires with a militant is put in the clink. The path to set you people right has been correctly given in the tone of the Army Chief. It is mutual give and take, you behave, and we behave too. You try and do funny stunts with the forces. We have stunts that shall scare the daylights out of you. Don’t force the armed forces beyond a point. Like you feel you have had enough, so have we. You talk, we talk, but forces don’t politicise. We are fighting a proxy war, an asymmetric war, an insurgency of kinds, militancy so to speak, we are dealing with terrorists with weapons, which you abet, nurture, support, feed, sleep with and fund. What mercy or leniency you want then from the Army? You stop it; we have no issues at all.

I saw in a news paper which had thrown a few questions. Why are the youth so enraged? They are enraged because they don’t know about and don’t want peace. They are enraged because they don’t see and understand that there is life beyond stone pelting. They are enraged because the politicians, separatists, and militants are inciting them; they are enraged because they don’t have either jobs or self employment. They are enraged when subsidy in any form is curtailed. They get enraged because they are uneducated. They are enraged because they were not handled properly when the time was correct. They are enraged because their politicians have failed them completely.

Why are they unafraid of dying? They have nothing better to do but to end their life, that’s why. Every family has so many children from so many wives that looking after them is so difficult that it is better to send a few to die. If one is without a job, without education, cannot earn a living, it is better to die and be of some good to the family as the state government will come rushing with all sorts of aid. Because they have been brain washed to meet the 72 virgins in heaven, where as they miss out on even one on earth. Who will give his daughter to a militant, or an unemployed man? So it is better to die a virgin yourself. At least you will be saved from all mundane issues. That’s why.

Why are the women unafraid? Women are unafraid because too many human rights groups are making a living by supporting them. It is well known that security forces invariably avoid women, so when men get beaten they enter in the fray as shields. Women also get a chance to show solidarity with their brethren for the so called cause. Women take undue advantage of the situations also. I have faced it, while on a patrol my operator asked a lady for the village headman’s house and she started beating her chest and cried rape-rape. When asked, what is rape? She said talking to army men is rape; we had a hearty laugh and moved on.

Why is the Valley back in a phase where local Kashmiri militants outnumber the foreign terrorists? This question should be asked to the politicians and not to the security forces.

Why is an entire population alienated? This is because they don’t want peace. They want to live alienated without understanding the consequences of “Azadi”. Pakistan is on the verge of a catastrophe, it can’t look after its own self; Kashmir’s are unwilling to understand this. The politicians add fuel to the fire by doing sweet nothing and eat away the funds meant to help these people. They are alienated because article 370 says they are Kashmir’s and not Indians. They don’t recognise Government of India because they have been given a lose rope too long. Let there be businesses like all other states, why this special status. Let all politicians who support militancy or Hurriat be shunted out, population alienation will stop automatically.

Well, General Rawat, good that you spoke your mind and we are with you. I would request you to keep giving your mind from time to time. To hell with our media and their ilk, their war rooms are in air conditioned studios with one odd reporter 100kms from the incident site. They just keep looking out for creating controversies. They are paid which is proven beyond doubt, English, Hindi, vernacular makes no difference. They are parasites and create sensationalism only. So Sir bash on regardless. Let us reduce our body count to the minimum. Let us sort out these unruly guys nice and proper so that they never take PANGAs with us. Militants need to be eliminated, and Pakistan needs to be taught a lesson not to dare venture towards our side of the LOC. In fact let us rewrite the maps sir and have the old International Border (IB) restored in your tenure. Once done all other the issues will be sorted out once for all. Are my countrymen ready to support our Army Chief? I wonder!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Political drama continues, not just in Tamilnadu, but wherever there are politicians, more so where ever the PM is giving “bhashans”. ISRO continues to blast rocket after rocket with foreign satellites, Kiran Rijiju continues to tweet on Christians vs Hindus. Soldiers continue to be martyred every day, wreaths continue to be laid, last posts continue to be played, tri-colours continue to be draped, widows continue to increase, orphans continue to cry but our parliamentarians are so busy doing politics that who is running this country intrigues me. I continue to be convinced that our democracy which is “of the people” is now limited to “of the representatives of people”, “for the people” needs to be replaced by “for just the politicians”, “by the people” needs to be replaced “by the ministers and bureaucrats”. The man, who needs democracy, gets rules, regulations, legislations, laws, red tape and procedures. The man who should enjoy the benefits of the system has to keep filling forms after form, to prove that he exists and is alive. The convicts rule states and maybe the country someday, as they know our courts and there procedures take donkeys years to say that a thief is a thief. Mera Bharat Mahan.

