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This piece I had written when Anna had started his crusade against corruption, 19/04/2011, I heard he was again on fast for the MSP for farmers. In the din of other news, his story was washed out from every Indians mind, thanks to the media. Should he continue his crusade now? I wonder!!!!!


Over the last couple of weeks we all have been witnessing a campaign started by a simple Ex-Army man, who faced near death in the Khemkaran sector in the 1965 Indo-Pak war. He is on a fast to death at Jantar Mantar. Khemkaran became a graveyard of the Paki tanks and Jantar Mantar should be the burial ground of the corrupt and corruption. Great going Sir, every Indian salutes you and shall support you. ‘THE CORRUPT” and their accomplices need to be booked. Your crusade has begun and now it is our duty to carry it forward to its conclusion.

Anna, you started your reformation from the grass roots and now your crusade is hitting the highest political masters. You say that you will lose your security deposit if you stand for elections. Is it that you don’t have money or is it that you are not corrupt? For winning elections public support is required and you have already won their hearts and minds. I suggest that you should be part of the political process. Then only all those working under you can be controlled. Thereafter you can bring to justice all others whom you find unfair, unjust and corrupt. To be able to annihilate all corrupt political practices, you yourself need to understand how they do it. An important aspect we were taught in the Army was to fight against militants and to finish a militant, you got to think like a militant, be better trained than him, shoot better than him, garner more local support than him, have your intelligence better than him and ultimately destroy him. For militant here read politician.

The media today is the greatest watch dog for these political big-wigs, they can take them head on but the foundations of corruption lie deep down under. It starts from the lowest rank. Our society watchman charges Rs 5/- from every Dhobi, Bai, Paperwala, Machhiwala, pavwala etc. Can we stop him? I think we can, if we give him adequate remuneration. That poor man stands for 12 hours, running errands for half the society members to make that extra buck besides doing his duty. Corruption starts here.

Items sold through PDS are siphoned off. Poor man gets nothing. Kerosene meant for him is used for adulterating other fuels. A gas cylinder is available faster in BLACK than the three weeks wait for the WHITE. The MNREGA money is going in the wrong hands. The mid day meals are eaten by the greedy, proxy attendance by rural teachers and doctors leaves the illiterate as illiterate and the sick further sick. The middlemen and farmers are always at logger heads and are not allowed direct access to the mandi’s. Food is rotting in FCI godowns since decades. The hungry are never fed.

Healthcare, employment, literacy and two square meals a day is the bottom line. Social security, shelter, physical security & women empowerment are also places where corruption is rampant. Today, we fear our Police not because they are strict but because they will drag us everywhere for no fault of ours. So, pay a small token which makes him happy and saves me the inconvenience.

NGO management needs focus Anna. Some of them are government aided, some are not, and some are fraud too. I would like you to crusade for them too. They need to be grouped together, made to focus, distributed equitably, and supported adequately as they are linked with the grass roots more than anyone else. We should empower them through you. Let us stop the ministers from distributing TVs, Mixer’s and lap tops & subsidised rice. Let the NGOs do it, then we shall see the strength and power of the vote bank.

Fast track anti corruption courts which are adequately staffed to give out justice in a time bound manner is also the need of the day. Let the Lok Pal and Lok Ayukta be set up. Let them not be politically influenced which is also a form of corruption. Anna, there are miles to go before you and I sleep.

I also want you to crusade for the Police, Armed Forces and Para Military forces too so that the government gives them better pay, perks and privileges. They should have an assurance that where ever they go they will get a place to stay, a school for their kids, and their domestic matters in the village/town they belong to be looked into even after they leave for duty or transferred. Let the Gram panchayats and the zila parishads be extra sensitive to their issues when he is posted to far flung areas. Let this man be assured that on retirement, he shall have a roof over his head.

One last thing Anna, let us focus on the MPs and MLAs, downwards to the Sarpanch. Let’s take a bottom up approach. Let the government protect every citizen who exposes corruption cases. If we do ten such cases in every state every month the corrupt will be shaken and stirred. Corruption shall definitely evaporate one day. I said, ANNA-HARA-ZARA-RE, should not land up as ANNA-HAAR-NA-JANA-RE is my prayer. My heart and soul is with you, as they say when the going gets tough the tough get going. Will Anna succeed in his mission? I wonder!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


My views on the FMs press conference after the GST council meet


My dear Mr Jaitley

I have been thinking of you lately

The financial jiggrey-poggrey you do

Which only you and your staff know

Leaves the common man wondering hopelessly


The tax burden is such

The common man can’t do much

Except paying and shutting shop immediately


Your intelligent looks

Would shake any crook

To give what he took

To sew or to cook

Or else get booked indiscriminately


But tell me one thing

The surprises you spring

Are they meant to stream line

The sales and buying

Or is it to torture us financially


The traders are unsure

To follow rules or wait some more

For you to make up your mind

To save them from the grind

Which may leave them broke ultimately


The concoction you brew

In your kettle which isn’t new

Is giving everyone the aches at wrong places

So decide once for all

What tax is for what all

Rather leaving everyone conjecturing seamlessly.


The GST appears to be a pain

We don’t know will it be a boon or a bane

But one thing is pucca

The way you are giving jhatkas

The public is going insane


You demonetised we bore

GST added to the woes

To lump it or dump it

Left no choice with 125 crore


Be nice to us Mr Jaitely

Your decisions off lately

Are screwing the common man galore

Kindly give no more spins

Let us see achhe din

And be grateful to this nation immensely



© Noel Ellis


I had just finished watching the Kabaddi match last night, which is far better than watching the “kabaddi on news debates. My instinct told me that the match between “BJP Lotus Giants” and “Congress Handcrafters” being held in the polling stadium of Gujarat for the famous of Rajay Sabha Cup from where three members were going to be selected for the national team is going to be interesting. There were various reporters spread all over India taking reactions from spectators. Some of the anchors had already declared the results prematurely. There were political experts on every channel trying to give out all kinds of opinions like the good old Lala Amarnath. Tension was in the air. There were players who were surrounding the third umpire’s office as some controversy had erupted. The final results were to be declared after the third umpire “The Election Commission” would have reviewed each and every move replayed in “slowmo” from every angle. The situation was touch and go.

