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We are a huge joint family with all Chacha’s, Mama’s, Taya’s, Bhai, Bhatija’s, their children and grand children staying under one roof. The “Bade Papa” is a chronic bachelor who decides everything for the house. The family now has got very complex as it has people of all religions, castes, creeds and professions as part of this extended “kutumbh” called India.

Our neighbours are quite hostile. They were part of the big joint family but decided to separate ways. The head of the family gave them some land to settle. Now besides fighting almost on a daily basis they have started throwing a lot of “garbage” across our fence. The other neighbour belongs to a different race and wants to keep grabbing our land.

The huge problem “bade papa” is facing that the family is growing at a very rapid pace and uncontrollably. The mouths to feed are increasing by the day and resources are limited. So to somehow manage the household Papa has told each member of the family to contribute to the central pool of income. Families (States) will be given some part of finances and balance will come to his pool (GST).

The farming brethren are in dire straits. People in this profession are feeling neglected. Then there are people who are the protectors of the family. They too are fed up of inimical neighbours and the rebels within but papa is yet to decide how to tackle them as he feels that things may get sorted out by peaceful means. Let’s wait and see.

Many youth of the family are educated unemployed or uneducated unemployed. Quite a few of these guys have become rebels due to frustration. Loads of them decided to go to foreign lands. It’s a different issue that only a few are well settled. Some of them have taken up arms against the family.

In far off lands bade-papa has a very good reputation as he visits very often. They hero worship him and believe he can take this family to greater heights.  He also pleads to them to contribute to the family’s development by sending money and investing.  How people and countries are responding to his call, I am not sure.

There is another issue in the family that some of the chachas and mama’s are very orthodox. The Bahu-Betis are having an issue. “Sir dhak ke rakho” kinds. These people see things through their perspective and lay down dictates for who can meet whom, what to wear, what to read, what to eat, whom to marry etc. They do read scriptures but don’t follow what they preach. All family members who converted to other religions are hounded & even lynched. Bade-Papa does condemn it but can’t control such people. Is it on purpose? I don’t know.

He has a set of elders (ministers), who help him run the house assisted by some more family members (bureaucrats or brats) who actually control the whole system. The brats are far more educated than the elders. Papa has got after the brats but if they revolt the family will come to a standstill. So he is trying to push them hard. How hard? Time will tell.

Papa also speaks to the family once in a while from his heart and “man”. Papa is a stickler for cleanliness (Swach Bharat and Shauchalya). He appears to be worried as the rebellious people (opposition) are stalling his good work but the family moves on.

Time now is approaching to choose a new head of the family. People actually are in two minds whether to vote him out or stay with him. People do not see a strong alternative either. The “Bari-Mama” is projecting her son who fails to impress.

Family members are complaining about everything, from prices, to petrol, to high taxes. The “media family” appears to be biased, if not sold. Corruption at higher levels may be under control but at lower levels is rampant. The whole family appears unhappy in more ways than one.

Family wants the promised achhe din but papa’s dream has not been able to materialise into reality as yet. Which family or family member is actually benefitting and who all are left out. I can’t say.

Today, the kutumbh and its systems have become too unwieldy and super complicated.  Bade-Papa is in a dilemma as he cannot displease one family member at the cost of other. There is a need for a game changing, strong and effective head of the family who can unite this entire household as one. As they say Vasudevah Kutumbhkam. I feel bade papa now also needs to concentrate on Vasudev Kutumbh “Kam”. Bade-Papa is leading by example. Got it? I wonder!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Today, I think there are only four out of 29 which are BJP free states. When are they going to be conquered, well let me not conjecture? Slowly and steadily they have been taking objective after objective in military parlance. In case they have not been able to destroy and decimate the opposition, they have been able to get enough foot hold to make their presence felt and even align with a few to form governments even if they are diagonally opposite in ideologies. Now, sooner or later the lotus is going to change its colour from pink to saffron.

A few things which I want them to achieve if they want to really do justice to the mandate they are getting. I know they have not been able to create jobs, I know they have not been able to sort out Pakistan or China. “Achhe din” are nowhere on the horizon. Well, that should not deter them to sort out Kashmir at least. They need to bring in uniform civil code. If nothing else they should do away with reservations of any kind.

You make us wear saffron, no issues we shall consider it as an Indian uniform. You make us do yoga, no worries again, as churning my stomach, twisting and entangling my hands with my feet is a distant dream for me. You want us to chant shlokas, no sweat; the only thing is that someone will have to explain to most of us what it means. We will sing Vande Matram, we will shout Jai Hind. We will stand for Jana Gana Mana without debate. The only problem with me would be to change to a complete vegetarian; Thori gunjaish rakhna bhai is main. I promise to eat my vegetables and salads with curds in the afternoon. Actually with age catching up I have no choice but to listen to the doctor’s advice.

The experiment stage of BJP government is over. This I say in case of GST and de-re-monetisation. Now any further experiments would be at the peril of something. Can we have free flow of goods between states? Can we have better storage of grains and cold store chains for all perishable goods? Can we have better policing? Can we have better politicians? Can ladies be safe? Can education be abundant and free? Can law and order be maintained? Can judicial cases be disposed off quickly? Can we eliminate the corrupt and corruption? Can we breathe pure air, drink pure water and milk? Can we get unadulterated medicines? Can medical treatment be affordable for all? Can everyone have a home? Can everyone have dal-roti at least? Can we all communally unite under the lotus?

I have asked for too much. I am being too idealistic. So let me then get down to mother earth in true Indian style. Let me move with the current, manipulate what I can, influence where I should, lick and get my work done, butter the correct side of the toast or maybe butter both sides, get a Tigrrum (jack) for all my needs, bribe my way through, get hold of a good lawyer to see me through in any court, get a good CA to help me file zero income tax return. Get hold of someone in the police who can bail me out in crisis, last but not the least get hold of a mai-baap the politician, who’s one word on telephone or a letter on his letterhead will do the trick. If still I am stuck then use his paplu (personal staff) for that personal favour.

Nay, I can’t do that. It is not in my blood. I would rather die than do all the above. However, how can I contribute my bit to nation building? I pay my taxes and EMI regularly without default. I obey traffic rules. I wear my helmet and seat belt as a drill. I have linked anything and everything to my adhar card. I do swach bharat from my heart. I motivate people to be good citizens. I use the shauchalaya even if I have to bear the stink in the sulabh. I save water, petrol and electricity as much as I can. I do not litter and sometimes I admonish people who litter as their birthright. I plant trees for the environment. I am sure there would be many like me.

Well, any party and its ideology don’t matter to me but what matters to me are my fellow citizens, their welfare, safety and security. If the lotus can achieve it, I am for it but if I have to bear the brunt of paying for someone who runs away with my hard earned money from my paid taxes, I will not tolerate it. Can I do anything about it? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Invisibility is increasing or is it visibility is decreasing is the state of affairs of our National Capital. As they say every person has a fixed number of breaths in his life time, when this adage was written it was taken for granted that it would be pure air. All things “Shudh” are no more shudh. Ashudh is getting ashudher. Every breath you take, your “counter” keeps counting but it does not filter out the impurities that are doled free with it. One micro gram of carbon is free with every litre of air one inhales. We will take anything free even if it is at the peril of our lives. No one needs to be blamed except me & myself.

Let us leave the Delhi government aside. They are only capable of issuing orders for odd and even. Beyond that they blame all and sundry. Doesn’t the North and South block breathe the same air or are there special filters circulating clean air for the high and mighty. It just struck me that our circular parliament building will come into action shortly for the winter session hopefully by then all smog will have cleared off. The observation I have is the shape of the parliament building. It looks like a huge air filter of a vehicle. Therefore no matter how polluted the air is, nothing will penetrate through.