The system in the country has become so cumbersome that all those who know how to manipulate the system are actually benefitting from it. The people who understand rules of the game also know what foul to commit and get away with it. They may get a yellow card or even a red one, but are never out of the game. They know that sometimes the DRS or a referral will not be able to catch their folly, so they play on. At least the real sportspersons retire, here the politicians have no retirement age, and they continue playing as spoil sports knowing full well that they have run out of steam and stamina. Oldies don’t want to give young blood a chance to prove their mettle. Sad state of affairs and our people are blind like the “andha kanoon”. It happens only in India.

We the people have now become so brainwashed that we can vote for anyone who will get our adhar card or ration card made. Now that it’s made what next, so the promise of bijli, which is the oldest jumla motivates me to vote for a person. In the first elections he gets you the bijli ka pole, and tells you, see I fulfilled half my promise, second elections he gets wires mounted on these poles, you are more excited that see this person is doing what he said, third elections he gets you a transformer. By the fourth election you are fed up, and in the interim now this fellow knows that he will be booted out, he curses all and sundry and gets you solar powered lights. Catchy ads are made, whole family is eating together, children are shown studying, kitchens are brightly lit up, even the buffaloes look shiny in the lights and one more election passes by. Next elections bijli really comes and you out of sheer happiness to see it in your house die of a heart attack. The solar lights last a year or so and find no replacement. Now the power cuts also start. Your tube well doesn’t run, your home is in darkness, so you start to hang clothes on the electric lines. People just keep looking up to the poles as if they can see the current coming and lighting up the street lights. By now this politician is about to kick the bucket. He promises to fight till his last breath for bijli and one fine day he passes away. Your dreams also are “switched off” as he is laid to rest with full state honours.

Next person comes; he says sarak has to go through our village. You say yes. Your land is on the road map, you are promised some compensation X, but you get X minus the politicians cut, or else you get nothing, you compromise and accept it. You lagao “angootha” on all the papers and find that your cultivable land gone for the national cause. As a compromise for that you are promised some days of employment in MANREGA. You are employed to make the embankments of the roads, and by the time the survey is finished time for new elections arrives. The topic changes this time to “beti parhao”. Wow you say, I have two daughters and one son, one I will make a doctor, one an engineer and the son a fauji. The neighbour tells you, ghar mein nahin hain daane aur amma chali bhunane. You say doesn’t matter, I shall go hungry but my children will study. Issue is there is no school in the village; the nearest one is five kilometres away across a river. You say, no worries, and send them and find out later that there are no teachers there, and all those recruited fill in their proxies from their homes. You complain, one news channel lands up, gets hold of the education department, your children now study, by then the government changes again. So now the politician says let’s have a “shauchalya” in schools and one in your house too. You say I live in a cow shed, clean cow potty from morning till evening I can’t afford one.  Well, sarkar pays for a portion of it and you make one at home too. But you don’t have water to flush. So now comes the next promise, as “pani” for all.

Your daughters grow up, they have passed high school, now college is in the town, and you can’t afford to send them. Family pressures take over, and you get them married before it is too late. They turn 18 one by one. Your major portion of land already grabbed by government for the road, the remaining sold for the wedding of your first daughter, the house sold for the second one. Son joins the fauj, but soon is martyred in a militant encounter. His young wife and a small child now becomes your responsibility. You sell off the cattle too. His pension doesn’t get through; you don’t have the energy to fight the case. You approach your elected representative, who says that he has better things to do. You are unemployed, landless, cattle less, bijli-less, sarak-less, pani-less and pension less. You feel shattered but life goes on.

