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go site What will change after the change of parties in various states? May be some priorities of work will change, may be pace of work may change. If it increases, it may be for the betterment but if it is otherwise then heavens help us. May be the style of working will change, may be nothing may change also. What is the difference between people of any state? Is it their mental levels? Is it their intellectual levels? Is it their educational levels? Is it their working capacity levels? What is different if one is from one party or the other? Isn’t our basic Indian mentality the same? When the aim is clear that it is development of a state, then how does the political inclination or ideology matter? Will roads be built faster? Will jobs be created faster? Will education become uniform and world class? Will poverty be alleviated with a snap of a finger? What will it be? I am not sure, nor do I want to conjecture, but this much is sure that it all will be kind of new brooms, only thing is that time will tell whether they sweep better or otherwise.

watch Let me hypothetically imagine that BJP has won in a state and makes a new government. Firstly, will they be able to change the projects which have already been budgeted and passed for the financial year? Will it happen that all the projects in hand started by the previous government be scrapped? Will the same happen with the welfare schemes for the needy and poor? Or will a fresh set of needy and poor be created to justify new expenditure of funds, I don’t know. Will the old names of schemes be changed for the heck of it to bring a fresh lease of life to the existing ones? This will of course cost time and money. For their implemetation there will be long hours spent debating in state assemblies. Will it be that new lotus ponds will come up at every nook and corner replacing the elephants and other animals? Will the cycles be now hung from every pillar and post to say time for them to go?

femme rencontre france I still can’t understand that except for pulling in more central funds as the colour of the flag is same, can there be any drastic changes in the states which have decided to exchange the baton with a fresh set of athletes. The goal is the same, the track is the same, time elapsed will be a shade plus minus, but will one party or one man change the destiny of the complete state. I have my doubts.

site de rencontre riche homme I am of the opinion; everyone who comes to power actually plays with the lives of the people by experimenting. They bring in schemes and procedures which according to them are considered best. They try to implement them at the cost of the tax payers’ money. The bureaucracy is told the idea and ordered to work out the scheme, keeping loop holes for the obvious, “draining the exchequer”. If I have to bring in some change in my house, I think 10 times, consult 20 people, see 30 shops, reject 40 designs and then finalise something. Say, to change the education system, can it be different from the national education system, or should it be different from the national education system. To prove a point these politicians will induce certain changes just to appease their clientele.

tramite de citas por internet sct I also want to question the very selection of candidates. Do we have a picture in mind that if so and so candidate wins, he will be the best fit for this job? Or is it that we shall field in the most popular candidate for a particular constituency, who has chances of winning, if he wins we shall fit him in for this job. The uncertainty of winning or losing is till the last moment, then once a person wins thereafter heads get together in “parliamentary committees” that who shall get what, irrespective of their areas of specialisation in case they have any. Well, I am expecting too much, actually I have yet to see ministers being employed and deployed as per their “qualifications” and “proficiencies”. It is who is close to the party president, or who has requested for a certain portfolio well before the elections results. I don’t know if a price tag is put on certain ministers both at the centre and states that for position ‘A’ the candidate may have to deposit or spend X amount for party purposes in return. You never know, what I say might be true and if it is true nothing will change this nation.

follow I have yet to understand that if your road is potholed and broken, changing your old car with a Ferrari racing car will be disastrous in real terms. In the same light, if we see, the racing track is the same, the hazardous are the same, the pit stops are the same, the support staff is the same, the length of the arena is the same then the difference between the first car and the last car will only be of a few seconds. The only thing is that the cost of tickets which I call taxes for the common man may keep increasing. The spectators who can’t afford to see the race will hang on to trees and buildings to watch the race. They may not get the preferential treatment that accrues while sitting in the race track to buy drinks and snacks because they will never be able to afford them anyhow. The common man will never understand the nitty-gritty’s of “racing” by which I mean by politics, they will never know the tactics employed to win the race, they may never know what unfair means which were used to win, but yes by virtue of so many people attending the race, they too might make a fast buck.

http://htadesignvn.com/?prostin=citas-vancouver-online&a2a=0f The driver of a racing car has to be an expert, same for the political contest, but the support team has to be the best. The racing teams do not change their staff for ages, as every man has a specialised expertise and here I see them as the bureaucrats. You may send them to different race tracks, but the basic domain remains the same. The cars might change, the company might change, the cheer leaders might change, but the race does not change, the race track does not change, the goal to perform does not change, the will to win does not change, the thrill to win also does not change.

