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It was a cold wintry evening when two people clad in white dhoti, kurta & Loi’s (shawls) came to our house in Sainik School, Kapurthala. On enquiring they said they were parents of Bishnoi of Sarojini House of which Dad was the house master. They were carrying something in their lap which was very fidgety. They requested for old news papers. A very unusual request it was. As they stood up to greet dad, this twitchy bundle jumped out of their lap. It was a small, dainty, wet nosed brown baby deer (Chinkara).

We all were startled for a moment. They said that having heard of your love for animals Ellis Saab, we present to you “PINKY” as a token of love and respect for teaching our children. I saw my Dads eyes getting moist for the first time. In those days it was not banned. On asking what you feed it, they gave the details of how to feed it with a bottle and otherwise it would graze the lawn grass. In case some wheat can be made available it could be palm fed.

Dad took the leash and took her to the adjacent room as they left. We had spread many news papers for the droppings. The story was that this fawn was orphaned as the mother was shot by some people. It was raised by the Bishnoi’s and now they had found a suitable home for it.

It was extremely difficult to control the inquisitiveness of our dogs. Their barks was making pinky panicky. Curiosity amongst Ellis’ was also at its pinnacle. This little darling had done a 7 hour journey by bus from Hanumangarh to Kapurthala. It must be tired and disillusioned. We tiptoed into her room, I with a bottle of milk, mom with a fistful of wheat followed by brother with some grass and father to oversee things.

In came Coco, our Tibetan Apso, then all hell broke loose. She panicked and darted through all of us and the main door and escaped into the darkness. Dad told us that we have to get pinky back at any cost. It was dark and the colony was a jungle in itself. Pinky had evaporated into thin air. The front yard, the back yard, the dhobi ghat, everywhere, we ran helter-skelter looking for her but no luck.

I and my brother went on a search mission. It was close to midnight in that freezing cold of Punjab & we were quite dejected. As we were combing the area we reached the chota swimming pool. Stories of various “bhoots-prets” and deadly cobras were running parallel in our minds when my brother& I heard jingle of bells tied in her neck. In pitch darkness with fog also creeping in, we saw two eyes glistened & staring at us. The first reaction was to bolt as it could be a bhoot. We spotted her & breathed a sigh of relief. Dad was anxious, mom was crying and we were white faced, cold, damp with running noses. I put a blanket on her as she dozed off. What a first night it was!

There used to be a competition between me and my brother who will feed her. Filling milk in a beer bottle and attaching feeding nipples was fun. Soon, Pinky started considering me as her mother. She used to crave for milk thrice a day. Dot at the precise hour she used to give her grunts. I used to call her back in the same tone.

Our dogs got used to her and pinky to the house. Cats started to cuddle with her. She was so friendly that we freed her. Within minutes she jumped the wall and was hopping and skipping merrily. All of us were afraid that the strays will kill her, well; they were no match to her speed. Once all the hostellers “gheraoed” her in a circle, she just took off & jumped over their heads. Her typical “deer jumps” on all fours together were a treat to watch.

She started accompanying dad to the cricket field and used to stand next to him where the Umpire stands. Once she got hit by a straight drive and collapsed on the pitch with all four legs stretched & the tongue hanging out, stiff as stiff could be. The batsman ran away fearing the wrath of Dad. She closed her eyes and we thought we have lost her. For 10 minutes we all were in tears. Then suddenly she sprung up and bolted away. Phew!

I had joined NDA and came back on my first term break. Dad was sitting on his haunches and hoeing his garden bed. I was explaining to him the “ragra” and in particular the front roll. I don’t know what came to pinky’s mind, she came charging and butted dad on his bums with her head. Dad did a beautiful somersault and I said now you know dad.

As time went by she started loving music and the school band playing. She used to stand with the band leader and walk along the march past of the school parade. She became the school mascot.

One day pinky was nowhere to be seen. There was panic and a sense of loss as a story was afloat that someone had killed her. Fourth day, while dad was on his angling trip a “Kabari” (rag picker) who used to come and collect small fish gave an input that she has been seen in the cantonment. Dad wound up and came rushing five kilometres from Kanjali River. She was not there but dad found her droppings. On a lot of pleading someone told that she had been sold to a “Kasai” (butcher). Dad rushed to find that “kasai” who just won’t admit. With folded hands and 400 rupees did he take him to the shed where she had been confined to. She would have been butchered the next day. Four days without water and food she was a wreck. She couldn’t even stand on all fours. People who had caught her had bruised her very badly. Dad left his cycle as mortgage and took a rickshaw to get her home. We were delighted to see her alive.

Within days she was frolicking around as usual. She lived with us for 10 years and one fine day we found her dead in the wheat fields. Probably she ate too much of insecticide which had been sprayed on the crop. It was a sad day. Her grave is still there behind our house 12-A.

Thank you for being part of our lives PINKY we all still remember you fondly and miss you. Can we relive those good old days again? I wonder!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


The buzz in Delhi and the media is pollution. To that extent my mind has got so polluted that I cannot think rationally anymore. The constant bak-bak, tu-tu-mai-mai about the subject is getting on my nerve. Worst is what can be implemented now is being deferred or postponed. Governments are busy with what they are best at doing that is passing the buck. It is not surprising that now even Pakistan has started blaming India for polluting its air, like we blame everything on ISI and Pakistan.

How can the Armed Forces contribute to reduction of pollution in North India? I have an idea. The serving folks will kill me for what I am going to suggest but I shall take it in its stride because we have done so many things for this country so why not chip in here too.

Let all transport aircrafts sprinkle water over the complete affected area, from Punjab to UP and from Himachal to Rajasthan, in and around Delhi where smog exists. I don’t know if our aircrafts can be modified to carry water but if need be let’s do it to our transport fleet. If the Government of India or for that matter Delhi goes to hire such aircrafts, it would be two seasons passed due to governmental delays. In case government hires aircrafts emergently, the exorbitant rates it might have to pay and how many people will make money needs to be considered. Yes, if we need to buy a few aircrafts which douse forest fires, let’s start the procurement process now for the next season.

The basic issue is the burning of stubble in Delhi & its neighbouring states. This year the farmers have already burnt what they had to but for next season let there be a massive logistics exercise by the Army or under the Army with Indian railways included. The complete fleet of the armed forces transport, civil hired transport (CHT) and goods train rakes be mobilised with adequate manpower by forming a grid across the affected states. As the farmers harvest, the trucks pick up the stubble and transport it to the remote desert of Rajasthan by rail and road.

Few things will happen; one, animals in Rajasthan’s will never go hungry. Two, thermal power plants can utilise this for generating power. Three, tremendous amount of compost can be generated which can be sent all over the country for farming. Four, in case Rajasthan wants to start organic farms along the IGC (Indira Gandhi Canal) I can assure you we will have radish (mooli) and carrots three feet long. Five, prices of vegetables will drop and six, there will be no need to import vegetables. The only thing is we will have to ban “Mooli Parathas” for obvious polluting reasons.