Na bijli, na sarak na pani, time now for the next jumla, health care for all. You have grown old, health issues have started, so you say; let me vote for a person who will at least look after my health. Every night you go to bed coughing, even the cattle get disturbed, the dog under you bed also snarls as his two winks are cut short by your snores and one fine day you are in heaven. No worries of children, land, bijli pani and voting. Suddenly you find you don’t need currency or anything of that sort. Well, this is how our country actually runs. Promise to promise, sarkar to sarkar, tenure to tenure, jumla to jumla and life of a common Indian citizen ends doing noon-tel-lakri (making two ends meet).

Well, instead of make in India, I say lets WAKE UP India. Far too long have we voted these people who have manipulated our lives? We do the hard work, we toil, we sweat and we shed blood?  What do we get in return from them? I definitely dream of just living a normal, healthy and safe life with the basic amenities, leave the fundamental rights etc aside. I want two square meals a day, which every Indian irrespective of caste, creed, religion or region he belongs deserves. Dear present lot of politicians, will you understand the pain the common citizen has to suffer or should we SHAKE YOU UP if we just get only false promises of Achhe din. I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Yesterday, I was enjoying the cricket match between India and Bangladesh. In between I flicked channels and saw India’s “Pradahan Sewak” speaking. It was only when I saw General Khanduri in the back ground that I realised this is not “mann ki baat” which he generally does on Sunday but was addressing a BJP rally in Srinagar, Uttrakhand. I decided to pause for a while to listen in to him, after all he is my PM and with the passage of time I have picked up a “kind of” liking for him. Really folks the liking changed to disliking moment I heard him state the thirty year old case of rapes which he rekindled in this rally. The way he spewed venom against the opposition parties, I just mentally switched off and thought to myself why I spoilt my mood by listening to him for that one minute. I flicked back to the match, in fact lost interest in that too.

With due apologies Sir, now, I will show respect to you from outside only because you are my PM and I don’t have a choice but from inside me you have lost my respects totally. Though I know I don’t matter to you or your party, but you have lost one chap who used to admire your “desh bhakti ki spirit” irrespective of the party or ideology you belong to. You are a politician, you only know politics, I saw hate politics at its best. I saw divisive politics at its peak. Why are you people compelling us to abhor you? We the armed forces sacrificed two of our brave hearts yesterday for this country in a militant encounter in Kashmir for its integrity and unity while you were doing what you do best, that is oratory besides showing us the dirtiest, murkiest and filthy side of real politics.

What Pakistan does to India is what the political parties do to us Indians?  Bleed us with a thousand cuts. Irrespective of their outfits, ideology, thought process etc. Pakistan goes to the UN and rants Indian atrocities in Kashmir, BJP goes to states and rants against all other political parties about the atrocities they did, so food for thought. When Congress was in power in the centre, they went beating their drums that BJP or all the other opposition parties did this that all and sundry, now BJP is doing the same. When Russia was the enemy of the US, then Pakistan found a new friend in the US. Similarly your enemy is my friend approach is clearly visible in the political parties of India then what’s the difference? When it is convenient for political parties, irrespective of their thought process they will join hands just to come to power, then where is the difference. When it suits them all differences are forgotten. Black funding for Pak from the Muslim world is another similarity. Pakistan will not hesitate to beg borrow steal from them, so do political parties from unknown donors, what is the difference? Pakistan will also take official funding from the US, UN etc, so do political parties. Is there a difference? When a Sadhu, Sadvi or Molvi gives religiously coated speeches, so does Massod Azhar, Hafiz Saeed etc in Pakistan what is the difference? Otherwise they are very wise and respected people in their own spheres. Pakistan says Kashmir hamara hai, here it is mandir wahin banega. Can you spot the difference? Jaago Bharatwasio.

