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What will change after the change of parties in various states? May be some priorities of work will change, may be pace of work may change. If it increases, it may be for the betterment but if it is otherwise then heavens help us. May be the style of working will change, may be nothing may change also. What is the difference between people of any state? Is it their mental levels? Is it their intellectual levels? Is it their educational levels? Is it their working capacity levels? What is different if one is from one party or the other? Isn’t our basic Indian mentality the same? When the aim is clear that it is development of a state, then how does the political inclination or ideology matter? Will roads be built faster? Will jobs be created faster? Will education become uniform and world class? Will poverty be alleviated with a snap of a finger? What will it be? I am not sure, nor do I want to conjecture, but this much is sure that it all will be kind of new brooms, only thing is that time will tell whether they sweep better or otherwise.

Let me hypothetically imagine that BJP has won in a state and makes a new government. Firstly, will they be able to change the projects which have already been budgeted and passed for the financial year? Will it happen that all the projects in hand started by the previous government be scrapped? Will the same happen with the welfare schemes for the needy and poor? Or will a fresh set of needy and poor be created to justify new expenditure of funds, I don’t know. Will the old names of schemes be changed for the heck of it to bring a fresh lease of life to the existing ones? This will of course cost time and money. For their implemetation there will be long hours spent debating in state assemblies. Will it be that new lotus ponds will come up at every nook and corner replacing the elephants and other animals? Will the cycles be now hung from every pillar and post to say time for them to go?

I still can’t understand that except for pulling in more central funds as the colour of the flag is same, can there be any drastic changes in the states which have decided to exchange the baton with a fresh set of athletes. The goal is the same, the track is the same, time elapsed will be a shade plus minus, but will one party or one man change the destiny of the complete state. I have my doubts.

I am of the opinion; everyone who comes to power actually plays with the lives of the people by experimenting. They bring in schemes and procedures which according to them are considered best. They try to implement them at the cost of the tax payers’ money. The bureaucracy is told the idea and ordered to work out the scheme, keeping loop holes for the obvious, “draining the exchequer”. If I have to bring in some change in my house, I think 10 times, consult 20 people, see 30 shops, reject 40 designs and then finalise something. Say, to change the education system, can it be different from the national education system, or should it be different from the national education system. To prove a point these politicians will induce certain changes just to appease their clientele.

I also want to question the very selection of candidates. Do we have a picture in mind that if so and so candidate wins, he will be the best fit for this job? Or is it that we shall field in the most popular candidate for a particular constituency, who has chances of winning, if he wins we shall fit him in for this job. The uncertainty of winning or losing is till the last moment, then once a person wins thereafter heads get together in “parliamentary committees” that who shall get what, irrespective of their areas of specialisation in case they have any. Well, I am expecting too much, actually I have yet to see ministers being employed and deployed as per their “qualifications” and “proficiencies”. It is who is close to the party president, or who has requested for a certain portfolio well before the elections results. I don’t know if a price tag is put on certain ministers both at the centre and states that for position ‘A’ the candidate may have to deposit or spend X amount for party purposes in return. You never know, what I say might be true and if it is true nothing will change this nation.

I have yet to understand that if your road is potholed and broken, changing your old car with a Ferrari racing car will be disastrous in real terms. In the same light, if we see, the racing track is the same, the hazardous are the same, the pit stops are the same, the support staff is the same, the length of the arena is the same then the difference between the first car and the last car will only be of a few seconds. The only thing is that the cost of tickets which I call taxes for the common man may keep increasing. The spectators who can’t afford to see the race will hang on to trees and buildings to watch the race. They may not get the preferential treatment that accrues while sitting in the race track to buy drinks and snacks because they will never be able to afford them anyhow. The common man will never understand the nitty-gritty’s of “racing” by which I mean by politics, they will never know the tactics employed to win the race, they may never know what unfair means which were used to win, but yes by virtue of so many people attending the race, they too might make a fast buck.

The driver of a racing car has to be an expert, same for the political contest, but the support team has to be the best. The racing teams do not change their staff for ages, as every man has a specialised expertise and here I see them as the bureaucrats. You may send them to different race tracks, but the basic domain remains the same. The cars might change, the company might change, the cheer leaders might change, but the race does not change, the race track does not change, the goal to perform does not change, the will to win does not change, the thrill to win also does not change.