Pardon my saying so, it also depends on the thickness of skin of our law makers. Nothing can percolate through either. Another thing I find that hampers the smooth functioning of systems is the bureaucratic filters. A file goes from one desk to another. Form one department to another, from one ministry to another, it might be approved or disapproved it comes back the same way to the clerk who initiated the case. Imagine a sanction which goes through such stringent filtering of so many laws, by laws, clauses, notes, foot notes, annexure, appendices, rulings and finally reaching the top man. What is left of the original would have been soaked, rinsed and dried by the end of it. What is dished out to the public is anybody’s guess.

Well it reminds me of my fauji days where we were taught that sand is a natural filter for water, so to get the basic impurities out of it, we used to fill sand in a pitcher, pour dirty water on top, make a pin hole at the bottom and then wait for the water to drip, drop by drop. All those who lost patience and drank dirty water landed up in hospitals for dysentery and all those who had the patience to wait also landed up in hospitals due to dehydration. So the government is like that, you will in any case land up in hospital.

It is a fact that processes in our government’s machinery move at snail’s pace. To procure a machine, someone has to first say that it is needed. Then a group of ministers (GOM) will be formed. They shall roam around the world to understand it and give the final nod. Then someone will suggest putting the best brains together to order a product manufactured in Timbuktu, modified for Indian conditions. Finally, delays in budgetary approvals followed by the tendering procedure. The machine will be handed over after a photo operation, press release and front page coverage. It might find a mention in the MAN KI BAAT too.

A nut case like me will be made responsible to run and maintain it. Within two days I will damage some part. The same will be demanded and the whole procedure repeated. Now someone in Bhatinda will be contacted to make a replica which may or may not fit. The equipment will soon die its own death. Fog or smog stays where it is, as two seasons would have gone by. By then election time would be fast approaching, it would be summers by then, to hell with smog, people are fools and will forget.

Some people will die of lung and related ailments will make no difference to Neta ji. If “note bandi” could take a few lives so “fog bandi” deserves its share of sacrifices too. Road accidents due to poor visibility and smog will continue we will blame the potholes. Trains will run late, Flights will get diverted. Crops waste will continue to burn. Garbage will keep smoldering, blame it on the people, if there are no people there will be no garbage. Construction will continue without adhering to pollution norms. If nothing else blame it on Pakistan.

If the main cause of this smog are the winds from north which carry sand particles than those need to be trapped. People of Punjab and other neighbouring states have already started bundling up the stubble which now needs to be encouraged on a war footing before the next season. Vehicular and construction pollution has to be drastically reduced. No garbage whatsoever be burnt or allowed to be burnt should be our sincere pledge.

When the root cause of the smog is known, the polluters and pollutants are known, what I as a citizen have to do is known, then what the government and its agencies got to do should also be done. Is it lack of resources? Is it lack of funds? Or is it lack of will? I wish it was a pollution driven chemical attack on the parliament, this matter would have been sorted out in one day. When will this filter shaped parliament ever understand the value of each life which voted for them? I wonder!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


It was very funny to watch Modiji shooting an arrow from the hip on dussera. I am more accustomed to him shooting volleys from the lip. Imagine, Modiji in a trench along the LoC, Pakistan (Ravan) attacking and PM desperately trying to fire his gun. Twice it misfires and the third time Modiji picks up loose bullets and throws them at the enemy. Like all good stories end, the enemy would have suffered heavy casualties and retreated, for all is well that ends well.

It reminds me of my WT (weapon training) lessons while learning our basics of 7.62mm SLR.  It was called “Rokon ko dur karna” (removing the faults). Any mechanical thing can fail, so the “ustad” used to howl,” rifle theek fire karta rukta”, (rifle stops while firing), you just had to cock it and press the trigger, 98 times out of 100 the damn thing used to fire. Then he used to say “fire nahin” (no fire), you were then supposed to check the magazine, you could have an empty magazine, reload, cock the weapon and fire. There was one very funny command called “ Ek do round ke baad rukta” (stopping after one or two rounds) and you like a monkey said “gas ki kami” and turned the gas regulator with a funny looking tool and continued firing. Then there was one command called “fir bhi fire nahi” (still your rifle doesn’t fire), then you had to check the ejected round and check the “Painda” (base) of the round and shout “Painde pe chot nahi” (no strike on the base) and then you stripped the weapon and changed the firing pin as you were taught to say “toota hua firing pin”. Good old days they were and we practiced like hell.

One used to dread in case of war or insurgency while engaging the enemy if you have a toota hua firing pin. Then you had only one choice to dauro, leto, rengo aar pakrao, firing pin change karo aur wapas fire karo. As luck would have it I only handled an AK-47 in J&K and Manipur, I never had to go through even one “rok” (stoppage) ever. Lucky me!

PM Sahib the reality is that there are many “roks” everywhere in our systems. There are “kaidas-kanoons” (rules and regulations) but no one knows how to get things done the proper way. It ultimately boils down to throwing the arrow rather than releasing it properly. This I say in terms of all the things like GST etc which are being implemented. Everyone has agreed that this (GST) needs to be fired but none of the so called experts know how will it work or how it is to be implemented. So rather than firing it “by the “seekha hua tareeka” (learnt way) as they call it in the fauj, they experiment with it. If it hits the target, well and good, if it doesn’t then they tweak the system (improvise). In the mean time our own forces (common man) suffer as they are not sure what to do in the interim.

Be that as it may, had such a SNAFU occurred in the army there would have been hell to pay? From the Table orderly to the Safai wala everyone would have been on a route march from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari and back. PMs Bow doesn’t shoot an arrow, Impossible! The person who made it would have tested it; the CHM would have tested it twice. From the Senior JCO, the Company Commander and the CO up the ladder everyone would have checked it. The Commander would have given a demo to the GOC on a FMR (Field Miniature Range) and finally the Corps Commander and the Army Commander would have been shown a live demo on the field firing ranges, where contingencies like this would have been catered for.  Even Chief’s ADC would have confirmed that all systems are working fine. A stand by arrow would have been fired and the Engineer regiment would have already catered for a demolition charge under the Ravan. How dare the arrow misfires?

Jokes apart, the reality is ladies and gentlemen, even if one has to fire dummy rounds it needs practice. So Modiji, there are big lessons for you. I know you have many things to fire for the good of this country thus lesson one, a rehearsal and a practice is definitely required. Lesson number two, get out of this notion that everything will fire perfectly because it is being fired by the PM. Things can go wrong at the last moment courtesy your advisors. Lesson three; you did not have a proper plan B in place otherwise you wouldn’t have to improvise by throwing the arrow. Lesson four, your civil Mehakma needs to pull up their socks. At such a level blunders like this are unacceptable. The PM is live on every channel shows India in poor light. Lesson six; please do not take everything and everyone for granted. Lesson seven, your confidence in tackling the situation was good but you cannot rely on instincts and take chances like this with a nation of 125 crore.

You as the top leader have to fire and fire for effect sir. Every word you fire, every policy and legislation has to be for the good of this nation. I the common man shall be observing the balance of this government’s tenure closely. We still give you the benefit of doubt. Our expectations are banking on your decisions and crack shooting Sir.  I know you are working overtime and very hard but when you fire let it be “ek goli ek dushman” (One bullet one enemy). What bullet you got to fire and who is the dushman I leave it to you to figure out. Have you understood my message? I wonder!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Bechare Modiji is in a catch 22 situation. Where to start and where to finish? What to do and what to leave? I applaud his efforts of making a beginning but his efforts need an equal thrust down the chain. Unless the states and center sit together on one national agenda, one national priority then only it will be possible to chalk out a path. All citizens have to chip in and be on the same grid.