Well, my patience ran out and I went off to sleep. This morning I found that the unpredictable happened due to “Duckworth Achal Joti” method. The Lotus giants who were expecting a clean sweep lost one seat to the Handcrafters. What difference does it make in the Rajay Sabha? I don’t know. But after this round I know that congress has already declared a definite victory in Gujarat in 2019. We all know “there is many a slip between the cup and the lip”. Till the time the game is fair and square may the best team win; if my constitutional bodies aka referees abide by the rules, I shall have all praises for them because I know my country is in safe hands.

Be that as it may, come to speak of fairness, honesty, integrity etc my instinct to trust our political set up has gone totally wonky. I don’t know why. The congress had huddled together their MLCs in Bangalore and released them on voting day and still some cross voted it seems. The rumors that they can be bought at a price by the opposition were hot. How far they are true I can’t speak with authenticity. But there is no smoke without fire is also true. Does it mean that the value of this politician is just those few crore rupees? Is this what we have fallen to? His Zameer and conscious is for sale. If this is how I am going to earn a living then what am I going to do when I sit in parliament. Naturally, I will loot my country any which way I can. If money is the criterion to sell off my soul then this country has a very faint chance to dream of “acche din”.

The icing of the cake would be if one of the two people elected yesterday from the Lotus Giants is made the Defence Minister of India. One is already a minister so chances are that the present portfolio with that minister continues, I am worried about the other one. I will have no choice but to accept him as that’s the law of the land. So, all my brothers in uniform I wish you luck. PM Sahib, I still insist you have people qualified with more than 40 years of service in Defence of the nation, please be fair and do justice. Am I asking for too much? Let me not drift into my dreamland again.

I am still not clear as to why do we join a political party and have loyalties depending upon the price offered by another party. How can we switch at a moment’s notice? Why do political parties fear that their workers will change teams? Is there nothing called trust left in this nation? Do we need to use unfair means to woo people to defect? Should false promises and hopes still have place in our political system? The larger issue is, are we building this country or ruining it? If we are ourselves not sure on which side we are going to stand then when it will come to decision making for the poor and common man our decisions will be biased based on who offers us the best returns. We are corrupting this system at the highest level and then we are expecting the lower levels to be the most honest people. How can this be possible? My disillusionment for the political class keeps getting deeper. I am now convinced that money makes the mare go.

Thank God a few institutions are still upholding the Constitution of India. Otherwise this country if left to the people who know how to manipulate the system would have sold this country out by now. I was amazed to hear the hard work and toil the political workers were claiming to have done. The midnight oil that they burnt as if they were going to sort out Pakistan. They claim to have won a battle and appeared fatigued sitting in their offices and roaming the streets as aimless nomadic workers. The bursting of crackers and dancing on the streets was as if the enemy had been conquered. The rejoicing and celebrations continued through the night. Who paid for all that? Someone needs to take an account of that too. I see the waste of money in every electoral process irrespective of the political inclinations and affiliations.

Well folks, I am now looking forward to more Kabaddi of the political kind in 2019. Will I see team Lotus Giants lifting the “acche din cup”? I don’t know. Do the Handcrafters stand a chance to bounce back, I have my serious doubts, is there any other team capable enough, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Why do I get this feeling as I see things today that politics is not for the faint hearted? I am convinced, politics cannot just be done if you are poor. You have to be influential and have inroads to senior political bosses. It also implies that to prove your worth you have to be a sort of informer against the opposition people of your area to gain brownie points. Politics appears to be a profession rather than a service to the nation. You should also have a good social network to feel the pulse at the ground level. The pulse of the government machinery cannot be neglected in any case. There has to be a goonda kind of element attached in the people you employ to bulldoze through toll booths. If the Neta can afford bouncers, nothing like it. The topping of the pudding is to have a personal security guard from the state police. Then you may be an elected or a rejected politician, the toll is waived off as a policeman in the car is exempted paying toll while in uniform and on duty.

You also need to be connected with all the industries in your area to extract whatever you can in the name of welfare, CSR or any other thing which anyone can give for free  called chanda, hafta or Diwali gifts. The builder lobby and all other mafias have to be part of his coterie for not only demanding sponsorships for various functions but also to dispose of surplus income before it gets liquidated by the investigating agencies. One has to have multiple residences, companies, and other properties both in your name and benami to camouflage and give safe heavens to hide documents and cash. For all this you need a fleet of vehicles, for that you need drivers, for that you need a “munshi” to organise this fleet. To run the vehicles you need a petrol pump. You definitely need certain loyalists who are willing to go behind bars for you, just in case.

To feed this army of people you need a langar, to fund and fuel the langar you need farmers as sponsors or else you become a farmer and acquire farming land. All this looks a bit complicated to me. To organise such a disorganised Mehakma one needs real political acumen. When you have all this you then become a Neta. Generally attired in white, tilak on the forehead, a few heavy rings on the fingers, someone carrying the phone, someone carrying a diary, someone video graphing the meetings and someone whispering in your ear something while you sit on the dais, above all, a garland around your neck.

Modiji if I may ask you why you need to generate employment elsewhere. You go to any village or town you’ll find hordes of unemployed people ready to jump into politics. The amount of entrepreneurial jobs you will generate is tremendous. The khadi industry will flourish with so many flags and posters to be printed and displayed. Imagine so many dharnas to be organised, so many rallies to be gone through, so many protesters will get a free meal, some money & employment. The tent house wala will be more than happy, the transport wala will be on top of the world, the vada-pav centre will work overtime and the milkman will be busy supplying milk to the “chai-wala”. What a chain reaction it is going to generate! Rather than wasting time empowering people and skilling them on all things sundry, why not skill them in politics? Party can be made later or for that matter if they want to join any existing one. Yes the only cap is on the total number of parliamentarians at state or central level, as their numbers are fixed. If you plan expansion in their numbers, imagine how many sarkari naukris will be created with pay perks and pension for life.

