It was amazing to see the “Yuva-Shakti” on the streets of Delhi in the last few days. Thousands of them, beating the heat, with the tri colour raised above their heads, marching with an aim so as to be heard loud and clear that do not mess with us or we can bring our capital city to a grinding halt. Media was on high alert as always with its reporters all around the campuses, following each and every small move. Live news debates and coverage continued continuously. Police was on tenterhooks making longer and stronger human chains, just in case the animal within the crowd gets unleashed. Politicians keeping mum, just in case they are dragged into some uncalled for controversy. Gurmehar bore the brunt of all this for no rhyme or reason. Kiran Rijiju who was always politically correct as usual about what he tweeted. Well, overall it was more of a political rally of kinds, where students just to prove that they have a fundamental right of free speech, came on to the roads. Icing on the cake was the professors too joining their students.  Well, “jab miyan biwi razi to kya karega Kazi”.

I still doubt that was there a need to stretch this issue so far? Was it politically motivated? Which appeared obvious, as the students wings are the extensions of the political parties they support and are funded from there too? Or was it that neither the teachers were interested in teaching nor were the students interested in studying. “Mausam” also has not gone all that hot in fact just right. Holi is around the corner, what police could have maximum done was to fire water cannons, so rain dance and pre Holi celebrations could have been enjoyed free of cost. Dad and mom will never know as we will avoid the camera, many must have gone loitering in the malls and cinema halls of Delhi and NCR, by evening one had to head home also. So call off this chaos at an earthly hour, otherwise justifying it would be difficult.

I like the show of strength and solidarity by the students. They can unite, fight, abuse, break all norms of decency, now a day’s there is something called trolling as per the new norms of social media; they can threaten, pressurise and bully anyone and everyone. I better watch out. Students can block streets, they engage the police on all nonsensical duties other than what they are supposed to do, they can incite the politicians to give fiery bhashans and discuss the pros and cons on TV debates till cows come home. They all know that to find from where the issue actually started is like finding a needle in a 100 haystacks, so cover it up by mobbing it. Girls are also smart enough to jump into the fray to cover up for the rest. Boys are no less; many must have taken the advantage of the situation and would have definitely troubled the girls from the opposing camps. I know it is done from both camps. The MCs and BCs are given equally by boys and girls, besides the other adjectives laced with superlatives. The F**K word is used like S**T word of the erstwhile times. The CH*****A word is like saying bewakoof gadhe. Not the Gujarat wale gadhe kinds, but the actual ones.

How many man and woman hours of study were wasted? How many hours of uncalled for police deployment? How many additional hours the engines of various vehicles had to run for whatever reasons, wasting fuel? How many TV channels and their reporters earned their living thanks to the students? How many road side eateries enjoyed your company friends? Overall, what did you achieve in the end? Well, justifications and arguments will never end as to who is right and who is wrong. Seriously, people of my age are not interested in it at all. Friends, if you guys are really interested in Desh seva, let me give you a piece of advice, take it or leave it, join the armed forces. I can assure you, the first test you shall come across after the initial screening; if you are capable enough to pass that would be the group discussion. All your communication and convincing skills will be tested out within 15 minutes. As you shall progress in those tests, you will get a chance to do some public speaking too. Yes, instead of climbing up statues and delivering your lectures from there you may have to stand under a tree and speak. I am sure you guys and gals will do a wonderful job.

It intrigues me that why should students be on the road when their place is inside the classrooms? Why are debates on the streets when they should be debating amongst themselves? I fail to understand why dirty linen should be washed in public? I am also surprised that for a comment which someone doesn’t like, I can be threatened to the extent of rape and death on face book and twitter? Where are we heading? Is this what we are taught in schools colleges and homes? Is this part of our upbringing? Is this going to be my future generation of this country and through us shall emerge our political leaders? Is this right? Is this justifiable? Shouldn’t it be confined within the campuses itself? How can these students hold the country’s capital to ransom? Why can’t their professors control them? Why is the college management so inefficient? Or should I blame our democracy for this?

I just know this much that none of these students would like to live without their father. As for Gurmehar’s case, her father was a martyr of this nation. For the other fortunate ones your fathers are living with you, caring and cuddling you, supporting you, being available to you when you need them, financing you, worrying about you, guiding you, scolding you, holding you, offering his shoulder when you cry. Most of you cannot fathom it at all. War kills, Pakistan kills, terrorist kills, is not the argument. He got killed not for you to hold this country to ransom, but to give you space and freedom to debate what you like. He sacrificed himself for this country, for you to live another day to come to college and study, which I see you people are not interested in. He and I contributed taxes so that the funding of your colleges can be done and infrastructure be created for you to be in the lecture halls and not on the streets. He stopped these evil terrorist by taking a bullet on his chest, and here you slap each other, grope each other, pull hair and tear clothes like goondas. Think about it friends, you shall lead this country soon. I won’t like to be lead by hooligans like you.

Is it our flawed education system? Is it lack of discipline? Is it too much of freedom? Is it too much of democracy? Is it taking advantage of the system? Is it a cover for something else? Is this the way we learn the basics of politics? Is this how we groom our future leaders? Is this really true freedom of speech and expression? Is this acceptable to the parents of these students? Is it acceptable to the political leaders whose party they support? Will these guys ever understand the pains of sons and daughters of martyrs’? Will these boys and girls use their education for the purpose of taking this nation forward? Will these guys learn to give some izzat to the fallen soldiers and their kin? Will they ever join the armed forces? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis