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Month: March 2017


On hearing the ban on butcheries in UP I was reminded of a friend of mine who used to strictly follow “Mar jana par daliya nahi khana”. I used to love this phrase which means I shall die but not eat porridge. Well, it is simple, such guys are pure non-vegetarians. I fall in the same category too. Now my vegetarian friends can cry hoarse about everything available in ghaas-phoos and paneer category, it is going to fall on deaf ears. They can scare me with the cholesterol, BP and affiliated diseases but they can forget it. I have tried eating everything on earth so I shall stick to what I love to eat.

I was brought up in a “Shikari” family and it used to be mutton, chicken, fish, rabbit, pork and shikar sometimes. If nothing else then it used to be Anda-Curry, as eggs were abundantly available due to the small little poultry we had at home. The best used to be any rooster doing “cock-a-doodle-do” at any odd time of the day especially disturbing dad during his afternoon siesta was in the pot in the evening. The freezer of the fridge was always stocked with fish. Big sized fish used to be pickled by mom. How can I ever forget that mouth watering taste?

By the way I was a vegetarian throughout NDA. In NDA someone briefed us wrong, that one gets to eat more on the vegetarian table. Someone said that ragging is less on the vegetarian side. Well, my senior Cheetah’s Prithpal, Munish, Sardana, Navneet, Katoch hey guys, thank you for teaching us table manners. Thank you for teaching us as to how to cut the butter piece into half. Thank you for teaching us how to eat a square meal. Thank you for teaching us how to eat soup with a fork, elbows off the table, hands on your lap, keep mum while you chew, swallow whatever you have in your mouth and then answer, how to drink water without that glug-glug-glug sound, how dishes were excused (means you could not eat them even if they were served), how to break bread and chapatti, how to split a toast, which hand, spoon and fork to use for which item. Thank you for giving us privileges for breaking a few slices of bread in the porridge. They also taught us how to chew 32 times (buggers used to count) and the list is endless. The only concession we used to get was exchanging our veg cutlets for eggs. Well, it was only in sixth term I ever had lunch in the mess on Sundays as they served fish. Most of NDA never turned up for lunch.

Mom used to be very particular when I used to get back from NDA on holidays. Bhindi and Aloo were the only things vegetarian I used to tolerate. One morning she gave me the left over non veg gravy of previous night’s dinner and a few fried eggs. I must have chepoed four solid lachhedaar parathas with it and asked for more. She said beta should I make more eggs, I said no give me the vegetable in the pot. She said you won’t eat, I said who says, and told her to make a few more parathas. NDA taught me the value of food. I could eat anything which moved or didn’t move. My mom said beta in the last 17 years this is the first time you have ever eaten karela. I didn’t have a heart to tell her that my appetite is so much that even if she adds poison to this karela I will eat it.

Unit was fun, one could eat whatever, but on non-veg days, I used to be twenty second down the line on the table. So the poor chicken either had only broken wings or mashed necks. Mutton used to be just bones. How hard our waiters Jagjit, Laalu & Gabbar used to try but could never manage a leg for us. In a couple of years I had many juniors so the fight used to be for roti’s then. I remained a vegetarian after getting married as far as fauji rations were concerned. In peace stations meat on hoof and chicken on paws supplied were never up to my liking.

In high altitude eating tinned tuna or dal-tarka made no difference as the smell of your farts and the shrillness in its noise never changed. I got on to catching trout in the Lukung River which falls into Pangang Tso. Lovely times we spent up stream, fresh trout, fresh yak, love and fresh air was the only way to survive. The pinjas made lovely thuppa, a meaty clear soup with noodles. In case they were in the mood then one could get freshly made sausages. Otherwise tinned milk, tinned veges, and tinned fruit soaked in that surgery sticky syrup used to be ultimate. The huge pooris called “phu-amcho” which actually meant and resembled “donkey’s ears” were a substitute for pooris in the morning. I considered them non-veg for obvious reasons. Come evening the fresh catch of the day was my meal.

While in the deserts, I have had 17 meals continuous, breakfast, lunch and dinner of partridges. Dry in the morning, gravy in the afternoon and as snacks with chota-chota in the evening. My .22 & fishing net were standard accessories on my numerous reconnaissance missions. All the lakes, canals and ponds were GPS fixes. Navigation to these places could be done blind folded. Early morning partridge shoots were ultimate. Jonga’s front wind shield down for better visibility, even in coldest of winters and thick fog. Spotters on the lookout, driver trained to halt the vehicle with the right angle to fire. By the time the sun used to be up, we used to have enough in our kitty and on the way back the shoot used to be for the officers of the Unit. Injured animals of the Gujjars and Bakarwals in Srinagar made us dependent on leopard’s daily kill. Most of my boys were from hill tribes, so cooking up a non-veg dish was like making anda bhujia at short notice. Good old days, guys you can’t think of it now.

Now I am in a coastal area, if yogiji will come here and see then he may ban the vegetables also, leave alone the illegal unlicensed butcheries. Here one will find a goat hanging in a straw hut, with a huge tree trunk on stilts with flies humming nosily drowning the sound of chop-chop. The only thing you can ask for here is “pure meat”. Well that doesn’t mean hygienically pure or the rest of the meat is impure but is without much bones and fat.

The only vegetarian thing I enjoy most is “Bhains ka doodh” with the finger thick malai. I am happy I am not is UP and yet to taste Tunde kebabas, so let me keep enjoying varieties of fish which are available here besides all forms of pure and impure meat. I have no dilemma whatsoever that I shall continue to stick to “Mar jana but dalia nahi khana” Any one joining me? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis



It isn’t surprising to see an MP who threatened to hold an airline to ransom is still having a ball. I am sure by now he would have watched as many films as the number of days which have passed since this incident happened. Then I heard of an MLA threatening to break the bones of people for obvious reasons like not saying Bharat Mata ki Jai and all those would not protect mother cow. Well nothing new or surprising again. The common thing is that they both come from our own home grown “Dehat”, one is a teacher by profession, the other one I suppose would be a Kissan, and they both are from the politicians breed. The difference lies that one slapped someone twenty five times and the other threatens to slap many as and when the occasion arises. It is strange that the chap who slapped the airline guy confessed it. At least he has the guts to own up that he did it and says he may do it again. The other chap, who says that he will break all bones, appears to be dangerous though, as he plays smart by hiding behind his extreme rural background, both are deplorable anyhow.

Be that as it may, this is not the first time that we have witnessed such behaviour from our chosen representatives. This will not be the last time we see such behaviour also. My issue is how to reduce such unbecoming conduct and using the correct choice of words. Well, the answer to all this is one called “education”. I was surprised that this MP was looking for business class in a plane which had no such category. Tomorrow he will claim the pilot’s seat because if people like him can run the country, then what is flying a plane for him.  Pressing the accelerator, brakes and clutch, a little hand eye coordination will fly him miles and in case the MP finds his plane getting late then the “Killi” needs to be pressed harder. It is as simple. In that case all roads will be made to bear the load of a Boeing to land and may be the Rajpath could soon be used as a runway. India gate will be the ATC, all MPs flights will be clear to land and takeoff.

Actually this is what is happening to our country my friends, people of such calibre are ruling the roost. The do not know the ABC of running the nation, but since they have got the privilege of boarding a plane, they will fly it also. The consequences of which will always be catastrophic. The plane has to crash along with all the passengers. The pilot will never be there to answer the questions after the crash and the people collecting the broken bones after assaulting the general public will blame it on instrument error for the crash. As the saying goes the MLA didn’t break the bones but the danda did. The systems are such in this country that one has to blame oneself for the mess as we elect these leaders and allow them to become monsters instead of ministers.