Let us try it out for one season. Let us have no burning of any crop waste. All this has to be done in a time bound manner and no one can beat the forces in punctuality. Let the government agencies clear all roads for passing of these huge convoys and railways give highest priority to such rakes. Let the CHTs be moved under the army supervision to places earmarked. Let a civil organisation get into fodder distribution and compost making so that well before the next crop all that was received is disposed off. Once the forces have shown the way let the civil administration take over and carry out this ritual as their primary duty to save people from pollution.

I am still not sure how do the developed countries expand their infrastructure without polluting their cities. Why Delhi needs to stop construction? Odd even rule needs to be followed but not with a double whammy that you quadruple the parking charges. Make Delhi so transport friendly that everyone commutes by public transport. If you count the number of cabs in Delhi the figure would be in many lakhs. Registered four wheelers may touch a figure of one crore plus. So rather than having 20 cars in the PMs Fleet can we reduce a few. Down the line Mantri’s who have such categories of security also need to prune their fleet. The Army Chief goes around with just two or three vehicles. Could anybody be a bigger target than the Chief himself? Let’s stop this show-sha bazi.

Well complete North India is gripped with this menace. Let us implement the short term measures today, plan for the long term in the next 30 days and be ready for its implementation in the next harvest season.

I gave this suggestion of using the forces in jest. You never know I might be given the Nobel Prize for “idiotic thinking”. If we as a force could do so many things for this country then why cannot we contribute to saving the residents of North India from this deadly pollution?

I have one more suggestion; someone needs to take the responsibility straight away irrespective of state, center, gram panchayat or whatever. The citizens have to stand up with the government now. Situation is becoming desperate. Stop this mind pollution, stop this venom and hatred spreading, stop all kinds of pollution of minority, majority, Hindu, Muslim. PM Sir, India is the biggest canvas where you can paint a collage. Let us see it emerging rather than it getting blurred in this mix of all sorts of pollutants. Will it be now or will it be never? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis



Someone said uproot the Taj Mahal, thereafter people came up with an idea to demolish the Rashtrapati Bhawan and Parliament. Then a few suggested the Red Fort too should bite the dust. I am amazed at how people think and add fuel to the already lit communal fire. One thing is clear, the way we are trying to tamper with history it will definitely have consequences.  What Aurengzeb did or did not do is not the question but had we Indians got the guts we should have not allowed him to invade us. Had we been united then we would have not allowed anyone to leave a landmark or any legacy. We aren’t united even today thus not learning from our history.

Be that as it may, I was thinking why not rename the Grant Trunk (GT) road. It was named Sher Shah Suri Marg once. Who was Mr SS Suri? Please dig into the history books to find out don’t ask me. A Punjabi song popular amongst truck drivers about the road were “GT road te, haye road te….” Bus drivers used to believe in, “Chak de phatte nap de killi, subha Jalandhar sham nu dilli”. I remember traveling this route by road as well as rail as a child and it used to be the most prestigious route called the NH-1 from Lahore to Calcutta. I have seen this road transform from a road to a Highway and that is history.

There was no direct bus or train service to Delhi from Kapurthala, my residence. The nearest place to get a bus or train was Jullunder now Jalandhar (change in history). A small bus stand on GT road Jalandhar used to be congested like hell. To identify a bus going to “Garha” village or Delhi was difficult. If the bus had its chassis bent, torn silencer, splattered with mud, doors missing, broken windows, hanging head lights and the radiator glaring at you over a half hanging fender one could assume this is a local bus. A nicely painted, well dressed driver, Jalwa horn blaring, cushioned seats, freshly cleaned if not painted body; with lots of hanging jhalars all around the bus was an indicator that this could be a long route bus. Of course the shout in short bursts, Dilli-dilli-dilli-dilli. The conductor used to make it very clear “Rah di sawari koi na hove” (passengers getting down enroute need not mount) and mark my words Phillor and Phagwara people were dropped only at Ludhiana.

GT road was broad though but did not have dividers in between then. I have seen it grow from two lanes to six lanes and to what it is today. There were hardly any flyovers. In those days buses and trains used to race side by side. Closer to Ludhiana somewhere near Dhandarikalan, “keenu” used to be a new citrus fruit introduced those days. The long route busses used to stop for a quick drink of freshly squeezed malta or keenu juice.

Ambala Cantt used to be a major junction and the trains used to halt long enough for dad to rush to Puran Singh da dhaba and get fresh mutton curry and tandoori rotis. From there reaching Delhi was either from the Meerut-Gaziabad route for Old Delhi or the Kurukshetra route for New Delhi. We mostly travelled to Old Delhi. Moment one heard the heavy sounds of those typical clangs and bangs on the common rail and Road Bridge on river Yamuna hugging the red fort walls one knew “Ab dilli door nahi” (Delhi is not far away). If history has to be changed then the Bombay-Ferozpur Frontier Mail and Delhi-Amritsar Flying Mail also need to be re-named.

Why not change its name into Akbar road, no-no not the Azeem-O-Shaan Sahensha but our very own indigenous Akbar saab who is now an MP. With no offences meant sir and no religious flavour as till date I am confused who was Akbar’s son, was it Babar or Humayun or neither. My history is pathetic as it is. I always get mixed up with the fathers and sons of that era. With the present generation they won’t even care to find out who was who and we talk of changing history.

Why not name it Noel Ellis road? Half of India will not be able to pronounce it first of all. The only qualification I have is that I am a common citizen of this country. Why history can’t be created by renaming a road on the “aam admis” name. Why do we always look up in history to name things after all those oldies, or all those political figures? Well, freedom fighters too now are being felicitated at many places. I gave my youth too for keeping the country’s sovereignty in tact by serving the motherland by being part of one of the finest Armies of the world. Yes people may say I am living person. I will argue lets create history by not naming something on somebody who is already dead.

These days I find only polarisation and hatred being spread. I do not accept it as a citizen of this country. All those who try to change history will become history themselves.  Today’s generation cares two hoots whether you name a road or a building on anything. We are a modern India so changing ancient history won’t work Mr Dhotiwala. Can you guys grow up? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


The BRRSI verdict is going to be out anytime now. Which side the verdict is going to go is quite clear from the bandobast that I see in and around Rohtak. It has been turned into a fortress of kinds. Imagine what difficulties the common man must be facing. More than hundred companies of forces deployed. Army is on standby in case of any eventuality. Dera is being evacuated with streams of followers exiting, most of them ladies that too senior citizens. What were they doing inside intrigues me? What will be their future? Neither BRRSI nor they themselves know.

What was so much of manpower doing inside the camp? They were producing nothing except CO2, H2S and manure. What education was being imparted there, God knows or was he conducting brain-washing sessions? I believe he castrated many men which I heard from testimonies of people who escaped his clutches. Well all this needs to be investigated. I would like to know the status of his real sisters too. Was the motive to have castrated males around his close cordon to save his sisters from the wrath of what he used to do to the other female disciples? Were the sisters aware of his adventures? All this is shrouded in mystery. His bubble has burst and many lives saved.

