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a list of stock options It is high time for us to think of India, for India, by Indians otherwise we are heading towards disaster. All our make in India will be break in India. People in Hawai Chappals, will sit on Daryai Ghoras and never see the real Hawai jahaz. The political party in power has its agenda clear to win all elections, fine, I have no issues. But what I perceive as a common Indian citizen that the highest political machinery is busy in party promotion agenda like in Delhi and Mumbai municipal elections. The focus on India seems to be getting blurred in the bargain. This is where I am going to draw your attention today.


http://www.westchelseavet.com/miolyky/giod/3043 We are a vast nation is an idiotic statement to make. We have numerous problems is also foolish to say. We have diverse culture, languages, dialects, weathers; terrain is an understatement to make. We have porous boundaries with many nations and a few of them are hostile is an obvious fact. We have Terrorism, Insurgency, Naxalism, and Maoism besides “goondagardi” across the length and breadth of this country. Then we have so many castes and tribes scheduled or unscheduled is a different issue altogether. Unscheduled are those who after taking benefits and privileges’ in one generation misuse the reservation policy for their sons and daughters of subsequent generations, thanks to our reservations policy. Our major part of the country is affected by floods every year the rest with drought. Our agricultural sector is in a mess, our education system ranges from Madarsa’s, to ved-vidyalas, to convents, to Government schools, to International Schools.


source link Our elected representatives are history sheeters (so what charges have not been proved) and many are illiterate so to say. We employ lawyers for finance, engineers for defence, aviators for power, uneducated for HRD, what an irony. We suffer from fraud, bribe, donations, trickery, adulteration, as a national disease. Corruption flows in our blood and is part of our DNA. We bribe Gods, offerings are offered as “conditions apply”. We have interstate problems. We have gender related problems. Our population ratio is skewed. We are short of power. We have poverty and unemployment only as an election issue and part of every manifesto. We built infrastructure with no aim. We copy many policies which failed in other countries. We have a shortage of security force but no shortage of population. We lack a national security doctrine. We do not have a defence minister on paper. The one we had evaporated overnight. We are a land of sadhu’s and saints. We have everything but nothing with us. We can’t even win medals in sports, unless it is a Bak-Bak competition.

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https://dunkl.co.at/deposti/9737 There is also one strata of population who go for shopping of their undergarments to Europe. They drink Jamaican Rum only in Jamaica. They get disturbed if they see a beggar touching their car. “Dirty ho jata hai”. We have NGOs and individuals donating millions in charity. We have religious institutions earning in millions & feeding millions. We are basically a concoction of only one of its kind of society. The beauty is that we still remain India. India still has not collapsed under its weight of problems. We fight with each other; we fight with our neighbours, within our states and within countries but desire peace and tranquillity. We appear unified, but are split into splinters of caste, creed, religion, region, gender. Democracy is not allowed to function, constitution is made a mockery of by states like J&K. Judiciary is overburdened that they now tell us what to eat, what to wear, what to see, what to talk. Soon we shall find bedroom rules too. Media has gone berserk covering, debating and discussing everything which shows our country in bad light without them realising how much disservice they are doing to this nation by washing dirty linen in public. Media has gone international; in fact, one shot on the mobile is as good as a whisper to spread a hearsay or rumour.

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We have religious fanaticism, from protection of cows, to religious conversions, to fatwa’s for all and sundry. We want to be modern and progressive in outlook, but traditional and conservative in practice. We want to bring people to invest and make in India, but do not want to cut down the red tape. We want foreign collaborations but want to control the stakes and distribution of profits. We want to safeguard our policies, our systems and money at our terms and conditions. We have been just pussy footing while dealing with our enemies both internal and external recently. We oppose policies because we as a political entity are in opposition; we only know how to pick faults everywhere. We won’t suggest improvements. Politicians do not want to control the bureaucrats, fearing their strong lobby. We lack political accountability. Basically we are a nation of chalta hai kinds. We think of too many consequences. We delay in taking decisions. We are more interested in what the other chap is not doing. We are basically Hippocrates of kinds. We are not true to ourselves and our Gods, then how can we be true children of India.

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diclofenac zetpillen 100mg We dream of an ideal nation, “sone ki chirya” (Golden Bird). We dream of housing for all. We dream of education for all. We dream of justice for all. We dream of security for all. We dream of food for all. We dream of transport for all. We dream of monetary stability for all. We dream of jobs for all. We dream of water and electricity for all. We dream of no war with anyone. We dream of health for all. We dream of welfare of all. We dream of everything which is required to live as an ideal society and a nation. But we want a third party or a miracle to do the dirty work to achieve the aims. Our national fabric is weak. We can’t stand for our national anthem; we don’t want to sing our national song; we don’t want one constitution, we don’t want uniform civil code for all, we are a big drastically divided family, where everyone is on his own, doing what one feels like at his own convenience, fighting with everyone if the comfort levels are broken, cursing all and sundry, and still surviving as a nation. My dear “Deshvasio”, till when can we continue polluting our hearts, minds & soul of this country, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dear Mr Bhagat, How much I dislike reading your articles after your views on Veterans and OROP, but, out of curiosity, I happened to read one in the Sunday TOI, where you are asking all of us to pay Rs 80/- for India to get Olympic medals. Are you a sportsperson yourself? Which sport do you excel in? Or are we to understand that you excel in “writing games” which you keep doing from time to time? I am sure you are rich and not like a middle class sportsperson, who represents India at the Olympics. Why haven’t you sponsored one athlete if not more till now? If you claim that we Indians are couch potatoes and just watch games only on TV, then tell us how many Olympics have you gone and witnessed yourself? It is easier said than done my dear sir, so take a chill pill and read on.