There was an airline pilot who was made to quit his job and join politics to be blown off to smithereens for no fault of his. Then there was his brother who used to cut the wrong “NUS” of people thus scaring even children and octogenarians’ to run for life before that particular nus was cut. He too died in a plane crash. Their progeny we see are trying hard to drive the old rickety truck, which has no destination, runs on vintage technology, has over run its mileage limit, has rusted, been dented, has its chassis bent and now is good to be put in a museum but still they are insisting on running it on biodiesel when it needs high octane petrol to run with a driver who doesn’t know how to drive, is night blind, colour blind and deaf too. It simply means that if you are not trained for a job, how you can do justice, except for messing it up nicely. Congressmen are you listening?

The person running the country today might be good and a learned one. His vast experience may run this war horse but is his team and maintenance staff well qualified to run India? Here I am referring to the PM and who has such uncouth MPs. People will say yes, but I don’t agree, reason being that one man cannot run the show alone where as just one such fish can spoil the pond. If his MPs who though on paper are teachers, who are supposed to be the writers of the destiny of our children, are just teachers on papers or may be with false degrees then using such people on citizens of this nation as guinea pigs is not warranted. This nation needs a system, this nation needs a method in the madness, this nation needs to progress in all fields and this nation needs people who are educated and trained to run this system efficiently. PM appears to be doing his best but if his team members behave in such ludicrous manner that they will bash up or threaten to bash up public for no fault of theirs then God save us.

The airline industry treats you like guests but when a guest becomes a pest he needs to be put in place. You may ban him from flying; he will do the same thing in Rail. I would rather say this MP should have been tied on his seat and bummed off in a place from where he could have never returned. This aircraft should have been diverted to Leh and thrown him off with a parachute over Pangong Tso. The Chinese would have sent him back in business class after doing Ching Fung Li on him. (Pun intended)

I fail to understand, every channel went overboard trying to get the parliament and its disciplinary committee to get after him. I feel it should have been the public who should have sorted him out then and there. Can both these neta’s be stripped off their ranks of MP and MLA with immediate effect? If not then the parliament should pass a resolution today rather than supporting him and getting after the other airlines who have taken this act of indiscipline seriously. Will people of such mentality keep coming to the sacred places of governance? I am sure they will continue. Should the common man take law into his own hands to teach these goons and ruffians a lesson like they do to road side Romeo’s? I think it is high time. So you people in high places of governance be warned that the patience of people is running out fast. Will netaji listen or will it be “laton ke bhoot baton se nahi mante? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


It is nice to see people from the religious communities now reaching esteemed posts for the governance of India. We have had sadhvis and sadhus in the parliament besides Muslim clerics, now I find yogis have started becoming CM of states also. Will it be good or not so good? Will it be bad or worse, that time will tell? One thing is definite that these are winds of change. These changes will have to be accepted because it is the will of the people. Is this the manipulated or real will of the people of the state? Is it the will of certain senior leaders of a political party in question, which has been forced down the gullet of the people of this huge state, or is it really a genuine case of hard work and rising from the grass roots to the top, slowly learning the tricks of the trade? That will be answered in due course of time. Should it be the norm hence forth? It is a little premature for me to say as of now. But my view is religion and politics should never be mixed. If they have to mix then either the person should quit his religious avatar, or quit politics.

In this light I would like to share my views on the newly elected CM of UP and people who are associated with religious kind of work. I shall not talk of religion perse here, as I feel religion, faith and belief in the divine is very personal. I am of the opinion that such things should not be discussed and displayed in public. What is my personal connect with my God or what I believe in, the other person will never understand but when I get on to loud speakers, sense of dressing, moral policing and forcing people to do what my belief says is right is where the problem arises. I am not in favour of that either and I do not want such a thing to happen in m country. It will be the darkest time for India.

I tried to find out who is a yogi from different sources including Wikipedia and would like to share what is written there. The first one said one who practices yoga. It also says a practitioner of meditation or a sanyasi. A practitioner of tantra may also be termed as a yogi. According to Karel Werner (1977), “Yoga and the Ṛig Veda” which uses words of admiration for the Yogis who carry within oneself fire and poison, heaven and earth, ranging from enthusiasm and creativity to depression and agony, from the heights of spiritual bliss to the heaviness of earth-bound labour. A man who has mastered and transformed these contrary forces and is a visible embodiment of accomplished spirituality. He is said to be light and enlightenment itself. He does not live a normal life of convention. His hair and beard grow longer, he spends long periods of time in absorption, musing and meditating and therefore he is called “sage” (muni). They wear clothes made of yellow rags fluttering in the wind, or perhaps more likely, they go naked, clad only in the yellow dust of the Indian soil, they follow the path of the mysterious wind when the gods enter them. He is someone lost in thoughts: he is miles away. They practice celibacy if single or non-cheating if with a partner.

According to Akshaya Banerjea as per philosophy of gorakhnath, yogi advances in the path of self discipline (practice) and aspires to spiritually realize truth. A yogi lives by voluntary ethical precepts to include the following

  • Ahimsa: non violence, non-harming other living beings
  • Satya: truthfulness, non-falsehood
  • Asteya: not stealing
  • Daya : kindness, compassion
  • Arjava: non-hypocrisy, sincerity
  • Kshama: forgiveness
  • Dhriti: fortitude
  • Mitahara: moderation in diet both in terms of quantity and quality
  • Swach: purity, cleanliness
  • Tapas: austerity, persistence and perseverance in one’s purpose
  • Santosha: contentment, acceptance of others and of one’s circumstances as they are, optimism for self
  • Daan: generosity, charity, sharing with others

My only hope is that let it be any yogi or sadhvi, maulvi or padri who gets elected to the state or national assemblies, if they conduct themselves in line with what has been stated in the religious scriptures, I have no issues at all, but moment I find things moving towards communal disharmony, religious ill feelings, fanaticism, forcing your beliefs on someone, inciting communal violence, polarising the public and so forth then for them there should be no place in politics as such. India is a free country and free speech, if such things have to be done should be done outside the realms of parliament and its proceedings.

What I want the yogi to bring in a new thrust and josh in terms of a clean image, being impartial to all. An honest government which is unbiased and unprejudiced, fair, just and open minded, without deceit, balanced, without favour or favouritism, practical and focussed, forthright and cooperative, dedicated and approachable to everyone because it is the peoples mandate given by the people of UP. At least the results say so, isn’t it?

I wish people of UP and Yogi Aditya Nath luck for the challenging times ahead. I hope that all the dreams and promises he carries with him and of his party he can fulfil. I also pray that people of UP allow him to function and bring in the change and development he wants to rather than starting on a wrong note of blaming him to be the religious minded hot headed kind. Let this yogi work with all the qualities of a yogi within his beloved state so that all the dalits, shoshits peeriths, vanchits, pichhray eat the fruits of progress that are going to come with this new government along with the general category of the common man. Will this thought of mine come true? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis



Moment the word Neta flashes across my mind I see someone who is dhoti clad, wearing sandals or chappals, a topi, adorning a typical half sleeves jacket folded hands kind of person. What impression I carry of a Neta is my thought of today. I have nothing against the dhoti or topi or any person in particular, but just a typical Neta as I perceive it. You can add or subtract from the long list I mention, so read on.

Neta means only Bhashans to eat free rations. Neta means a person wearing marigold garlands. He has hair protruding out of his ears. Neta means a person surrounded by chamchas, chelas, chapatas. Neta means a person whose secretary, driver and a white ambassador with lal batti follow everywhere. He has a big paunch, a big appetite for everything from notes, to votes, to bribes and ghoos. He likes free food and all the freebees he can get. Neta means VIP culture. Neta means surrounded by body guards, more the body guards bigger the Neta’s status. Neta mean meetings followed by meetings with nil output. He makes only false promises and raises false hopes. Neta means someone who backtracks from his words. He symbolises mudslinging and washing dirty linen in public. Neta means dharnas, loud speakers, andolans, jaloos, yatras, morchas, showing aksrosh for no reason. Neta means fraud basically.