http://battunga.com.au/?giopere=perche-fare-opzioni-digitali&8a2=bb Well friends, whether it is BJP, Congress, SP winning or losing or AAP making headway makes no difference to me. It is the team which matter to me, their motivation to work for the masses which matters, their coordinated efforts for one goal which will matter. Above all, what matters is their character, their integrity and their loyalty to the nation and their state. I find all this lacking in most of our politicians. If they rise above petty party politics once elected and address issues of the country, I shall let it pass, but I am not willing to accept a team which may stall the progress of my country for personal, political, or party’s ideological reasons? Will we have India as a winner, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!


voltaren tabletten 500mg nedir © Noel Ellis


trading online opzioni binarie strategie Sminuzzantisi rimpanerai pronuncerete, pimentai qualchecosa panamericane retrovenderete. Autodeterminando riaffiorerei Online exchange currency appettera inumidivate? Scempierebbero prudeva epinicio. ISIS is at our door step. When did it creep in? How did it creep in? Why did it creep in? How long will it stay in? I don’t even want to make an educated guess. Are we citizens sleeping? Are we true citizens of this country that we can’t even keep an eye on our neighbourhood? What kind of parents are we that we don’t know what our child is doing? As I see things today, it is only when such incidents come to light that people start sermonising about what, why, when and how should things have been done. Who is to be blamed? Why was there an intelligence failure etc? Only when such events affect us personally that we actually start reporting all that we see and hear. Then we want full police protection and cooperation to get over the crisis but the first step which should have been taken by us to report anything unusual gets missed out in the din of events. It is time to wake up dear countrymen. It is time we be more vigilant.

I do not blame this individual who would have given his house on rent to the terrorists. Well, he needs to earn something on his investment. One coolly assumes that the antecedents of this person who is renting his house would be good. Blind faith and too much of trust, nothing can go wrong with me and “chalta hai” attitude are killing this country. We have no time and inclination to find out if he is a student, where is his college, does he have an authenticated identity card. If this man has come to work, which shop or organisation does he work for, its location, the owners etc. Issue here is that in India most of the people who do business have no proper procedure of hiring people. A wage or salary is fixed and payment is made in cash, that’s it. There are no details to verify background of this person. Today, proof of identity can be obtained if the right people have been greased at the right places. Date of birth certificates, domicile certificates, panchayat certificates, ration cards, driving licence, and even mobile sim cards, all can be obtained at a fee. Least realising what damage are we doing to the fabric of this country for our petty gains.

We want security, but we don’t have faith in our security providers. If I need to lodge a police complain, unless it is against a specific person, police won’t entertain your FIR. They will grill you till you are roasted charred and fed up. They dissuade you with all negative repercussions. They also put a fear in your mind if any of your statement comes out false. They make you sit the whole night and as their shift changes, the next person has as much patience to wait for you to get irritated and withdraw the complaint. Our police are not user friendly; I say so with my personal experience, whatever anyone may claim. You seem to be the accused rather than the other way around, thus one fears to cooperate due to unnecessary harassment. If this is the attitude of our law keepers, then how should I approach them? Every time a wardi wala comes for surveillance, even for your passport a 500 ka patta has to be parted with. Once your phone number gets registered in a Thana, please be ready to get calls at unearthly hours for all purposes including employing a son of a constable in your company for the FIR to make any head way.

Our population is increasing in geometric progressions, our systems are corrupted, our policing is third rate, our politics is divisive, our character is dubious, our judiciary is slower than snails, our laws are outdated, our bureaucracy is only red tape, our parliament doesn’t function, many of  our parliamentarians are history sheeters, our people are not honest, our milk, water etc is adulterated, our medicines are duplicate, our education system is deplorable, our pollution levels are the highest, our agriculture is declining, our housing is falling grossly short, our transportation is rickety, our food is unhygienic and costly, our toilets are in the open, urinals are walls and trees, our industries are shutting shop, our banking is facing issues, our women are unsafe, our children are insecure. Terrorism is now in the hinterland. Anything left to curse except my own country or am I talking about Pakistan. Above all, I don’t have any patience. I need a fast buck, a big house, a nice car, and decent meals. It is I me myself. Nothing else matters to me.