I am convinced that time now has come to increase their number in proportion to the population. With today’s population explosion politicians are rarely available to the public. They appear when the opposition has either goofed up or have a hidden agenda. He comes in a SUV with an open sunroof, announces on a mega phone certain inaudible things. I and my bai open our windows from the nineteenth floor, see some bald chap saying something, a few hundred people either leading his cavalcade or following it shouting FALAANA DHIMKANA KI JAI. He looks up, he waves, our bai waves vigorously back with a broad smile. I ask her kaun hai? (Who is he?) She says kya maloom (who knows), lagta to koi neta hai (appears to be a politician). I say balle-balle and go back to watch my cricket match.

Politics has never been my cup of tea. Thinking of it gives me nightmares. Hats off to all those who are in this field and also to those who are preparing to govern this country.  The visualisation of a politician today especially when I relate to these income tax raids being done on DKS, the image of the man I portray in the first few paragraphs starts taking shape. The folded hands, the innocent, holier than thou look, those plastic smiles, the media deluge, the blame game, the diversionary tactics, the twisting of the reality, avoiding arrest, the drama which unfolds and ruckus in parliament, starts confirming to me the common man that there can be no smoke without fire. Many Neta’s of my country are tainted has been proven beyond doubt. They swindle our hard earned money. They loot us and fill their coffers. How long and why? God knows!

I am waiting for the day when someone by mistake leaves in my house 100 crore rupees and never comes back to claim it. I shall wait for the day when my wife’s locker will start automatically spilling jewellery worth 100 crores. I will wait for the day when someone will write his will and make me the heir of ten shops, a few hotels, a house in every metro. Well, in hind sight, I don’t need all this at all. The 40 pots in my garden are more precious than any of this stuff. Each flower with blooms is more precious than any jewel.

I wish the Neta’s and would be Neta’s luck. Friends, please to do things legally, whichever party you belong to, spare me and my fellow countrymen. We are paying for your salary. We don’t want to pay for your greed. Instead give it to charity, give it to the needy. The blessings you will receive in form of votes in your next elections will help you. Can our Neta’s change this image? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis



I was going through the summary of the GST bill sent to me on social media. I came to know that it has been tabled as a “money bill”. Well it is all about money going out of my pocket so I tried to find out what does it mean. Folks I gave up moment I saw the text of the money bill. I suggest don’t waste your time looking at it. The gist is that Rajya Sabha has just to go through certain paces for formality sake on such bills. People there may fret and fume and pick faults in the bill but the last laugh will be had by Sir Jaitley and his team in the Lok Sabha as they can show a “THENGA” to the upper house. What the states are going to do is obviously clear. Resistance might be there from only non BJP states, so dear common man will it be good, bad or ugly for you, time will tell.

Be that as it may. I would like to know, will there be only one tax on my Colgate and Thums up? Not that I use any. Will my carry home income increase with this bill? Will my income tax reduce? Will goods be cheaper? Will availability of items increase from the PM to my Bai who may prefer to use a “daatun” instead of paste. For PM Sahib it is herbal and natural besides Baba Ramdev recommends it and for my bai it’s free and readily available from the jungle. No VAT and this that needs to be paid.

FM Sahib, you pay me a pay/pension depending whether I am serving or retired and you tax it at source. I have no issues with that. Then you lay down how much will be tax free and how much won’t be. No issues with that too. Then you lay down income slabs on a sliding scale, I grant you that also. You also give me ways and means to save my money under 80-100cc category or whatever. Tell me one thing, if I have to earn to save why I earn in the first instant. If I have to earn and put it back in a scheme then why is my pay scale fixed? Why don’t you lay down that this much amount will be reduced, this will be put in compulsory saving till you retire, and this much I will take back for the government? Period! Why do you want me to fill forms and show you how much you gave me and how much I owe you and how much I have paid you back, and in case if I don’t pay by 31st March you further add a penalty to it. What nonsense this is! My pay scales are fixed by you, then why keep deducting. Do it once for all and save me this tension of filing returns. Half the times I am posted at places where you don’t provide me the net and most of the times how hard I try I can’t make out head or tail what to fill in where, though you claim filing is a cake walk. My foot! Please save me this agony also sir like you are doing for the GST. Tax me once and then let me relax for life time.

I have some more issues with you sir. OK fine you tax my pay, pension now you tax my pension plus pay as I am now working for a corporate. Firstly, you put me at a disadvantage when I come to the civil world as I am seen as a person with double income. They don’t realise I gave 25 years or more for this nation unflinchingly and earned my pension. Secondly, certain people don’t want to pay taxes as they say most of it goes in the pay and pensions of people like me and the balance goes to feed all “sarkari damads” like the parliamentarians. Out of every rupee only some part reaches the beneficiary rest is siphoned off due to your enacted laws and poor administrative controls. I can forgive them as they know not what they say about me but you all need to find answers for your part.

If I have paid you the tax which was due on my pay and say I save some of it which I put it in FD, you charge me tax on its interest also. What the hell? Then you add that interest to my rest of the income and tax it again. If the scale tips over to the next tax bracket there is a quantum jump on the tax which I have to dish out. I decide to buy a house from my savings. I pay you tax again including all swach bharat, beti parhao, kissan cess etc. The bank’s loan me the amount and charge me interest where as my pay comes in that bank only.  You give me a tax rebate equivalent to peanuts on housing loan, where do I go? When builders fund you and your parties then no one opens his mouth but the builder opens his mouth wide when he charges me with all taxes and cess’ and half the thing he wants under the table. I buy a vehicle and for that I pay registration fee, insurance, road tax, environment tax and you name it. I paid so much of income tax to built roads then you charge me road tax besides you don’t let me off without paying toll tax too. Is it right? I go to a dhaba I pay no taxes on what I eat. I go to a restaurant and the last five lines are taxes and charges for what I ate. Depending on the type of eatery, they charge many times the amount for the ambiance and a waiter and you want me to pay the government of India for giving my daughter a treat. Isn’t it ironical FM sahib? I don’t mind paying for a rail ticket as the railways have definitely improved; unfortunately there has been an accident today.