I am not sure if every follower who is leaving the camp is being properly docketed, their names and addresses etc. How long were they there? What all did they see and do in the dera? I could see that most of them are poor and basically the Punjabi speaking community. I was not aware that there were so many grades in the Punjabi society. Yes, once upon a time mom used to scare us that behave or else Nihang baba will take you away. I happened to visit Beas once as a kid and was quite surprised to see another massive Sikh establishment so close to Amritsar. A breakaway from the main stream I suppose. One was only interested in the tasty subsidised pakoras and langar food in those days. I know of people who turned vegetarians, non smokers and drinkers as they were going to take “Naam”. One never questioned that, as that was beyond my purview of things and still is. For me a Punjabi was a friend and jiggrey yaar, which sect, which guru he followed made no difference to me.

I have been explaining to people the difference between Catholics and Protestants often. In Protestants there are Methodists etc.  For a normal Indian a Christian is a Christian, that’s it. Similarly for me, a Sikh is a Sikh, a Hindu is a Hindu and a Muslim is a Muslim. To be frank Christianity is the most divided religion on earth today. People have modified the ways of worship that is all. Anyone who could convince a few people, lecture about the goodness and wellness of being close to God, show some spirituality, do some kind of miracle started to have a following. From one mouth to the other, one neighbour to the other and the chain continues. I would say that slowly these babas and babies become so influential that they gave targets as done in ponzy schemes. Besides, the insiders were threatened with dire consequences not to open their mouths. A person who has no other job, who is getting food, shelter, clothing and a safe place to stay with all facilities would rather play safe.

I am reminded that once I had gone to Mount Abu for a holiday with my family. Moment I stepped out of the bus a person approached me and handed me a pamphlet about “Bhramakumari’s”. I politely requested him not to pester me. Next day we took the tourism bus and the first place they plonked us was their ashram. Nice, neat and clean, nothing religious, a few ladies and a few gents dressed in whites were moving around. Then we were made to sit and listen to their story. Well, I was not impressed or interested in it at all. It was rather a pain to wait for the thing to get over as we were more interested in site seeing. Moment we came out, again a person approached me and asked me when you are joining the thing; I got cheesed off and told him to buzz off. I moved on and enjoyed the rest of the day culminating at the sunset point. I am not sure what those ladies follow or preach but I do not appreciate being indoctrinated into anything forcefully.

Well what I gather from the social media is that when one is oppressed that is the time when one is most susceptible and vulnerable to be carried away. Moment one finds solace, one tends to drift away under the wings of such frauds who promise peace of mind. Moment one starts believing in it you are done. The baba who gave you comfort latches on to your mind and exploits you, once you give in you are gone and there is no turning back. Thereafter, one cannot stand anything derogatory against the guru. Had this issue been nipped in the bud in 2007, things would not have taken such a drastic turn.

My only wish is that this man should be charged with treason. Every inch of his land and property anywhere in India should be sold off and all the losses made up. Let there be a law that any cult, any baba, any baby, any maa who thinks that politicians can be put in their pocket would be put in the clink. I also want to inform all politicians, dare you become black sheep of any of these God men and women for your political gains and donate even one paai of my had earned money from public fund to them, then you too should be booked for treason and impropriety. Will it make any difference to these baba’s and their black sheep, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


If I would have to ask any “premi” today what he or she achieved by burning what they burnt, breaking what they broke, injuring people whom they didn’t know, destroying national assets and dying on the streets of Panchkula unrecognised and for whom, probably they will have no answers. As a few would sit next to their fields watching the setting sun from their charpoy and ask themselves am I a Sikh, am I a Hindu or am I whatever religion. How did I get attracted to this person? How did I lose faith in my God? How I forgot my scriptures? How I got brainwashed by this fellow? Can I justify to myself what I thought of him? What I did to show my frustration yesterday? Was it the disbelief as I could not digest who this baba turned out to be? Was the annoyance and disappointment with my own self? Was all that I did correct?

What satisfaction did I get by putting so many states on tenterhooks? Were the railways my enemy? Was the press reporter an informer of the secret kind? Were the police personnel there to sing Arti & Ardas for you? Well, the answers can only be found and judged by those who participated as a supporter of this baba. He and his indoctrinated followers have shamed our nation beyond limits.

I grew up in Punjab and Haryana. I was deployed in these states many times. Such lovely people, such lovely spirit, such camaraderie, such big hearted people, happy go lucky people, such hard working people, such fantastic company, such solid friends and out of that lot emerge these people who got entrapped with this man’s charms that they could not understand fact from fiction. It all happened in that fraction of a second which the local government anticipated chaos but turned a blind eye to it.

The death toll must have reached half a century by now. This happened despite the courts giving clear orders to the Govt to use everything within their means to control the crowd. Our police were mere mute spectators and did not open fire. Two people in every area who thought that they will be able to destroy the state assets should have been shot below the knee, all supporters would have vanished into thin air within minutes. This man who would have come down to his knees would have deterred all the others from further rioting. The stigma and fear to be maimed and carry an amputated leg lifelong would have changed his thought process. Most of them would have run to save their own lives.

It is easy to decide to destroy but when one sees death so close you think a hundred times. When you know the police are approaching and there is a petrol bomb in your hand and a bullet hole in your knee the first thing one shouts is please save me. The second thing you hear is who gave me this Molotov cocktail (petrol bomb) and you disown it. Thirdly, you would have tried to prove that you are from the local area and had come visiting the place and not a rioter. Finally, you would have disowned the baba knowing the consequences of your arrest for destruction of public property. That is the effect of one bullet. You would have lived to tell the tale of the strictness of the police.

The police-walas were carrying weapons, I doubt if they were loaded. Why did he not fire at the rioters when in his full view they were destroying property, carrying out loot and arson? Or they were told not to fire. They why give them weapons danda’s should suffice. If a protestor can snatch away a weapon from him in broad daylight and his comrades stand as moot spectators. What does this show? That now from a banana republic we have become a bloody Kaddu republic?

The Army came out and within an hour protestors evaporated into thin air. Time and again it is the army that comes to the rescue of this nation. If one goes by the figure of the police big wigs floating in the state of Haryana can anyone justify this mayhem? What are the umpteen numbers of IGs, DIGs etc doing, chamchagiri of the political leadership. The people on ground who brought the situation under control were Colonels, Majors and our bahadur jawans. They organised themselves and moved out on their duty to get things under control. I say, why the Haryana administration didn’t hand over to the army in the first place. All these goons would have been put into the right place ab-initio.

