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Month: April 2017


It is high time for us to think of India, for India, by Indians otherwise we are heading towards disaster. All our make in India will be break in India. People in Hawai Chappals, will sit on Daryai Ghoras and never see the real Hawai jahaz. The political party in power has its agenda clear to win all elections, fine, I have no issues. But what I perceive as a common Indian citizen that the highest political machinery is busy in party promotion agenda like in Delhi and Mumbai municipal elections. The focus on India seems to be getting blurred in the bargain. This is where I am going to draw your attention today.

We are a vast nation is an idiotic statement to make. We have numerous problems is also foolish to say. We have diverse culture, languages, dialects, weathers; terrain is an understatement to make. We have porous boundaries with many nations and a few of them are hostile is an obvious fact. We have Terrorism, Insurgency, Naxalism, and Maoism besides “goondagardi” across the length and breadth of this country. Then we have so many castes and tribes scheduled or unscheduled is a different issue altogether. Unscheduled are those who after taking benefits and privileges’ in one generation misuse the reservation policy for their sons and daughters of subsequent generations, thanks to our reservations policy. Our major part of the country is affected by floods every year the rest with drought. Our agricultural sector is in a mess, our education system ranges from Madarsa’s, to ved-vidyalas, to convents, to Government schools, to International Schools.

Our elected representatives are history sheeters (so what charges have not been proved) and many are illiterate so to say. We employ lawyers for finance, engineers for defence, aviators for power, uneducated for HRD, what an irony. We suffer from fraud, bribe, donations, trickery, adulteration, as a national disease. Corruption flows in our blood and is part of our DNA. We bribe Gods, offerings are offered as “conditions apply”. We have interstate problems. We have gender related problems. Our population ratio is skewed. We are short of power. We have poverty and unemployment only as an election issue and part of every manifesto. We built infrastructure with no aim. We copy many policies which failed in other countries. We have a shortage of security force but no shortage of population. We lack a national security doctrine. We do not have a defence minister on paper. The one we had evaporated overnight. We are a land of sadhu’s and saints. We have everything but nothing with us. We can’t even win medals in sports, unless it is a Bak-Bak competition.

There is also one strata of population who go for shopping of their undergarments to Europe. They drink Jamaican Rum only in Jamaica. They get disturbed if they see a beggar touching their car. “Dirty ho jata hai”. We have NGOs and individuals donating millions in charity. We have religious institutions earning in millions & feeding millions. We are basically a concoction of only one of its kind of society. The beauty is that we still remain India. India still has not collapsed under its weight of problems. We fight with each other; we fight with our neighbours, within our states and within countries but desire peace and tranquillity. We appear unified, but are split into splinters of caste, creed, religion, region, gender. Democracy is not allowed to function, constitution is made a mockery of by states like J&K. Judiciary is overburdened that they now tell us what to eat, what to wear, what to see, what to talk. Soon we shall find bedroom rules too. Media has gone berserk covering, debating and discussing everything which shows our country in bad light without them realising how much disservice they are doing to this nation by washing dirty linen in public. Media has gone international; in fact, one shot on the mobile is as good as a whisper to spread a hearsay or rumour.

We have religious fanaticism, from protection of cows, to religious conversions, to fatwa’s for all and sundry. We want to be modern and progressive in outlook, but traditional and conservative in practice. We want to bring people to invest and make in India, but do not want to cut down the red tape. We want foreign collaborations but want to control the stakes and distribution of profits. We want to safeguard our policies, our systems and money at our terms and conditions. We have been just pussy footing while dealing with our enemies both internal and external recently. We oppose policies because we as a political entity are in opposition; we only know how to pick faults everywhere. We won’t suggest improvements. Politicians do not want to control the bureaucrats, fearing their strong lobby. We lack political accountability. Basically we are a nation of chalta hai kinds. We think of too many consequences. We delay in taking decisions. We are more interested in what the other chap is not doing. We are basically Hippocrates of kinds. We are not true to ourselves and our Gods, then how can we be true children of India.

We dream of an ideal nation, “sone ki chirya” (Golden Bird). We dream of housing for all. We dream of education for all. We dream of justice for all. We dream of security for all. We dream of food for all. We dream of transport for all. We dream of monetary stability for all. We dream of jobs for all. We dream of water and electricity for all. We dream of no war with anyone. We dream of health for all. We dream of welfare of all. We dream of everything which is required to live as an ideal society and a nation. But we want a third party or a miracle to do the dirty work to achieve the aims. Our national fabric is weak. We can’t stand for our national anthem; we don’t want to sing our national song; we don’t want one constitution, we don’t want uniform civil code for all, we are a big drastically divided family, where everyone is on his own, doing what one feels like at his own convenience, fighting with everyone if the comfort levels are broken, cursing all and sundry, and still surviving as a nation. My dear “Deshvasio”, till when can we continue polluting our hearts, minds & soul of this country, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am deeply saddened and hurt by this barbarous killing of our CRPF jawans. I shall not dwell on what went wrong and who is responsible for it. Media has got enough knowledge and expertise at their hands to feed the country with minute to minute detail now. Like in movies if action doesn’t sell, then tragedy does, so they land up covering the funeral ceremonies and heart breaking interviews of parents, wives and saluting children. We demand it and they show it, but do we learn our lessons? Do we put things in order? Do we respond appropriately after any such incident? Do we put fear of God in those dastards? If we put in or sincere efforts we can drastically reduce the body count for sure. Do we want dead men or do we want men alive to eliminate such kinds of menace? Do we want chest beating wives and silent tears of parents? Or do we want only academic debates, “kari ninda”, promise of strong action, review of everything related to security. If pressurised, resign and go to the animal husbandry portfolio. Let us decide.

I was reluctant to write on this issue but I got shaken up when a Chief Minister and his cavalcade zipped passed the remains of the martyr. For me this man in a wooden box should have been the VIP. Had I been a CM, I would have definitely asked, why this hearse is moving at this odd time. I would have been canny enough to note that it is a forces vehicle. I would have understood straight away why this vehicle is laden with flowers and people in ceremonial dress are accompanying it. Even if had to hurry, I would have alighted, saluted the coffin and from the scores of bouquets in the dickey of my car; I definitely would have laid one, offered my condolences then and there. Being from the forces I would have passed orders to all districts that there could be no bigger VIP than this, clear all roads for him. I would have followed behind to see the martyr off as a mark of respect for a man draped in the tri colour proceeding for his next assignment. I would have ensured the DC reaches for the funeral with the benefits that a state gives to sons of the nation. Well this is the least I could have done.

What must this man inside the coffin thinking of? Lying there asking questions to all the politicians and his superior officers. Why have you sent me into this dark dungeon? Could you not tell me in advance that there were 300 Maoist waiting for a 100 of us? I had weapons, I would have sorted them out. Now that you have withdrawn my weapon also and put me to sleep in this box, how will the rest of guys manage without me? The only good thing in here is the smell of flowers, as I have been used to the smell of sweat, grime and blood through out.

Mr Home minister, where are you? You have ensured that I become an unfortunate casualty of your callous attitude and diluted efforts. You have not pushed the government and the PM enough to get me all that I need to conduct operations. Why did you not give me good leaders who would have mentored us and guided us? Yes, now as a dead man let me confess, I became callous as nothing had happened since quite some time. I took things for granted that our intelligence systems will warn us of an attack and that did not happen. I was slow to react as I was not mentally & physically prepared for such an assault. Yes, I did not follow SOPs. Yes I did not keep adequate look outs but why did I not do so? Did I become overconfident?  Mr Singh for me I cannot dare open my mouth against you, but now that I am in this box please feel my vibes what I am telling you is the bare truth. Sir things are not right, things are not the way they are projected to you, and things are bloody cockeyed & wonky. Take action now, or be ready to salute more of us.

To be shot while having a meal is the worst death. Weapon un-cocked, lying to the side, maybe put along a tree trunk, water bottle in hand, washing my face from the dirt and dust of the day’s work, Cursing my quarter master for not issuing me my size of boots, cursing the langar commander for the oily puri, cursing my senior who stopped my leave, cursing my CHM for detailing me for another patrol tomorrow, cursing my chacha who is grabbing my land, cursing the ‘patwari’ who is not doing the “patta’, cursing the tenant for not giving rent, worrying for my wife who is due in two months, concerned about my mother who is hard of hearing, remembering my sister who should be married this year, remembering my son who goes to an English school, cracking a joke or two with my comrades, peeking in my wallet for a glimpse of my son and wife, remembering my friends and their pranks’ in an mango grove like this. Instead of the chowkidar here came the Maoist with real guns. I ran for life, left my food, could not wear my shoes, could not reach my rifle and before I could give a man to man fight, I was shot in cold blood.