Well friends, whether it is BJP, Congress, SP winning or losing or AAP making headway makes no difference to me. It is the team which matter to me, their motivation to work for the masses which matters, their coordinated efforts for one goal which will matter. Above all, what matters is their character, their integrity and their loyalty to the nation and their state. I find all this lacking in most of our politicians. If they rise above petty party politics once elected and address issues of the country, I shall let it pass, but I am not willing to accept a team which may stall the progress of my country for personal, political, or party’s ideological reasons? Will we have India as a winner, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


I was getting excited to see the campaign in Punjab heating up. Will it be “the Jahru” “the hand”, “the lotus”, “the weighing scale”, or some mix and match as per convenience for these elections? The jharu went into the wrong hands in Delhi and then there was a disaster, the weighing scale weighed too many lotuses but survived through its term. Let us see how things work out now. Badal’s are not the hot favourites for sure. The Captain’s stars have lost their shine, but the new broom in Punjab it appears will sweep better. Well, I for one am not really bothered who comes or goes frankly, what I am interested is in good governance for the people of Punjab. The way baba and Modi ji are portraying the picture of Punjab it appears that every Punjabi is a druggie, every Punjabi is a thief, every Punjabi is poor, every Punjabi is uneducated, there are no roads existing in Punjab, there is no industry in Punjab, the agricultural land is producing nothing, the rivers have dried up, every farmer is going to commit suicide soon, finances are in deep red, so on and so forth. That is what it appears when one heard these leaders who spoke in rallies and road shows in Punjab.

Rahul baba should not be taken seriously, as however hard he may try by saying JO BOLE SO NIHAL; he cannot garner the josh in the Punjabi’s. Yes, Navjot Siddhu who has rediscovered himself back to his origins I believe and found “the hand” may have some potential. I feel it is too late now, people can see through him. Captain can fire, but his barrel is reaching the end of fair wear and tear, so it may not last as long, and if we expect some shake up to happen could be from the sweeping instrument party. People want a change as usual, so there is no other alternative than to chose a broom, which may sweep or may not sweep that time will tell. The lotus is deep into “Keechad”, but with the “balance” tilting towards the broom they appear to be holding on steadfast to the weighing scale. Moment they are off the balance, they could be written off.

Be that as it may, I wasn’t impressed at all with the speech of PM Modi. Reasons I shall tell you as I go on, but first of all my issue is that when I have been elected as a Prime Minister of a country, I should cease to be of any party per se. I am PM of the country and that’s it. Ethically and morally I feel it is absolutely wrong for the Prime Minister to get involved in any state level politics as now you represent the country only. Yes, if Mr Amit Shah the BJP President had addressed the rally, I can understand. But PM Sahib you need to bring this change. You may belong to the BJP, but you are way above and beyond that as on today. Your every word matters, you are aware of the national policies, you can divert funds towards Punjab and you can influence lot of things even at this last moment, which in my view is unfair to all others.

Why were you flown in an IAF helicopter, if you were attending this rally as a BJP karyakarta? You had no business to engage the IAF services for your personal or party use. Yes, had you flown in for some flood relief or any other disaster, by all means you are authorised and entitled to use the service aircrafts or any service facilities. But if you are PM and attending your party rally, please stop it as it doesn’t give “shobha” to a person of your stature to misuse the air force. The sortie would have been better utilised for training or for that matter for avalanche rescue in J&K. I consider that as more important than you addressing a rally to beg for votes for your party and its alliance. Had you people worked hard enough, the need to stoop to your negative comments about anyone would have never arisen. I kind of felt hurt, when you highlighted the so called misdeeds of others, and only highlighted what you had done across the country. I am sure Punjab would be included in that so what is so special. It was a total negatively charged rally, with just one aim, to influence the voter of Punjab to be misguided, misled, and remain confused, so as to be brainwashed to stamp on the lotus or balance. Not done sir. Play the game fair and square. It only lowers your status and stature in my eyes at least.

I was also watching the Kejriwal effect in the lanes of Punjab. Well, I found people acknowledging this person too. They knew about him more than his candidates. Well, I wish him luck. In case he can build in a strong front, may be things may drastically improve. Hope all the things I have said in my opening paragraph could be addressed within days of a new government. Can things change overnight? It is not possible unless a miracle happens, and in politics it is more of a surprise which happens than a miracle. People just want a peaceful, happy, healthy life. Please give them that.