With all that I see, read and hear, it appears to me that our industries are in a mess, trade is in a soup, railways are derailing, women and child care no one cares, farmers are left in wilderness, defence of the country is short of manpower and equipment, terrorism and militancy are never ending. On the surface things look calm but the undercurrents are giving a different signal. Why is my perception like this? Why do my senses infer everything is not right? Why am I uncomfortable with the way things are? The common man is perturbed. He is unsure of his future.

Unemployment and job creation are mismatched as on date. What can a youngster do even if he is educated? The political game plan of dividing the people of this country is leading us nowhere. Plus our religious fundamentalism and intolerance is adding fuel to the fire. We are becoming our own enemies; appears to be path of self destruction.

Be that as it may, if the PM says that he is satisfied with his efforts, definitely he will have the overall picture. I am sure he will reveal it in one of his “man ki baat”.  Money is not the issue I suppose for the government but money cannot work on its own. People who are responsible to distribute the resources and money have to show accountability.

The underlying factor is the sincerity in effort, good governance, close monitoring, no corruption and no shortcuts by one and all. If we could stand in queue for our turn to get money from the ATM after demonetisation, we need to be prepared to stand in line for everything else. We need to have patience in this world of internet and twitter. We need to have the will to sacrifice our luxuries for the sake of this nation and its future. We have to think India first.

I can give this moral lecture because of two reasons, firstly because of my background and training in the army I know what discomforts are and how to overcome them. Secondly, I am financially ok even if I have to live on simple dal-roti. The rich will never feel the pinch but what about the poor, middleclass, unemployed people who are running from pillar to post for their living? Petrol and diesel prices add to their woes. The farmer who provides us food is dying a slow death due to lack of support. The Defence is facing an external enemy on multiple fronts is also involved in the internal aggression needs full government backing. Our education system is cockeyed with multiple types of education, multiple fees structures and barriers due to the federal system in this country. Our huge orchestra is playing in a concert with many instruments out of sync and out of tune thus producing only noise which is clearly visible in parliament and news debates.

Red tapeism still exists. There are multiple rules and regulations for the same thing. There are laws but getting justice is difficult. Justice gets delayed that it is almost kind of denied. Corruption in government departments is still rampant. A common man has to grease someone somewhere up the ladder in cash or kind or through a third party. Bribes are camouflaged when they change into Diwali or New Year gifts; people stay on the house with family in resorts maintained by companies, provision of chauffeur driven vehicles on holidays, booking of air tickets etc at the corporate level have become the new normal to oblige and get things done.

Basic health care doesn’t find a place in our national priorities. People die, children die, makes no heads roll. The pathetic condition of the stinky, dirty, filthy government hospitals makes you wonder whether you have come here to be treated or come here to fall sick. Conditions of public toilets & toilets in schools are no better. Policing is under pressure too. They don’t know whether to listen to their political bosses or face the consequences of disobedience. Women are unsafe, schools are unsafe, hiring domestic help is unsafe, filing an FIR is a task in itself besides harassment of the common public never ends. Thus faith in system is reducing.

I kind of feel upset about the whole scene in the country. The beggar on the railway platform, the leper on the red light, the small child selling national flags on the footpath would never know that he too is a hero in his own way. Though they shall live and die in anonymity. This person will have a large enough heart to feed two street dogs. Push your car without charging if you are stuck, eat the left overs which you throw away in dustbins and still proudly salute the national flag because he considers himself an equal citizen of India. He too hopes for achhe din. It is another matter how we treat them.

We have now got to shift focus to nation building. A road map needs to be laid out and we the people have to get involved to implement it. I suppose the vision is there but the will to implement it with all sincerity is lacking. Am I the only one feeling this way? I wonder!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Today, as I was having breakfast I decided to put on news. The juicy and masala news generally comes on Hindi channels which air programmes like 100 items fata-fat. As I was flicking, a channel was covering this BRRSI of Sirsa fame. I got a shock to see that in 2009 he had replicated a Big Boss house in his dera and isolated himself from the world for about 20 days. The house was occupied by both male and female participants and was covered by cameras as done on the real BB show. I am now starting to fathom the limit of perversion of this man. His daughter I believe was a participant and he used to act as Big Boss himself. Imagine the announcement “Big Boss chahte hain……..” used to shake up the actual participants. Baba kya chata hoga….. Is no use conjecturing.

The amount of infrastructure constructed at his camp leaves me to wonder the amount of money this man must be receiving. The sources need to be investigated for sure. Involvement of politicians and their blessings were the route cause for this man to flourish. The more I hear about him, the suspense how many others of his kind might be conducting their businesses keeps growing. Some of them might be genuine Baba’s but I can no more trust any of them however genuine they might sound.

I heard stories of parents bringing their children under this deceitful baba’s wings. Why were they attracted in the first place has been made amply clear? Why do they show their unflinching loyalties to this man is also understandable but why have the children of the modern generation prostrated themselves in front of him needs to be thoroughly looked into. What mind games he used to play? What pressure he used to put? What brainwashing he used to do? What threats did he gave the parents or children needs detailed elucidation?

One more thing I am unable to understand is the amount of deployment required to carry out a raid on his campus. Are we going to war with another nation? I think the only thing left to deploy around is tanks and artillery. SWAT teams will be deployed, vow! Sitting here I do not know the internal dynamics of the place and the psyche of the people who will react to such raids. I also have no business to comment on the same but my eye brows do go up in suspicion. In rest of India people are throwing out girls from trains, snatching purses from ladies on scooters, killing journalists, lynching, murdering, throwing acid and raping in broad daylight. Such citizens have no protection. This baba, who already is cooling his heels in jail needs a force of a jumbo size to check what is there in his premises, sounds ironical.

Why are the religious institutes not paying taxes is my next question? If the political parties are coming into the ambit of taxes then why religious institution should be excused from paying taxes. Ultimately it would be the government which would benefit. Money generated would be clean. Transactions will be transparent and the politicians who think of hiding behind the veil of a religious institution or person will also come under the scanner. Basically the political patronage to any of these babas and gurus should be delinked from any political party or affiliation. How such institutions generate and utilize their money should be known. If it is for service to humanity, yes the government may excuse taxes but if the money is being used for wasteful expenditure then it better be in the country’s exchequer. If police is turning a blind eye due to political patronage then both the policewala and the Neta should be up a gum tree.

I know, moment Modi ji utters the word “Mitron” the whole country shakes up as if it is the big bosses call. Which currency will become illegal tender or which tax would now be effective from midnight? What is going to be the next surprise for the nation that Modi Boss or God only knows? When he says “mere pyare desh wasion”, it gives an eerie feeling as if we all are now inmates of the big boss’s house and we are going to be on the beck and call of the political masters. It appears as if Modiji and his team have put CCTV cameras all over and every move of ours is being monitored closely. Who is not filing his IT return, who has not filed in for GST will be guillotined. At least a common citizen who obeys the laws, pays his taxes and does a job finds himself choked. He has to toil hard to survive in the mumbo-jumbo of rules and regulations.  India, which way are you heading?

BRRSI had taken this country for a ride. What about the political babas? I fear them more. Can we turn the focus from the common man being the target to the government officials on the cross wire? Can they be punished like Big Boss does for every rule broken and the participant penalised. Any such baba cropping up anywhere in the country should obtain a licence under oath. Anything illegal found in his possession should amount to cancellation of his licence and jail for life.