There is someone who now has to take responsibility of four things. One, sort out how you are going to deal with Maoists & terrorism. There should be a clear cut policy. Two, stop this loss of life. Blame it on poor intelligence, poor leadership, not following SOPs not being trained, poor weapons & equipment whatever. Do what needs to be done now. If force is deployed, be a force to be reckoned with. Three, show due respect to the fallen. They are part of us, they were sent in difficult situations, they did what they could to the best of their abilities and they died for us and our country. Let us at least fold our hands and offer a small prayer when we pass by his hearse. Let us not leave his family alone. Four, my dear media, do your job; focus on the top echelons; it is political will that is lacking. Suffering of families may sell, but you don’t realise, how it would be if your family is shown live in such time of tragedy, it hurts. If you want to hurt, hurt the minister who heads the department. Tell him to keep his ninda in his pocket and take out the action plan from his file.

My salutes to you brave hearts, my sympathies and condolences with the bereaved. Please accept my kari-ninda Mr HM and PM for your inaction. You guys appear to be very busy in elections for municipalities, whereas we sent you to worry about the nation. Sirs you have no right to play with our lives. The crux is that whether it is Kashmir or Maoists, the challenge is political in which the worst sufferers are the forces for your lack of will to take the bull by the horns. You will move on to a different agenda if you lose the next elections but the forces will continue doing what they are meant to do. They take an oath to lay down their lives for the nation, once dead they never speak. You guys take an oath of secrecy, only talk big but reveal no plans whatsoever to implement solutions. Will you for once listen to a dead man’s pleading voice? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis



The Army officer who tied up a stone pelter in front of his jeep became the talk of the town. The only people who did not like it were the Kashmiri people and the peace nicks for Kashmir. 9 soldiers: 1000 plus mob is some ratio. Are the Kashmiri’s justified to stop forces from doing their polling duties? Was it fair to attack nine people, who under orders “not to fire” and could not have extricated themselves without help? Would the loss of nine lives solve the Kashmir issue? One thing was sure had they been left to fend for themselves and they would have come back in body bags? The worst kind of death is dying while not facing the enemy. To add to the tragedy is when being fully conscious of pain, of being hit repeatedly over the same wounds above all one knows that he is losing blood which will lead to sure death if not evacuated. Was it fair to send people for such duty with their hands tied behind their backs and guns on their shoulders as if carrying batons? These Kashmiri people were nothing but barbarians. If they did what they wanted to do then what our officer did was well within his rights to save his comrades. Choice was to save nine without loss of life or open fire to disperse the mob. Thank your stars my Kashmiri friends, you live today.

I scrolled the dictionary to find out what weapon could a stone be classified into. As per the oxford dictionary “a missile is an object which is forcibly propelled at a “target”, either by hand or from a mechanical weapon”. So rather than calling these people stone pelters they are missile pelters. I also know mob mentality is the most difficult thing to control. One idea, one spark, one thought converts a peaceful protest into a riot. One instigator is needed to trigger the process. One person can change the entire complexion of the mob. I see the Kashmiri’s have decided that the Indian forces have to be stoned. This implies that now the forces too need to change their tactics. If need be more force will have to be used and if the consequences are death of a few Kashmiri’s for their unruly conduct, so be it. One cannot take it lying down always and every time. Troops and their safety come first always and every time, especially while handling such unruly trouble creators.

Why should there be any death? Can any Kashmiri politician reply? Are they responsible in any manner to this nation and to their electorate in particular? They eat out of the Indian plate and chant slogans of Azadi. Is it justified and fair? Either don’t eat out of our “THALI” or don’t make a hole in it. They want subsidies, they want freebies, they don’t want fellow Indians to come their land, they don’t want infrastructure to connect them to India, don’t want Indian security forces, want autonomy of every kind, don’t want to come under the Indian flag, don’t want to part with the so called constitution of J&K, want to keep article 370, will continue to harbour, feed, support, hide, shelter, guide, protect, give refuge, and shield people who in their myopic view will get the so called freedom from a country so big that its many states are bigger than the country where militants come from. They also expect to defeat the Indian armed forces which are many times the size of the armed forces of Pakistan. If they think that a nuclear threat looms large and will be initiated if war is proclaimed due to Kashmir. My foot!

What do Kashmiri people actually want? Is it Azadi? OK Granted. Leave India and go take asylum where ever you want to. Want to join our Kashmir to Pakistan? Forget it. At least whatever is remaining with us will remain with us. Whatever has been grabbed from us will be taken back shortly. Whatever has been handed over to China by Pak will definitely be negotiated as and when the atmosphere and the time is right. But if you guys think that Kashmir can be annexed and made into a dreamland of yours with the support of any one, my second foot.

Do Kashmiri people want to avoid unnecessary loss of life? I am sure the answer is yes. If so then cooperate with the Indian forces and government Allow them to do their job which they are meant to do best. Let there be a democratic process. Stop the anti-India policy, stop running parallel governments, If you want to prosper with increase in tourism let infrastructure be built, let the abundance of fruits and flowers be an economic enhancer for your land, allow access to companies supporting agriculture, horticulture, pisciculture, white revolution, canning, jam and pickle making, cold storage facility providers, wood industry experts, animal husbandry and forest researchers from rest of India. If you want jobs, educate your population. Come progress with India. Hope you understand the logic.

The present Kashmiri political leaders and leaders of Hurriyat now stand exposed. Their antics now lay bare the way they are fooling everyone in India and themselves. They can now no longer sustain their pseudo stand. They cannot face you people thus stay in the confines of their homes. They do not believe in your cause so do not allow their children to be part of any protests. The only things they understand is that keep these cauldrons boiling and enjoy all the fruits that are pumped in to keep the fire lit under this cauldron of hatred. They are the ladle, which keeps stirring the bitterness within. They are the people who can keep telling the world what should be done but can’t do a fig themselves. They are cheating and leading you to hell. The sooner you guys emancipate yourselves the better. I am fed up of paying taxes which is either pocketed by these politicians or flow down the Indus and Jhelum wasted in giving away subsidies. You have been spoilt because we are giving you fish rather than training you to catch your own. Had the Indian government been strong enough to set the tone and tenor right for your state, it would have remained “jannat”.

How many generations will fight this war with us Indians as you call us? You haven’t got many generations left if you don’t understand peace. Allow all communities to live and let live. Pundits yearn to go back home. Let good sense prevail, give peace a chance and give India a chance to help you develop. Ladakh and Jammu are getting step motherly treatment courtesy you. Indian armed forces are adding to the body count for no reason. This is getting beyond tolerable limits. Time now is ripe to choose either this side or leave us alone and migrate to the land of your friends’ philosophers and guides. You will be welcomed very warm heartedly, given a royal treatment, fed, clothed and settled like their very first class citizens. If not then they may tie up a bomb laden waistcoat around you to meet the promised virgins in the name of the most holy. Is it understood? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


It is not surprising that it took the PM of this country to pass orders to stop using the Red Lights in this country. I only saw everyone who had this privilege continued using it unabated till the time it was officially withdrawn from them. Who would like to give up this small privilege? Not me, but poor me many a times did not even get a mode of transport fit for my rank. That I shall discuss subsequently. Will this have any effect on anything? Will things change? Will as the PM says I as an aam aadmi get any privileges? I have my serious doubts but well begun is half done sir, at least someone realised that the colour of light indicated the “area” affiliated to the colour of the light. One could use it after paying its owner a price mutually fixed including the “dalali” without which nothing moved in this country. I just hope it won’t be there anymore.

I remember as a 2Lt and a young Capt I was many a times detailed as a LO to all and sundry who visited that God forsaken place called Jaisalmer or JA-SALE-MER as we used to affectionately call it. Initially it used to be fun, as it was good riddance to the rigors of the unit routine but soon one realised that friend you are so often detailed not only because you do your job seriously but some people are royally trying to screw you. The task started from receiving a General at the airbase. I was lucky to make friends fast with the folks in blue and became a familiar figure with the ATC staff. They had so much confidence in me that in case of emergency they expected me to land a few flights too. Well, good old days they were.

A mess detachment needed to be deployed in the MES IB for the General plus a Ceremonial Guard besides a “sahayak” as he was known in those days. There was this MES guy called Gambhir Singh as the IB in charge who would not move irrespective of the colour of light on the car or the rotating red lights of a chopper. One mess detachment had to be at the air field under an L shaped tent for the Gen Saab to get off and take a leak. The tricky part used to be putting up a squarish kanat with a funnel adjusted to the correct height of the visiting dignitary or else it would appear to have drizzled in Jaisalmer looking at the sprinkle on his shoes. The ATC guys and gals detested this part, as all this “Maikma” used to come up right in front of the ATC and they always used to crib that they are being made witnesses to indecent exposure. From that height and their powerful binoculars they could see that there used to be no balls as attachments.

Our waiters didn’t know whether to hold the tent or the tray covers as the rotor downwash used to make sandwiches take off to pilots sitting in aircrafts ready for ORP (Operational Readiness Patrol). Buggers never thanked me though. The pilots of the helicopter and our dear Generals used to appreciate the crunchy veg sandwiches. I never had the heart to tell them that the crunch was not from the freshness of the cabbage leaves which were placed in lieu of salad leaves but from the sand particles from the dust storm the chopper had raised thus sand got sprinkled abundantly.

Well the story begins before the VIP visit as invariably a black Ambassador Staff car with a red light was made available to this one starrer a day prior to the visit. I used to switch the damn red light on even during mid day when the sun is the brightest and the temperatures used to be in the range of 42-50 degree C. The roads used to be lonely; the only thing staring at you was a passing camel with a sarcastic smile, trying to say that look you idiot, save electricity and switch the damn light off.  The poor camel didn’t know that this light runs free of cost. What a privilege it used to be! I used to dream one day that I too should have one.

The worst used to be when one had to go and check are re-check the MES IB in that scorching heat and the unit used to give a DR (motorcycle). They ensured that out of the 27 odd jeeps and jongas in the paltan none could be spared for yours truly. Worst was the sun protection one had to wear as special equipment issued which was a Second World War helmet. It used to be well covered with camouflage cloth cut away from my discarded combat dress, covered with a net and patched up with brown, green and khaki garnish cloth. The camouflage was important as any Pakistani flying aircraft may notice 2Lt Noel Ellis has left the unit and needs to be raided. No one realised, that the helmet was the first thing that fell off as there were four sandy patches to negotiate before reaching the IB. One never reached without sand inside the most interior parts of your dress besides one became hard of hearing as the sand clogged in your ears from the fall made you deaf too. One never had to use make up, as the thin powdery layer of sand ensured one was ready for a shoot anytime. I wish I had shared this secret with Dimple Kapadia when she was shooting for Rudali.

I remember very well that this lal batti culture was prevalent in the Army too. Every CO of the fraternity I belong to had a Number one gypsy, Number two, open gypsy, hard top and a reserve jeep. All had lal battis. I remember accompanying many of the “Old men” from various recces and training events way past mid night in the deserts. The damn flicker of that batti did not let you doze off even if one was three pegs down, on a lonely desert stretch followed by a broad four lane road with no traffic. The irony is that at the Cantt gate the vehicle was stopped & checked for the occupants thoroughly.  Though in addition to the red light, a long board with the appropriate appointment also used to glow below the wind shield, “COMMANDANT” in my case. A pennant (flag) on the side indicating that he is the top man didn’t make a difference to any villager, cow on the road or a truck driver who happened to pass by. But heavens used to fall on the driver, the Technical officer and the Adjutant if that Lal Batti didn’t glow. I used to be often admonished for not ensuring that the damn red light “not work” in fauji parlance as I held the two latter appointments several times.

Well, the lal batti may be band for now, but the people who misuse this lal batti need to come down to mother earth and behave themselves. Here I am talking about the politicians who have welcomed this move. I know in my heart that even without this lal batti the fleet of vehicles that surround them will devise a new method of bulldozing their way through. I know for sure that traffic lights will be manually controlled for these people. I know ambulances’ will still be delayed or halted for the VIPs without lal batti’s to go through. I know that there will be no change whatsoever in the attitudes and nature of people performing duties for them.