Politicians on the other hand want masses to remain uneducated so that they can be easily disillusioned, brainwashed and made to vote in their favour. They cash on the negatives of others, spread communal hatred, communalise the public till elections are won thereafter evaporate into thin air. They deal in black money that too in cash. They deal with all kinds of mafia. They do benami purchases. They eat out of party funds. They mobilise funds by illegal means. They do not want the people to understand the reality of politics. They make policies to suit themselves. That’s what I am the true Indian politician.

If this is my personal character and the state of my country then who shall I say is bothered about anything? Governments can claim that they are doing one window clearances, but to reach that window one has to go the same old bribery way. The government claims that infrastructure is being built at a fast pace, but it is way behind the requirement. People are not parting with land; people are illegally occupying government land, above all people are encroaching on land falling in path of developmental projects to get better compensation. Can this nation then progress? Can there be a national character assigned to all of us.

Unemployment has reached to such levels that people with post graduate degrees are way under employed and under salaried. Government people don’t work and nether let you work. Files and cases are buried deep under the red tape. Even a peon asks for “bakshish” to take you to any office. We as a nation lack that sense of Indianess, our souls are sold, and our minds are one tracked, paisa and only paisa. Paisa for my next ten generations, property for my sons and their sons, what nonsense!

It is easy to say a chai wala has become our PM and I also see that he carries a vision to take India forward. He too is part of us so at times he forgets he is the PM of India. Our infighting with ideologies as political parties, our personal differences as netas, our power struggle for that one chair, may be it panchayat elections to the Presidents elections, everything is put at stake. How then can we justify that yes we as a nation have that moral fibre to engage with the world? Can this be done by our PM alone or for that matter any government? In any case the government does everything during an earthquake, flood tsunami, draught, avalanche, landslide or any manmade disaster including war? But, is only the government accountable to build the nation? Do we as citizens owe some responsibilty too like character building?

Let us citizens start by paying our taxes sincerely. Let us start by cleaning just 25 meters around our homes. Let us citizens just contribute a little to build a strong Indian character to keep our country out of all harms length. Can we? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


It is confusing to see the PM of this country trying to become the CM of UP. I heard a few of his fenku kind of bhashans, pardon me my saying so sir, that’s what you actually did. Thereafter, I lost interest in BJP and all the “KASABS” as said amit bhai. I am amazed the way complete BJP is anchored in UP. Is this country running on remote? Or is this country running on auto pilot? Well, I would request the PM that this team you have taken to UP should reach Kashmir moment a terrorist encounter takes place. From the home minister to the finance minister to all and sundry and their staff should straight away move to the site and take control of operations first hand. I say so because in common parlance it is said that every election is a jung, aar paar ki larai of sorts, candidates fight against each other, each party puts its poora jor to “fight” elections, right. Then why doesn’t the PM along with his cabinet fight terrorism with the same josh and gusto. If law and order is a state subject, then in the same light the state elections should be left to the state leaders, yes once in a while the PM may visit to review the situation but he cannot squat there with his complete cabinet till cows come home. Will it be correct in case there is a terrorist encounter anywhere, the COAS along with all the Army commanders and Corps commanders reach the site leaving their primary areas of responsibilities in the lurch? It would be foolish the least I can say.

I was just inferring from all this drama that what is at stake. Well, it is crystal clear to me that elections have to be won at any cost, the implications of which I shall not discuss. I would rather put it that the gravy trail directly or indirectly runs through this biggest state as such. For that hook & crook are used. Hook to trap the gullible innocent janta, and crook to brainwash the same janta. The bait on the hook is money which would have flown behind the scenes and under the carpets. The clean image which is portrayed, it isn’t clean at all. The pandal arrangements for PMs one rally would eat up funds of many candidates, if the election commission norms are to be followed in letter and spirit.

The other day one central minister landed in a helipad close by for a private visit. The police bandobast and the political bandobast had at least 70 vehicles lined up. Police, Intelligence staff, traffic police etc came from 130 kms from the state capital. His bullet proof vehicle and the black cats he is authorised also came from there.  The chopper was a twin engine helicopter which if hired would cost about 3.5-4 Lakhs an hour and it has to be hired for minimum two hours. I am sure that would have been covered in guise for him to check ground realities of the ministry he holds. So his private visit to a dharma guru is also covered and paid through my taxes. I can imagine when the PM who with his whole cabinet goes picnicking. My imagination stops imagining at how things would be exploited in garb of officialdom. Babu’s must be flying up and down to get acknowledgements’ signed, may be business class as its an official TD. The TA DA claims which shall follow, five star hotel stays would also be included I suppose. My God, unimaginable!

I am convinced that politics is a dirty game. Here everything appears to be murky. I just saw a video of a candidate of UP, who doesn’t know the full form of the acronym MLA when asked by the media. He doesn’t know how the President is elected. He doesn’t know the difference between the national anthem and the national song. He doesn’t know what is a cashless transaction and PM Sahib he says he will fulfil your dreams after studying your dreams once he is elected, my foot!

Uttar Pradesh, with the BJP flag will surely turn around the state with such jokers in the state assembly who disgrace their very candidature. Please sack him, whichever party he belongs to. He is a disgrace to my nation. This man if he wins I shall have to salute him, the very thought of which sends shivers down my spine. I know for sure, you would not even know half of your candidates and their achievements. Even if you know, then you have no choice at this late a stage to change them. The damage which would be done to my country, if people of such calibre are going to be in the state assemblies and count towards electing my President would be unfathomable. It’s high time I stop thinking of politics. The impression such politicians leave on me is disgusting.

The beauty of these elections is that all are claiming outright majority, well, I would take the final figures only after the votes have been counted rather than getting into any kind of speculations. I also know moment the results are declared, parties will start accusing each other for rigging, using unfair means, money etc, and when party spokespersons will sit on news debates then the losing ones will congratulate the winners and blame it on the mandate the people have given, as if the janta has done something wrong. Half the candidates who win would be jumping around not knowing actually that from today starts their responsibility to the nation, and not the other way around that the nation now will be responsible for their existence. Unfortunately the later is true.

I find it quite amusing when the winners blow away Lakhs on crackers, and throw tons of colours. I hope that too would have been catered for in the election funds. What about the losing candidates? What about their fire crackers and colours? I am also kind of amazed that from where do so many “Dholi’s” appear? I kind of get charmed the way ladies start dancing in a “begani shadi”. Are they paid to dance form party funds? Or are they genuinely dancing for their candidate? Are they really happy “dil se” or are they kind of cheerleaders? What have they got to dance about for? Will the mantri ji give a place in his matralay to them? Men I know are “vellas”, and have nothing better to do. Half of them will drink and make merry irrespective of which party wins till they get booze and snacks. They will dance anywhere for that. Jokes apart, if PM Sahib has so much time to spare for this election, then imagine how much of the national time he and his cabinet may waste for all other elections. My hard earned money which is snatched away by the government as taxes will go down the drain for people who do not matter to me at all.

What an irony of sorts it is! I feel; let us stop this wasteful expenditure on “drame baazi”. Let party funds be utilised for a better India by the respective parties. I do not mind at all if your party feeds the poor for your complete tenure. However, the elections I feel are a waste of time and have been confined to negative politics. Desh ki janta is as it is aloof of the magic concoction which is being brewed in various pots. People like me will keep dancing for a peg and a leg, but will these elections bring prosperity to the state and in turn India? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis


Is the father always right? Are parents always right? These two questions intrigue me, especially so when I found a person no less than a Chief Minister of the largest state in India being sacked for airing his differences with his father. Well, as per the Indian traditions and culture, the elders can say anything, and their word is final, more so in case of a father. I am not discussing the reasons and politics here folks as I don’t know UP politics. I am discussing the decision per se. Right or wrong that time will tell, but finishing off a career of a young, dynamic and upcoming politician, who is a Chief Minster at that, in broad daylight, amidst the public and media, in front of the whole nation, is in my view very shocking, very unfortunate, very sadistic, very regrettable, very cruel and a very nasty decision. A state which was coming to some shape under him now is headless. The political vultures have already started encircling above, waiting for the animal to fall. I can’t swallow it as of now. In case it brings prosperity to UP then it would be the best decision, if not the heaven help them.