We still curse the British for their divide and rule policy, now why is India still being divided by these politicians and politics. India is divided into states and they have umpteen numbers of political parties within states. Languages, castes, creeds, traditions, religions, reservations, pecharay, dalit, shoshit vanchits, peerits, are further dividing factors. I have no doubt that every patriotic Indian wants to contribute to a clean India in terms of swachta of all kinds. Maybe it lawlessness, corruption, theft, crime, ghotalas and all what we can think of, but what do we land up telling our people when elections are on the heads, that this party is corrupt, that neta is a chor and that party is good for nothing. Negative, unconstructive and ghatia politics is the order of the day. Where do we find “India first” then? Had you people been so good why are you booted out from places in elections even after doing so much as you claim? If you are so good, then do your work for India so that people of India appreciate your work and want to bring your party for their up-liftment and alleviation. I feel we are wasting man-hours and money on such wasteful expenditures as political rallies. If political rallies are to be held, let them be without shamiyanas, stages and flowers. No Sarkari helicopters and garis, no busses to fetch people, no free lunches and charpoys to sleep. Then we shall know you’re real worth Mr PM.

Really friends, as I grow older and wiser, I see the ground realities from a different perspective, without being political, without taking sides, and without being selfish and mean. I would request the PM designate to stand from Odisha or Assam for the next elections, as the whole country is yours. Why do you have to run back to your native state to become an MP? Then to cover your back side, you go to a place which has been a BJPs sure shot winning seat and stronghold, just to play safe and be elected. Say had you lost elections from both the places, you could have been nominated to Rajya Sabha and still be the PM. How unfair, how unjust it is. This confirms in my mind, politics is just that seat; desh sewa actually is nowhere in sight. Dear Mr Modi, will you stand for elections from Ernakulum or Alleppey or from Ms JJL’s constituency. I can assure you, you will lose your deposit.

I am also convinced that you want to project a clean image so there is a strict clamp on scams as such. Given a chance, all these people who now appear to be holier than though, will create bigger scams and eat away ten times what has been eaten till now. In their hearts of hearts they are waiting to find a fool proof method to gnaw away my country, besides nibbling my hard earned money which goes in taxes to see that these MPs enjoy their perks and privileges. My tax is cut at source, so I have no way to hide even a paisa. The government doesn’t think twice in eroding what I have earned with my sweat toil and blood, but proudly takes donations, now brought down to 2000/- anonymously from 2 crore or 20 crore people to be frittered away on useless political rallies and road shows. The amount of fuel you people burn for rallies if given to run just the ambulance services & Government hospitals, will save this country from this political disease you people are spreading.

Above all I hope to see Indian politics totally revamped and overhauled. Their motto “divided we stand and united we fall” has to be eradicated like polio. Let these so called politicians bring in policies for the country without bringing in their party and let the opposition be the real “think tanks” of India. Let a policy be debated in parliament as per etiquettes given in the code of conduct of both houses. Let voting in houses be done as per merit of the policy and not because one party holds a majority, only then do I see real progress in India. Achhe din are there on the horizon, Achhe people are there within us, Achhi policies are existing & can be created afresh but achha desh is nowhere to be seen in due to the way we do politics. We have been anesthetised & numbed by these dirty politicians; our minds have been polluted, brainwashed and contaminated by these politicians beyond repair. They just want their own existence, survivability and chair.  Wake up India! When will we spot the difference between United India and Divided India? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


There is so much flux in the politics of Tamilnadu that even the birds are confused on which tree to sit. The owl or the wise man, our dear Governor Saab evaporated into thin air to change his AABO-HAWA. I suppose he was in the other tree which he is supposed to look after. I was wondering, the whole world made a mockery of one Ex- Governor who was almost guillotined for not acknowledging his wife besides his illicit affairs. Here we have a state of Tamilnadu, where the state of affairs is changing by the minute and the person responsible to give decisions is shuttling from one wife to other, sorry one state to the other. He has all his thinking hats on and is in deep contemplation to be or not to be. He has all the time in the world to be politically correct for this decision. Just one suggestion Governor saab, call Ornob. Within 30 seconds he will give you twenty pages on how to resolve this crisis and within the next 30 seconds he will give you at least eight suggestions what to do, how to do, when to do, with what to do and what have you, as also give you his recommended solution. If you take it, you will be spared his wrath, if you leave it; the other channels will tear you apart. Try it once; I can assure you all the intellectuals you may have engaged till date would not be able to give you the “Kunji” to this crisis like Ornob will.

