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[ninja_form id=1]Gone are the days when Gandhi ji used to go on a fast and the world used to get shaken up. I think the British gave up because his fast was a more deadly weapon then any gun. PM Sahib decided to do the same. He is on a fast as a mark of protest because our representatives stalled all work in our “Gole Market”. It appeared more like a “Gole Macchi Market”. The basic decorum and the discipline of the august houses suddenly evaporated into thin air. PM Sahib must be in a terribly angry mood to take this action. Indeed it is very unfortunate for India but who cares.

I remember we used to ask the Adjutant, how is the bosses’ mood? Last minute check used to be with the COs runner, if he nodded his head straight, then you had a chance to put across your argument. If he nodded sideways meant hell is going to break loose. One entered the COs office at one’s own risk. Many times if you were called, you meekly asked the adjutant Sir, what is the agenda? His simple answer used to be “Danda”. There was no use for any guess about your condition when you came out. A good adjutant used to keep a chilled glass of nimbu pani in summers or a hot cup of tea in winters ready, knowing the aftermath of the firing you got.

Imagine if PM saab is in a foul mood and tells his secretary to call a few ministers to his office. Finance Minister, asking for a chilled nimbu pani “in winters”, holding a shredded noting sheet of a few lakh crores which the PM just tore off for no reason.  DM coming out all guns blazing at the Chief’s, stating PM passed though Delhi Cantt and found the Chuna-Geru was not up to the mark. Transport Minister trying to send a message to avoid meeting to the PM stating he is struck in a traffic jam. Foreign Minister already on a flight to Bhutan, when asked why? She says, because of that dhokla issue or was it dhoklam, she forgot.  General Saab already fit-chuted and ready to para jump over Iraq, just in case some more Indians had to be brought back.

Bosses mood was an indicator for things to come our way. It was like the daily horoscope. I remember one of them used to get in good moods moment you talked about a party. Who is throwing it and for what reason was beside the point. Another one used to be a bridge enthusiast; so one could wait till the cows came home and have lunch at dinner time, office started after that. One used to be that training type, if your dangri smells of sweat and your patka is full of sand, it was ok with him. So you knew what to do moment you saw him, just do a front roll in the sand and your day was through. One was a stickler for punctuality, one second late for any parade meant you were on leave that day.

In the civil I find mood swings more and very difficult to predict. He will talk soft but mean harsh. He will record every incident and keep quoting it, till you die. They provoke you and make you react, burden you ‘without resources’, backtrack from their words, mean something & say something. They assume that you will interpret what they say in a manner what they don’t mean. At least in the fauj a boss used to fire you, abuse you, kick you, and shout at you but at the end of the day things were forgotten over a drink. If he was really annoyed, he sent on an LRP (Long Range Patrol).

Be that as it may, where will the PM go to express is displeasure? For him, our diversity is now becoming our divisiveness. We are no more united. Everyone wants a bigger chunk of the pie. If not then hamper parliament proceedings. That’s what the reason is for the PM to react. How do you control such people, the PM per force has to go on a fast to show his unhappiness; a sad state for India.

I consider it a matter of shame if the PM has to go on a fast like this. Knowing the Indian mentality it will make no difference to any of those elected representatives who did not let the houses function. Had these guys thought about the country first, things would have been different? I wish the PM follows our adjutant and introduces stalls of Nimbu Pani and Chai outside both the houses, for all MPs found misbehaving. When will this Gole Machhi Market return to the stature and maintain the dignity required of our Parliament? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Time is fast approaching when we as a nation have to get out of the mentality of I, me myself. The country is burning on issues which should be non issues. We have a PM who is running around the world to fill in the voids of the years of neglect by approaching them with an open heart and open mind. Here we are in our own country trying to create a situation which perfectly matches to prove that we have a blocked and narrow mind. Today, face book posts can be the cause of death of people. I think if this is how we as a society are then half the country should be dead. Lynching has become a norm it seems. Conjectures have become the basis of taking out personal animosities. I can understand the changes which have come in due to the technological advancements but reaching to such a low is rather painful and condemnable. We shall be looked down upon by the world but do we care. The jumla “SANU KEY” or who cares stands good.