I have a suggestion for them; please start using a yellow flag, a huge one at that to indicate who is passing by. My uniformed and veteran fraternity will get the pun as they have buried a lot of it in the deserts where the yellow flag flew. Dear Netas please do something to improve your image and functioning without red lights and fast. Make do with lesser vehicles in your fleet, give space to me the common man. Will their dimag ki batti ever glow, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Munni badnaam hui for her darling, Sheila shot to fame for her jawani and now this “Chappal Dhari” (shoe wielding) MP has earned a name for introducing a new weapon. Going by my hunch he may not surface till the time he finishes his MPs tenure. I am not worried where he is hiding but I am worried about my tax going in to feed him as his pay during this period of hibernation. I do not know the rules if a MPs pay can be stopped but one thing is sure that this man is taking our whole system for a ride. I would not talk about his intelligence levels and IQ as that was amply demonstrated in his conversations with the media. Today I want to discuss as to why we all are tolerating such nonsense.

Where is the patriotic brigade? Where are the by the people, of the people and for the people crusaders? I as a “people” voted him to be an MP and now he beats “people” who promise him a safe journey in the air. He has the audacity to mistreat those people who look into every facet of his travel.  It was also not surprising that other MPs where crying in his favour in parliament that this is setting a wrong precedence if airlines start banning other MPs too. You people make laws for us then why are laws not applicable to you too? You can’t be a lifelong “ghar jamai” that you will be shielded behind Mom-in-law’s pallu. You can’t hide behind the rule book stating that you have immunity of kinds. I am convinced that this man is sick, irrespective of the party he belongs to. His mentality is questionable. He definitely needs psychiatric treatment. He should render an unconditional apology or else debar him from contesting elections for life. Further, he should visit the airlines and beg that old man’s pardons who he misbehaved with, beside a promise to never repeat it again. Had a brawl occurred, the airline staffer would have been in the clink by now irrespective who was at fault.

This MP should have been given an exclusive seat in the toilet and locked from outside and told that the only business class exclusive seat available is in a little darkness. However there are many switches and gadgets to play around with. In case you feel very uncomfortable just press the flush button a little hard, you too shall be sucked into the holding tank. I am sure an exclusive swimming pool in the aircraft would make you feel that you really are travelling the class you wanted to travel in. Had I been there, I would have taken him to the plane going to the Leh and handed him over to the crew with instructions to off load him there and tell him Sir this is Delhi. Your chauffer driven vehicle would be standing at the exit. He then should have been put in the kerosene truck to be dumped at Khardungla and beyond. All his business etiquettes’ would be revised within the first half an hour. He will never forget that ride as his skin and bones would be soaked in kerosene and smell for months to come.

Issue is how can such people be tolerated? Why should such people be tolerated? How can such people be put in place? How can they be taught a lesson so that no other MP ever dares to do anything of such kind? Why are the law makers out of the ambit of the police, judiciary and law when the need arises? Why can’t courts take notice straight away? Why can’t his pay, perks and privileges be forfeited with immediate effect? Or shall we wait till the courts decide who the actual culprit is. This man will become a hero by dramatising his surrendering under heavy police bandobast with scores of his chela-chapatas creating a scene as if a hero is coming home after winning a battle. Situation will be made purposefully tense. Media will be focussing on every window of every car and every door which opens. Reporters spread all around will pick up every squeak, whine and yell to justify their presence in covering the arrest of a chappal dhari MP. Some channels will go to the extent to find out alternate uses of chappals as a weapon and make mock war rooms with military experts to comment on non lethal weapons with special sounds and visual effects.

It is surprising no one knows where he is, “Use asmaan kha gaya ya dharti nigal gayi” (Has he been eaten by the sky or swallowed by the earth). I am sure he is having a good laugh. Why is the Media not on his tail? The media today is capable of getting a photograph of IPL Modi drying his underwear on a remote island of Bali, why they can’t find Mr Chappal dhari in his hibernation. When one is in trouble, you go underground till the media glare fades away and then suddenly you surface and start doing your normal business like every day? How can the police be oblivious to his whereabouts? What orders are the police waiting for? Can’t cell phones be tracked? Well, one thing is clear; the political class is too powerful and influential to meddle with. They can bake a cake and have it too.