If the last resort has to become the first resort then so be it. Why wait for things to escalate. The Army would have done this with minimum causalities. The riot leaders would have been identified, earmarked and on the cross wire of sharp shooters. One wrong move and a hole in the bum, second move and a hole in the head, period! Dera premi would have turned desh premi within one second. I pay taxes and these chaps have no right to burn my hard earned money. If they think they can burn national assets, then I should be given the right to put such miscreants on a pyre and burn them too.

It was the saddest day indeed for me to watch this tamasha of totally crippled State Government machinery. Media felt bad because media bore the brunt for the first time. Media can now ask for resignations of all and sundry. Media you need to now question the accountability of the politicians and every babu. Enough is enough. I now request the media to project the Armed Forces in the correct light of what they rightly demand. Premi’s have burnt their fingers. Panchkula and other places suffered for no reason but will anyone understand that the people who have taken an oath to save this country from external aggression and internal disorder get the izzat that they deserve, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!! (With due apologies to all the dhotiwalas, babus and khaki wardi walas)


© Noel Ellis


One baba has brought the North of the country to a standstill. 200 plus trains have been cancelled, 10 lakh potties on the road side and increasing every minute, as many plants and trees watered. 40 companies of CAPF mobilised, Army on standby, busses halted on the borders and so on. Air Force summoned in as I believe helicopter movement is on the cards. Poor Navy, they can’t mount warships on trailers or else they too would have been made part of a naval blockade in Panchkula. I am not ridiculing the navy but I am ridiculing the state of affairs in this country that just look at this person he can hold this country to ransom. Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh have declared holidays in schools and colleges till 28 Aug. Kya baat baba ji, where were you all these years. Police as usual is about to hand over the baton to the Army as situation may go out of their hands.

There have been a few more babas who were on my radar screen, one of them is languishing in Jodhpur jail and I don’t want to dirty my fingers typing about him. Then there is another baba who claims to have a third eye. He can somehow find out from smell of your burp the number of aloos missing in the aloo ka paratha which you fed to a black dog, on an amavasya, at the turning of the road near the kabristan. He can motivate you to distribute jalebis to all the diabetic patients. He can clear all blockages between you and your “kirpa” by trying to remember which place you belong, what khana or mithai or deity is famous in your hometown and then come out with weird solutions. Innocent people lap it up as the brainwashing is done by such ungodly men.  Hindustani today is just looking for solutions which are sasta and tikaau.

Well, today if you want to lead a colourful and peaceful life you either become a baba or a politician. No responsibility, tremendous fan following, catch the nerve of the janta, exploit the naive public, say anything and it becomes gospel, divert attention anywhere, exploit sentiments, give some jobs as your maintenance staff, money is not an issue as people donate, if they don’t they are made to donate for fear of God and dire consequences. Both ways the sufferer is a person like me. They make the rules, they break the rules, they tell me what to do and what not to do, and I simply follow. Why? because I am illiterate, if I am educated I don’t apply my brains, even if I apply my brains I am threatened of consequences, even then if I rebel I am one of the very few. Add religious and political fanaticism to it, like every political party today is saintly and holier than thou and every baba has become a politician. His voice for vote counts, so what is left for you and me is to follow them or be left out.

I was watching the type of people following this so called MSG. Either they were people who are senior citizens or they are the youth who are unemployed. I don’t say they are uneducated but are basically vellas. Who will leave the fields when the paddy crop is in full bloom? Who can leave their homes where there is family and cattle to look after? Who will join such a movement at the peril of his job? Who is ready to face consequences including death due to police action? They are people who have been completely brain washed or have reached such a stage of life where life and death doesn’t matter. Some youngsters may risk their lives for the compensation which their folks may receive after their death or injury.

Whatever said and done this trend is taking this country on a different turn. The path to attain moksha is given in all scriptures; the only thing is we go to the wrong people who interpret it for us in their own way. We in India are such blind followers of anything which is chanted with a mantra because our upbringing is such. Please, I don’t want to hurt any religion or sentiment. I just want to put across that we are blind followers of anything which shows us a ray of light or hope. We have lost faith in our own selves completely. I would say we go beyond that, moment we come out of the temple we start comparing our chappals and in case circumstances permit, we don’t hesitate to exchange ours in the very presence of our God. We make him witness to our crime and thank him for providing exactly what we needed. We donate an additional coin if the colour matches our dress. That’s what we are.

Our thoughts need transformation. It is time now when another baba may emerge. There is already one who started with yoga and now is marketing beauty soaps and shampoos.

Countrymen and women, let us not make matters worse, let us not lose lives. If this baba is upright and correct the courts will set him free but if he is not let him face the music. No one in this country is above law. In case the verdict holds him guilty just walk away from him. Who can’t make a mistake, we all are mortals. You would have made one in judging him as he did not reveal his other side to you. If he proves he is innocent then why do you worry? The inconvenience you are causing to the nation is tremendous. The loss that is being caused because of your blockage is unwarranted. Will your baba be “sachha” enough to foot the bill of all the forces deployed and all the destruction which occurs? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


The lotus has bloomed at many places this Holi, the hand shook hands with some, the broom failed to sweep, the cycle was damaged beyond repair and the rest is history. What has been gained and what has been lost in these elections that time will tell. I wish the parties all the best now to fulfil their dreams and desires to take the states to new horizons. This was obvious in pre poll bhashans, now I would like to see that whatever you were unhappy about improves drastically. I know it will need time, but I am an impatient voter. I have brought you in for a change. I voted for you for purely selfish reasons. I look forward to see Achhe din, from all the parties which will make governments. If you guys fail me, I will have no choice but to bear with you for the next five years otherwise I shan’t give you another chance.

My issue today is how can national priorities be less significant than the party priorities? How can the nation be left into a lurch in guise of peoples need, for whatever reasons. Well let me put it point blank, because I am from a defence community which bears the brunt by losing lives in line of duty every day. Yes friends, I am not happy with the decision of moving the defence minister. Imagine, in one day a man who was responsible for everything related to defence will suddenly now go back from where he came. All the hard work which he might have put in, all the policies which he would have evolved, all the decisions he would have taken, the style of functioning which he would have brought in for the working of the defence ministry would change overnight.

The people of Goa have decided that he should be the Chief Minister. What were the people of Goa doing till now? Let all of us from the armed forces also send a petition to the PM that the country’s defence is more important than one state. I cannot list out what Mr Parrikar has done for the forces since taking over which the Chiefs can answer better. In fact they should be the ones who should be consulted whether it would be prudent to move him immediately.  On the other hand it was quite surprising that India did not have an exclusive Defence Minister till Mr Jaitley shifted to pure finance. I am upset, how can we be so casual and callous about a post which is involved in real battle day in and day out with both the internal and external enemies. We have deals in the pipe line which no one else but the defence minister would have lined up. There would be policies which would have been worked out in great details which the new incumbent would take at least a year to understand especially OROP and details of 7th pay commission (selfish me). There would be Secrets which would only be known to the defence minister and now it would be known to another minister and in case he too changes then one can understand how many ears would know and how many mouths will speak. Official secrets act is good for just signing on the first on Jan every year that’s all. Defence deals can be done by bureaucrats, minister saab was just a stamp it appears.