These Netas just cannot salute properly. They often pick their nose in public besides picking faults in everything while in opposition. Neta means jumlas and bak-bak. It also means free foreign tours on sarkari planes and sponsored helicopter rides. Neta means hogging the limelight. Neta ensures traffic diversions. Netas means lines of bouquets which he doesn’t even appreciate or looks at. He will show folded hands and victory signs. Neta means huge shamiyanas, posters, banners, flags, bus loads of vela people in big pandals. Netas mean police bandobast. Neta means sprinkling of water, red carpet and rows of flower pots, Neta means khadi and starched dresses. Neta means dhamki, threats from his goondas and bouncers. Neta means a fleet of cars. For me Neta is actually just a symbolic figure craving for media attention and waiting to give a few bytes. God only knows how Neta’s garner support of the people and get elected. Neta is just a Neta without any meaning of the word.

I do not know how many will agree with me on my typical description of a Neta, which politicians call a leader. For me a leader is a military kind of leader. A leader is trained to lead. He is well educated. He takes quick decisions. A leader is an epitome of honesty. A leader shows unflinching integrity. He has an unwavering loyalty towards the naam of his nation, namak that he eats of this nation and the nishan (national flag) of this nation. A military leader is duty bound to maintain the sovereignty of the country at all costs even at the peril of his life. He takes an oath to protect the country against any external aggression and internal disorders. A leader leads by personal example, his conduct is par excellence, and his behaviour is balanced and mature.

A leader knows how to overcome fear; he instils hope in his men even in impossible circumstances. A leader’s mere presence gives confidence and boosts morale of his men in trying circumstances. Even if wounded he keeps guiding his men till his last breadth. A leader brings with him a sense of pride, honour and discipline. He practices basic courtesies and etiquettes. He shows respects towards women. He stands by his men and encourages team work. A leader is man enough to accept his faults and humble enough to promise to improve. A leader relates with his men, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, region, language or affiliation. He learns their language, he prays with them, he eats with them, goes hungry with them. He cares for them; he cares for their families and children too. Above all he makes relationships for a life time. He has the courage of conviction to call a spade a spade. He never gives up; he motivates his men in the thick of battle and relaxes with them in peace.

A leader puts the right man, at the right place, for the right job, at the right time. A leader continuously does SWOT analysis of his team, redeploys resources and men accordingly. He takes chances, he is adventurous besides he has foresight and anticipates bottlenecks.  A leader takes initiative. He is bold fearless and dauntless. Above all a leader is just and kind. A military leader is compassionate. He trusts in his subordinates, he believes in his command with his life. He is capable of punishing if need arises. Above all the leader remains cool, calm and composed in challenging circumstances. He laughs with his men; he maintains his sense of balance and encourages a sense of humour to keep his team going. He believes in camaraderie. He loves challenges but never lets his men and country down. This Military leader is human, down to mother earth with little or no expectations from Netas. A military leader delivers whenever called for a Neta only delivers speeches.

What do you find in common in the political Neta and a military leader? The answer is a straight, nothing. Just because some Neta, in some dharna brought in “reservations” the consequences of which we are still bearing, do we call him a leader? Yes in the freedom struggle of India I won’t doubt those legendary leaders. They fought for India’s independence. Will you call a Neta a leader because of his ability to do a rail roko kind of an agitation? The consequence is that today at the drop of a hat one can block the railways and put half the country to discomfort and inconvenience.

Just by shouting hai-hai, zindabad and murdabad does it become a yardstick to become a leader? Just by showing posters and banners does one become a leader? Is by disrupting parliament one passes as a leader? What are the qualifications for a Neta to become a leader? Does his family lineage give a licence to be a leader? Does good oratory give a guarantee of being a good leader? Does wearing khadi and a topi of whatever colour give an assurance that he is a leader. If he can polarise the public, can that be a benchmark of a good leader? Well I can keep asking questions there will be no end? I now am convinced our netas are not leaders. These people are good only at nautanki. They become netas with false lures and promises to our gullible janta. They are just netas as a name and appearance, not netas by their work and qualities. Their selfish interests are supreme the nation is someone else’ baby.

A Neta is supposed to be the front runner but in India it means the opposite. How are you Neta’s going to change your shoddy image? I leave it to the netas. One more request to the military leaders who have political ambitions, Sir’s kindly you don’t become “Netas”. We want to see you spearheading this nation to greater heights, with military decorum and precision. Like the BJP wants to see a Congress mukt Bharat, I on the other hand will definitely want to see a “Neta and Netagiri” mukt Bharat? Will I see true “leaders” governing my country in my life time? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis



Rumours were one thing which we were told to stay away from while in the forces. Now that I am a veteran, I can at least hear rumours and get carried away by them. I saw RM becoming the CM and another CM being considered to become the RM. Well, Mr Parrikar is already on his Goan beaches but who will fill his void is the rumour. Personally, I have nothing against anyone but technically I can guarantee, if a person of non defence background can do the job of the RM then I definitely can do it 439.09% better. If not then Ghasita Ram Halwai will also fit into the job. The PM is now pushing this country’s luck too far to dream of the unthinkable. My apprehensions will be confirmed that “andha bante rewri apne apne ko de”. Irony is that my armed forces will now have to “reinvent” warfare once again if this rumour is anywhere near to be true.

As a CM of a state he may be doing wonders but at the national level if the PM is seeing the potential of putting some CM as the RM then there must be something in him. My issue is not with this person, but what I am going to ask the PM is that he has a few well trained armed forces veterans, duly elected and rearing to go to do something for the armed forces. Then why has he not thought about them. I talk of Ex Army Chief, Gen VK Singh and Maj Gen BC Khanduri. Gen VKS is looking after foreign affairs well and Gen Khanduri has been a CM of a state, with an illustrious Army career, as also a fruitful political tenure in his kitty. With their experience as ground soldiers could there be a better choice to be RM of this country. Many veterans also wear the political caps, so if the cabinet of ministers could be shuffled sometime back, why can’t RM be a veteran that too with firsthand experience?

I can understand that the parliamentary committee decides who gets which portfolio but may I know from the PM what the criterion is for RM? Who decides such an important appointment? The RM is virtually on the mat answering for all shady defence deals. He is fighting war, terrorism, insurgency, shortages of men, material, equipment and ammunition from the deserts of Rajasthan to the icy heights of Siachen? Well, I won’t quote Field Marshal Sam Bahdur here who knew that they don’t know the difference between a guerrilla and a gorilla, a magazine and a magazine, a gun and a howitzer. Will a netaji know the difference between a phased array radar and an over the horizon radar, the difference between LC and LoC? He won’t know the difference between the Radcliff line and the McMahon line. He might know the actor Mac Mohan as Samba of Sholay fame. He won’t know the difference between the hitch knot and a reef knot and he would be dealing with submarines of the nuclear kinds. Will he know hand and flag signals? I am sure he would know light signals as was done in the movie Titanic. Would he know that there is something called a rotor down wash or nape of earth flying? Will he know that the most important nut in a helicopter is called the Jesus nut?

My questions continue. Will he explain the difference between a two men trench and an LMG trench? Will he understand a crow bar, of course he would know of a crow and a bar girl. Will he know the difference between a safety catch and a safety match, Shikari position and dhava position? Will he know chizen 6-S aur ek-M ki vajah se dikhti hain? Will he know what a bridge head is? He may know an ex girlfriend called Bridgett all right. Will he be able to pronounce Taknakpaktso? Will he know the difference between “tashi dileg” and “julle”? I am sure he must have seen this movie called Julie 100 times. Navy guys you better avoid saying “aye-aye” sir, or it may be misconstrued as saying something about his mom in Marathi.