Overall if we see all chaos which is being done today is due to flawed politics. Cheap popularity, Goonda antics, inciting public, communal divides, circumventing law, taking law into your own hands, above all leaving the public to fend for themselves is name of their game.  They just want to score brownie points and keep blaming each other. I do not know when & how this is going to end. I only hope our nations keepers do not slip into slumber or else such menace will spread to each and every corner of this country. We have already seen the moral policing brigade, beef ban brigade and soon we shall see such joota-chappal brigades, stone pelting brigade and many others harming this country slowly but surely like slow poison. Will we wake up fellow countrymen? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


As the picture gets clearer we see the true colours of Kashmir emerging. This I say in the context of the protests against the inauguration of the tunnel by the PM in J&K yesterday. With passage of time the real culprits are getting exposed. We know who real Indians in Kashmir are and why all these protesters are still “Indians” so to say. One thing is clear that to resolve Kashmir, they have to be under the Indian flag and constitution. All separatists please separate and leave India for good, sooner the better. No special status and privileges’. Period!

Be that as it may. If I may compare Kashmir to silk then the cocoon which they have built around themselves has now started to rot from inside. They want to get rid of the decay which is eating away precious lives inside. On the other hand, we want to save precious lives by going inside but get martyred due to militancy, separatism and terrorism. The malady of stone pelting and anti India feelings is bruising it further from within, besides action & reaction by security forces to such acts. Pakistan keeps adding venom. Kashmiri’s want Pakistani medicine made by quacks because they believe that Dr Modi does not know medicine but Dr Hafeez Saeed’s “Jhaar-foonk” of Neem-Hakeem fame will cure them. The belief that Pakistan will provide them fertile land to thrive and grow, not knowing that Paki tree itself is going to be felled branch by branch sooner rather than later. Kashmiri people say they do not want interference from India, then who will provide them with the finest, tender and succulent leaves to feed and produce silk. A country which cannot feed its own people and is dependent on alms, aids, gifts, donations and charity from others besides being always ready with a begging bowl in hand, cannot be expected to look after anyone else.

Well, I am neither a MBBS doctor nor a veterinary surgeon. What I reckon is that they want a separate mulberry tree. They don’t understand who will look after the tree and how? Who will water it? Who will manure it? Who will trim it if required? Who will protect it? It has to be someone from India. Out of the whole valley only one third has this rot; rest of it is still trying to live. I feel that by feeding too many best quality leaves, they have now got over fed. Due to this over feeding, rot has set in and a kind of fungus has grown which is letting these mushrooms of dissent grow. The more we allow them to grow the more we shall smell the rot. Remember Kashmir is not disputed; it is integral part of India. UN declaring it disputed was ages ago and holds good no more. Hurriyat can hurri-out to any country of their choice and leave our tree to flourish.

I would urge Kashmiri people not to give up hope. We in India can treat any kind of infection. Our doctors are capable enough to perform any kind of surgery. We have the facilities and resources. We have the medicines for pre and post illness. Have faith in India and Indians. We are your well wishers. You are India’s head as far as location in concerned. The head can have tumors but tumors can be treated. Even if we say you are conjoined with Pakistan, there are methods to separate and save you. You are perpetually under turmoil, so rest of the India is suffering too. Because you don’t accept any logical suggestions that we give you because of which you remain in this terrible state. How long will you consider us your enemies? We can supply you everything through numerous arteries’s and veins called tunnels and highways. We can send team of medics in terms of armed forces to address all local infections. We can help you to be the best tourist attraction in the world provided either you listen to sane voices or else then be prepared to be anesthetized to be forcefully treated till you heal. If you take it positively well and good, if you resist it, we also have the patience to see how long you can delay it. If you refuse, then we have the means to tell you what will be done in method of our choosing. Choice is yours.

Friends, we have treated you with kid gloves and delicately far too long. Kashmiri politicians keep crying that it is a political issue without any concrete solutions. In my view, your leaders appear to be the root cause of the disease. They don’t want to see you people healthy as their access to subsidies and freebies will stop. They are misleading you. They just want you to rot. None of their children are militants or part of any protests nor are the leaders seen with you when you protest. Time now has come to change your mind set. If Kashmiri’s want to stink, choice is yours but seeing your condition and its further deterioration should we allow prolonging your agony. CM & PM Sahib please synergize your act and implement a plan, failure or success we shall see later. Will they ever take risks or do we keep waiting for amputation? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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