Somehow this jhootha baba gives me a strange feeling. From a driver to a guru is quite a transformation. How did he keep all his activity under wraps is a mystery which needs to be solved? Skeletons are tumbling out one by one, more skeletons shall follow suit as the investigation progresses. We the common people have to understand that losing faith in God will mislead us to become victims of such characters who exploit us to the hilt. The “Biggest Boss” will evict such frauds one by one but will the bosses who govern India understand? I wonder!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Let us start with an assumption that we are going to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, nothing wrong, most of the countries are doing it. What if I say that the same nuclear technology will also be used for making bombs as a safety and security measure for my country? I sign all declarations and prove to the world that our intentions are very pious & holy but this needs to be done for the country, nothing wrong in it again. Well, time passes everything is fine and one fine day one bomb explodes and people die at a very large scale.  You then say that actually this bomb had an alternative use for a long lost dream of India called population control. You start justifying it by saying; see how many people we have reduced from this earth and from India in particular. How beneficial it is to the country, so many lesser mouths to feed, so much lesser burden on the economy and infrastructure so on and so forth. Everyone wonders if the minister justifying the explosion is in his senses or out of his wits.

What has happened here is that there has been a change of not only the goal post but change in the game itself. The venue changed, the rules and regulations were tweaked as per circumstances and in fact there was nothing original left as to why we started this whole nuclear exercise in the first place. We kept testing the waters and kept adjusting our aim and destinations as we went along as per our convenience. We used political jargon, some facts and figures, some percentages and some decimals to create an impression that what we are presenting to the public is correct and convincing. Poor public which is naive, illiterate and actually is not concerned because if the gareeb janata keeps getting his roti somehow, achhe din or no achhe din, he continues to believe in his political masters. They make, bend, change, tweak, modify and then justify the rules with sugar coated figures.

Well that was my aim to confuse myself so I started with the nuclear example and have still not revealed why am I writing all this. Well folks, I happened to hear our very dear Mr FM & DM briefing the media on the RBI report on the effects of re-monetisation I suppose. At the end of the day the whole exercise of demonetisation aka re-monetisation was done as the colour of the old notes was not matching the PM dresses. In the bargain if the tax payers base of the country increased by 17.971%, well what is wrong with it. The hundreds of tonnes of raddi collected in form of old 500 and 1000 rupee notes will be now handed over to the wall paper industry to change the colour of the walls of the North and South block. The black money which was supposed to come pouring in is still stuck in some foreign land and nothing in black could be retrieved. The cash less changed directions to less cash and the figure quoted was also in fractions of a percentage like 15.237%. Who knows how this figure has been calculated or arrived at and how accurate it is. At least I am not interested. The militants were supposed to be hit by demonetisation but they continued their demonization. Yes the only people who hit them were the armed forces and they shall continue to decimate them.

Added to this chaos of demonetisation came GST. What good it is to man or beast and what services it is taxing that no one is clear to be frank. Now we actually have a demonetised GST economy. The world economists are pondering over it as a special case study to find out how is it going to affect the coconut exports of Maldives as they are convinced that in India nothing has changed. Why I say this is because the trains keep derailing killing innocents travellers, children are again being massacred in hospitals. Babas and Baby’s keep ruling the roost. Bombay and Delhi cannot get over the deluge of rains. Pakistan continues its nefarious activities as usual. China is doing what it wants to do. I am where I was, except for my increasing weight I can find no change in me or my environment around.

It is not surprising at all because the FM handles the defence budget; he is also the DM. In the same breadth, he must be handling the home budget also so he should be the home minister too. I am not surprised that they have amalgamated the rail budget into the general budget but then where is the need to have a railways minister? If FM is going to handle all the money then why have so many ministers floating around. Here I find no logic as the people who are experts in their fields especially defence find themselves not even in the playing eleven of the game. They have been kept merely as extras. Which game they are going to play that the PM will decide? How long they will play that game before shifting to another sport that too is left to him? It is as simple as the cabinet reshuffle. From HRD to textile to another ministry in three years is like Mithali Raj shifting from cricket to badminton to boxing. Then we will expect her to win every game for India, while Sindhu and Mary Kom are told to play kabaddi and do sailing. What is the difference in sport a, b or c?

Well friends, this is not the first time the goal posts have been changed in this country. It was all started with good intentions like the surrendering of gas subsidy. Opening of the bank account was the next initiative. How far has it been really successful that Bhim, Paytm or such portals will tell? Kashmir boils with no goal post in site. Achhe din are just games people say but don’t play.  Will all these exercises bring some peace if not ache din with or without a changed goal post in the near future? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


It is high time for us to think of India, for India, by Indians otherwise we are heading towards disaster. All our make in India will be break in India. People in Hawai Chappals, will sit on Daryai Ghoras and never see the real Hawai jahaz. The political party in power has its agenda clear to win all elections, fine, I have no issues. But what I perceive as a common Indian citizen that the highest political machinery is busy in party promotion agenda like in Delhi and Mumbai municipal elections. The focus on India seems to be getting blurred in the bargain. This is where I am going to draw your attention today.

We are a vast nation is an idiotic statement to make. We have numerous problems is also foolish to say. We have diverse culture, languages, dialects, weathers; terrain is an understatement to make. We have porous boundaries with many nations and a few of them are hostile is an obvious fact. We have Terrorism, Insurgency, Naxalism, and Maoism besides “goondagardi” across the length and breadth of this country. Then we have so many castes and tribes scheduled or unscheduled is a different issue altogether. Unscheduled are those who after taking benefits and privileges’ in one generation misuse the reservation policy for their sons and daughters of subsequent generations, thanks to our reservations policy. Our major part of the country is affected by floods every year the rest with drought. Our agricultural sector is in a mess, our education system ranges from Madarsa’s, to ved-vidyalas, to convents, to Government schools, to International Schools.

Our elected representatives are history sheeters (so what charges have not been proved) and many are illiterate so to say. We employ lawyers for finance, engineers for defence, aviators for power, uneducated for HRD, what an irony. We suffer from fraud, bribe, donations, trickery, adulteration, as a national disease. Corruption flows in our blood and is part of our DNA. We bribe Gods, offerings are offered as “conditions apply”. We have interstate problems. We have gender related problems. Our population ratio is skewed. We are short of power. We have poverty and unemployment only as an election issue and part of every manifesto. We built infrastructure with no aim. We copy many policies which failed in other countries. We have a shortage of security force but no shortage of population. We lack a national security doctrine. We do not have a defence minister on paper. The one we had evaporated overnight. We are a land of sadhu’s and saints. We have everything but nothing with us. We can’t even win medals in sports, unless it is a Bak-Bak competition.

There is also one strata of population who go for shopping of their undergarments to Europe. They drink Jamaican Rum only in Jamaica. They get disturbed if they see a beggar touching their car. “Dirty ho jata hai”. We have NGOs and individuals donating millions in charity. We have religious institutions earning in millions & feeding millions. We are basically a concoction of only one of its kind of society. The beauty is that we still remain India. India still has not collapsed under its weight of problems. We fight with each other; we fight with our neighbours, within our states and within countries but desire peace and tranquillity. We appear unified, but are split into splinters of caste, creed, religion, region, gender. Democracy is not allowed to function, constitution is made a mockery of by states like J&K. Judiciary is overburdened that they now tell us what to eat, what to wear, what to see, what to talk. Soon we shall find bedroom rules too. Media has gone berserk covering, debating and discussing everything which shows our country in bad light without them realising how much disservice they are doing to this nation by washing dirty linen in public. Media has gone international; in fact, one shot on the mobile is as good as a whisper to spread a hearsay or rumour.