He might be navigating on the GPS of his mobile phone alright, but can he indicate targets seeing through his Eye ball Mark-II. Can he tell me as to how many degrees are there in his hands? I hope he doesn’t refer this to his geometry teacher or a palmist? In defence there is no politics. Things are either black or white. We don’t like the shades of grey. We identify friends from foe. We love our friends and eliminate our foes. Yes, the only thing we don’t know is politics of any kind.

If the qualification of the defence minister is to sit in south block and just sign deals, then I am the best person. I can assure you, the Finance Minister will dread coming in front of me because I shall sit right in front of his office till he gives me funds. The transport minister will have to stop all projects and work on the border roads till the time I am satisfied that all posts and my last man is well connected. Pakistan will tremble because they shall be getting 10 times the dose of each cease fire violation. All the fodder that the media gets about food not being good, shahayaks etc will be sorted out within days of my taking over. All welfare schemes for the ex-servicemen would be implemented within the first year. War widows and orphans would be my personal responsibility for which I shall create a special wing in my ministry. All cases in any courts pending will be sorted out on priority and no one will be begging for his rights. Yes Mr PM, all my manpower in terms of officers and men will be made up even if I have to make another Indian Military Academy and National Defence Academy or both. Defence of my country and morale of my men will be my first priority always and every time. There will be no income tax for any fauji, serving or retired whatsoever. If kissans and doctors have this privilege so will we have it? If you won’t listen to me, I will sit in front of your office Mr PM till you condescend to the needs of this RM. Do you have the guts to take me?

I know the answers to all questions I asked above. Be rest assured Mr PM I will do it if I have said it provided you give me a chance. We are waiting for the promised ache din. Sir, you have qualified manpower for the most coveted post. If you don’t appoint them, then I am available. They chose to become dhotiwalas to understand the political system and are now waiting for you to give a nod. If you don’t appoint veterans, then may I request all veterans in the present cabinet to resign? Will they? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


The lotus has bloomed at many places this Holi, the hand shook hands with some, the broom failed to sweep, the cycle was damaged beyond repair and the rest is history. What has been gained and what has been lost in these elections that time will tell. I wish the parties all the best now to fulfil their dreams and desires to take the states to new horizons. This was obvious in pre poll bhashans, now I would like to see that whatever you were unhappy about improves drastically. I know it will need time, but I am an impatient voter. I have brought you in for a change. I voted for you for purely selfish reasons. I look forward to see Achhe din, from all the parties which will make governments. If you guys fail me, I will have no choice but to bear with you for the next five years otherwise I shan’t give you another chance.

My issue today is how can national priorities be less significant than the party priorities? How can the nation be left into a lurch in guise of peoples need, for whatever reasons. Well let me put it point blank, because I am from a defence community which bears the brunt by losing lives in line of duty every day. Yes friends, I am not happy with the decision of moving the defence minister. Imagine, in one day a man who was responsible for everything related to defence will suddenly now go back from where he came. All the hard work which he might have put in, all the policies which he would have evolved, all the decisions he would have taken, the style of functioning which he would have brought in for the working of the defence ministry would change overnight.

The people of Goa have decided that he should be the Chief Minister. What were the people of Goa doing till now? Let all of us from the armed forces also send a petition to the PM that the country’s defence is more important than one state. I cannot list out what Mr Parrikar has done for the forces since taking over which the Chiefs can answer better. In fact they should be the ones who should be consulted whether it would be prudent to move him immediately.  On the other hand it was quite surprising that India did not have an exclusive Defence Minister till Mr Jaitley shifted to pure finance. I am upset, how can we be so casual and callous about a post which is involved in real battle day in and day out with both the internal and external enemies. We have deals in the pipe line which no one else but the defence minister would have lined up. There would be policies which would have been worked out in great details which the new incumbent would take at least a year to understand especially OROP and details of 7th pay commission (selfish me). There would be Secrets which would only be known to the defence minister and now it would be known to another minister and in case he too changes then one can understand how many ears would know and how many mouths will speak. Official secrets act is good for just signing on the first on Jan every year that’s all. Defence deals can be done by bureaucrats, minister saab was just a stamp it appears.

Politics and especially this kind of politics increases my dislike for the people who do it. I am convinced now that the arrogance of winning is getting to the head. I have to be prepared for such decisions which now will be taken more often. Who am I to even think of questioning it? Had BJP not got the desired number of seats which they got today in Goa, could they have dared to think of making a government? Mr Parrikar would have continued to be defence minister. Today, the defence ministry is headless. Had the PM been so much in love with his desh and desh wasis he should have first announced that who will be the replacement of the defence minister. Goa is not running away to the Portuguese again but every second delayed in terms of a defence decision will surely lead to some enemy taking advantage of the situation. I wish this contingency should have been thought out well in advance. Before firing India’s defence minister to Goa, a successor should have been geared up. I hope now someone with a defence background is put in that chair, enough of tomfoolery.

Politics if compared to Holi proves by the end of the day one cannot make out the real face of a person. That is what I see happening at the highest political level. People are changing colours so fast in the name of party and politics that the real intention of the face and person is getting blurred. This nation cannot progress if we do not grow above party politics. India is being harmed like hell in the name of what people want.  Politicians in power are being too self-centred. What the neta’s want; it is my party, my win, my man, my ideas which are being plastered on the common man forgetting why we became national leaders. I conjecture the aim was to get in more members to the Rajya Sabha and votes for the presidential Electoral College so as to bring in your man as President of this country. For this the PM and his cabinet camped away from the real place of work for days. Aim achieved, bills will now be passed faster, our men will be in the highest positions, colour of the mask does matter, colour of the scarf does matter, the man behind the mask need not matter.

All these are my apprehensions folks; I am seeing a change in the Indian polity, which is definitely required. I know to take tough decisions; the colour of the party dress has to be the same. I also agree that some decisions may not be palatable to everyone like this one of side stepping the Defence Minister for selfish reasons as I see it. I would only request the PM, that sir; defence is no joke, nor child’s play. Kindly be serious and let us not leave the defence ministry headless. Such appointments should never be touched even if party pressures force you to do it, otherwise comedians can also fit the bill of the defence minister. Will you get the deeper meaning of what I plead Mr PM? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


What will change after the change of parties in various states? May be some priorities of work will change, may be pace of work may change. If it increases, it may be for the betterment but if it is otherwise then heavens help us. May be the style of working will change, may be nothing may change also. What is the difference between people of any state? Is it their mental levels? Is it their intellectual levels? Is it their educational levels? Is it their working capacity levels? What is different if one is from one party or the other? Isn’t our basic Indian mentality the same? When the aim is clear that it is development of a state, then how does the political inclination or ideology matter? Will roads be built faster? Will jobs be created faster? Will education become uniform and world class? Will poverty be alleviated with a snap of a finger? What will it be? I am not sure, nor do I want to conjecture, but this much is sure that it all will be kind of new brooms, only thing is that time will tell whether they sweep better or otherwise.

Let me hypothetically imagine that BJP has won in a state and makes a new government. Firstly, will they be able to change the projects which have already been budgeted and passed for the financial year? Will it happen that all the projects in hand started by the previous government be scrapped? Will the same happen with the welfare schemes for the needy and poor? Or will a fresh set of needy and poor be created to justify new expenditure of funds, I don’t know. Will the old names of schemes be changed for the heck of it to bring a fresh lease of life to the existing ones? This will of course cost time and money. For their implemetation there will be long hours spent debating in state assemblies. Will it be that new lotus ponds will come up at every nook and corner replacing the elephants and other animals? Will the cycles be now hung from every pillar and post to say time for them to go?

I still can’t understand that except for pulling in more central funds as the colour of the flag is same, can there be any drastic changes in the states which have decided to exchange the baton with a fresh set of athletes. The goal is the same, the track is the same, time elapsed will be a shade plus minus, but will one party or one man change the destiny of the complete state. I have my doubts.

I am of the opinion; everyone who comes to power actually plays with the lives of the people by experimenting. They bring in schemes and procedures which according to them are considered best. They try to implement them at the cost of the tax payers’ money. The bureaucracy is told the idea and ordered to work out the scheme, keeping loop holes for the obvious, “draining the exchequer”. If I have to bring in some change in my house, I think 10 times, consult 20 people, see 30 shops, reject 40 designs and then finalise something. Say, to change the education system, can it be different from the national education system, or should it be different from the national education system. To prove a point these politicians will induce certain changes just to appease their clientele.

I also want to question the very selection of candidates. Do we have a picture in mind that if so and so candidate wins, he will be the best fit for this job? Or is it that we shall field in the most popular candidate for a particular constituency, who has chances of winning, if he wins we shall fit him in for this job. The uncertainty of winning or losing is till the last moment, then once a person wins thereafter heads get together in “parliamentary committees” that who shall get what, irrespective of their areas of specialisation in case they have any. Well, I am expecting too much, actually I have yet to see ministers being employed and deployed as per their “qualifications” and “proficiencies”. It is who is close to the party president, or who has requested for a certain portfolio well before the elections results. I don’t know if a price tag is put on certain ministers both at the centre and states that for position ‘A’ the candidate may have to deposit or spend X amount for party purposes in return. You never know, what I say might be true and if it is true nothing will change this nation.

I have yet to understand that if your road is potholed and broken, changing your old car with a Ferrari racing car will be disastrous in real terms. In the same light, if we see, the racing track is the same, the hazardous are the same, the pit stops are the same, the support staff is the same, the length of the arena is the same then the difference between the first car and the last car will only be of a few seconds. The only thing is that the cost of tickets which I call taxes for the common man may keep increasing. The spectators who can’t afford to see the race will hang on to trees and buildings to watch the race. They may not get the preferential treatment that accrues while sitting in the race track to buy drinks and snacks because they will never be able to afford them anyhow. The common man will never understand the nitty-gritty’s of “racing” by which I mean by politics, they will never know the tactics employed to win the race, they may never know what unfair means which were used to win, but yes by virtue of so many people attending the race, they too might make a fast buck.

The driver of a racing car has to be an expert, same for the political contest, but the support team has to be the best. The racing teams do not change their staff for ages, as every man has a specialised expertise and here I see them as the bureaucrats. You may send them to different race tracks, but the basic domain remains the same. The cars might change, the company might change, the cheer leaders might change, but the race does not change, the race track does not change, the goal to perform does not change, the will to win does not change, the thrill to win also does not change.

Well friends, whether it is BJP, Congress, SP winning or losing or AAP making headway makes no difference to me. It is the team which matter to me, their motivation to work for the masses which matters, their coordinated efforts for one goal which will matter. Above all, what matters is their character, their integrity and their loyalty to the nation and their state. I find all this lacking in most of our politicians. If they rise above petty party politics once elected and address issues of the country, I shall let it pass, but I am not willing to accept a team which may stall the progress of my country for personal, political, or party’s ideological reasons? Will we have India as a winner, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


ISIS is at our door step. When did it creep in? How did it creep in? Why did it creep in? How long will it stay in? I don’t even want to make an educated guess. Are we citizens sleeping? Are we true citizens of this country that we can’t even keep an eye on our neighbourhood? What kind of parents are we that we don’t know what our child is doing? As I see things today, it is only when such incidents come to light that people start sermonising about what, why, when and how should things have been done. Who is to be blamed? Why was there an intelligence failure etc? Only when such events affect us personally that we actually start reporting all that we see and hear. Then we want full police protection and cooperation to get over the crisis but the first step which should have been taken by us to report anything unusual gets missed out in the din of events. It is time to wake up dear countrymen. It is time we be more vigilant.

I do not blame this individual who would have given his house on rent to the terrorists. Well, he needs to earn something on his investment. One coolly assumes that the antecedents of this person who is renting his house would be good. Blind faith and too much of trust, nothing can go wrong with me and “chalta hai” attitude are killing this country. We have no time and inclination to find out if he is a student, where is his college, does he have an authenticated identity card. If this man has come to work, which shop or organisation does he work for, its location, the owners etc. Issue here is that in India most of the people who do business have no proper procedure of hiring people. A wage or salary is fixed and payment is made in cash, that’s it. There are no details to verify background of this person. Today, proof of identity can be obtained if the right people have been greased at the right places. Date of birth certificates, domicile certificates, panchayat certificates, ration cards, driving licence, and even mobile sim cards, all can be obtained at a fee. Least realising what damage are we doing to the fabric of this country for our petty gains.

We want security, but we don’t have faith in our security providers. If I need to lodge a police complain, unless it is against a specific person, police won’t entertain your FIR. They will grill you till you are roasted charred and fed up. They dissuade you with all negative repercussions. They also put a fear in your mind if any of your statement comes out false. They make you sit the whole night and as their shift changes, the next person has as much patience to wait for you to get irritated and withdraw the complaint. Our police are not user friendly; I say so with my personal experience, whatever anyone may claim. You seem to be the accused rather than the other way around, thus one fears to cooperate due to unnecessary harassment. If this is the attitude of our law keepers, then how should I approach them? Every time a wardi wala comes for surveillance, even for your passport a 500 ka patta has to be parted with. Once your phone number gets registered in a Thana, please be ready to get calls at unearthly hours for all purposes including employing a son of a constable in your company for the FIR to make any head way.

Our population is increasing in geometric progressions, our systems are corrupted, our policing is third rate, our politics is divisive, our character is dubious, our judiciary is slower than snails, our laws are outdated, our bureaucracy is only red tape, our parliament doesn’t function, many of  our parliamentarians are history sheeters, our people are not honest, our milk, water etc is adulterated, our medicines are duplicate, our education system is deplorable, our pollution levels are the highest, our agriculture is declining, our housing is falling grossly short, our transportation is rickety, our food is unhygienic and costly, our toilets are in the open, urinals are walls and trees, our industries are shutting shop, our banking is facing issues, our women are unsafe, our children are insecure. Terrorism is now in the hinterland. Anything left to curse except my own country or am I talking about Pakistan. Above all, I don’t have any patience. I need a fast buck, a big house, a nice car, and decent meals. It is I me myself. Nothing else matters to me.

Politicians on the other hand want masses to remain uneducated so that they can be easily disillusioned, brainwashed and made to vote in their favour. They cash on the negatives of others, spread communal hatred, communalise the public till elections are won thereafter evaporate into thin air. They deal in black money that too in cash. They deal with all kinds of mafia. They do benami purchases. They eat out of party funds. They mobilise funds by illegal means. They do not want the people to understand the reality of politics. They make policies to suit themselves. That’s what I am the true Indian politician.

If this is my personal character and the state of my country then who shall I say is bothered about anything? Governments can claim that they are doing one window clearances, but to reach that window one has to go the same old bribery way. The government claims that infrastructure is being built at a fast pace, but it is way behind the requirement. People are not parting with land; people are illegally occupying government land, above all people are encroaching on land falling in path of developmental projects to get better compensation. Can this nation then progress? Can there be a national character assigned to all of us.