Actually, I am not enjoying this vegetarian menu, as too much of “paneer-saalan” is being dished out which has upset my tummy. Also we have “Chinamma” and thank God she is not “Rajamma”, otherwise the second dish too would have been full of kidney beans. The reality is that our “bhejas” are getting fried in the sambar which is cooking in the state. Speculations are on; the satta bazaar is booming, rumour and gossip is the only news per se. The irony is that the broth which is cooking is a total Khichri of kinds which happens to be again vegetarian. People are being sent to beach resorts to acquire new tastes I suppose; people are visiting graves to get some divine wisdom which amma has taken along. Long lists of MPs is being shown to the grave or was it a menu card of the beach resort just to assure amma that nobody is going hungry. Total drama and I am fully fed up with this distasteful concoction being served.

I googled the responsibilities of the Governor and was surprised to learn that he can take as much time as he desires besides use his own discretionary powers to finally arrive at a decision. He can consult tom, dick , harry, mary, santa, banta, bhoop singh, the halwai, nayi, dhobi, mochi, teli and in between apply his brains. Well, then the cows can come home, and the roosters too can roost. He may also keep floating between Bombay and Chennai to attend convocations in garb of his constitutional responsibilities. Well, isn’t it shocking that in this huge country of mere pyare 130 crore deshwasi, we can’t find a governor for every state? Don’t we have enough capable people to hold this post? Imagine the amount of TA-DA the government must be paying to the “Kafila” of Governor who moves with his Lashkar of the Pandayan/Chola dynasty from Chennai to Bombay and back. Doesn’t the government see this wasteful expenditure, or is this expenditure justified in the name of politics?

Since 22 September last year Tamilnadu virtually has been headless so to say after the hospitalisation of JJL. Ops (operations) have been stalled, not the ops which the faujis know but O- Paneer Selvam. Now with the Governor shuttling up and down it appears to be bodiless. If the MLAs are horse traded then I am sure it will become soulless too. When this Jallikattu fever spread and people congregated at marina beach, did the state stop, no. Today, the state is kind of governor less, has the state machinery stopped, no. Aides, maids and other sundry are staking their claim to make the government, will the state stop, no. Then, who runs any state is the basic question? How does any state administer itself without a proper CM, caretaker or no caretaker is a separate issue? Madam J was minister in charge for public affairs, IAS, IPS, IFS, General Administration, Revenue, Police, Home and Finance. My goodness Lord, do I presume that all these offices have shut shop in the state since then. Everyone is having a ball it seems as I perceive it.

I also want to understand how a grave gives those supernatural powers to enlighten our learned netas overnight. I too should look for one to sort this country out once for all. How does showing the names of MLAs to a grave endorse their loyalty, or was it the dry cleaning list of ammas saris which tumbled down from a hidden cupboard. I hope it wasn’t the jewellery list either which “chin-ups” would be purchasing shortly if she is allowed to form a government or acquitted of all her sins in the disproportionate assets case. I should keep guessing.

Be that as it may. This country is too big to be actually governed the way I see it. This country has the capability to run itself. A state is in a state of political paralysis as such. The state assembly is in a limbo, MLAs have been whisked away I suppose? All this nonsense which is not making sense to the Governor who may decide to add some wisdom with the collective acumen of the ‘buhdhijeevi” he consults. Sir, just visit Ammas grave today. When the lightning strikes you will see it written on the skies that one drop of rain means this and a heavy downpour will mean that. I hope you will not use any metaphors of umbrellas, raincoats, raining cats and dogs like the ones our PM did in parliament.  Instead use your good offices to sort things out soon. Will someone tell him what I say, or will he think wearing a crash helmet on the issue of Tamilnadu, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Time to rejoice again has come. Don’t ask me the reason yaar, it is not that Valentine’s Day is approaching, but I am feeling good because our paperwala decided to close his agency and there will be no more supply of “raddi” henceforth. By the way he is the only supplier of newspapers on this side of Kundalika River. Now, I must tell you that I stay on the banks of this river, in fact it’s estuary before it falls into the sea. The place is called REV DANDA, Rev means ret (sand) and Danda pronounced as Daanda means Killa (fort). Well, isn’t it news for most of you? Isn’t it more refreshing than the newspaper which is full of ads, tender notices, and classified commercials? By the way it still has to sink in my head that classified ads are classified as it means and not in the fauji parlance meaning it has been classified into Top Secret, Confidential etc.

Be that as it may, I am going to donate these 7×31=221 rupees saved from the cost of my monthly newspaper bill for some welfare of the have not’s fund. Let me round it off to 250/- for ease of calculations. Yesterday, I heard Akshay Kumar starting an app, let me see if I can help my own brethren and their kin first.

I know some of my good friends will now be wondering what will happen to my “potty times”. That is where all the ideas are generated. I remember many-many moons back somewhere during exercises in the desert sands of Jaisalmer our potties used to be shallow trench latrines (STLs). Invariably we used to be up at about first light (dawn) or before, have that lovely boiling steaming glass of tea brought by the sahayak, and while you finished your tea, the empty rum bottle filled with water used to be ready for you to rush and fire the first salvo of the day. Now, one used to be hesitant if one saw a white handkerchief on a head bobbing in the STL, it used to be our company commander who was a Sikh. The pressure of the charge building up used to be so great that any delay beyond 20 seconds would make an explosion which will stink for times to come. He being a gentleman said friends, this is one sacred place where entry is open at any time, just walk in do your firing and evaporate. Soon it became our meeting ground for the days planning. Within two minutes all that you had done the previous day, what you plan for today may be it recce or training was discussed. The company commander used to modify some plans in between the grunts and off we went on our daily routines. Good old news paperless days, good old golden sands of JA-SALE-MER.

I can assure you folks this weekend I did not watch any kind of news, any news debate, any election speculation and analysis, just stuck to a movie or a comedy show besides my garden and feel so relieved. I spent time with my wife and daughter, joked, went for a dinner. In fact a good old fauji friend organised a barbecue party and dinner day before yesterday. What a time spent it was! We laughed, chirped, cheered, jeered, cursed, bitched, dogged, ate, drank and made merry. Yesterday at the dinner table I shared how I fell in love with my wife with my daughter who was curious to know about it. I will share that story with you all too in due time. Also, we went visiting the nearest town which is 20 kms from our place. On our way back, we bought some tomatoes after pressing them, turning them, smelling them, checking them for leaks sitting on our haunches at the vegetable vendor shop on the road side. It was fun. I think let me enjoy these smaller pleasures in life then getting into complicated things like the SENSEX, election speculations etc. I don’t want to bet on who is going to win in Punjab, till the time people of Punjab win.

Well friends, if no news is the best news then I would suggest to you all take a break too. Just chill get away from the idiot box, wrap all your shoes in newspapers and venture into the outdoors. It will bring in some change in your daily grind.  I hope I am not tempted to start carrying my mobile to read my social media messages in the potty. Will I? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


I have this bad habit of listening to discussions happening in the Pakistani media after major events. So I thought let me see their reactions to the banning of seven Muslim states from the US. One thing was clear, that Pakistan has lost its sleep since then as they could be the next country to be banned. They were saying that the US has now come under the influence of India, and they kept blaming their own foreign office for doing nothing as there is no foreign minister. Nawaz Sharif they say is too busy sorting out the Panama leaks so is not interested. Their lobbying with the US has failed. Well, they can keep conjecturing what they feel is correct and stay in that state of stupor. Have they identified their basic problem? No. They are an independent country so to say, and they have all the right to mislead their own public or to live in a make belief world. Choice is yours Pakistan.