If you really see the soldiers, they actually are paying taxes to the nation by putting their lives at stake for you people who don’t understand their worth and treat them as cannon fodder. One political decision to sort out Kashmir has been delayed by you for donkey’s years. How many more body bags would be sufficient? How many lost legs and limbs do you want? How many widows and orphans do you want for this nation to run in terms of taxes my dear sirs? Don’t we protect you in the close cordons when you as MPs move around in bullet proof cars? A man hangs on to a modified footrest to protect you and still you want us to pay taxes. If you are the chosen one of the people why do you need any protection from your own people?

You have one rank called MP, with one pay and one pension. You thrive on our money and want us to pay you both in cash and body count, how sad! You keep getting paid as you never feel like retiring. We soldiers take oath to dedicate ourselves to the nation even at the peril of our lives and you people want us to perpetually remain in peril and continue to be martyred without you people being harmed. We obey the rules laid down by you and you snatch away what we earn. We are still magnanimous to give you back enough in taxes and personal sacrifices, which you mismanage for obvious reasons. Some of us luckily survived, we have grown old and weak and silently sit at Jantar Mantar peacefully to make you realise that it is high time you gave us our due sirs. Are you listening yea members of parliament? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis



Moment the word Neta flashes across my mind I see someone who is dhoti clad, wearing sandals or chappals, a topi, adorning a typical half sleeves jacket folded hands kind of person. What impression I carry of a Neta is my thought of today. I have nothing against the dhoti or topi or any person in particular, but just a typical Neta as I perceive it. You can add or subtract from the long list I mention, so read on.

Neta means only Bhashans to eat free rations. Neta means a person wearing marigold garlands. He has hair protruding out of his ears. Neta means a person surrounded by chamchas, chelas, chapatas. Neta means a person whose secretary, driver and a white ambassador with lal batti follow everywhere. He has a big paunch, a big appetite for everything from notes, to votes, to bribes and ghoos. He likes free food and all the freebees he can get. Neta means VIP culture. Neta means surrounded by body guards, more the body guards bigger the Neta’s status. Neta mean meetings followed by meetings with nil output. He makes only false promises and raises false hopes. Neta means someone who backtracks from his words. He symbolises mudslinging and washing dirty linen in public. Neta means dharnas, loud speakers, andolans, jaloos, yatras, morchas, showing aksrosh for no reason. Neta means fraud basically.

These Netas just cannot salute properly. They often pick their nose in public besides picking faults in everything while in opposition. Neta means jumlas and bak-bak. It also means free foreign tours on sarkari planes and sponsored helicopter rides. Neta means hogging the limelight. Neta ensures traffic diversions. Netas means lines of bouquets which he doesn’t even appreciate or looks at. He will show folded hands and victory signs. Neta means huge shamiyanas, posters, banners, flags, bus loads of vela people in big pandals. Netas mean police bandobast. Neta means sprinkling of water, red carpet and rows of flower pots, Neta means khadi and starched dresses. Neta means dhamki, threats from his goondas and bouncers. Neta means a fleet of cars. For me Neta is actually just a symbolic figure craving for media attention and waiting to give a few bytes. God only knows how Neta’s garner support of the people and get elected. Neta is just a Neta without any meaning of the word.

I do not know how many will agree with me on my typical description of a Neta, which politicians call a leader. For me a leader is a military kind of leader. A leader is trained to lead. He is well educated. He takes quick decisions. A leader is an epitome of honesty. A leader shows unflinching integrity. He has an unwavering loyalty towards the naam of his nation, namak that he eats of this nation and the nishan (national flag) of this nation. A military leader is duty bound to maintain the sovereignty of the country at all costs even at the peril of his life. He takes an oath to protect the country against any external aggression and internal disorders. A leader leads by personal example, his conduct is par excellence, and his behaviour is balanced and mature.

A leader knows how to overcome fear; he instils hope in his men even in impossible circumstances. A leader’s mere presence gives confidence and boosts morale of his men in trying circumstances. Even if wounded he keeps guiding his men till his last breadth. A leader brings with him a sense of pride, honour and discipline. He practices basic courtesies and etiquettes. He shows respects towards women. He stands by his men and encourages team work. A leader is man enough to accept his faults and humble enough to promise to improve. A leader relates with his men, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, region, language or affiliation. He learns their language, he prays with them, he eats with them, goes hungry with them. He cares for them; he cares for their families and children too. Above all he makes relationships for a life time. He has the courage of conviction to call a spade a spade. He never gives up; he motivates his men in the thick of battle and relaxes with them in peace.

A leader puts the right man, at the right place, for the right job, at the right time. A leader continuously does SWOT analysis of his team, redeploys resources and men accordingly. He takes chances, he is adventurous besides he has foresight and anticipates bottlenecks.  A leader takes initiative. He is bold fearless and dauntless. Above all a leader is just and kind. A military leader is compassionate. He trusts in his subordinates, he believes in his command with his life. He is capable of punishing if need arises. Above all the leader remains cool, calm and composed in challenging circumstances. He laughs with his men; he maintains his sense of balance and encourages a sense of humour to keep his team going. He believes in camaraderie. He loves challenges but never lets his men and country down. This Military leader is human, down to mother earth with little or no expectations from Netas. A military leader delivers whenever called for a Neta only delivers speeches.

What do you find in common in the political Neta and a military leader? The answer is a straight, nothing. Just because some Neta, in some dharna brought in “reservations” the consequences of which we are still bearing, do we call him a leader? Yes in the freedom struggle of India I won’t doubt those legendary leaders. They fought for India’s independence. Will you call a Neta a leader because of his ability to do a rail roko kind of an agitation? The consequence is that today at the drop of a hat one can block the railways and put half the country to discomfort and inconvenience.