We have religious fanaticism, from protection of cows, to religious conversions, to fatwa’s for all and sundry. We want to be modern and progressive in outlook, but traditional and conservative in practice. We want to bring people to invest and make in India, but do not want to cut down the red tape. We want foreign collaborations but want to control the stakes and distribution of profits. We want to safeguard our policies, our systems and money at our terms and conditions. We have been just pussy footing while dealing with our enemies both internal and external recently. We oppose policies because we as a political entity are in opposition; we only know how to pick faults everywhere. We won’t suggest improvements. Politicians do not want to control the bureaucrats, fearing their strong lobby. We lack political accountability. Basically we are a nation of chalta hai kinds. We think of too many consequences. We delay in taking decisions. We are more interested in what the other chap is not doing. We are basically Hippocrates of kinds. We are not true to ourselves and our Gods, then how can we be true children of India.

We dream of an ideal nation, “sone ki chirya” (Golden Bird). We dream of housing for all. We dream of education for all. We dream of justice for all. We dream of security for all. We dream of food for all. We dream of transport for all. We dream of monetary stability for all. We dream of jobs for all. We dream of water and electricity for all. We dream of no war with anyone. We dream of health for all. We dream of welfare of all. We dream of everything which is required to live as an ideal society and a nation. But we want a third party or a miracle to do the dirty work to achieve the aims. Our national fabric is weak. We can’t stand for our national anthem; we don’t want to sing our national song; we don’t want one constitution, we don’t want uniform civil code for all, we are a big drastically divided family, where everyone is on his own, doing what one feels like at his own convenience, fighting with everyone if the comfort levels are broken, cursing all and sundry, and still surviving as a nation. My dear “Deshvasio”, till when can we continue polluting our hearts, minds & soul of this country, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!



As I reflect on my year gone by, I remember making no new year’s resolutions. The reason was simple, so that I don’t break any. But I promised to myself, that I will pursue my hobbies of writing and gardening. At the end of the year as I reflect on them you all will be surprised that I wrote about 70 articles and could not complete 25, they are half written and shall stay in my memoirs. By the way there are still 15 days for the year to end; I may land up writing a few more. On the gardening front my efforts have started paying me. All those who are connected to me on face book would know, and I feel satisfied and content. A few days back I remember promising to myself to start enjoying the sunrise and sunsets, the breeze, the moon, the sea basically nature and I feel that nothing else gives me more solace and peace. My thoughts are calm; my day starts with cheerfulness as my blooming flowers give me so much of tranquillity & peace of mind that words can’t express.

I remember last year, thanks to the social media and the mobile networks, I was flooded with New Year messages and blessings. I think the blessings have helped me and my family tremendously. As time went by came Holi, and the wishes of the festival of colours were galore. The colourful messages really cheered me up; the choice of words in all messages was amazing as if they all were meant for me personally. Time went by came Dussera and Diwali, and again the victory of good over evil messages helped me to kill the evil in me, the festival of lights lifted my spirits and of course there was Eid and Gur Purabs where the blessings of Allah and Waheguru touched my soul, and now comes Christmas again, the festival of peace, happiness & joy which will be followed by another new year. New resolutions, new reflections, new associations and everything new is about to start again. So let me now reflect on a few things gone by and yet to come. Maybe we all can draw our conclusions thereafter.  So let me wish you folks a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year in advance. God bless every friend of mine abundantly.

We have had the worst year as far as the Indo-Pak relations were concerned. With China too I would say has been a year of ups and downs. We had our share of martyrs’ and we too did the surgical strikes. Earth quakes, typhoons, plane crashes continued in various parts of the world. Our parliament went to a new low where all we saw was no business happening per se. Statistics can claim that X number of bills were passed but were passed with hardly any deliberations. A personal attack on each other, use of un-parliamentary language has become the name of the game. Demonetisation or remonetisation is a new thing which came to light after years. The valley saw its lowest ebb. Now with Mehbooba mufti giving 4 Lakhs to Burhan Wani’s kin was like adding salt to our wounds. Well, the dance of democracy continues and is slowly transformed into “Democrazy”, but this country moves on. Mamta has been in a fight with one and all, Kejriwal doesn’t know whom to fight with or what to fight for, Rahul baba is trying to become a leader, but fails to impress me by miles, Mayawati and her written speeches shows how well read she is, Jaitley ki kately is brewing lassi of a different kind instead of tea, Amma has left no one to take over her legacy. Even then we are firing rocket after rocket and sending satellites one after the other. Corruption continues, political mis-governance continues, gareeb remains gareeb, real estate bubble doesn’t burst, banking woes continue, ATTA BHI MEHNGA, CHEENI BHI MEHNGI, MEHNGA HAR SAAMAN, FIR BHI MERA BHARAT MAHAN.

OROP, has any one heard about it? I am sure we all must have, but PM Sahib, when will your good governance reflect on it? We have deposited our life certificates already. I dread if you push the dates to the next financial year for its implementation. We the ex-servicemen are still as disciplined as we were when we were in uniform in fact more disciplined now. We haven’t behaved like the gujjars or the jat agitation, though our forces have numerous people from that community. Hanumanthappa’s are still getting buried in avalanches while defending this country.  It is matter of shame for me to see an ex Air force Chief under CBI custody, well I feel a little taken aback. If he is involved, let him get a boot, but one has to set the system right once for all, but if he isn’t, how will his image be restored. I am also awaiting the 7th pay commission. Now that the sarkar has collected so much mullah in the banks, will it part with the booty? Hoping against hope to see that implemented too. I really want to see the ache din and soon. Dear Mr PM, are you listening?

This year has seen TATA in turmoil, a rarity of kinds. Such things can also happen, in fact in this country anything can happen. Rahul baba can trigger an earth quake in parliament if he is allowed to speak. Kejriwal can cure cough by coughing out scam after scam of all governments. I can put any allegation on you and get away scot free is the game of the day. The only positive note I find in all this mess is that I believe Arnab has left his job. What a relief it must be to the viewers! His fans must be now waiting for his channel to be launched. Hope he doesn’t. Mr PM why can’t there be a cap on news channels, like you have put a cap on withdrawal on cash from a bank. Why can’t there be a limit of words, and the correct decibel level laid down for these channels? Moment you exceed any of them CBI should take over the channel and Supreme Court should suo-motto charge the news anchor for “breaking the news”. Anyways, I don’t watch them anymore, and I don’t feel like reading the news paper also anymore, so no news is good news. Good riddance to bad rubbish I suppose.

I am also looking forward to something new on the social media. Except for posts of a very few people I don’t even care to open the attachments. My good morning list from people who never wished me earlier has gotten so long, that the morning doesn’t look as good any more. Whatsapp, has become such a nuisance that within minutes one finds 345 messages unread, imagine 345 notification bells are difficult to bear, yes I can understand I can silence my phone, or that particular group notifications, but then why do I keep a cell phone that too a smart one. Face book is also losing its relevance, except I get reminded of birthdays of my good friends. I made a blog but except for the first 8 comments which some genuine friends happened to see, I find only spammers on it trying to sell me porn or Viagra, or are willing to write stories for me. Well, that’s life. Twitter I don’t enjoy handling, so won’t comment. Mail has died its own death I suppose. Above all I find all those people who post internet links on mail or Whatsapp get no attention at all. I somehow do not like people who are just forwarders. Anyways, I have to bear with them in the coming years.