Unemployment has reached to such levels that people with post graduate degrees are way under employed and under salaried. Government people don’t work and nether let you work. Files and cases are buried deep under the red tape. Even a peon asks for “bakshish” to take you to any office. We as a nation lack that sense of Indianess, our souls are sold, and our minds are one tracked, paisa and only paisa. Paisa for my next ten generations, property for my sons and their sons, what nonsense!

It is easy to say a chai wala has become our PM and I also see that he carries a vision to take India forward. He too is part of us so at times he forgets he is the PM of India. Our infighting with ideologies as political parties, our personal differences as netas, our power struggle for that one chair, may be it panchayat elections to the Presidents elections, everything is put at stake. How then can we justify that yes we as a nation have that moral fibre to engage with the world? Can this be done by our PM alone or for that matter any government? In any case the government does everything during an earthquake, flood tsunami, draught, avalanche, landslide or any manmade disaster including war? But, is only the government accountable to build the nation? Do we as citizens owe some responsibilty too like character building?

Let us citizens start by paying our taxes sincerely. Let us start by cleaning just 25 meters around our homes. Let us citizens just contribute a little to build a strong Indian character to keep our country out of all harms length. Can we? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


It is confusing to see the PM of this country trying to become the CM of UP. I heard a few of his fenku kind of bhashans, pardon me my saying so sir, that’s what you actually did. Thereafter, I lost interest in BJP and all the “KASABS” as said amit bhai. I am amazed the way complete BJP is anchored in UP. Is this country running on remote? Or is this country running on auto pilot? Well, I would request the PM that this team you have taken to UP should reach Kashmir moment a terrorist encounter takes place. From the home minister to the finance minister to all and sundry and their staff should straight away move to the site and take control of operations first hand. I say so because in common parlance it is said that every election is a jung, aar paar ki larai of sorts, candidates fight against each other, each party puts its poora jor to “fight” elections, right. Then why doesn’t the PM along with his cabinet fight terrorism with the same josh and gusto. If law and order is a state subject, then in the same light the state elections should be left to the state leaders, yes once in a while the PM may visit to review the situation but he cannot squat there with his complete cabinet till cows come home. Will it be correct in case there is a terrorist encounter anywhere, the COAS along with all the Army commanders and Corps commanders reach the site leaving their primary areas of responsibilities in the lurch? It would be foolish the least I can say.

I was just inferring from all this drama that what is at stake. Well, it is crystal clear to me that elections have to be won at any cost, the implications of which I shall not discuss. I would rather put it that the gravy trail directly or indirectly runs through this biggest state as such. For that hook & crook are used. Hook to trap the gullible innocent janta, and crook to brainwash the same janta. The bait on the hook is money which would have flown behind the scenes and under the carpets. The clean image which is portrayed, it isn’t clean at all. The pandal arrangements for PMs one rally would eat up funds of many candidates, if the election commission norms are to be followed in letter and spirit.

The other day one central minister landed in a helipad close by for a private visit. The police bandobast and the political bandobast had at least 70 vehicles lined up. Police, Intelligence staff, traffic police etc came from 130 kms from the state capital. His bullet proof vehicle and the black cats he is authorised also came from there.  The chopper was a twin engine helicopter which if hired would cost about 3.5-4 Lakhs an hour and it has to be hired for minimum two hours. I am sure that would have been covered in guise for him to check ground realities of the ministry he holds. So his private visit to a dharma guru is also covered and paid through my taxes. I can imagine when the PM who with his whole cabinet goes picnicking. My imagination stops imagining at how things would be exploited in garb of officialdom. Babu’s must be flying up and down to get acknowledgements’ signed, may be business class as its an official TD. The TA DA claims which shall follow, five star hotel stays would also be included I suppose. My God, unimaginable!

I am convinced that politics is a dirty game. Here everything appears to be murky. I just saw a video of a candidate of UP, who doesn’t know the full form of the acronym MLA when asked by the media. He doesn’t know how the President is elected. He doesn’t know the difference between the national anthem and the national song. He doesn’t know what is a cashless transaction and PM Sahib he says he will fulfil your dreams after studying your dreams once he is elected, my foot!

Uttar Pradesh, with the BJP flag will surely turn around the state with such jokers in the state assembly who disgrace their very candidature. Please sack him, whichever party he belongs to. He is a disgrace to my nation. This man if he wins I shall have to salute him, the very thought of which sends shivers down my spine. I know for sure, you would not even know half of your candidates and their achievements. Even if you know, then you have no choice at this late a stage to change them. The damage which would be done to my country, if people of such calibre are going to be in the state assemblies and count towards electing my President would be unfathomable. It’s high time I stop thinking of politics. The impression such politicians leave on me is disgusting.

The beauty of these elections is that all are claiming outright majority, well, I would take the final figures only after the votes have been counted rather than getting into any kind of speculations. I also know moment the results are declared, parties will start accusing each other for rigging, using unfair means, money etc, and when party spokespersons will sit on news debates then the losing ones will congratulate the winners and blame it on the mandate the people have given, as if the janta has done something wrong. Half the candidates who win would be jumping around not knowing actually that from today starts their responsibility to the nation, and not the other way around that the nation now will be responsible for their existence. Unfortunately the later is true.

I find it quite amusing when the winners blow away Lakhs on crackers, and throw tons of colours. I hope that too would have been catered for in the election funds. What about the losing candidates? What about their fire crackers and colours? I am also kind of amazed that from where do so many “Dholi’s” appear? I kind of get charmed the way ladies start dancing in a “begani shadi”. Are they paid to dance form party funds? Or are they genuinely dancing for their candidate? Are they really happy “dil se” or are they kind of cheerleaders? What have they got to dance about for? Will the mantri ji give a place in his matralay to them? Men I know are “vellas”, and have nothing better to do. Half of them will drink and make merry irrespective of which party wins till they get booze and snacks. They will dance anywhere for that. Jokes apart, if PM Sahib has so much time to spare for this election, then imagine how much of the national time he and his cabinet may waste for all other elections. My hard earned money which is snatched away by the government as taxes will go down the drain for people who do not matter to me at all.

What an irony of sorts it is! I feel; let us stop this wasteful expenditure on “drame baazi”. Let party funds be utilised for a better India by the respective parties. I do not mind at all if your party feeds the poor for your complete tenure. However, the elections I feel are a waste of time and have been confined to negative politics. Desh ki janta is as it is aloof of the magic concoction which is being brewed in various pots. People like me will keep dancing for a peg and a leg, but will these elections bring prosperity to the state and in turn India? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


“Shaheedon ki chitaon par lagenge har baras mele,
Watan par marne walon ka yahi baki nishaan hoga”

Well, jo watan par mit chuke aaj unhe koi poochta nahi, par jinhone watan par mitne ke liye kasam khayi thi aur aaj seva nivrit ho chuke hain unko kab aur kaun poochega, is the question which is eating me up from inside. We as a community are left to be seen only for our march past skills on the republic day. A few of us who still live with those small little roundels on our chest are left with half a clap by the crowd which is sitting along the Raj path, as everyone is busy either checking the parade menu, or is distracted by a flying aircraft, or has his attention to spot some VIP. Most of them are busy holding on to their seat and one for his relative. The parade continues to march past even if it rains, but the crowd runs for cover or the nearest umbrella which they can find. So friends of the uniformed community, including veterans, let us not live in a make belief world, the ground reality is that everyone is too busy with his own life and priorities. Unfortunately, after the parade even national flags are thrown on the road side. If one has a spot quiz, 90% of the people will not know the marching contingents that participated, leave alone the types of tanks, missiles or radars on parade. If you will ask them who was the parade commander? You are bound to draw a blank. Yes, they might tell you how many riders were there in the motorcycle display, or how much they enjoyed a particular state tableau. Yes how many horses did potty will be answered without hesitation. Why has this thought run across my mind is what I want to share with my friends.