Just by shouting hai-hai, zindabad and murdabad does it become a yardstick to become a leader? Just by showing posters and banners does one become a leader? Is by disrupting parliament one passes as a leader? What are the qualifications for a Neta to become a leader? Does his family lineage give a licence to be a leader? Does good oratory give a guarantee of being a good leader? Does wearing khadi and a topi of whatever colour give an assurance that he is a leader. If he can polarise the public, can that be a benchmark of a good leader? Well I can keep asking questions there will be no end? I now am convinced our netas are not leaders. These people are good only at nautanki. They become netas with false lures and promises to our gullible janta. They are just netas as a name and appearance, not netas by their work and qualities. Their selfish interests are supreme the nation is someone else’ baby.

A Neta is supposed to be the front runner but in India it means the opposite. How are you Neta’s going to change your shoddy image? I leave it to the netas. One more request to the military leaders who have political ambitions, Sir’s kindly you don’t become “Netas”. We want to see you spearheading this nation to greater heights, with military decorum and precision. Like the BJP wants to see a Congress mukt Bharat, I on the other hand will definitely want to see a “Neta and Netagiri” mukt Bharat? Will I see true “leaders” governing my country in my life time? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


ISIS is at our door step. When did it creep in? How did it creep in? Why did it creep in? How long will it stay in? I don’t even want to make an educated guess. Are we citizens sleeping? Are we true citizens of this country that we can’t even keep an eye on our neighbourhood? What kind of parents are we that we don’t know what our child is doing? As I see things today, it is only when such incidents come to light that people start sermonising about what, why, when and how should things have been done. Who is to be blamed? Why was there an intelligence failure etc? Only when such events affect us personally that we actually start reporting all that we see and hear. Then we want full police protection and cooperation to get over the crisis but the first step which should have been taken by us to report anything unusual gets missed out in the din of events. It is time to wake up dear countrymen. It is time we be more vigilant.

I do not blame this individual who would have given his house on rent to the terrorists. Well, he needs to earn something on his investment. One coolly assumes that the antecedents of this person who is renting his house would be good. Blind faith and too much of trust, nothing can go wrong with me and “chalta hai” attitude are killing this country. We have no time and inclination to find out if he is a student, where is his college, does he have an authenticated identity card. If this man has come to work, which shop or organisation does he work for, its location, the owners etc. Issue here is that in India most of the people who do business have no proper procedure of hiring people. A wage or salary is fixed and payment is made in cash, that’s it. There are no details to verify background of this person. Today, proof of identity can be obtained if the right people have been greased at the right places. Date of birth certificates, domicile certificates, panchayat certificates, ration cards, driving licence, and even mobile sim cards, all can be obtained at a fee. Least realising what damage are we doing to the fabric of this country for our petty gains.

We want security, but we don’t have faith in our security providers. If I need to lodge a police complain, unless it is against a specific person, police won’t entertain your FIR. They will grill you till you are roasted charred and fed up. They dissuade you with all negative repercussions. They also put a fear in your mind if any of your statement comes out false. They make you sit the whole night and as their shift changes, the next person has as much patience to wait for you to get irritated and withdraw the complaint. Our police are not user friendly; I say so with my personal experience, whatever anyone may claim. You seem to be the accused rather than the other way around, thus one fears to cooperate due to unnecessary harassment. If this is the attitude of our law keepers, then how should I approach them? Every time a wardi wala comes for surveillance, even for your passport a 500 ka patta has to be parted with. Once your phone number gets registered in a Thana, please be ready to get calls at unearthly hours for all purposes including employing a son of a constable in your company for the FIR to make any head way.

Our population is increasing in geometric progressions, our systems are corrupted, our policing is third rate, our politics is divisive, our character is dubious, our judiciary is slower than snails, our laws are outdated, our bureaucracy is only red tape, our parliament doesn’t function, many of  our parliamentarians are history sheeters, our people are not honest, our milk, water etc is adulterated, our medicines are duplicate, our education system is deplorable, our pollution levels are the highest, our agriculture is declining, our housing is falling grossly short, our transportation is rickety, our food is unhygienic and costly, our toilets are in the open, urinals are walls and trees, our industries are shutting shop, our banking is facing issues, our women are unsafe, our children are insecure. Terrorism is now in the hinterland. Anything left to curse except my own country or am I talking about Pakistan. Above all, I don’t have any patience. I need a fast buck, a big house, a nice car, and decent meals. It is I me myself. Nothing else matters to me.

Politicians on the other hand want masses to remain uneducated so that they can be easily disillusioned, brainwashed and made to vote in their favour. They cash on the negatives of others, spread communal hatred, communalise the public till elections are won thereafter evaporate into thin air. They deal in black money that too in cash. They deal with all kinds of mafia. They do benami purchases. They eat out of party funds. They mobilise funds by illegal means. They do not want the people to understand the reality of politics. They make policies to suit themselves. That’s what I am the true Indian politician.

If this is my personal character and the state of my country then who shall I say is bothered about anything? Governments can claim that they are doing one window clearances, but to reach that window one has to go the same old bribery way. The government claims that infrastructure is being built at a fast pace, but it is way behind the requirement. People are not parting with land; people are illegally occupying government land, above all people are encroaching on land falling in path of developmental projects to get better compensation. Can this nation then progress? Can there be a national character assigned to all of us.

Unemployment has reached to such levels that people with post graduate degrees are way under employed and under salaried. Government people don’t work and nether let you work. Files and cases are buried deep under the red tape. Even a peon asks for “bakshish” to take you to any office. We as a nation lack that sense of Indianess, our souls are sold, and our minds are one tracked, paisa and only paisa. Paisa for my next ten generations, property for my sons and their sons, what nonsense!

It is easy to say a chai wala has become our PM and I also see that he carries a vision to take India forward. He too is part of us so at times he forgets he is the PM of India. Our infighting with ideologies as political parties, our personal differences as netas, our power struggle for that one chair, may be it panchayat elections to the Presidents elections, everything is put at stake. How then can we justify that yes we as a nation have that moral fibre to engage with the world? Can this be done by our PM alone or for that matter any government? In any case the government does everything during an earthquake, flood tsunami, draught, avalanche, landslide or any manmade disaster including war? But, is only the government accountable to build the nation? Do we as citizens owe some responsibilty too like character building?