As a passing thought friends, let us unite to bring in positivity in our lives and all those who we come in contact with. The more we get embroiled in our mundane lives, the more we miss out on the little goodies that nature and God has showered upon us. Let us look after the environment, let us plant a tree and admire a flower, real flower not a flower on Whatsapp. Let us make someone whom we don’t know happy, let us just be good citizens, and in the bargain swach bharat etc will fall into place. I don’t know I may be sounding like a preacher all right, but I don’t preach through forwards, I tell you what I have decided to do, and I am going to spend time with my family and friends. I shall enjoy every moment of life. I shall try and become app savvy, well I now have to learn to pay through the paytm and other e-wallets to book an OLA cab, pay them through my mobile and carry on writing and improving my garden. Any suggestions friends, you are welcome to send them to me, but will you take my words positively, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


I wasn’t surprised when I picked up the yesterday’s newspaper this morning before occupying my throne to see first four pages with advertisements of companies which are making a fast buck these days. Thanks to the demonetisation storm. Out of which two pages were dedicated to another set of advertisements related to some luxury apartments being made by a not very well known real estate company. Not well known to me at least but the prices quoted appeared beyond my imagination, to the tune of one crore for a three bed room flat. Oops beyond my comprehension, assimilation and understanding. Well, if I had to spend so much for a pig sty, I might as well buy a hen’s coop in a remote place which will be more than the area of that project itself. Well, anyways my theme is not to bash the real estate people or the companies promoting e-wallets but to bash the so called paid media.  A full page advertisement would cost the advertiser around Rs 60 Lakhs in a leading daily in Delhi to a crore in Mumbai. A pan India ad campaign can be availed at a rate of Rs 9000/sq cm. Good heavens and God save the common man from the news papers which is more of ads than news.

What surprised me that the main news was well camouflaged and hidden within the news paper as if it was of no consequence. Actually if you see the headlines that AMMA passed away had become of no significance to the news papers or in fact for the media. Every news channel was standing outside the Apollo hospital, as if they somehow had a means to see the soul of the departed leader leaving the hospital gates. Every channel was standing there as if to claim to inform India that she is no more. Each channel in the mean time had dug out all footage they had ever recorded on her. The research teams were busy digging out sound bites in which ever language she gave. Tamil interpreters were busy overtime translating every word she ever spoke into English and other languages. Every channel was running her old interviews etc, well; the whole nation was paying respects to the departed leader in some ways. No sir, not the media. Media was gathering TRPs and eyeballs. News papers were printing advertisements and making money. No one from the media was actually interested in her personality as such. That is my feeling and I am sharing it with you, right or wrong is immaterial. I found the media connecting with her for running their shows only. The news papers hid her in the ads and moved her to the tenth page where a very few go in today’s 140 character twitter world.

Though, I was not in direct touch with this lady but I started to admire her in my hind sight. The reason was she became the Chief Minister of her state six times. It is a feat if not a miracle. How she did it? How she managed it? How she governed? How she gave herself to her people, is a matter of awe for sure. I was in Tamil Nadu for a year from May of 1998 to May of 1999. What I could gather was that food was cheap, accommodation was cheap, non-veg was superb and there was no rowdyness on the streets. People were nice and friendly. People spoke in Hindi and you were not considered to be a stranger. Well, people still mistake me for a “Thambi”, due to the colour of my skin, and seriously I took a lot of advantage of this. Many of my seniors who became my pals gave me lot of lift as they mistook me for being a tamilian in NDA. Worst was as I roamed the streets of Coimbatore etc people used to start in chaste Tamil and I had to politely tell them “Tamil illay” (I don’t know Tamil). They used to think I am joking. Well, between what they thought and what they used to say; we used to finish our shopping. That is how I remember Conoor and Ooty. Lovely days, lovely times and lovely memories we had in the salubrious climate of that place above all the lovely friends we made there.

My apologies folks for drifting into nostalgia again. Last two days, I haven’t seen any channel covering the ATM queues, the banking woes or the farmer’s problems. I suppose there was a cricket test match which India won against some country, or was it a one day match. India has broken all ties with Pakistan after the surgical strike, but the Indian ladies cricket team played against Pakistan and won, was nowhere in the news. Why were they playing with Pakistan, when the men’s hockey and cricket team have refused to play with them? Why was most of the media sleeping or not covering it? INS BETWA toppled over became a head line for a few moments, but why should media be bothered as another ship is written off. The navy and the defence ministry will roll heads, isn’t it? Amma news needs to be on every channel, or else people will switch to different channels. The firing from Pakistan side along the LoC continues unabated, the counter terrorist ops in the Kashmir valley continue unabated, but media was busy looking into its TRPs. The news to cover the other martyrs’ suddenly disappeared in the background not even to find a mention in the ticker, because the CM of a state was being laid to rest. Every leader of political class was looking for an opportunity to give a byte, but no one bothered about the train accident victims. Suddenly India was made to forget the horrendous Kanpur train mishap. This is Media and its power to brainwash the common man.

Well, do I blame myself for my small attention span? Do I blame the commercialisation of both the print and the televised media? Or Do I blame the consumer of this media? Do I blame the owners of the media houses for feeding us what they think should be fed to the common man? Do I blame the anchors of news shows who more or less are biased and portray to play the devil’s advocate on our behalf? Well, there is one who used to do this show. Though he doesn’t have the two glowing horns, and the pointy tail he still looks and conducts himself like a devil alright. Do I blame the gullible janta for enjoying the “noise for more than an hour” on a news channel? Or, is it that every household has a “big fight” and it becomes a ghar char ki kahani to be enjoyed with a snack and a drink before having dinner. Or is it “we the people” who don’t see through this smoke screen media is creating for us. Or have we got used to being thrashed by the media “left right and centre”. I don’t know.

Well folks, my respects to Amma and may her soul rest in peace. My prayers for the people of Tamil Nadu, may they get a leader of even better calibre than her. But I want to state with utter disgust, that today news papers are just good enough to print ads and tender notices, and the most News channels are feeding us nonsense in high decibels. I have decided that I shall henceforth use news papers only for making my compost carbon rich, packing my shoes and cover household stuff. Also, I shall shift to country music to avoid the noise in the news which might be affecting my health if I continue to take the poison they are feeding me. I am going to watch the butterflies in my garden, watch my flowers bloom, watch the moon and the stars, see the waves of the sea splashing at my feet, watch the sun rise and set and enjoy the beautiful hillocks with the calm of the river flowing by. I will write what comes to my mind; I will do what will help me stay calm. Hey folks time now to switch tracks, anyone coming my way, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


It sometimes pains me to see when politicians who have no clue as to how the Armed forces work start making loose comments. The saying “little knowledge is dangerous” comes true in this case. Yes friends, I am referring to Ms Banerjee of West Bengal fame. Madam, if you have no clue of our systems, then kindly make an effort to find out about them. If you are so agitated by the demonetisation move, then fight it out fairly and squarely with whomsoever you have a grudge with. I am sure you got it right on your face when only very few of your loyalists supported your joint venture with honourable Mr Kejriwal. Well, it appears that may be people of Bengal are with you, but neither people of Delhi, nor the government in Delhi nor the people of India are with you on this. I hope you will henceforth concentrate on Bengal only rather than waste time in Delhi. You can keep agitating and opposing. India shall remain with our PM. Period.

Let me assure you Ms Mamta that the Army has no intentions to take over your Bengal. If we have to do it we shall take over the country, but we do not think that way. Our ethos is not what you may perceive. I remember once a news paper had shot its foot in its mouth when it alleged Gen VK who was then COAS, of construing a plot of a coup due to movement of a few paratroopers and some mechanised columns. Let me in the same breadth tell you madam  that we rather take over Pakistan if not China if we really mean business, rather than waste our time getting into an argument with politician that too from Bengal. I hope you know that our Eastern Command is headquartered at your capital city. If that be so, then the complete movement and deployment of troops of all the North East is controlled under your nose and you do not have a whiff of it because it no where concerns you or your state. Let me add, Eastern fleet of the Navy is there too and you may be surrounded from the sea soon. Madam, Bengal is in trouble, both form land and sea. Thank God the air warriors are not revving up their engines.