We are a fragmented society and fragmented like hell. Let’s not blame the Brits; they divided us to suit their requirement. We never united thereafter to suit ours. Don’t blame them for separating India-Pakistan, we are ourselves to blame. Everyone wanted to take advantage of the situation which existed at that moment and the result is what we are today. United we stand divided we fall, is an age old adage and it could not be more true the way things are happening in this country. It will take many PMs and his likes to get us as one nation together. If only we Indians want to get united.

It all started with the princely states who did not want to give up their kingdoms. Patel did the dirty work and got them under one flag. Pakistan poked its nose along with China during partition; those fires are still simmering, in fact burning at places. Division of states of Punjab & Haryana started another kind of rift. Gujarat was carved out of Maharashtra. Goa was still under Portuguese rule; northeast was never satisfied with its division, East and West Bengal are not happy even after formation of Bangladesh. J&K went on the boil and is still smouldering. Punjab had its ups and downs. Now Gorkhaland resurfaces. The Naxals are not happy; thank God the Anand Margi’s have vanished. Tamil Nadu doesn’t see eye to eye with both Kerala and Karnataka. Basically, states are divided too.  Beyond this the reservations for every community, the majority and minority, my goodness Lord from where shall I begin and where will it end.

I haven’t added the Hindu Muslim Sikh Isaai angle as yet. The tarka of gau-rakshaks, anti beef vigilante and their ilk have also to be sub-factored. By the way there is another division which is clearly visible like in the railways and airlines. They still have First class and second class of kinds, thank God there is no more third class remaining though there is III AC. Airlines have business and economy. The caste systems are inherent in our society and let’s accept it that it still prevails. Then there are these politicians who have only done nothing but appeasement politics and politics for corruption. They have definitely been adding fuel to the fire. My country burns thus I am in a tizzy now helpless and waiting for a miracle to bail us out it seems.

We have one bowl of grain and 1000 mouths to feed and increasing by the minute. Can we just feed our favourites? Should we feed the hungry? Should we feed the needy? Should we feed the greedy? Should we set a feeding procedure? Should we fix a feeding quota? How do we go about it? Should we reduce the mouths to feed? Should we bring another bowl of grain? Should we start growing our own grain? Should we subdivide our bowl to feed selective people? Unfortunately the bowl has also developed a leak. So should we plug the leak or loot the spill? Should we get smaller bowls to feed? All these questions are relevant. The issue here is that some of the grains in the bowl have also gone sour and bitter. The grains are not fit for consumption. The mixture in the bowl has become adulterated as trying to feed so many mouths has led to diluting of its contents. Some people have an insatiable appetite and keep asking for more. Some people are the goonda elements who forcefully snatch the grains and in the spat spill it on the floor and don’t bother till their bellies are full. So what do we do?

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, as Bob Dylan sang. We know everything but pretend that we don’t know the problem. We know the solutions but don’t want to approach them head on. We know the culprits but fear to hand them over to our officials. We ourselves break rules, circumvent and bypass them and expect the other person to follow them in letter and spirit. All regulations are meant for the other Indian, I shall follow my convenience. A hand full of people who misguide and misgovern all this  adds up to a chaotic, disarrayed, disorderly, undisciplined, unruly, rowdy, unmanageable, disruptive and typical Indian society. All this is smudged and flavoured by the religious concoction as well.

We want our streets clean but will throw garbage out of the window kinds of people we are. We will break traffic rules but won’t like to get caught, if caught try and wriggle out somehow, if not possible then fight with the law makers, if that doesn’t work try and bribe our way out, use our push and pull and finally when that too doesn’t work out then accept our punishment. Crazy people we are! We only understand the rule of danda.  We will even go all out to bribe our Gods; we will request him for favours for the prayers and money offered.  It is true and let’s face it, exceptions might be there.

I am convinced that unless we as a society evolve, understand and accept our individual roles from a CEO to a Rag picker, from a Sepoy to a General, from a black smith to an industrialist everyone has a place in society and an important role to play. Let us respect each other, let us respect each other’s sentiments and values, let us focus on the progress of the nation, let us contribute one small thing in a day which is positive for the society or the nation in any which way we can and then only can we as a country stand as a big power. Our government and the PM is setting up a deck of cards in a pyramid, with every gust of wind the deck crumples and has to be stacked again, let us join hands to block the winds of jealousy, hatred and intimidation. Let us love human kind, let’s assist in nation building. I then only see India progressing. Are the answers blowing in the wind? I wonder!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Yesterday, I was enjoying the cricket match between India and Bangladesh. In between I flicked channels and saw India’s “Pradahan Sewak” speaking. It was only when I saw General Khanduri in the back ground that I realised this is not “mann ki baat” which he generally does on Sunday but was addressing a BJP rally in Srinagar, Uttrakhand. I decided to pause for a while to listen in to him, after all he is my PM and with the passage of time I have picked up a “kind of” liking for him. Really folks the liking changed to disliking moment I heard him state the thirty year old case of rapes which he rekindled in this rally. The way he spewed venom against the opposition parties, I just mentally switched off and thought to myself why I spoilt my mood by listening to him for that one minute. I flicked back to the match, in fact lost interest in that too.

With due apologies Sir, now, I will show respect to you from outside only because you are my PM and I don’t have a choice but from inside me you have lost my respects totally. Though I know I don’t matter to you or your party, but you have lost one chap who used to admire your “desh bhakti ki spirit” irrespective of the party or ideology you belong to. You are a politician, you only know politics, I saw hate politics at its best. I saw divisive politics at its peak. Why are you people compelling us to abhor you? We the armed forces sacrificed two of our brave hearts yesterday for this country in a militant encounter in Kashmir for its integrity and unity while you were doing what you do best, that is oratory besides showing us the dirtiest, murkiest and filthy side of real politics.

What Pakistan does to India is what the political parties do to us Indians?  Bleed us with a thousand cuts. Irrespective of their outfits, ideology, thought process etc. Pakistan goes to the UN and rants Indian atrocities in Kashmir, BJP goes to states and rants against all other political parties about the atrocities they did, so food for thought. When Congress was in power in the centre, they went beating their drums that BJP or all the other opposition parties did this that all and sundry, now BJP is doing the same. When Russia was the enemy of the US, then Pakistan found a new friend in the US. Similarly your enemy is my friend approach is clearly visible in the political parties of India then what’s the difference? When it is convenient for political parties, irrespective of their thought process they will join hands just to come to power, then where is the difference. When it suits them all differences are forgotten. Black funding for Pak from the Muslim world is another similarity. Pakistan will not hesitate to beg borrow steal from them, so do political parties from unknown donors, what is the difference? Pakistan will also take official funding from the US, UN etc, so do political parties. Is there a difference? When a Sadhu, Sadvi or Molvi gives religiously coated speeches, so does Massod Azhar, Hafiz Saeed etc in Pakistan what is the difference? Otherwise they are very wise and respected people in their own spheres. Pakistan says Kashmir hamara hai, here it is mandir wahin banega. Can you spot the difference? Jaago Bharatwasio.