Let us citizens start by paying our taxes sincerely. Let us start by cleaning just 25 meters around our homes. Let us citizens just contribute a little to build a strong Indian character to keep our country out of all harms length. Can we? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Do we have a choice between the devil and the deep sea when it comes to the political process? If I have to sum it up and take any party’s manifesto as a reflection of the future of this country, then, what is every party aiming at? Let us just consider the two main political parties called BJP and the Congress. I read the CPI (M), manifesto also and found the comrades shooting in thin air, with nothing concrete as such. So let us just leave the rest of the parties for the time being as they may not have a footprint like these two main political parties I mention. If I leave two controversial issues of the Ram Mandir and Uniform civil code in the background for the time being I do not find any major difference with their focus. Then why baba doesn’t like what PM is doing, in fact why should there be so much of hullabaloo about anything and everything and vice versa too?

Ram Mandir issue is sub-judice so may not be implemented at least in this tenure is my hunch. In case they break the law (which I think they won’t), the streets of India will see chaos again. The Modi agenda will go back a hundred years if he lets loose the fanatics of the Mandir yahin banega kinds, and this he knows and understands well, including the consequences. So, to keep the hope alive, this issue will be brought to the fore time and again to incite people opposing it. This will flare up every now and then and later extinguished by political intervention to keep all communities amused and divided. This is what politics is after all. Uniform civil code also will be brought out in news room debates, to keep India entertained during the prime slots. Writers, thinkers will write and vent out their feelings, give suggestions and ideas how to go about it, but I feel this would also be kept just as a talking point. At the end of the day if two points out of the umpteen are not implemented, the percentage of partially addressed issues will be negligible is my intelligent guess.

Now coming to the brass tacks of the manifestoes, let me just sum it up as I see it and interpret it as a common man and not from any political point of view. I see the congress wants health care for all, so does the BJP, both want massive infrastructure development, both want to keep US on the right side, both want agricultural sector to grow, both want prices to stabilize, both want GDP to grow, both want farmers to progress, both want to reduce the fiscal deficit whatever it means. Overall, I find BJP has also focused on the north east including Bangladesh, it has focused on corruption and black money, also focused on skill development and entrepreneurship. In addition on dealing with terrorism and Kashmir both internally and externally alongside tourism and e-governance They have also focused on centre state relationships, and a national development council through states participation. They talk of smaller states for better governance, simplification of all taxes and cleaning up of our rivers, strengthening DRDO and Intelligence agencies and their networking, they talk about a better education system, plus a gas grid, as also strengthening the panchayti raj and gram sabhas in a nut shell. I might have left out a few, doesn’t matter, till I have covered the major ones.

Overall, I find there can be no better focus as stated above. I would say both the parties are seeing India through their Kala Chashma. One is wearing Ray Ban and the other one Gucci, who is wearing what you can make your own inferences. I think the actual problem lies not in the manifestoes, but the Indian mentality. Issue starts with garbage lying on the streets which we throw. Issue starts with the Nali’s not being clean which we ourselves dirty, issue starts with no school, no job, no opportunity to work etc. The actual issue is our rate of population explosion. Of course we have our external issues like Pakistan, China and others, but I feel the nation is not united as a whole for the real manifesto for the progress of India. Today, we have two roti’s to eat with two mouths to feed, tomorrow if we have four mouths, so either two go hungry, or each one gets half is a simple equation. Though I know it is not all that simple as I say, but let us not have a Sanjay Gandhi style of thing but we do need to set our limits to produce. It can’t happen overnight maybe over a period of time, say a decade or so we need to control ourselves to procreate. It will do wonders for India.

There will be lesser mouths to feed, less pressure on agriculture, more seats in schools available, more students to teacher ratio, more jobs as the present ones will continue and the other advantages I need not list out. This all can happen if we have communal harmony. No hatred, no vengeance, no vendetta, no grudge, no feud, no ill will etc. People need to have mutual understanding, mutual respect, and no narrow mindedness. Mandir, Masjid, Gurudwara should have their own place. For this the state governments are equally if not more responsible to include the national agenda keeping in view the policies peculiar to a state. They should be the ones to suggest improvements and modifications to systems to suit both the state and the centre irrespective of the party, irrespective of how things are seen from everyone’s myopic and selfish view point.

Today, unless it is the same party at the centre there seems to be no synergy between centre and states, mostly they are at loggerheads. Mamta didi is one example, Behanji I don’t remember, Amma was on her own trip, Nitish doesn’t see eye to eye so on and so forth. Therefore, setting up the national agenda from which should be derived the state agenda which is synergised, synchronised, and stabilised at all levels. If agriculture is a focus of the centre, the states are actually doing it. If railways are the focus, then most of the employees’ are from states as such. Land has to be requisitioned from states for any industry or infrastructure. If all goes well then only it will appear working like a well oiled machine.

Let me suggest another outlandish suggestion that let the President set the national agenda for five years with India as the centre of focus. This mandate is given to the government in power, and then they are told to implement the same in the next five years. The PM draws out his inferences for the nation and each state and coordinates with them how to go about implementing the President’s agenda. He then ensures that his bureaucratic and ministerial machinery work in a coherent manner. Today we are working on Jugaads, make shift arrangements, short term goals, appeasing our workers that’s it. Time has now come to think differently. It is like when I take over as Commanding Officer of a battalion, in an insurgency area, my staff is the same, but the nuances are set by the area and intensity of insurgency. Same battalion goes to the deserts, has to adopt to a different kind of warfare, this battalion moves to high altitude, things have to be modified and changed as per the enemy, terrain and resources, but the aim still remains the sovereignty, integrity and independence of India.