A word about “CHITTA”, has any party announced the ways and means to get hold of the source of it? Has any party told how will they eradicate its availability and distribution chain? Has anyone thought about the rehabilitation of each individual who is affected by this drug? Modiji and baba ji, just by saying that you will eradicate this menace moment you step in is roaming in wonderland. The magic wand of the fairy only is in fairy tales, here its actual people, actual humans involved. The infrastructure for drug-rehab, the medicines, and the follow up, the staff and the direct action to eradicate the transit facility of this dastardly thing has not been discussed anywhere I suppose. Let’s have a road map against all abuses please. Include the abuse of power from a public platform which PM Sahib did.

Well, I have a special soft corner for this state and it shall always remain. From my birth certificate, upbringing, schooling, first postal address, the pin code was 144601. My first vehicle was registered in this state; I got married and brought my wife to Punjab. My dad’s grave is in that place. I did one tenure in Punjab while in the army. What more can I claim! Today, when I see the state being portrayed in such poor light, it hurts me. As a kid, I remember the local MLA Mr MILKHI RAM, roaming on a bicycle and doing things for Kapurthala, good old days they were. However, I want Punjab to flourish again. Let there be a green, white and blue revolution again. I want it to be the most prosperous states irrespective of whichever party rules. I want Punjab and its people to win. Will Mr Modi or xyz do a miracle? Or will these party rallies be to only win elections and then see how the wheel of prosperity can be reinvented in Punjab? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


There was a time when we all used to wait for AK to fire. Mystery used to shroud the next target, the excitement was continuous. Even the corrupt started thinking that should I leave today’s cut for AKs sake. It was a wonderful feeling, that here comes crusader “jo sab ki vaat lagane wala hai”. His closeness to Anna the great was a matter of envy. Believe you me I considered Anna to reform and transform India, and the tools of AK and KB were good enough to sort all the malaise of this country, but ye na hua. Then we saw our Great Gen sahib, who else but VK, going and whispering in the ears of Anna. Even the ISI could not decipher what was said in those meetings, but one thing was sure that if two ex servicemen meet and decide to do something, they do it. But nothing concrete happened. Now AK split and was his own “His Master’s Voice”, the drama of fasts, and breaking of fasts continued what a movement it was! My fellow veterans’ went to all maidans to experience the energy first hand and felt that now India shall change. I was skeptical even then. I am skeptical even now.

Soon came of the phase of AK 49, and lo and behold, bijili, pani sab maaf, safai at full swing, Discoms were shit scared to switch on fans in their offices as if it was Gabbar’s threat and the ransom laid on their heads by AK will put them into the clink the next day. That also didn’t happen. AK resigned and went for his Ganga dips, washed away his sins and came back to start his sins afresh. Naturally, once the previous sins were washed away, one could think of newer, costlier and deadlier sins. So he started to execute his party members for various reasons and especially all those who were not toeing his line, but maintaining an opaque transparency throughout. Admirals and stalwarts were shown the door before a new government could start. Many a scribes had joined him, and his confidence to handle the media increased day by day. Now the complete Modi sarkar was under fire. The breakaway republic of KB tried to wet her fingers in the muck of politics, not realizing that the muck was not water but acid, she got burnt, and is now recovering as an LG on a beautiful beach of Pondicherry, 500 miles away from home (remember the song 500 miles away from home folks).

Now AK 49 became AK 69, what an up gradation! It was like you were sitting in the luggage compartment you get upgraded to business class. The wagon R suddenly grew wings, and so did egos. Had it been any other state, AK would have transformed it, but he is in Delhi. So now the LG and NM are on his firing line. AK 69, actually declared independence from India. It was like the valley declaring independence. I wish AK could have gone to Srinagar and resolved those issues rather than creating a mini valley in the capital, well, let us leave it aside for the time being. A person, who has no idea of governance, rather than learning the ropes, started changing them from day one. Free wifi, cameras by the thousands, busses, odd-even, getting hold of private schools, and nothing beyond that was his priority. People initially took all these experiments at face value and cooperated wholeheartedly. But then he took a panga with the IG Police. Arey baba, security of Delhi is not only CM Delhi’s baby yaar can’t you understand simple logic, but with a one track mind, and Dharna politics, it was not surprising to see him lying on the roads. Well, you were slapped and inked, now be prepared for “chittars”.