You have indirectly hinted at Shobha De’s tweet, when you talk about the social media bashing, isn’t it? And what have you done! You have lashed out on the common man and the government for lack of monetary support, mismanagement of funds, lack of infrastructure and talent management etc. So what is the difference between you and the others who are not happy by India’s performance at the Olympics? When the root causes are known to you, and remedies you have understood, then why not start off straight away. What says you?

Have you ever had a heart to heart talk with any Olympian ever? Have you cared to find out first hand where the actual problem lies? I have my dear Sir. Have you ever challenged the government for its inefficiency towards sports? Why haven’t you got after the bureaucratic red tape with your pen? Well, Bhagat saab, kitaabi baten and lambe lekh to main bhi likh sakta hun. But hawa mein batein mujh se nahi hoti, jis mein aap mahir hain.

Let me ask you Chetan saab, will you dedicate your children for sports for the sake of the country. I am sure they would be very young and by 2024 they should be ready for some sports discipline you ask them to pursue. Don’t take it personally but in the spirit of what I say.  You please don’t take any money from the government. Just ensure your children get all the facilities, equipment and infrastructure, including best coaches, best international exposure, best of everything needed to become a world class athlete. I shall wait to see the results. In case it is not possible, then may I request you to adopt just two athletes you want to pick up for the next games? Can you?

You talk about mediocrity. Give me names of two athletes besides Abhinav Bindra who are millionaires, and can support their sport discipline on their own. Most of the athletes come from rural backgrounds, and are from middle class or in fact poor families, who cannot imagine running with spikes on a synthetic turf as they are used to running barefoot. Imagine the glee of the archest who when sees the modern archery equipment, gets starry eyed, as the only thing he/she used till date was a primitive bow and arrow, that too to fill their tummy. The reality is far from your imagination sir, the problem lies somewhere else which is known but who will bell the cat, how and when? You are a celebrity of sorts, please get hold of the PM now and start a “bharat ka sports swach” campaign. Swach from all malice you mention.

Well, jogging tracks you mention are for the local municipalities to make and operate, but can we keep our parks clean and maintained. I have my doubts. If PM has to jump in from building toilets to jogging tracks then what is the use of the white elephant called the sports ministry at both the center and state levels. How are they earning their pay? If I may put it differently, how & why have they frittered away tax payer’s money without producing much result on ground? No accountability is a key word too. Shameful isn’t it Sir.

The condition of retired Olympians is pathetic, is a fact. They live and die in anonymity. Will people in their neighborhood dare to send their child for any sport? The issue today is of ROZY and ROTI, the basic needs, the support to their families. You have been a judge on many a talent show. Parents sell off everything for a child to become a singer or a dancer, but may think 2000 times to turn them into a sportsperson. Well Bhagat sahib, issue is of the mindset, issue is about mentality, issue is about the child’s future, issue is about sustenance, issue is about survivability, issue is about “do waqt ki roti”, and a decent naukri janaab.

Sindhu has been promised generous amounts of money from many states, and has been offered jobs by many organizations too, very well! Why this can’t be done before the girl won her medal. Why is it that only a medal winner will get all the goodies? Why not to the people who could not go beyond the heats stage? Did they put in less effort? Every participant who missed the medal by a whisker or a mile deserves the same praise. Encouragement before the event makes hell of a difference to the morale. So let us make a difference to their lives. Every one wants to be Sindhu/Saina or Sakshi in every game. Let us boost them to go swifter, higher and stronger.

You talk about bureaucrats and ministers pays coming from these funds, to which I don’t agree. They are already on the central government payroll. I may agree that they must be making additional amounts by enjoying all perks, privileges and monetary cuts which is meant for the athletes. But can we bypass their channel, can we somehow circumvent or ensure that no red tape will be allowed to be a hindrance, except the one at the finish line of a sprint, which our athletes should cut.  If “babudom” and “minister sahib” are the culprits can you suggest a way to keep them away from the system? Let our teams practice in Japan for the Tokyo Olympics from tomorrow. Let them get acclimatized well. Let them play the toughest matches internationally. Let babus and ministers’ just stay off.

By the way Bhagat saab, medals do come only if you have the fighting spirit in you. Medals do come if you are patriotic and play for the national flag which will be hoisted at the podium. Please get your fundas correct. Twitter and face book’s positive support also helps. Players avoid social media completely to concentrate on the job at hand. Sindhu was off the mobile for the last three months and so will be the case with other players, then Shobha De, or no De, it doesn’t make a difference!

There are enough funds available; one needs to effectively and efficiently utilize them. Can we grow up from individual states and their representation when it comes to India? Say for example can the complete Indian hockey team be represented by Manipuri’s or Punjabi’s or Chattisgarhi’s, if they are the best. After all they all are Indians. Can we provide basic facilities of toilets for our girls in their sports hostels? Can we let the air conditioning run in stadiums in Delhi where the wrestlers practice? For God’s sake let us get our act straight, and still in case there is a need, I surely will pitch in and I am sure every Indian can spend way beyond Rs 80/- for getting our sports persons the best of best. Right Mr Bhagat! Are you listening Sir? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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