By the way the annual census of heavy vehicles is a perennial affair, held at different times in each and every state of the country. I hope madam you would consider it appropriate to help the armed forces, in case they are mobilised against our adversaries if the need arises. I hope you are aware of the plans of not only hiring of civil transport during war and peace but impressments of transport if needed for the country. I hope you may also be aware in case it is required, all private and government hospitals would be made use of if the causalities go beyond the handling capacity of our military or service hospitals. I hope you are aware that there is a plan to mobilise the railways in times of crisis for movement of troop and equipment across the country giving top most priority to such military special trains. Power (Engines) shall be diverted to move military personnel and rakes. Mail and express trains may be cancelled, rerouted, halted for military specials to pass. I am sure you as the railway minister would be privy to such plans. If not please ring up Mr Prabhu and find out, or else you may claim that various “Howrah mails” has been taken over by the army.

I know that because there has been no military crisis in your state since long so you conveniently tend to sweep such things under the carpet. I wish such peace prevails in all states. I urge you to move to J&K for one month and see how transport is needed by the army and other central government services for their daily needs. By the way such exercises happen there too. Madam let me put you wise on one more issue. I hope you know what a “Mandi” is. The military personnel go and find out the flow of trucks in harvest and non harvest season, and also maintain a data as to what will be the availability of trucks at short notice once mobilised when the balloon goes up. I hope you understand what it means, and not when a balloon slips out of a child’s hands. We also count busses and other transport including trailers and their types, as they too may be needed during war. Please my dear didi, kindly do this exercise on your own and give all details to the army next year, without even they asking. Does the Bengal government have a crisis management plan if India is forced into a war? If not then make it today and work out these details dear lady.

Let me add here dear CM that I hope you are also aware that in time of need the civil airports shall be converted into service airports. I hope you would have heard that jets are landing on roads in UP. Will you make Bengal roads also on the same lines? If not then prepare them accordingly, we may require them. I just hope you won’t blame the air force which flies over Bengal for an air attack on your government. I just hope when they practice firing, no bombs drop in your vicinity. You will ask for the Air Chief to resign the next day. I hope madam you would have seen the Air defence systems deployed during the Republic day celebrations in Delhi. Is it an attempt of a coup to take over the North block & South Block? Madam the 21 gun salute which is given to the Supreme Commander of the armed forces may also be the cause of your worry, as many a times you sit there in the audience. I hope the mechanised columns don’t perturb you as it may be construed as an armed assault on the President of India. I hope you know that the missiles displayed and paraded have enough range to knock your secretariat out in Kol sitting in Delhi, don’t blame the Modi government if one flies off inadvertently.

What pained me most was your allegation that the Army people were sent to take over the toll booths as also the most demeaning comment that the personnel were extracting money from the drivers. Madam, I hope you will withdraw this comment, and apologise in front of the nation, that to set your personal agenda right you could use the shoulders of the people wearing Olive Greens. Will you hang your head in shame for once and say sorry to the army. Well, madam it is heights of your idiosyncrasy to have said it. If you apologise, our Armed forces have a big heart to forgive you and forget the issue. If you don’t, they shall still continue their dedicated service to the nation.

I am sure by now some realisation would have dawned on our universal Didi. In fact from these Behanjis, Didi’s and Amma’s one has to be careful Modi saab. They are spinsters and you are a bachelor (pun intended). Be rest assured Ms Banerjee, Bengal may not be in safe hands with you as   in next elections you may not be there but India will always remain in the safest hands due to our Army. Thus, will you stop making any loose comments in future, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


My blood starts to boil when a life which is not supposed to be lost is lost. We all are patriotic, we all love our country dearly, but when will we understand the pain of the family which loses their life line. Worst is that the enemy beheads them, tortures them, mutilates the bodies and feels good about it. Further, I squarely blame the politicians for all the 150 innocent lives lost while they were asleep in the Kanpur train tragedy. They had entrusted their lives to the railways and the railways betrayed them. Some were going for weddings, happy as humming birds, some were sad, going to attend funerals, not realising they were preparing for their own. Little kids, excited as ever for a train journey now cannot trace their parents. Painful as it may be, but our “Sewaks” are in deep slumber. No one seems to be bothered about the human life and its value in this country. Fauji’s aside, every life is precious. My prayers for the martyrs, and every life lost in the train accident. It is due to the long standing animosity of India and Pakistan that someone pays a price for mistakes done due to the incompetence of the political leadership, as also the myopic view over safety of railways which is left to the poor gang men, who toils day in and day out. They walk along the tracks with the most primitive and basic tools to detect fractures on the railway lines on which modern trains run at more than 100 kms per hour. How absurd and how funny? My fellow citizens, time now has come to set the Rail Minister’s and the Defence Minister’s tail on fire, if need be to catch hold of the PMs Tail, to get the ball rolling. Railways need sorting out and Pakistan too needs to be sorted out and pronto!

Pakistan is not going to change its stance about terrorists and terrorism, is a fact. They believe the terrorist factories are jihadists and are volunteers for the so called Kashmir cause. This is also their state policy. So to hope they will understand our view will never happen. Therefore, let us as a nation be clear, that we need to take this anti terrorism war to the enemy’s shore, now and with immediate effect. We got to pick out these B’s and all those who support them and eliminate them. So what if they are in Pakistani uniforms or disguised as civilians. A strategy needs to be worked out, a timeline needs to be laid down, tactics needs to be practised and rehearsed, and its execution has to be pin point and precise. Forget about the collateral damage to the enemy population. Our country, our priorities, our lives are more precious. We need to be crystal clear that we are Indians and fighting for India. If yes then nothing else matters, period! There is a saying in Hindi, GEHUN KE SAATH GHUN BHI PISTA HAI, so be it. Let the Pakistani army dare us, we shall engage with them appropriately at the place and time of our choosing. Enough of just reacting, enough of pussy footing, enough of who will think what , time now is for action, so Mr PM, give the word go, and see the results. The armed forces will never let you down.

I want to ask the PM, Sir, you have put whole of India to such inconvenience by withdrawing two notes. People claim that there has been so much loss of life while standing in the queues.  I know you don’t bother for those who are getting married because you are a bachelor, never mind. Then be man enough to let us take on the enemy. Causalities will be there, but they will be worth the sacrifice. Sir, we the uniformed people are not war mongers, and we do not want to commit suicide but the nation now needs your will to give a green signal that friends just sort out Pakistan. Let me add one more thing here Mr PM. Leave Kashmir issue aside, just leave it and let it rot for a little while longer. It’s been rotting since 70 years; let it rot another 10 years for all I care. Kashmir shall get automatically sorted out once we sort out Pakistan. I plead that you understand this. Let us focus on one issue that is Pakistan and be done with it, Kashmir shall be jannat again. The more you let the hurriat-shurriat breathe, the more trouble they shall cause for India. By choking the currency route of stone pelting and bandh creators overnight, you have done a great job, so let us not lose momentum now. Let us bring this effort to its culmination. Once Pakistan is shown its place, Kashmiri’s who ride piggy back on their support and money, will be brought down to mother earth. I am making this statement very responsibly sir, please mark my words, the earlier you do it, chances are you come to power again and that to emphatically, the more you delay it, losses of this nation will keep coming back draped in tricolours.

