The whole world is worried what Donald Trump is going to do next. Indians are worried because they might have to take a long break again maybe because their green cards may be cancelled. The H1B types are worried that they might be sent back earlier than they thought. Some who were about to get employed are sweating as their dreams would have to be put on hold. Those few countries which have been banned from entry and their immigrants now are shell shocked. We are still not aware of the “TRUMP CARD” which finally will be played like while playing cards. Is he right? Is he wrong? Is he being immature? Is he violating norms? Well, who am I to judge or tell. He had warned the world through his speeches what he would do if he comes to office, so rather than preparing for all that everyone took their chances to wait and see whether he really meant what he said or just said it not meant it. I feel if he is a true patriot and an American well wisher, above all he has been elected to that great office by American people. Then why this hullabaloo when one has to not only lose a trick but give away the hand for a” two of spades” though you had the Ace of hearts with you. He has not shown his complete cards as yet so let us hold our horses. Like Kenny Rogers sang about an expert gambler, we must know when to hold them, when to fold them and know when to run.

Well, I have never been a fan of US, nor have I been very impressed what they do for their own interests. I being a veteran of the armed forces have seen them biting the dirt from Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, as NATO forces, now their fight with ISIS. Well, Mr Trump, you need to play your Ace now if you think you can really eliminate this ISIS menace, but if you are not going to bring any war you started to its culmination then don’t start it. One exception was with Japan, when they were “NUKED” by the US to stop the war because they had been caught with their pants down. Russia you could not tame or even threaten. The dirty game you played in Pakistan, knowing full well they are liars of the highest order. China you cannot touch as they are too smart for you to even think what they might do next. The only thing you can do is to control printing of dollars as it is the currency of the world. US is the biggest defaulter for payments to the UN, so there is nothing new if payments are further reduced.

Let me in the same breath let my countrymen know, that if I have understood this man correctly, then Mr Modi, or Mr Nomodi makes no difference to him. He will see US first. So my dear Indians if he tells you to pack your bags don’t feel bad, because you never saw it coming. Don’t take him for granted, and be prepared to return to your motherland if required. At least buy one house or a flat even if you are a NRI. In case you all continue to stay on, put this house on rent and give the money to Ex- Servicemen welfare fund yaar. Here the PM is giving surprise after surprise, I am sure, Mr Jaitley, would have poured a lot out of his kateley by now in his budget speech for most of us to wonder are we earning just to pay taxes for the corrupt to feed on them. Our PM is seeing inwards so what is wrong with Trump blowing his Trumpet. Let him also feel the power of being the President of one of the most powerful nations. The only difference is that he has started from day one.

Be that as it may, let us take a good lesson from Trump’s trumpet folks. Let us Indians play our own “Bansuri”. In fact let us play all our instruments in unison, in symphony, in harmony, to ensure that India is heard for its melodious tunes. We have to perform as a synchronised orchestra for the world where they should feel that if even one instrument is off note from India the music heard across the world should turn into noise. Let the world ensure they give us the time and space to enjoy the melodies of our policies and thinking. May the world benefit and be healed through our music of growth and investments. May our neighbour understand our musical notes and bring peace and tranquillity in this region. Let music be the food of love for us to play on.

I drifted again from Donald ji to Modi ji to tabla and bansuri. What trump is playing is his instrument and his own cards because he knows the world has little or no choice as of now but to dance to his tune. When will we as Indians have such a music conductor, who writes the notes that the entire world has no choice but to listen to us, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!