Politics and especially this kind of politics increases my dislike for the people who do it. I am convinced now that the arrogance of winning is getting to the head. I have to be prepared for such decisions which now will be taken more often. Who am I to even think of questioning it? Had BJP not got the desired number of seats which they got today in Goa, could they have dared to think of making a government? Mr Parrikar would have continued to be defence minister. Today, the defence ministry is headless. Had the PM been so much in love with his desh and desh wasis he should have first announced that who will be the replacement of the defence minister. Goa is not running away to the Portuguese again but every second delayed in terms of a defence decision will surely lead to some enemy taking advantage of the situation. I wish this contingency should have been thought out well in advance. Before firing India’s defence minister to Goa, a successor should have been geared up. I hope now someone with a defence background is put in that chair, enough of tomfoolery.

Politics if compared to Holi proves by the end of the day one cannot make out the real face of a person. That is what I see happening at the highest political level. People are changing colours so fast in the name of party and politics that the real intention of the face and person is getting blurred. This nation cannot progress if we do not grow above party politics. India is being harmed like hell in the name of what people want.  Politicians in power are being too self-centred. What the neta’s want; it is my party, my win, my man, my ideas which are being plastered on the common man forgetting why we became national leaders. I conjecture the aim was to get in more members to the Rajya Sabha and votes for the presidential Electoral College so as to bring in your man as President of this country. For this the PM and his cabinet camped away from the real place of work for days. Aim achieved, bills will now be passed faster, our men will be in the highest positions, colour of the mask does matter, colour of the scarf does matter, the man behind the mask need not matter.

All these are my apprehensions folks; I am seeing a change in the Indian polity, which is definitely required. I know to take tough decisions; the colour of the party dress has to be the same. I also agree that some decisions may not be palatable to everyone like this one of side stepping the Defence Minister for selfish reasons as I see it. I would only request the PM, that sir; defence is no joke, nor child’s play. Kindly be serious and let us not leave the defence ministry headless. Such appointments should never be touched even if party pressures force you to do it, otherwise comedians can also fit the bill of the defence minister. Will you get the deeper meaning of what I plead Mr PM? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


I was getting excited to see the campaign in Punjab heating up. Will it be “the Jahru” “the hand”, “the lotus”, “the weighing scale”, or some mix and match as per convenience for these elections? The jharu went into the wrong hands in Delhi and then there was a disaster, the weighing scale weighed too many lotuses but survived through its term. Let us see how things work out now. Badal’s are not the hot favourites for sure. The Captain’s stars have lost their shine, but the new broom in Punjab it appears will sweep better. Well, I for one am not really bothered who comes or goes frankly, what I am interested is in good governance for the people of Punjab. The way baba and Modi ji are portraying the picture of Punjab it appears that every Punjabi is a druggie, every Punjabi is a thief, every Punjabi is poor, every Punjabi is uneducated, there are no roads existing in Punjab, there is no industry in Punjab, the agricultural land is producing nothing, the rivers have dried up, every farmer is going to commit suicide soon, finances are in deep red, so on and so forth. That is what it appears when one heard these leaders who spoke in rallies and road shows in Punjab.

Rahul baba should not be taken seriously, as however hard he may try by saying JO BOLE SO NIHAL; he cannot garner the josh in the Punjabi’s. Yes, Navjot Siddhu who has rediscovered himself back to his origins I believe and found “the hand” may have some potential. I feel it is too late now, people can see through him. Captain can fire, but his barrel is reaching the end of fair wear and tear, so it may not last as long, and if we expect some shake up to happen could be from the sweeping instrument party. People want a change as usual, so there is no other alternative than to chose a broom, which may sweep or may not sweep that time will tell. The lotus is deep into “Keechad”, but with the “balance” tilting towards the broom they appear to be holding on steadfast to the weighing scale. Moment they are off the balance, they could be written off.

Be that as it may, I wasn’t impressed at all with the speech of PM Modi. Reasons I shall tell you as I go on, but first of all my issue is that when I have been elected as a Prime Minister of a country, I should cease to be of any party per se. I am PM of the country and that’s it. Ethically and morally I feel it is absolutely wrong for the Prime Minister to get involved in any state level politics as now you represent the country only. Yes, if Mr Amit Shah the BJP President had addressed the rally, I can understand. But PM Sahib you need to bring this change. You may belong to the BJP, but you are way above and beyond that as on today. Your every word matters, you are aware of the national policies, you can divert funds towards Punjab and you can influence lot of things even at this last moment, which in my view is unfair to all others.

Why were you flown in an IAF helicopter, if you were attending this rally as a BJP karyakarta? You had no business to engage the IAF services for your personal or party use. Yes, had you flown in for some flood relief or any other disaster, by all means you are authorised and entitled to use the service aircrafts or any service facilities. But if you are PM and attending your party rally, please stop it as it doesn’t give “shobha” to a person of your stature to misuse the air force. The sortie would have been better utilised for training or for that matter for avalanche rescue in J&K. I consider that as more important than you addressing a rally to beg for votes for your party and its alliance. Had you people worked hard enough, the need to stoop to your negative comments about anyone would have never arisen. I kind of felt hurt, when you highlighted the so called misdeeds of others, and only highlighted what you had done across the country. I am sure Punjab would be included in that so what is so special. It was a total negatively charged rally, with just one aim, to influence the voter of Punjab to be misguided, misled, and remain confused, so as to be brainwashed to stamp on the lotus or balance. Not done sir. Play the game fair and square. It only lowers your status and stature in my eyes at least.

I was also watching the Kejriwal effect in the lanes of Punjab. Well, I found people acknowledging this person too. They knew about him more than his candidates. Well, I wish him luck. In case he can build in a strong front, may be things may drastically improve. Hope all the things I have said in my opening paragraph could be addressed within days of a new government. Can things change overnight? It is not possible unless a miracle happens, and in politics it is more of a surprise which happens than a miracle. People just want a peaceful, happy, healthy life. Please give them that.

A word about “CHITTA”, has any party announced the ways and means to get hold of the source of it? Has any party told how will they eradicate its availability and distribution chain? Has anyone thought about the rehabilitation of each individual who is affected by this drug? Modiji and baba ji, just by saying that you will eradicate this menace moment you step in is roaming in wonderland. The magic wand of the fairy only is in fairy tales, here its actual people, actual humans involved. The infrastructure for drug-rehab, the medicines, and the follow up, the staff and the direct action to eradicate the transit facility of this dastardly thing has not been discussed anywhere I suppose. Let’s have a road map against all abuses please. Include the abuse of power from a public platform which PM Sahib did.