Internally sir, get Mr Prabhu who runs the life line of this country to work on safety at a war footing. They have the funds, and are generating enough. Let rail safety not be compromised at any cost. Let the DRMs wet their pants on hearing about the rail mantri’s visit. You do a surprise visit too; in fact I would suggest that you celebrate your next birthday with the railway staff. The Jawans know how to keep their morale up as they have wonderful leaders leading them. Your leadership now is needed for these civilian “Mehakmaas”, who may not have ever dreamt of the PM being on rails. Like you interact with the Generals, get into the railway operations room and get hold of them first hand. Put your team and find out what is actually wrong and where. No need to finger point, but ensure all anomalies should be rectified within this financial year, should be your target. How it is going to be achieved, let the Rail minister to work out. He can do it division wise or the way it is suits him, but if there is another accident of this nature, you shall be responsible Mr PM. The railways also functions under you. Every life lost must count, thus safety should be 150 times better in this financial year should be your governments aim. Let’s do it Mr PM and we know you can do it.

Well Sir, here I talk of saving lives, and on the other hand I talk of sacrificing lives. Isn’t this a dichotomy? Yes it is, but, I can assure you, the price we shall pay to sort out this rouge and failed state called Pakistan will have far reaching effects compared to the sacrifices we are making now on a daily basis. You can continue with all other diplomatic, economic, back channel, financial initiatives to isolate Pakistan, but give a green signal to the Armed forces of India to shake Pakistan with the roar of their guns. Let us not be scared of the nuclear card, they dare not even think about it. They are a bunch of liars, and they will never understand the value of peace. We now need to split Pak right through the middle, or rip it apart from the LoC/border, or do both. The earlier we execute this plan the better it is for our India. Are you listening to mere man ki baat Mr PM? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


I have not understood as to why the critics of demonetisation are so adamant for a roll back of the scheme. Today, the easiest thing I can do is criticise. It costs nothing. If that doesn’t work then hit below the belt. If this also fails then do personal attacks. If that also doesn’t work then threaten to go on strike, in fact incite people to some kind of riot. If that doesn’t work too then go to the President, like students go running to the school Principal when some student has beaten you. Well, the President listens and does what his cabinet advises him and not what Pam, Chic and Mary want. I changed this because I saw the leading ladies lodging their protest with the President. Well, my wife has stood in line in the bank. She deposited the 1000 & 500 notes and exchanged a few as per guidelines. She also withdrew by cheque the amount which was allowed on that day. Yes, we were lucky not to get 10 kg coins, but sure enough we got 20 and 50 rupees bundles. Yesterday, finally I got the coveted 2000 notes from the ATM. I and my family, (bai included) are very happy.

I accept that it is the sowing season; the farmer needs money for seeds and fertilizer. I have no idea how the whole farming process goes, but can’t the government ensure that old notes be allowed to be accepted by seed and fertilizer shops, after all most of them are government owned. If hospitals, private or otherwise have been told, why can’t the agricultural sector be another aberration too? They are also our life line. My gut feeling is that I smell a rat in this farmer’s issue. How can it be tided over, can only be explained by the agricultural experts? The small and marginal farmer may have been hit; hope the government does something soon. Time is critical for the winter crop and I am sure the PM is very sensitive to farmer’s issues as well.

Today, I need to discuss why don’t we allow our PM to experiment? We keep cursing Nehru, Indira Gandhi, VP Singh, Moraji Desai, Devegowda and others for whatever experiments they did during their times. What is wrong if a person believes that his endeavour shall get good results for the nation? Maybe in the short run, times can be difficult, but in the long run we shall reap dividends. If this experiment fails, the PM has dug his grave. Not only he, but his party shall be wiped out in 2019. Just think, will a person be so fool hardy to put his country into a chaos. It will cost not only his reputation, but may be disastrous for the whole outfit he belongs to. Secondly, however secretive he might have been about the implementation part of this scheme, wouldn’t he and his team of experts have thought through about all the repercussion of the move to the farthest level. Will a person be so foolish, to bring about such a change just to see the colour of money change to pink? I am sure in such a vast country chances have to be taken and mid course corrections to schemes are the norm. So dear “AALOCHAKS”, just hold your horses for a while, don’t jump the gun.

Do you think a lala of Delhi has ever maintained his BAHI KHATA in white? Has he ever given you a bill for the 200 gm kaju or kishmish you have bought? What about the money he gives on loan with a das taka biaaj. Where is that in the system? I am sure he would have calculated that on a rough piece of paper, on which he scribbles some annotations which even the doctor fraternity would take years to decipher. I would rather say if you take that parchi to a chemist, he might give you medicines for your cholesterol and BP. (pun intended). Today, if he is making tons of money, can’t he wait for a little while to start making all over again? Well, to cry that we were doing business in cash till date, my dear friends, why don’t you start doing business by cards from tomorrow? Let everyone & the government understand the money you all exchange. Half the black funds of Delhi will be exposed when cash business turns to plastic. The other half is in the real estate there. Now consider the sabzi mandi people. Yes the hand cart puller, the rickshaw wala etc need to be paid in cash at least as of now. For them provisions have to be made. Why the vegetable auctions can’t be done with online payment. Why can’t diesel for trucks be paid though cards? I admit that the poor living in slums, the rag pickers, who have to work for everyday living, and mind you it is a sizeable number in Delhi who definitely needs money to buy his daily bread. But, what about the drug addicts, who are a big number amongst the slum dwellers, they will be automatically checked. I see this as a positive.

I am convinced that my convenience takes priority over the nation. My welfare comes first always and every time. My routine, if broken, hell will break lose. My black money, if touched will be resented, revolted, and resisted to be parted away with. My comfort, if interfered with, shall not be tolerated by any means. I cannot be put to the slightest discomfort come what may, for that the government better bend and break all rules or make new rules to suit  me & myself. If it is not affecting me, I keep quiet. If the problem is in the neighbourhood, how do I care? Till the time, I have my square meals, I couldn’t care less for anyone, is a common Indian attitude. We talk of Swach Bharat, another experiment by our PM, but I shall continue to spit pan and gutka all over the country side, I will throw packs of kurkure and bottles of mineral water out of my car. Shauchalaya experiment was also of this PM, but I have to pee on the nearest tree, cleanest wall, closest drain, thinking that no one is seeing me. I have relieved myself, who cares if that place stinks or if people passing by are embarrassed.

If I can get my cash, and if I can hoard some, who cares about the others. Banks are meant to keep and distribute cash, government is supposed to print notes. If my crop fails or my business suffers, it is the bank which is responsible or it is the government. Have you all seen the way people strictly follow unwritten norms when water distribution is done by tankers. You dare spill a few drops, and dare you break the queue, all hell will break lose. The eagerness to pay the electricity bill on the last date at all costs by standing in the longest queue shows how we understand the importance of electricity, then it is no inconvenience. I am sure things will ease out soon. However, some politicians are incorrigible. They have to do vote bank politics, what a shame it is! You can’t be disrespectful to your PM damn it.

Friends, I have a request to make to all those who stand against demonetisation. Please give this some time to get streamlined, and please suggest improvements. Kindly, encourage online payments. Insist on them. Kids today are so well versed with mobiles etc, that they will teach their parents in a day how things are done. I request the politicians to stop making a fool of themselves by saying that they will give KURBANI, if this scheme is not rolled back within three days. Let me assure you, no one may turn up for your funeral, as most of us would be in bank queues. Today, the funding to terrorists has taken a quantum hit; results are clear in the valley. Let us clean our systems from the corrupt and corruption. Each small step has to be taken, howsoever difficult it might be. To reach a goal, the pain of the journey has to be endured. You can’t just abandon the journey in anticipation of the hardships. Will the people who I am trying to address get the message, I am sure they will, but will they pay heed to what I say, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis

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