Due to the above effect Pak put Hafeez Saeed under house arrest but still blame India to influence the US who put pressure on Pakistan along with China to bring him to justice. You are also now questioning China who should have stood against this decision, as they are the closest allies of Pakistan due to the AF-PAK corridor and the Gwadar port. Well Pakistan, you don’t realise that China has its own interests. They will change your demography soon, just wait and watch. Pakistan will be taking permission to use its own highway and you may not be allowed to unload even a tonne of material at your own port if push comes to shove. Good luck friends. It is your own deeds or misdeeds which are isolating you from the world, so just for cosmetics sake arresting this guy and still allow him to continue to spew venom for the liberation of Kashmir will not change the world opinion.

I have a soft corner for the sane voices of Pakistan who at least have the guts and the gumption to show the mirror to the state, but they are on the hit list of the government and the separatist groups. Pakistan does not realise that we are in 2017 and not in 1947. The world has moved on by 70 years. If Pakistan wants to stay in the prehistoric era they are more than welcome, if they do not want to change, choice is theirs. If they cannot understand why peace is not prevailing on our borders, then they should keep blaming themselves. If they think that by aligning themselves to the US or China they will bail them out and resuscitate them from all poverty, then they can keep dreaming. Now when the Muslim world is putting Pakistan into its correct slot by disconnecting with their thought process including funding, should definitely be a wakeup call. Even though their Ex-Army Chief has been offered the post of head of the Islamic Military Alliance to fight against terrorism; nothing is going to change till the time you keep differentiating between good and bad Taliban.

The AF-PAK corridor is a huge-huge investment by China in terms of money, assets, projects, infrastructure worth billions of dollars. All this will be built on a low interest loan to Pakistan. Will Pakistan be able to pay back even the interest to China? Well, what happens if you take a vehicle and hypothecate it to a bank, or you take it on loan from a finance company and you fail to pay the instalment in time? If you continue to default, they take your vehicle away till the time you don’t make the payment or they sell it off and make good the money to recover whatever they can. Now imagine for a thermal power project, or a gas project or a road project Pak fails to return the interest and China decides to ban any Pakistani vehicles to even use it. It has the means and the forces to ensure the same, where will Pakistan run then. Food for thought dear Pakistan, wake up.

Till date can Pakistan name any mega project they started which has not failed? Few days back they have started their metro bus, well, you haven’t grown beyond the donkey carts. Talk about education, lesser said the better. Talk about poverty, talk about electrification, talk about anything and compare it with the size and population with India, Pakistan stands nowhere. If we see corruption, you beat us hands down. We accept defeat straight away in this. Poor Nawaz Sharif when questioned about the millions of dollars worth of assets and properties across the globe, which was bought out of Pakistani money and loans revealed in the panama leaks, he replies, in those days no one kept records. Ok argument taken, then he goes on to say all transactions were in cash, so how many donkey loads were transferred out. Well your guess is as good as mine. Then he goes on to say, it was given to my father and grandfather, so you may please interrogate their graves. Nawaz further says, I am enjoying the fruits they had sown. Well is there anything more left to say.

All of us do come across someone in our lives who acts too smart. He changes stances and statements at the drop of a hat, is totally untrustworthy, is basically a liar. He can tell lies to the highest authorities without batting an eyelid. He has a set of friends whom he knows may ditch him, but sticks to them forcibly. He cannot vibe with neighbours. He brings in people from other “mohallaas” to add to the local politics, and then thinks everyone should believe him. He has links with “Goonda’s” and uses them sometimes, and when they all are beaten black and blue he stays quite for a little while till he finds another opportunity to hit back. He has a “mole” within our family. He feeds him, instigates him and supports him to revolt against his own family on borrowed funds but the family is well united and does not let his rotten plan work. We do have a person in our lives with three or more such qualities; above all he has never been to a proper school except a “Madarasa”. He doesn’t have a proper job. He lives on loans and grants given by friends. He keeps begging for more from rich people. His family members are in rags and tatters, uneducated, mal nourished and unemployed. Which country qualifies with all the above qualities? Keep guessing!