Well, I have a special soft corner for this state and it shall always remain. From my birth certificate, upbringing, schooling, first postal address, the pin code was 144601. My first vehicle was registered in this state; I got married and brought my wife to Punjab. My dad’s grave is in that place. I did one tenure in Punjab while in the army. What more can I claim! Today, when I see the state being portrayed in such poor light, it hurts me. As a kid, I remember the local MLA Mr MILKHI RAM, roaming on a bicycle and doing things for Kapurthala, good old days they were. However, I want Punjab to flourish again. Let there be a green, white and blue revolution again. I want it to be the most prosperous states irrespective of whichever party rules. I want Punjab and its people to win. Will Mr Modi or xyz do a miracle? Or will these party rallies be to only win elections and then see how the wheel of prosperity can be reinvented in Punjab? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


As I see this “Jallikattu” controversy raging and refusing to die down, I feel the local sentiments should always be preserved. The steam engine gave way to other locomotives but we still preserve a few for posterity sake. I don’t know the Tamil for cow, goat or buffalo but one thing is sure that now due to media exposure, I know all the breeds of these tamilian bulls, their qualities, the origins of this tradition, the modifications which came by and by and the present state of this form of animal cruelty for some, entertainment for some, tradition for some, prize money for some, risk for some, adventure for some, above all its a big pass time for many. Can it be declared a national holiday? I have no issues. I am no one to decide all this.

I was just thinking as to why are the traditions of cart racing, bull fighting, cock fighting etc dwindling away. Is it that we as a society are evolving? Is it that we do not like the atrocities on animals and birds? Or is it that we really want to finish these traditions? Well, slowly the bullock carts went into oblivion, so did the traditional oxen I suppose. I remember as a child the carts used to move on wooden wheels. Carts used to be lined up at the “Mandi” gates with loads of “Jhona”(Rice) and “Kanak”(Wheat). Slowly the wooden wheels were replaced with truck wheels and tyres, and then with tractors and trolleys. There used to be long lines of tractors and trolleys carrying sugarcane outside the sugar mills of Phagwara. Pulling out an odd sugarcane through the bus window was a common site and a matter of pride. All that now has been replaced by mechanised forms of transport. The bulls and oxen I find are now left on the streets to beg for food, and a matter of awe for the foreigners to paint India in a different colour.

I can never forget my maiden and only journey on a bullock cart from a village called Lakhan Kalan in Kapurthala to our residence in Sainik School. It was a seven odd kilometre journey but took us around 4-5 hours. Reason, we missed the last bus from there. I remember day turned into night, and it was winters. The person whom we had gone to visit, his wife and one son drove us home. I am talking of the year 1969-70. He had lighted a lantern under the cart which kept dangling and half the time it used to be extinguished due to a jerky stops by the bullocks, his two dogs in tow which stayed close to the cart. I remember we went jumping up and down the cart, running along, getting tired, jump and sit facing backwards on the cart again with feet dangling. Picking up and chewing on a sugarcane piece, anticipating the “Khaddas”, pleading to uncle to get the bullocks on the run. His typical conversation with the oxen intrigued us. His cane used to reprimand them sometimes and then guided them to turn or to move fast. One can never forget that scene. The animals understood every signal, every scold, and every word but kept moving with all of us loaded.

Dad and mom were worried due to the stray dogs snarling at us. Roads were nonexistent in fact it was a clay track with huge potholes, if depressions is an exaggerated word. The wheels were getting stuck as the water which spilled over from the fields had made that fine clay impassable. But hats off to the “Pilot”, and the effort of the bullocks, he steered his cart to our home. It was winter time; we had hay on the cart, thick rajais, a sugarcane bundle, Chana, popcorns, mungfali bought from the “Mai” at the end of the village, who was especially requested to roast them for us.

We reached home around 8 pm, dirty as dirty could be. I remember dad went on his ladies cycle to the market bought some dal and rotis for all of us. They could depart back to lakhan kalan after having dinner. Next Sunday when uncle met us in church, he told us that they had to spend the night midway under the open skies, as the bullocks had got tired and had to be watered and fed. Well, good old days, brought back memories. By the way, we plucked muli, shalgam and gajjar’s enroute at will. The “Amrood’s” were not spared either. No one objected, we all had fun, we all were dead tired and we all sang songs all the way in half hindi, half Punjabi. The return gift auntie gave us was a big bundle of raw “Sarson da Saag”. It was a journey of a life time and shall remain etched in my memory for ever.

With the evolution of the “Jugaar” (make shift bullock cart) which can be used as a cart, to a school bus, to a trolley, to run a generator, to run a motor for crushing sugarcane, to run a tube well, to travel for a marriage, to bring “pathaas” (fodder) and you name it. The tradition of keeping oxen died down in Punjab at least. The traditional bullocks and their carts disappeared somewhere. Was it the unaffordable cost of new oxen, was it their slow speed, was it the less weight they carried, was it inconvenience or was it the high cost maintaining a pair of bullocks?  Well, your guess is as good as mine.

Let me talk of our dear “MAJH” (Buffalo) too, the black darling which gives milk. She too faced her ups and downs. I remember going to Punjab Agriculture University as a kid to see the high yielding variety of cows and that is the time I saw the Holstein and Jersey cows. We used to wonder looking at the udders how much milk would they contain. When told around 40 litres, our jaws fell flat. The local majh gave from 12-15 litres and here it was more than double. Then we used to wonder how much stamina would the man have who would milch them. We were told friend’s milk is extracted by vacuum and suction pipes. It was a vow moment for us. We as kids were amazed at the progress of science and technology. Punjab was really the highest milk producer. Well, we never bothered we just drank milk, pure, sure and healthy milk. No adulteration, no chemicals, no fertilizers, just choose your Bhains or “majh” and get the milk. One glass of milk in the morning and one in the evening was tradition. White makhhan was abundant, Malai was never restricted, dahi was a must for lunch, in between Bhole ki lassi. Milk was given to us in every form. I am not sure whether glucose was ever given to a Punjabi patient. Given a choice they would force milk into a patient’s vein if not desi ghee.

Folks, our animals are in danger alright, but why haven’t we made them so popular that other countries ask for them for research and development. Why isn’t our cattle bred the way the other cattle rearing countries do. Traditions need to stay and they need to be preserved but can we save our animals and birds from hurt, suffering, torture, injury and death while preserving our traditional customs and glorious past, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


I have been mulling over it since yesterday after receiving a call from a retired Air Marshal, about my article on the subject which went viral. I could understand the deep hurt and anguish he felt like many of my fellow veterans, by the conduct of a General, who has joined the political battleground recently. Actually, my excitement knew no bounds when such a senior officer gave a call. My chest kept swelling with pride, but my mind kept working on why it made the Air Marshal react. Definitely, he did not approve of the Generals conduct; he felt that there is more than something amiss. He was convinced that the image of the Armed Forces was being tarnished by such behaviour of such a senior officer. He was sad and deeply concerned about the dilution of the ethics, the traditions and values associated with the armed forces. Sir, my salute to you for talking to a Mr Nobody, I had never spoken to a Chief ever before and I cannot explain my inner happiness speaking to a fatherly figure.