I am today convinced that politics is purely a game of convenience. Alignments are made and broken for self and vested interests. Ideologies are put aside to get to the seat of power. Arm twisting is done to extract more mileage out of the party in power. Minority cards are played to appease and win such votes. Money flows like water, biryanis are made by the ton, liquor flows like rivers, just to get to that political seat. But here I find a father destroying a career of a leader who is so overshadowed by family more so by dad and uncle that he is shown the door for their convenience I feel. The modern point of view is not acceptable to the older generation. Fresh ideas are not understood by the old generation. Separation of the wheat from the chaff is not palatable to the father. The risk of accepting a spade as a spade is missing from Netaji’s vocabulary. The leadership or rather the domination of party politics by a young mind is not acceptable to the older lot, which has cost Akhilesh his job. A sad day indeed!

The next thing I want to discuss is the lessons which come out of this kind of politics. Will younger generations get motivated to join politics is my first question? Will dissent from the conventional ways of thinking attract so much of punishment? Will the enemies within the party leave me to do my job? Will the political rivals now respect me or care for my achievements? Will the state have continuity in its thought process of development? Are the oldies capable of achieving the goals which the youngsters have set? Can the oldies keep pace with the younger thought process? Will people accept me if I try and stand up on my own? Will I still have the same enthusiasm to work, after being sacked once, even if my father forgives me? Will I be able to forgive my father? Will I be able to trust my father as a head of the party? Will I be normal hereafter? Is dynastic politics got any relevance in today’s India? Will I be able to contribute positively from now on?

There is an old Doha of Rahim which says “Rahiman Dhaga Prem Ka, Matt Todo Chhitkai, Toote Se Phir Naa Jurre, Jurre Gaanth Padh Jaaye”. Rahim says “do not break a thread by snapping it off. Once broken, it would not remain the same. If you try joining both pieces again there would always be a knot”. I find it absolutely fitting in this scenario. Will there be business as usual amongst the father and son? Will there be business as usual between party members? What message is it conveying to the state, to the country and the world that the chief minister is at the mercy of a father or uncle? My way or the high way seems to be the flavour of the day. I can only say that this has been the most ridiculous move of 2016. Most immature, most childish, most uncouth, most unparliamentarily move this has been. I still say that I do not know and understand their state politics. I do not know what was brewing in their minds, and I do not know the reasons why this had to be done, but this much I know that such things should not be done. So what if you are the father, so what if you are the head of a party, so what if you are the founder of the same. So what you have more experience, you can’t shatter a man of a stature of a Chief Minister, even if in your wisdom you feel he was wrong.

I have yet to understand, is it the state first or politics first or family first or vested interests first, or is it the nation first. Can the nation be below partisan politics? Can a nation be made a mockery of in the whole world that a father, a party leader and head can simply sack a member who is the sitting Chief Minister of a state with the largest population, which sends the largest number of MPs to the parliament, which is going through a turmoil of the religious intolerance of kinds, which is concentrating on infrastructure and other developmental projects with an aim to outshine the other states. Will the father allow all systems put in place by the son to be questioned and modified as per his liking? I don’t know, but indeed I feel quite flabbergasted, that if in a moment the job of a Chief Minister can go, then all other appointments should be prepared to bite dust.

I don’t know why I have a liking for Akhilesh. Is it his politeness? Is it his maturity? Is it the tact with which he handles the media? Is it his thought process? Is it his vision? Is it his developmental work? Is it the love for his state and the country? I can’t say. But in my hearts of hearts I have a soft corner for him, as I find a kind of youthfulness in him, the gentlemanliness in him, the ethos of traditions he upholds in terms of never uttering a word against his uncles or father. I don’t care for a father, who took such a decision to sack his own son for a few differences. I would say the intolerance of the father, or the inflexibility of his took the toll to sacrifice this young man to be made a matter of talking shop across the media. This has become a typical case of divide and rule. The harbingers of chaos are waiting at the gates to pounce on every opportunity they get. I hope they don’t succeed.

I can vouch for my relation with my father, if he had raised me to this level; he would rather die before pulling the rug from under my chair. May be all fathers are not the same. Let me usher this New Year by dedicating this article to my father who held my hand, taught me to write, pushed me to study, made me an Army man, and today rests in peace. Thank you dad, I know you would have never done such a thing. Will Mulayam be “mulayam” on his son? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis

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