Can we have a common manifesto for our country laid out by a think tank of India and signed by the President for any party’s government to execute? Are the political parties ready to think about it? Will this be practical and implementable? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Yesterday, I was enjoying the cricket match between India and Bangladesh. In between I flicked channels and saw India’s “Pradahan Sewak” speaking. It was only when I saw General Khanduri in the back ground that I realised this is not “mann ki baat” which he generally does on Sunday but was addressing a BJP rally in Srinagar, Uttrakhand. I decided to pause for a while to listen in to him, after all he is my PM and with the passage of time I have picked up a “kind of” liking for him. Really folks the liking changed to disliking moment I heard him state the thirty year old case of rapes which he rekindled in this rally. The way he spewed venom against the opposition parties, I just mentally switched off and thought to myself why I spoilt my mood by listening to him for that one minute. I flicked back to the match, in fact lost interest in that too.

With due apologies Sir, now, I will show respect to you from outside only because you are my PM and I don’t have a choice but from inside me you have lost my respects totally. Though I know I don’t matter to you or your party, but you have lost one chap who used to admire your “desh bhakti ki spirit” irrespective of the party or ideology you belong to. You are a politician, you only know politics, I saw hate politics at its best. I saw divisive politics at its peak. Why are you people compelling us to abhor you? We the armed forces sacrificed two of our brave hearts yesterday for this country in a militant encounter in Kashmir for its integrity and unity while you were doing what you do best, that is oratory besides showing us the dirtiest, murkiest and filthy side of real politics.

What Pakistan does to India is what the political parties do to us Indians?  Bleed us with a thousand cuts. Irrespective of their outfits, ideology, thought process etc. Pakistan goes to the UN and rants Indian atrocities in Kashmir, BJP goes to states and rants against all other political parties about the atrocities they did, so food for thought. When Congress was in power in the centre, they went beating their drums that BJP or all the other opposition parties did this that all and sundry, now BJP is doing the same. When Russia was the enemy of the US, then Pakistan found a new friend in the US. Similarly your enemy is my friend approach is clearly visible in the political parties of India then what’s the difference? When it is convenient for political parties, irrespective of their thought process they will join hands just to come to power, then where is the difference. When it suits them all differences are forgotten. Black funding for Pak from the Muslim world is another similarity. Pakistan will not hesitate to beg borrow steal from them, so do political parties from unknown donors, what is the difference? Pakistan will also take official funding from the US, UN etc, so do political parties. Is there a difference? When a Sadhu, Sadvi or Molvi gives religiously coated speeches, so does Massod Azhar, Hafiz Saeed etc in Pakistan what is the difference? Otherwise they are very wise and respected people in their own spheres. Pakistan says Kashmir hamara hai, here it is mandir wahin banega. Can you spot the difference? Jaago Bharatwasio.

We still curse the British for their divide and rule policy, now why is India still being divided by these politicians and politics. India is divided into states and they have umpteen numbers of political parties within states. Languages, castes, creeds, traditions, religions, reservations, pecharay, dalit, shoshit vanchits, peerits, are further dividing factors. I have no doubt that every patriotic Indian wants to contribute to a clean India in terms of swachta of all kinds. Maybe it lawlessness, corruption, theft, crime, ghotalas and all what we can think of, but what do we land up telling our people when elections are on the heads, that this party is corrupt, that neta is a chor and that party is good for nothing. Negative, unconstructive and ghatia politics is the order of the day. Where do we find “India first” then? Had you people been so good why are you booted out from places in elections even after doing so much as you claim? If you are so good, then do your work for India so that people of India appreciate your work and want to bring your party for their up-liftment and alleviation. I feel we are wasting man-hours and money on such wasteful expenditures as political rallies. If political rallies are to be held, let them be without shamiyanas, stages and flowers. No Sarkari helicopters and garis, no busses to fetch people, no free lunches and charpoys to sleep. Then we shall know you’re real worth Mr PM.

Really friends, as I grow older and wiser, I see the ground realities from a different perspective, without being political, without taking sides, and without being selfish and mean. I would request the PM designate to stand from Odisha or Assam for the next elections, as the whole country is yours. Why do you have to run back to your native state to become an MP? Then to cover your back side, you go to a place which has been a BJPs sure shot winning seat and stronghold, just to play safe and be elected. Say had you lost elections from both the places, you could have been nominated to Rajya Sabha and still be the PM. How unfair, how unjust it is. This confirms in my mind, politics is just that seat; desh sewa actually is nowhere in sight. Dear Mr Modi, will you stand for elections from Ernakulum or Alleppey or from Ms JJL’s constituency. I can assure you, you will lose your deposit.

I am also convinced that you want to project a clean image so there is a strict clamp on scams as such. Given a chance, all these people who now appear to be holier than though, will create bigger scams and eat away ten times what has been eaten till now. In their hearts of hearts they are waiting to find a fool proof method to gnaw away my country, besides nibbling my hard earned money which goes in taxes to see that these MPs enjoy their perks and privileges. My tax is cut at source, so I have no way to hide even a paisa. The government doesn’t think twice in eroding what I have earned with my sweat toil and blood, but proudly takes donations, now brought down to 2000/- anonymously from 2 crore or 20 crore people to be frittered away on useless political rallies and road shows. The amount of fuel you people burn for rallies if given to run just the ambulance services & Government hospitals, will save this country from this political disease you people are spreading.

Above all I hope to see Indian politics totally revamped and overhauled. Their motto “divided we stand and united we fall” has to be eradicated like polio. Let these so called politicians bring in policies for the country without bringing in their party and let the opposition be the real “think tanks” of India. Let a policy be debated in parliament as per etiquettes given in the code of conduct of both houses. Let voting in houses be done as per merit of the policy and not because one party holds a majority, only then do I see real progress in India. Achhe din are there on the horizon, Achhe people are there within us, Achhi policies are existing & can be created afresh but achha desh is nowhere to be seen in due to the way we do politics. We have been anesthetised & numbed by these dirty politicians; our minds have been polluted, brainwashed and contaminated by these politicians beyond repair. They just want their own existence, survivability and chair.  Wake up India! When will we spot the difference between United India and Divided India? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


I have not understood as to why the critics of demonetisation are so adamant for a roll back of the scheme. Today, the easiest thing I can do is criticise. It costs nothing. If that doesn’t work then hit below the belt. If this also fails then do personal attacks. If that also doesn’t work then threaten to go on strike, in fact incite people to some kind of riot. If that doesn’t work too then go to the President, like students go running to the school Principal when some student has beaten you. Well, the President listens and does what his cabinet advises him and not what Pam, Chic and Mary want. I changed this because I saw the leading ladies lodging their protest with the President. Well, my wife has stood in line in the bank. She deposited the 1000 & 500 notes and exchanged a few as per guidelines. She also withdrew by cheque the amount which was allowed on that day. Yes, we were lucky not to get 10 kg coins, but sure enough we got 20 and 50 rupees bundles. Yesterday, finally I got the coveted 2000 notes from the ATM. I and my family, (bai included) are very happy.