Pakistan is said to be bleeding us with a thousand cuts, but now our own media is bleeding us with 1001, I feel. The nation stands behind us we know and are convinced, but is the media with us? I am very unsure. Reasons I shall discuss as we go by.

I got back from our weekly shopping yesterday around 9 PM, so decided to see the news. Moment I saw Gen GD Bakshi on a channel I paused to listen in. I found all the Lone’s, Rashid’s, Dar’s and a couple of more Kashmiri’s in the thick of battle, ganged up together trying to pelt words which were deadlier than bullets at our General and a Major. How they spoke to the veterans and about the country was not palatable to me at all. I felt hurt as they left me bruised and battered, mentally if not physically. The dissent mongers continued unabated with the same old rant, courtesy our democracy, and free speech. I find them now openly accusing and abusing our armed forces for all the chaos there. I really got cheesed off and switched off the TV to think that why we the veterans are allowing these media channels to tear us apart. If media is so passionate about the country, then why isn’t the whole media in Kashmir to see and report the other side of the ground realities? TV studios are fine, who stops them to expose who is at fault from ground zero. Let investigative journalism be seen.

A few days back a jawan committed suicide, reason was media. Poor guy spoke something, which was recorded by a journo, without his knowledge and the result, one family devastated, one regiment broken, one trained soldier less for falling prey to media. We have journalists, who have the audacity to debate what our army chief should say or not say. My foot! They have the cheeks to question his choice of words, my second foot! Well thanks to free speech and your democracy again. They are the ones who go hammer and tongs after our Ex Air Chief for the chopper scam. Where does their morality and love for the forces evaporate then? One damn recruitment paper for other ranks is leaked it becomes news headlines where as things like vyapam, the Bihar cheating cases are ticker news not even headlines.  People of the Ms Dutt fame rose to lime light from the Kargil conflict, now sympathise with a terrorist called Burhan Wani in garb of balanced coverage. I wish I had a third foot. A jawan reports bad food being served, such news and debates continue ad nauseam. We as a community are just stay mum. What do these journalists know how we keep ourselves fed and why do we starve in certain circumstances? Will they know when an encounter is on, food and rest are priority 99? Just because they have a licence to yap, they find us as easy targets because we are straight, simple and forthright people. Shame!

Till today the OROP agitation continues at jantar mantar without any breach of disciple? Have you heard more than half a word in the last one month on any channel? Is it because the government has gagged them? Is the media shit scared to go against the government? Then they say they are not paid media? If the media thinks it is so powerful, or can change things in the country then stop covering the rallies of the PM. Have you guys got the guts? Stop covering any poll campaigns in any state, your channels will be declared bankrupt in two days. Stop sensationalising and covering wailing mothers, wives and children of martyrs, I would suggest go and find out who was responsible for this soldiers death. Expose to the nation the real nexus of this militancy and terrorism. I feel heartbroken when I see those images, I feel pained when you shove the mike into the mouths of shattered mothers, wives, friends, and children. Questions like “Aap bare hoke kya banoge”?  It is easy to interview Burhan wani’s father, but leave alone the father of a soldier who has just lit his son’s funeral pyre.

You people do not know what paces every man in uniform has to go through. You people will never understand the pain with which a person turns into a veteran on one fine day. Remember you friends of the media, we still have the colour of our uniform as the colour of our blood in our body and I proudly say my blood is OLIVE GREEN. How many of you have sent your children to be part of the armed forces? Though, some of you are children of armed forces fraternity alright. Today, every time I see the national flag, I first salute the “Nishan” of this country of which I still eat “Namak” by virtue of being a pensioner. The “Naam” of my nation comes first always and every time. So what I have grown old and weak. I may walk with a walking stick or on a wheel chair but I still feel proud to display medals on my chest. I still do not dither to motivate young minds to join the uniformed community at every opportunity I get. I am a veteran, I have done my duty for my country, and I shall continue doing so till my last breath. Will you guys of the media now leave my community alone? We have a herculean task of keeping the integrity and sovereignty INDIA to maintain. If we falter on our duty, you guys will be extinct. Yes, we can do mistakes, and admit it like a man. We are punished promptly because my system cannot stand defaulters. Is that the same on your side? Then why am I treated as a third rate citizen to be pitted against separatists, terrorist, militant supporters, Pakistani loyalists, and people with anti India sentiments by you all.

My humble request to you all is to get hold of the real culprits of this nation, expose them, and tear them apart. You actually know the culprits. Use them as your cannon fodder if you really want this country to reach greater heights. Do not make us scapegoats and please do not fire guns from our shoulders. I won’t curse you as you are my fellow countrymen, but are you going to listen to the plea of this Unknown Soldier? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Every time I used to play this game called angry birds on my laptop, I used to be reminded of Dr Abdullah. Well, frankly they have no connection at all, but all those who have tried their hand on it would remember, while waiting to be launched on the platform these birds are talking amongst each other and god alone knows what they speak, but one sound is very prominent that they say “ABDULLAH-ABDULLAH”.  I hope Dr Saab has asked them for copyrights and claim royalty every time someone downloads this game. Well, jokes apart, I can assure you, many of you will revisit this game to ascertain what I have just said and confirm the way they chirp, and many of you who have not played this game till now may get motivated to play it for once at least to resolve this mystery.

Be that as it may, why has Dr Saab become so angry with all that is happening in India and especially in Kashmir? What has suddenly brought in the shift in his “desh bhakti” so to say that he is now feeling so bad about the youth of Kashmir who have gone berserk pelting stones at all and sundry? What are their aspirations that Dr Saab, his father and son have not met that they have turned them into hooligans of the worst kind today? If he blames the Government of India, then is he right? If he blames the present J&K government, then should he be considered correct? Does he ascertain any portion of the blame to himself or his family? Can he be pardoned from being part of the chaos which prevails today? I want to ask you Dr Saab, that is it that only when you are ministers in the central government or the CM of the state do you work for Kashmir. Well, he knows best, as he is the son of the soil. In fact father, son and son of a gun know the real inside story, isn’t it?

If I again go back to the angry bird’s game, I do not know who is angry, the birds in the cage or the birds waiting to be catapulted. If you see the yellow one it just slices across things, and if you give it a boost then it takes off towards heaven. Then we have those little blue and cute ones, which multiply and can destroy multiple targets. The black one which explodes is the one I like the best as it can shake all the bricks. There is also an orange one which bloats and bursts. One of them comes back like a boomerang also. Then there is this chubby red one which bulldozes its way through. There is also the one shaped like an egg which drops an egg like a nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Which one of these is Dr Saab? One thing is sure Dr Saab is trying to again make inroads into Kashmir like one of these birds knowing full well the grip of which he has lost completely. Or, is he trying to assist those dirty looking green piggy’s to remain unhurt and live on. I just do not like that piggy which wears a helmet. It appears to be like a terrorist and is a hard nut to crack. Dr Saab you are on which side please let us know. Is your intention to free birds from their cages? Or is it to let the piggy’s live on. The irony is that till the time you eliminate every piggy you don’t move to the next level. Do you get the message Dr Saab, militants and militancy has to finish and so is the stone pelting? Come on angry bird do something.

The man, who claims that he did everything to keep Kashmir as an integral part of India, is today playing a different tune. Instead of helping in releasing the birds from their cages, why is he siding with the so called misguided youth? Why is he trying to portray that all hope for Kashmir is lost? Is this what is politics all about? Is this the result of the work you put in so far for your own people which three generations of your family governed? I will avoid the word ruled as the connotation of the word becomes different. Is this the result of the self proclaimed good governance, or is it the result of the mis-governance of the present government. Is the Government of India which supported you till the hilt since 1947, responsible to come to this situation where the Kashmiri’s are feeling claustrophobic, choked and kind of guillotined? Are the Indian armed forces responsible for creating this situation? Or is it you and your wise ilk responsible for the state of affairs?