Firstly, any Chief who retires, should he join politics is the question? I say he should never. If still he joins politics what role is he best suited for? Well, to argue that if we as a fraternity do not join politics then how shall “we” be represented in the parliament? How do we get what is needed for the defence establishment of the country including veterans? Fine, so should we leave our military upbringing behind and try and ape the politicians. Some of them are not worth their salt. Simply by wearing a kurta-pyjama we are nowhere near politics per se. Instead, we surely embarrass “our community” more by speaking out of turn, out of place, out of context, basically foot in the mouth disease. I have seen one Chief who joined politics and has never been dealing with the Defence Ministry. There is a Colonel who was an Olympian, but has never been to the starting blocks of the Sports Ministry. The other retired officers I won’t mention. I am sure they all would be doing a lot for the country if not defence to say the least.

Let me just say, all key appointments assisting the Trump administration will be veterans. Why can’t ours be too? Why can’t our chiefs who volunteer after retirement also be made ministers directly? In US the President can choose his team from the experts in the field, in India we have to get elected first, field does not matter, expertise makes no difference, and education doesn’t matter. It is only the votes which matter. So except for a Gen, who could win elections, do we as veterans stand a chance? No way! This OROP and pay commission issue he would have dealt with in various appointments when he was in uniform, and now that he is in the right place where he can make things matter, I don’t find him involved directly at all. He may be justified in continuing his “desh-sewa” alright, but we the veterans feel let down. Can the General save the veterans and their kin from fast unto death, or is he waiting for it to happen and then react. I request him to please contribute rather just being subservient to his political masters.

Be that as it may, can we take a poll of how many Ex Chiefs would like to join politics? Will they like to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha and thereafter hold various ministries like many MPs who even after losing the elections are ministers. Finance Minister who looked after defence and Textile minister who had HRD with her are live examples. Well sir, do we need to take lessons from there. Why can’t our Generals, Air Marshals and Admirals run any ministry? It is food for thought folks.

What does the corporate think of as a retired fauji? Most of us are considered security walas, a head chowkidaar, a chap who will ensure that the corporate toilets are clean, the MDs booking to Pattaya is done business class, his fleet of vehicles is looked after the best, all stationary bills and office equipment is rationalised, food is made of the best quality and served to everyone in situ, all accommodation hired is the cheapest, etc-etc. basically we are head butlers of kinds. Our duties also included looking after and pleasing all senior government guys, collectors, mayors, and police stations in our jurisdictions with cuts and gifts fixed for them. The corporate only uses our ranks and our deportment to breakthrough to senior officials.  Well, we are doing it and most of it is against our wishes, can’t help it as have a family to look after, as most of us retired as colonels and below. We have to live a whole life and have liabilities to finish.

Why couldn’t Gen say that he wants to stand for the President of India’s post? Governor is a political post alright, supported by a political party alright, but the Supreme commander of the armed forces, besides being the titular head of the country where the PM and his cabinet are advisors to the President is a different ball game altogether. Why has he fallen from grace to come to the grass roots of Punjab politics? There are many people who become preachers, social workers or run NGOs and really serve humanity. Are you seriously talking about the welfare of the people of Patiala? Sir do not “pill”, don’t pull a fast one, don’t maro satta’s, don’t confuse us veterans in NDA parlance.

Coming to the morals and values of a Chief, the decorum which comes with your appointment, the awe and aura which is affiliated with a General and a Governor, the sense of responsibility which is expected out of such capable people like you is missing. The conduct which is expected of you, the ethos which you should bring with the rank you wore, the purity, clarity and the clear cut aims of your mind should well show. A leader of one of the biggest armies suddenly stoops so low, is uncalled for, unheard of, unacceptable, unwarranted, objectionable to most of us. The language you use in vernacular, the courtesies that you have forgotten, the politeness and gentlemanly behaviour which is expected out of person of such high esteem is nowhere to be found. Sir, may I request you on behalf of most of us veterans, and especially the very senior lot who wore ranks equivalent to you or near yours, to let them live in dignity. Let them not answer on your behalf, as this cruel world is now questioning their integrity and their conduct. The civil now sees those veterans in the same light as you; they are not only tormented but distressed by your conduct and refuse to be equated like that.

I hope you know that people are calling you JAMANAT JABT SINGH, even before you have started your political career. The way you want to knock out the Captain, it appears we need to declare an RSC (Referee Stop Contest), firstly because you don’t know the rules of the game, secondly you only know how to hit foul, most of your boxes are below the belt and lastly lest we forget, let us give some izzat to our senior who all his life has done politics and you only “Jarnailey” and “Governorshahi”. So do you get it General, it is a call from the community which you form part of. Will you pay heed, or will you be used and thrown by the Badals, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


I was reminded of two movies which have been my long time favourites; one was “An Officer and a Gentleman”, and the other “Pretty Woman”. The hero in both is Richard Gere. A poor orphan in the first one and a stinking rich businessman in the other, and in both he proved to be a Gentleman to the core. In the first he did not quit though his sergeant Major, the Drill instructor grilled him till he almost gave up. In the other he decided to bring out the best of a lady in Julia Roberts at whatever cost. From being a woman of ill repute to a woman who is the most sophisticated on earth, he taught her to behave like a queen. A big contrast in the story lines but a glaring similarity too. In the end the goal was to make the man and the lady the toughest, mentally, physically and to be at their behavioural best, to be the best in their conduct, and to be proud of whatever they were and are, isn’t it? Well, now let me bring in a different tadka of General JJ Singh (Retd) in it. I am sure half of your mouths flavour would have got spoilt. Well I am going to discuss a few things of what I see of him on TV now and what I as a veteran feel about it.

I know I should not discuss such a senior, respectable and honourable officer, who served as my Chief of Army Staff, and later went on to become the honourable Governor of Arunachal Pradesh. I am sure all his details can be seen on Wikipedia. I was awestruck at the decorations he has, besides the ones which come with age and profile of service. He has the PVSM, AVSM, SM, VSM, Wound Medal and an Officer of the Legion of Honour of France, in all 21 medals and decorations. I salute you sir. I am sure you would have reached the coveted post of COAS with sheer hard work and toil. Then you also became Governor of a state due to your knowledge of the intricacies and complexities of things there, I assume. Today, you have decided to enter into the political arena and that too against your rival, an Ex-NDA at that. May be you were a course or two junior to the Capt against whom you have decided to contest elections in Patiala. Well, how, when why, what of the decision of you joining politics is purely your internal bandobast, but for me as veteran and mango man, what when why that has gone wrong in the way you conduct yourselves after joining politics has become an issue.