I accept that it is the sowing season; the farmer needs money for seeds and fertilizer. I have no idea how the whole farming process goes, but can’t the government ensure that old notes be allowed to be accepted by seed and fertilizer shops, after all most of them are government owned. If hospitals, private or otherwise have been told, why can’t the agricultural sector be another aberration too? They are also our life line. My gut feeling is that I smell a rat in this farmer’s issue. How can it be tided over, can only be explained by the agricultural experts? The small and marginal farmer may have been hit; hope the government does something soon. Time is critical for the winter crop and I am sure the PM is very sensitive to farmer’s issues as well.

Today, I need to discuss why don’t we allow our PM to experiment? We keep cursing Nehru, Indira Gandhi, VP Singh, Moraji Desai, Devegowda and others for whatever experiments they did during their times. What is wrong if a person believes that his endeavour shall get good results for the nation? Maybe in the short run, times can be difficult, but in the long run we shall reap dividends. If this experiment fails, the PM has dug his grave. Not only he, but his party shall be wiped out in 2019. Just think, will a person be so fool hardy to put his country into a chaos. It will cost not only his reputation, but may be disastrous for the whole outfit he belongs to. Secondly, however secretive he might have been about the implementation part of this scheme, wouldn’t he and his team of experts have thought through about all the repercussion of the move to the farthest level. Will a person be so foolish, to bring about such a change just to see the colour of money change to pink? I am sure in such a vast country chances have to be taken and mid course corrections to schemes are the norm. So dear “AALOCHAKS”, just hold your horses for a while, don’t jump the gun.

Do you think a lala of Delhi has ever maintained his BAHI KHATA in white? Has he ever given you a bill for the 200 gm kaju or kishmish you have bought? What about the money he gives on loan with a das taka biaaj. Where is that in the system? I am sure he would have calculated that on a rough piece of paper, on which he scribbles some annotations which even the doctor fraternity would take years to decipher. I would rather say if you take that parchi to a chemist, he might give you medicines for your cholesterol and BP. (pun intended). Today, if he is making tons of money, can’t he wait for a little while to start making all over again? Well, to cry that we were doing business in cash till date, my dear friends, why don’t you start doing business by cards from tomorrow? Let everyone & the government understand the money you all exchange. Half the black funds of Delhi will be exposed when cash business turns to plastic. The other half is in the real estate there. Now consider the sabzi mandi people. Yes the hand cart puller, the rickshaw wala etc need to be paid in cash at least as of now. For them provisions have to be made. Why the vegetable auctions can’t be done with online payment. Why can’t diesel for trucks be paid though cards? I admit that the poor living in slums, the rag pickers, who have to work for everyday living, and mind you it is a sizeable number in Delhi who definitely needs money to buy his daily bread. But, what about the drug addicts, who are a big number amongst the slum dwellers, they will be automatically checked. I see this as a positive.

I am convinced that my convenience takes priority over the nation. My welfare comes first always and every time. My routine, if broken, hell will break lose. My black money, if touched will be resented, revolted, and resisted to be parted away with. My comfort, if interfered with, shall not be tolerated by any means. I cannot be put to the slightest discomfort come what may, for that the government better bend and break all rules or make new rules to suit  me & myself. If it is not affecting me, I keep quiet. If the problem is in the neighbourhood, how do I care? Till the time, I have my square meals, I couldn’t care less for anyone, is a common Indian attitude. We talk of Swach Bharat, another experiment by our PM, but I shall continue to spit pan and gutka all over the country side, I will throw packs of kurkure and bottles of mineral water out of my car. Shauchalaya experiment was also of this PM, but I have to pee on the nearest tree, cleanest wall, closest drain, thinking that no one is seeing me. I have relieved myself, who cares if that place stinks or if people passing by are embarrassed.

If I can get my cash, and if I can hoard some, who cares about the others. Banks are meant to keep and distribute cash, government is supposed to print notes. If my crop fails or my business suffers, it is the bank which is responsible or it is the government. Have you all seen the way people strictly follow unwritten norms when water distribution is done by tankers. You dare spill a few drops, and dare you break the queue, all hell will break lose. The eagerness to pay the electricity bill on the last date at all costs by standing in the longest queue shows how we understand the importance of electricity, then it is no inconvenience. I am sure things will ease out soon. However, some politicians are incorrigible. They have to do vote bank politics, what a shame it is! You can’t be disrespectful to your PM damn it.

Friends, I have a request to make to all those who stand against demonetisation. Please give this some time to get streamlined, and please suggest improvements. Kindly, encourage online payments. Insist on them. Kids today are so well versed with mobiles etc, that they will teach their parents in a day how things are done. I request the politicians to stop making a fool of themselves by saying that they will give KURBANI, if this scheme is not rolled back within three days. Let me assure you, no one may turn up for your funeral, as most of us would be in bank queues. Today, the funding to terrorists has taken a quantum hit; results are clear in the valley. Let us clean our systems from the corrupt and corruption. Each small step has to be taken, howsoever difficult it might be. To reach a goal, the pain of the journey has to be endured. You can’t just abandon the journey in anticipation of the hardships. Will the people who I am trying to address get the message, I am sure they will, but will they pay heed to what I say, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis

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