Who called in the army, in fact who requisitioned the army to control the militancy, when the machinery of the state failed? Who got the Rashtriya Rifles and other CAPFs inducted into Kashmir, over and above the Army? Was this decision of the PM of India or was this decision taken on the strong recommendation of a person who supposedly knew each and every nut and bolt of Kashmir. Your word Dr Saab was taken as gospel, your suggestions were taken as final, and you always had the last word on Kashmir. Weren’t you the person who brought them in? Weren’t you the one who was responsible for recommending to the centre to carry out a military plan as per your recommendation? If that be so, why are you talking in Greek and Roman now? Where are your Kashmiriat, Jamhuriat and Insaniyat now? Where is your Hindustaniyat? Why are you speaking the language based on Pakistan-ki-gandi-niyat? Why are you playing into the hands of the separatist’s sharaarat of spreading nafrat? Or is this what is going to be your kind of changed siaasat?

Frankly, I as veteran just know this much, that when I was called to serve two tenures in J&K, I was there because you needed me. You asked for me, you relied on me; you had no other means to even conduct fair and free elections in 1996 had the forces not been there. You had no choice actually. Now that much time has gone past, you want to change your stance, just because you once again want to spoil the show. The present set up I am definitely not in favour of, where an alliance of convenience is running the state, with diagonally opposite thinking. The CM herself has waived paki flags once upon a time; at least I can’t accuse you of that. If you are really a son of this soil then suggest what can be done to get peace back. Everyone wants peace, stability, khushhali, naukri but how is it going to be achieved, you don’t say anything. Are these your people? If they are then sit with the PDP and BJP alliance and suggest something concrete if you believe in peace to prevail.

I am convinced that none of you have a solution except inciting people and de-motivating them. I know the way some politicians and people are spewing venom. They are forcing the people of this beautiful state to be brainwashed against India. I fully understand no bird likes to be caged. I am also convinced that no piggy should be allowed to be inside the arenas where the birds stay. Dr Saab, I do not want leaders like you to keep waiting to be catapulted as CM to sort out things. I hope you are not going to remain a fence sitter and just keep repeating like the angry birds Abdullah-Abdullah? Or will you? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


It was amazing to see the “Yuva-Shakti” on the streets of Delhi in the last few days. Thousands of them, beating the heat, with the tri colour raised above their heads, marching with an aim so as to be heard loud and clear that do not mess with us or we can bring our capital city to a grinding halt. Media was on high alert as always with its reporters all around the campuses, following each and every small move. Live news debates and coverage continued continuously. Police was on tenterhooks making longer and stronger human chains, just in case the animal within the crowd gets unleashed. Politicians keeping mum, just in case they are dragged into some uncalled for controversy. Gurmehar bore the brunt of all this for no rhyme or reason. Kiran Rijiju who was always politically correct as usual about what he tweeted. Well, overall it was more of a political rally of kinds, where students just to prove that they have a fundamental right of free speech, came on to the roads. Icing on the cake was the professors too joining their students.  Well, “jab miyan biwi razi to kya karega Kazi”.

I still doubt that was there a need to stretch this issue so far? Was it politically motivated? Which appeared obvious, as the students wings are the extensions of the political parties they support and are funded from there too? Or was it that neither the teachers were interested in teaching nor were the students interested in studying. “Mausam” also has not gone all that hot in fact just right. Holi is around the corner, what police could have maximum done was to fire water cannons, so rain dance and pre Holi celebrations could have been enjoyed free of cost. Dad and mom will never know as we will avoid the camera, many must have gone loitering in the malls and cinema halls of Delhi and NCR, by evening one had to head home also. So call off this chaos at an earthly hour, otherwise justifying it would be difficult.

I like the show of strength and solidarity by the students. They can unite, fight, abuse, break all norms of decency, now a day’s there is something called trolling as per the new norms of social media; they can threaten, pressurise and bully anyone and everyone. I better watch out. Students can block streets, they engage the police on all nonsensical duties other than what they are supposed to do, they can incite the politicians to give fiery bhashans and discuss the pros and cons on TV debates till cows come home. They all know that to find from where the issue actually started is like finding a needle in a 100 haystacks, so cover it up by mobbing it. Girls are also smart enough to jump into the fray to cover up for the rest. Boys are no less; many must have taken the advantage of the situation and would have definitely troubled the girls from the opposing camps. I know it is done from both camps. The MCs and BCs are given equally by boys and girls, besides the other adjectives laced with superlatives. The F**K word is used like S**T word of the erstwhile times. The CH*****A word is like saying bewakoof gadhe. Not the Gujarat wale gadhe kinds, but the actual ones.

How many man and woman hours of study were wasted? How many hours of uncalled for police deployment? How many additional hours the engines of various vehicles had to run for whatever reasons, wasting fuel? How many TV channels and their reporters earned their living thanks to the students? How many road side eateries enjoyed your company friends? Overall, what did you achieve in the end? Well, justifications and arguments will never end as to who is right and who is wrong. Seriously, people of my age are not interested in it at all. Friends, if you guys are really interested in Desh seva, let me give you a piece of advice, take it or leave it, join the armed forces. I can assure you, the first test you shall come across after the initial screening; if you are capable enough to pass that would be the group discussion. All your communication and convincing skills will be tested out within 15 minutes. As you shall progress in those tests, you will get a chance to do some public speaking too. Yes, instead of climbing up statues and delivering your lectures from there you may have to stand under a tree and speak. I am sure you guys and gals will do a wonderful job.

It intrigues me that why should students be on the road when their place is inside the classrooms? Why are debates on the streets when they should be debating amongst themselves? I fail to understand why dirty linen should be washed in public? I am also surprised that for a comment which someone doesn’t like, I can be threatened to the extent of rape and death on face book and twitter? Where are we heading? Is this what we are taught in schools colleges and homes? Is this part of our upbringing? Is this going to be my future generation of this country and through us shall emerge our political leaders? Is this right? Is this justifiable? Shouldn’t it be confined within the campuses itself? How can these students hold the country’s capital to ransom? Why can’t their professors control them? Why is the college management so inefficient? Or should I blame our democracy for this?

I just know this much that none of these students would like to live without their father. As for Gurmehar’s case, her father was a martyr of this nation. For the other fortunate ones your fathers are living with you, caring and cuddling you, supporting you, being available to you when you need them, financing you, worrying about you, guiding you, scolding you, holding you, offering his shoulder when you cry. Most of you cannot fathom it at all. War kills, Pakistan kills, terrorist kills, is not the argument. He got killed not for you to hold this country to ransom, but to give you space and freedom to debate what you like. He sacrificed himself for this country, for you to live another day to come to college and study, which I see you people are not interested in. He and I contributed taxes so that the funding of your colleges can be done and infrastructure be created for you to be in the lecture halls and not on the streets. He stopped these evil terrorist by taking a bullet on his chest, and here you slap each other, grope each other, pull hair and tear clothes like goondas. Think about it friends, you shall lead this country soon. I won’t like to be lead by hooligans like you.

Is it our flawed education system? Is it lack of discipline? Is it too much of freedom? Is it too much of democracy? Is it taking advantage of the system? Is it a cover for something else? Is this the way we learn the basics of politics? Is this how we groom our future leaders? Is this really true freedom of speech and expression? Is this acceptable to the parents of these students? Is it acceptable to the political leaders whose party they support? Will these guys ever understand the pains of sons and daughters of martyrs’? Will these boys and girls use their education for the purpose of taking this nation forward? Will these guys learn to give some izzat to the fallen soldiers and their kin? Will they ever join the armed forces? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis

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