We still curse the British for their divide and rule policy, now why is India still being divided by these politicians and politics. India is divided into states and they have umpteen numbers of political parties within states. Languages, castes, creeds, traditions, religions, reservations, pecharay, dalit, shoshit vanchits, peerits, are further dividing factors. I have no doubt that every patriotic Indian wants to contribute to a clean India in terms of swachta of all kinds. Maybe it lawlessness, corruption, theft, crime, ghotalas and all what we can think of, but what do we land up telling our people when elections are on the heads, that this party is corrupt, that neta is a chor and that party is good for nothing. Negative, unconstructive and ghatia politics is the order of the day. Where do we find “India first” then? Had you people been so good why are you booted out from places in elections even after doing so much as you claim? If you are so good, then do your work for India so that people of India appreciate your work and want to bring your party for their up-liftment and alleviation. I feel we are wasting man-hours and money on such wasteful expenditures as political rallies. If political rallies are to be held, let them be without shamiyanas, stages and flowers. No Sarkari helicopters and garis, no busses to fetch people, no free lunches and charpoys to sleep. Then we shall know you’re real worth Mr PM.

Really friends, as I grow older and wiser, I see the ground realities from a different perspective, without being political, without taking sides, and without being selfish and mean. I would request the PM designate to stand from Odisha or Assam for the next elections, as the whole country is yours. Why do you have to run back to your native state to become an MP? Then to cover your back side, you go to a place which has been a BJPs sure shot winning seat and stronghold, just to play safe and be elected. Say had you lost elections from both the places, you could have been nominated to Rajya Sabha and still be the PM. How unfair, how unjust it is. This confirms in my mind, politics is just that seat; desh sewa actually is nowhere in sight. Dear Mr Modi, will you stand for elections from Ernakulum or Alleppey or from Ms JJL’s constituency. I can assure you, you will lose your deposit.

I am also convinced that you want to project a clean image so there is a strict clamp on scams as such. Given a chance, all these people who now appear to be holier than though, will create bigger scams and eat away ten times what has been eaten till now. In their hearts of hearts they are waiting to find a fool proof method to gnaw away my country, besides nibbling my hard earned money which goes in taxes to see that these MPs enjoy their perks and privileges. My tax is cut at source, so I have no way to hide even a paisa. The government doesn’t think twice in eroding what I have earned with my sweat toil and blood, but proudly takes donations, now brought down to 2000/- anonymously from 2 crore or 20 crore people to be frittered away on useless political rallies and road shows. The amount of fuel you people burn for rallies if given to run just the ambulance services & Government hospitals, will save this country from this political disease you people are spreading.

Above all I hope to see Indian politics totally revamped and overhauled. Their motto “divided we stand and united we fall” has to be eradicated like polio. Let these so called politicians bring in policies for the country without bringing in their party and let the opposition be the real “think tanks” of India. Let a policy be debated in parliament as per etiquettes given in the code of conduct of both houses. Let voting in houses be done as per merit of the policy and not because one party holds a majority, only then do I see real progress in India. Achhe din are there on the horizon, Achhe people are there within us, Achhi policies are existing & can be created afresh but achha desh is nowhere to be seen in due to the way we do politics. We have been anesthetised & numbed by these dirty politicians; our minds have been polluted, brainwashed and contaminated by these politicians beyond repair. They just want their own existence, survivability and chair.  Wake up India! When will we spot the difference between United India and Divided India? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


There is so much flux in the politics of Tamilnadu that even the birds are confused on which tree to sit. The owl or the wise man, our dear Governor Saab evaporated into thin air to change his AABO-HAWA. I suppose he was in the other tree which he is supposed to look after. I was wondering, the whole world made a mockery of one Ex- Governor who was almost guillotined for not acknowledging his wife besides his illicit affairs. Here we have a state of Tamilnadu, where the state of affairs is changing by the minute and the person responsible to give decisions is shuttling from one wife to other, sorry one state to the other. He has all his thinking hats on and is in deep contemplation to be or not to be. He has all the time in the world to be politically correct for this decision. Just one suggestion Governor saab, call Ornob. Within 30 seconds he will give you twenty pages on how to resolve this crisis and within the next 30 seconds he will give you at least eight suggestions what to do, how to do, when to do, with what to do and what have you, as also give you his recommended solution. If you take it, you will be spared his wrath, if you leave it; the other channels will tear you apart. Try it once; I can assure you all the intellectuals you may have engaged till date would not be able to give you the “Kunji” to this crisis like Ornob will.