In the interim, his Mantri’s started getting knocked out, for reasons well know, including the scandalous CDs of the interesting kinds. Now how does one divert attention, shout anti BJP, anti Modi, anti LG, this doesn’t work. So run away from Delhi to Punjab, or to a foreign locale. Media today is so smart; they will get you in your grave sir. So you feign illness, I believe that the reason given for your perpetual cuff (not cough) is your long tongue. I am tongue in cheek at this discovery and sincerely feel that it should have been cut to size long back, as in my view it was hanging too far, too long and throwing a lot of spit. Hope it relieves you of your foot in the mouth disease and you now concentrate on MCD, ya you understood correct, Malaria, Chikungunya and Dengue, besides the way Municipal Corporation is run. (I wish this disease would have something to do with Chicken, I learnt one spelling of a disease today) Poor Modiji kept harping of swach bharat, bimari free bharat, and under his nose he finds aswachta of the political kind. Get your act straight Mr AK. Now I have a very dear friend of mine whom you have expelled from the party. As I used to ask him are you ex NDA, which squadron, which course, I can’t ask him which party, and which constituency, as I just can’t see politicians and politics mucking my life. I want to keep my tan, man and conscious swach and prefer to be a mango man.

My feelings don’t end here friends. I want to address all the senior officers, Generals, Air Marshals, Admirals and Brigadiers who signed up for a cause which AK had given. With all due respect and courtesy to them, the thought was excellent no doubt, but Sirs, you were leaders of disciplined men, you were leaders of obedient men, you were leaders of dedicated men, you were leaders of loyal men, you campaigned and fought for your Izzat-o-iqbal and now you have accepted the leadership of a person, who except for his Dharna qualities doesn’t have an iota of the OLQs which you all have. I can understand that you want to do good for the nation, for the people, you feel for the needy and downtrodden, and you found him as source to fulfill your dreams. Sirs, the simple thought that I shall use the MLAs fund for all that is not going right in my constituency is understood, but try spending those funds. If I can make a rough estimate of funds released in white for a constituency, and money spent in black, it might be more than one year’s national budget. Fauji’s can’t generate such black money; faujis won’t touch such funds, unless the quality of fauji leadership has changed. To run an NGO for a cause close to your heart is better than running a political set up. I felt so bad when Gen Khanduri was removed from the Chief Minister ship. I felt like being cashiered and removed from command. It can happen to all of you, Ask Admiral Ramdas how he felt? There is still time my respected seniors, a humble submission and suggestion, that’s all.

I am totally disillusioned with AK, his team and his politics. I am sure this article is going to hurt a lot of people especially the AAP aspirants and many of those who are my school types and are looking forward to make a political mark. Sirs, again with due respect, start afresh, may be as an independent, but not with a rudderless, directionless, party leader, who in my opinion has cooked his goose in Delhi, Punjab and Goa are next in line. I am anticipating Presidential rule in Delhi which is not very far, though AK may get more ammunition to fire left right and center, but it would be deliverance from evil off the streets of Delhi. The perception he gives is of a very casual approach to things, but he is narrow minded, he is shrewd, he takes revenge, and appears very sweet and friendly on top. He will ditch one and all, even his best friend MS who is abroad on an educational tour if a situation so arises. I have no faith in either him or his leadership. Jagne wale jag jao, baki sab dharne par baith jao. Jai Hind!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


It appears to me that to get famous these days going the Ms Leone way is the answer. I believe, she has decided to change tracks and switch to mainstream cinema from the specialized movies she is famous for. This has inspired many in India to start from where she left. The case in point is our dear AAP MLA (Minister for Women and Child Development). He has gone out of his way to develop many women through his childish acts. His pictures in various compromising positions spread like wild fire on the net. Well if my facts are correct these are six year old photos, which Sandeep sahib did not realize, that his private moments are on camera and will be used against him at the appropriate time, that too with many partners. Though, I do not advocate what he did is right, but one thing is sure that the poor ladies with him would now be ridiculed throughout their lives. The minister, as he claims it to be a political “SAAZISH”, will hide behind the legal wall and continue doing whatever he was doing like hither to fore. God forbid, if he has been in a habit of shattering lives of other innocent girls. In any case these girls do not appear to be innocent, as the act they are indulging in with such broad smiles is far-far away from being anything close to innocent.