Let us get rid of such a creation, let us get our house in order to stop this person to incite us. Let us at times give him a solid thrashing if he goes beyond a limit. Let us get the people whom he approaches for money to stop funding as he is going to utilize it for illegal activities. Let this person die his own death. I am sure most of my friends would have got at what I am hinting at, but will my government and the world understand that the root cause of all issues in this region is only one rogue child: can you guess the name, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


The whole world is worried what Donald Trump is going to do next. Indians are worried because they might have to take a long break again maybe because their green cards may be cancelled. The H1B types are worried that they might be sent back earlier than they thought. Some who were about to get employed are sweating as their dreams would have to be put on hold. Those few countries which have been banned from entry and their immigrants now are shell shocked. We are still not aware of the “TRUMP CARD” which finally will be played like while playing cards. Is he right? Is he wrong? Is he being immature? Is he violating norms? Well, who am I to judge or tell. He had warned the world through his speeches what he would do if he comes to office, so rather than preparing for all that everyone took their chances to wait and see whether he really meant what he said or just said it not meant it. I feel if he is a true patriot and an American well wisher, above all he has been elected to that great office by American people. Then why this hullabaloo when one has to not only lose a trick but give away the hand for a” two of spades” though you had the Ace of hearts with you. He has not shown his complete cards as yet so let us hold our horses. Like Kenny Rogers sang about an expert gambler, we must know when to hold them, when to fold them and know when to run.

Well, I have never been a fan of US, nor have I been very impressed what they do for their own interests. I being a veteran of the armed forces have seen them biting the dirt from Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, as NATO forces, now their fight with ISIS. Well, Mr Trump, you need to play your Ace now if you think you can really eliminate this ISIS menace, but if you are not going to bring any war you started to its culmination then don’t start it. One exception was with Japan, when they were “NUKED” by the US to stop the war because they had been caught with their pants down. Russia you could not tame or even threaten. The dirty game you played in Pakistan, knowing full well they are liars of the highest order. China you cannot touch as they are too smart for you to even think what they might do next. The only thing you can do is to control printing of dollars as it is the currency of the world. US is the biggest defaulter for payments to the UN, so there is nothing new if payments are further reduced.

Let me in the same breath let my countrymen know, that if I have understood this man correctly, then Mr Modi, or Mr Nomodi makes no difference to him. He will see US first. So my dear Indians if he tells you to pack your bags don’t feel bad, because you never saw it coming. Don’t take him for granted, and be prepared to return to your motherland if required. At least buy one house or a flat even if you are a NRI. In case you all continue to stay on, put this house on rent and give the money to Ex- Servicemen welfare fund yaar. Here the PM is giving surprise after surprise, I am sure, Mr Jaitley, would have poured a lot out of his kateley by now in his budget speech for most of us to wonder are we earning just to pay taxes for the corrupt to feed on them. Our PM is seeing inwards so what is wrong with Trump blowing his Trumpet. Let him also feel the power of being the President of one of the most powerful nations. The only difference is that he has started from day one.

Be that as it may, let us take a good lesson from Trump’s trumpet folks. Let us Indians play our own “Bansuri”. In fact let us play all our instruments in unison, in symphony, in harmony, to ensure that India is heard for its melodious tunes. We have to perform as a synchronised orchestra for the world where they should feel that if even one instrument is off note from India the music heard across the world should turn into noise. Let the world ensure they give us the time and space to enjoy the melodies of our policies and thinking. May the world benefit and be healed through our music of growth and investments. May our neighbour understand our musical notes and bring peace and tranquillity in this region. Let music be the food of love for us to play on.

I drifted again from Donald ji to Modi ji to tabla and bansuri. What trump is playing is his instrument and his own cards because he knows the world has little or no choice as of now but to dance to his tune. When will we as Indians have such a music conductor, who writes the notes that the entire world has no choice but to listen to us, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis

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