Actually, I am not enjoying this vegetarian menu, as too much of “paneer-saalan” is being dished out which has upset my tummy. Also we have “Chinamma” and thank God she is not “Rajamma”, otherwise the second dish too would have been full of kidney beans. The reality is that our “bhejas” are getting fried in the sambar which is cooking in the state. Speculations are on; the satta bazaar is booming, rumour and gossip is the only news per se. The irony is that the broth which is cooking is a total Khichri of kinds which happens to be again vegetarian. People are being sent to beach resorts to acquire new tastes I suppose; people are visiting graves to get some divine wisdom which amma has taken along. Long lists of MPs is being shown to the grave or was it a menu card of the beach resort just to assure amma that nobody is going hungry. Total drama and I am fully fed up with this distasteful concoction being served.

I googled the responsibilities of the Governor and was surprised to learn that he can take as much time as he desires besides use his own discretionary powers to finally arrive at a decision. He can consult tom, dick , harry, mary, santa, banta, bhoop singh, the halwai, nayi, dhobi, mochi, teli and in between apply his brains. Well, then the cows can come home, and the roosters too can roost. He may also keep floating between Bombay and Chennai to attend convocations in garb of his constitutional responsibilities. Well, isn’t it shocking that in this huge country of mere pyare 130 crore deshwasi, we can’t find a governor for every state? Don’t we have enough capable people to hold this post? Imagine the amount of TA-DA the government must be paying to the “Kafila” of Governor who moves with his Lashkar of the Pandayan/Chola dynasty from Chennai to Bombay and back. Doesn’t the government see this wasteful expenditure, or is this expenditure justified in the name of politics?

Since 22 September last year Tamilnadu virtually has been headless so to say after the hospitalisation of JJL. Ops (operations) have been stalled, not the ops which the faujis know but O- Paneer Selvam. Now with the Governor shuttling up and down it appears to be bodiless. If the MLAs are horse traded then I am sure it will become soulless too. When this Jallikattu fever spread and people congregated at marina beach, did the state stop, no. Today, the state is kind of governor less, has the state machinery stopped, no. Aides, maids and other sundry are staking their claim to make the government, will the state stop, no. Then, who runs any state is the basic question? How does any state administer itself without a proper CM, caretaker or no caretaker is a separate issue? Madam J was minister in charge for public affairs, IAS, IPS, IFS, General Administration, Revenue, Police, Home and Finance. My goodness Lord, do I presume that all these offices have shut shop in the state since then. Everyone is having a ball it seems as I perceive it.

I also want to understand how a grave gives those supernatural powers to enlighten our learned netas overnight. I too should look for one to sort this country out once for all. How does showing the names of MLAs to a grave endorse their loyalty, or was it the dry cleaning list of ammas saris which tumbled down from a hidden cupboard. I hope it wasn’t the jewellery list either which “chin-ups” would be purchasing shortly if she is allowed to form a government or acquitted of all her sins in the disproportionate assets case. I should keep guessing.

Be that as it may. This country is too big to be actually governed the way I see it. This country has the capability to run itself. A state is in a state of political paralysis as such. The state assembly is in a limbo, MLAs have been whisked away I suppose? All this nonsense which is not making sense to the Governor who may decide to add some wisdom with the collective acumen of the ‘buhdhijeevi” he consults. Sir, just visit Ammas grave today. When the lightning strikes you will see it written on the skies that one drop of rain means this and a heavy downpour will mean that. I hope you will not use any metaphors of umbrellas, raincoats, raining cats and dogs like the ones our PM did in parliament.  Instead use your good offices to sort things out soon. Will someone tell him what I say, or will he think wearing a crash helmet on the issue of Tamilnadu, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis

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