News channels as usual will now have two agendas, one to expose AAP ka PAAP, and second to become the judge, jury and shall pronounce the sentence in this case. They will keenly monitor all your party men and keep them under the lenses eye. Please don’t be surprised if more skeletons come tumbling out of the closet. Be prepared for more shocks dear AAP people. You have ministers in the clink for fraud degrees, now sex scandals etc; time is not very far when more dirt may be shown light of the day. Media is going to haunt you and your party for sure and rightly so, it is their duty. You all should gear up as “the nation would want to know” what else are you and your party members up to in Delhi. In this media trail, Delhi should not suffer, as it is the rains are creating havoc there.

Kejriwal sahib you went to the extent of saying that if need be we shall shut down the party.  I think the day is not very far when you might have to do it sir, as the feedback and frustration I see on the faces and moods of people of Delhi, it should be curtains drawn for you in the next elections. Let me not predict anything; let your work speak for you and I wish you guys luck. I am not a political man; I like to stay away from all kinds of politics as I understand none of it. Unfortunately, I have a lot of friends from the forces and the civil who genuinely want to do good for this country, and have joined your party, but with a personality like yours, at least I am going to abstain from even looking at your party symbol for times to come. You are not my cuppa tea for sure.

Now shall start your Modi bashing, Najib bashing, Sheila bashing, to get out of this mess for a little while so that you get a breather. Just tell me; how you can blame these people for acts your MLA did six years back. Modi saab was CM Gujrat, Najib was where he was, and Shiela was in your place. The time and place for Sandeep to do his leela is for you to find out. In any case, suspension from the cabinet is a mere gesture of showing your dissent or outrage in this matter, he still holds the seat of an elected member of Delhi Vidhan Sabha. You can’t take those privileges from him. You can’t withdraw his official gari, bangla, pay, perks and privileges from him. Why can’t he be suspended for immoral conduct straight away, with all pay and pension stopped for life. Why shouldn’t he be paraded in his constituency for the offence he has committed? I am sure this man will go to court, and knowing well that the judiciaries hands are full, by the time this person is convicted and tried, the cows would come home. Maybe, you may be in power in Punjab & Goa by then and lost in Delhi, and he would have again stood as an independent candidate and won for the second time, even if he was thrown out by your party.

Well, these days I start to drift towards the conjecturing mode. One thought leads to the other, I started off with Sunny and landed up with Punjab elections, and down the line I commented on the media, the judiciary and many others. The issue remains the expose of the intimate pics and videos of our member of the AAP. Well to counter it, there are parliamentarians who were caught watching porn. Most of them sleep while issues which need national attention are discussed. Sandeep was doing all this in his bedroom privately, and I hope with mutual consent. So how does it matter to anyone? Why such hullabaloo about it?

For a common man like me, I perceive politicians to be scamsters, goondas, and some kind of people who only know how to do hanky-panky. I can’t trust them, I can’t vouch for them, and I just want to avoid them. If I put it simply, I can’t stand them. They say something, mean something, do something, blame something and someone else, and escape every time. The person who bears the brunt is me the mango man. I was deprived of my family life for many years defending the motherland during kargil operations, and thereafter because of the attack on parliament for such people who could not decide and give us orders to set the record straight with Pakistan once for all. Unfortunately I elected them.

Well, my interest level in the pics was for a few seconds, more so to try and understand who this man was rather than who the woman was, because I did not know that such a person existed in the AAP government. Mr “Glad eyes” Sandeep Kumar, hope you are married and have kids, and you have to answer them more, than the people who elected you. Your family life will be shattered for sure, as you have a lot to clarify in “your parliament at home” dear sir, so what are your plans, do let us know.

The social media is abuzz with jokes and all sorts of muck about “honorable” Mr Sandeep. They shall reach you and your party headquarters by and by. I have a suggestion for you sir, just stand up, be a man and apologize to the nation, party, your family and the girls. Beg pardon for what you had done in your exuberance. I feel that when you did this, you never had thought of being a representative of people one day. I am sure the countrymen have a big heart and may forgive you. We Indians carry an image of our parliamentarians, to be the dhoti clad, white topi wala, cleaner than rin ki safai wala person to be in your place. We do not realize that the world has moved on, and you represent the face of the modern times and modern India. This will not be acceptable to anyone especially the custodians of “Indian culture brigade”, so just stand up with folded hands and plead guilty and say sorry, the matter may be buried once for all, I hope. Do you have the guts to be forthright enough and take a box in your jaw for your raunchy adventures, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis

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