The first thing we were taught in NDA was to respect your seniors, right. The second thing was obey orders, right. Today you are not even a second termer in politics, and you are telling a sixth termer who has lived and fought politics all his life, in NDA parlance been even relegated many a times when he lost elections and you are trying to take his place. You are not even a “Green Horn” where as he in his final term, in fact he is about to pass out and you decide to contest and beat him. Well I wish you luck. I am sure you are getting into the novices boxing ring where you all hardly know one other. You are raw and are put into the boxing ring against your will. Even if by a far chance should I consider the Captain a novice in the game, he has been a champion boxer in his school, TANNNNN, the gong has been struck sir, box on.

Last night I was watching a show on NDTV, where you and Sachin Pilot were discussing your “fight” in Patiala. You know what, you are not even fit for novices boxing is my view. The way Sachin conducted himself with grace and finesse and mind you with so much of respect for you, not as a rival but because you had been a General, you should be grateful. He laughed at your inexperience and thankfully left you with your pants on. Sir, one more thing which the Academy taught us was to be Gentlemen, and I found you to be more of an uncouth person, who suddenly has forgotten all the virtues, values and manners which one has picked up all your lives. Do you remember how the seniors used to treat us? Did you ever utter a word in NDA? Or were you a sissy, that after every fall in you ran to your Div-O to put that senior up. That is what it appeared to me that after leading an Army and a state, today you have turned into a sissy of sorts by resorting to hitting below the belt. You are not talking face to face with the Captain; you are giving an opinion or a statement about him in his absence and comparing yourself with Donald Trump. A gentleman was taught to sort things out face to face, and not use the media as a tool to defame the other person. Let me in the same breadth not give an impression that Capt is my favourite, or I am a congress man. But let me also tell you that you may have joined whichever party; they know they can never win here and shall have this one seat less for sure. The deposit that you give for this election, the election commission has already started to say cheers and party in anticipation that it shall be forfeited.

The basic principal of fauj, when you went to establish a new post was to recce, familiarise, see the routes of ingress and egress, see your bottle necks, look for cover, camouflage and concealment, cover your approaches based on your priorities, in fact get hold of “Khabar Dushman ki” first. You have got the appreciation totally wrong; instead of digging in you have gone for an attack which is an offensive operation. So how many marks should the invigilator give you? If you have got the basic funda of which ops of war to apply, God only help you. You were not made Chief in one selection board; you went through your paces. Here you want to take Pakistan, along with China in one go, without preparation and ground work. Do ponder over it and get the basics right General.

I do not mean to offend you, and I do not mean to hurt you, but I only want you to play the game fair and square like you yourself say. The results would be the culmination of your verbal and other battles. You would know that day as to how much more you got to put in to achieve your goal and again as it used to be drilled into us that JOSH KE SAATH HOSH; I think you don’t have either. I still wish you luck; I would love to see you fare like a gentleman; I would like you to give a fight to the Captain till the last second of the round. I would request you to learn to control your verbal horses, which you leave lose especially when you try to speak your mother tongue when vernacular media is around you. Are you listening officer, will you fight like a gentleman, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


I was not surprised when I saw Raga garlanding Sherry (Navjot Sidhu) and welcoming him to the folds of the “hand”. Well, good luck to him and good luck to Punjab. May he see all his dreams materialising for his state. But I have yet to understand politics and more so these politicians. Sherry has become one and a hard core one at that. He has changed his party which has stamped my belief that politics in India is a matter of convenience. After having served the BJP for so many years, suddenly he switched gears. I would rather say a sideways gear, as it is neither forward nor reverse. It is like hopping on to any train which is moving. Destination is unknown, time of reaching its destination is unknown, the people along side you are unknown, but because you love to travel, you hop on. Or you have nothing else to do so you hang on to the footrest. The foothold has already been established by your wife, so now latch on and hope for the best.

I have known him as a sportsman, and a great one at that. He has got out on zeros at many crucial times. Will this inning with a new team bring out the best in him? I can hope against hope, or will it be a failed experiment that time shall tell. Sherry, can you explain to me that how can you suddenly change from playing from India, which is at the top today to playing for Zimbabwe which is at the bottom as per the ICC test rankings. Here I am comparing the two countries which are the topmost team in cricket supposedly the topmost party in Indian politics. How can one just switch sides as per one’s own likes and dislikes? Either you should not have joined them, or you should have been loyal enough not to leave them. I don’t understand this business of changing tracks midway or as and when you want. Well, the decision is yours, the convictions are yours, the compulsions are yours, your mindset, I am not aware of, but what I see is what I don’t kind of enjoy. Had you brought in another front in Punjab, I would have understood it. Had you and your wife started a changed style of politics I could have fathomed it, but riding on a horse which is neither dead nor alive, but just a horse, is a little unpalatable to me as a fan and a well wisher of yours.

Many of you would ask me who are you? Yes, I am a mango man. I am not from pahle AAP. I am not a SAD man. I am indeed not from the HAND that rocks the cradle from Delhi. I am not a saffronly dressed person carrying a lotus either. I am just a common citizen, who wants the best for this country, and Punjab in particular. Well, I was born, brought up and educated in that state. I can speak as good Punjabi as any of my friends from Lousiana can speak. Though it has been ages that I set foot on that soil again, but whenever I see a person in a turban, I feel like approaching him in his mother tongue which was mine many moons back. This should suffice the curiosity for my affiliations to this vibrant & joshila state, the state which has the most hardworking and loving people.

Now comes the CAPT, who is into his twilight years as far as politics is concerned, which he says so that it is going to be his last elections, whether he wins or he loses. Sir, I think you are putting in too much effort at this age and service for the nation. I know you cannot rest till either you capture your objective, or be martyred while capturing it. I don’t mean it in the literal sense, but as a figure of speech, that till you lose elections. Well sir, how your relation is going to be with Sherry, is a very big question mark. I know as a party loyalist and a loyalist of the Gandhi family, you will accept all what they decide. Sir, I hope it is you who call the shots for Punjab and not the High Command as you know best. I am certain the way you know each and every gali of the pinds of Punjab, raga is no match. I would rather urge you to keep him out of Punjab. He can make you lose a winning battle by his mere presence is my view. I know the congress loyalists will shoot me down, but that is my view. Sir, that yesterday’s kid, who gets mixed up with the history of this country, cannot be made a leader to dictate terms to you. Yes, like the chiefs controversy that who was the senior most should have become the Chief, so I feel there should be no doubt that you stand tall as far as the CM candidate goes. Hope they don’t make a cock tail out of “SHERRY” which neither gives a kick nor a punch. I would rather be served a nimbu-pani or a mock tail instead.

Well Sherry, my advice to you, if you want to really make a difference to the state and the party you have joined, join hands with the Capt, chalk out a new plan to capture the objective, make a frame work of better governance in Punjab, then go all guns blazing, take it or leave it . There can’t be two captains of a team for sure. It is sad that Dhoni has resigned but still continues to play, but will the CAPT resign, and still continue to guide the congress team in Punjab, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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