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It isn’t surprising to see an MP who threatened to hold an airline to ransom is still having a ball. I am sure by now he would have watched as many films as the number of days which have passed since this incident happened. Then I heard of an MLA threatening to break the bones of people for obvious reasons like not saying Bharat Mata ki Jai and all those would not protect mother cow. Well nothing new or surprising again. The common thing is that they both come from our own home grown “Dehat”, one is a teacher by profession, the other one I suppose would be a Kissan, and they both are from the politicians breed. The difference lies that one slapped someone twenty five times and the other threatens to slap many as and when the occasion arises. It is strange that the chap who slapped the airline guy confessed it. At least he has the guts to own up that he did it and says he may do it again. The other chap, who says that he will break all bones, appears to be dangerous though, as he plays smart by hiding behind his extreme rural background, both are deplorable anyhow.

Be that as it may, this is not the first time that we have witnessed such behaviour from our chosen representatives. This will not be the last time we see such behaviour also. My issue is how to reduce such unbecoming conduct and using the correct choice of words. Well, the answer to all this is one called “education”. I was surprised that this MP was looking for business class in a plane which had no such category. Tomorrow he will claim the pilot’s seat because if people like him can run the country, then what is flying a plane for him.  Pressing the accelerator, brakes and clutch, a little hand eye coordination will fly him miles and in case the MP finds his plane getting late then the “Killi” needs to be pressed harder. It is as simple. In that case all roads will be made to bear the load of a Boeing to land and may be the Rajpath could soon be used as a runway. India gate will be the ATC, all MPs flights will be clear to land and takeoff.

Actually this is what is happening to our country my friends, people of such calibre are ruling the roost. The do not know the ABC of running the nation, but since they have got the privilege of boarding a plane, they will fly it also. The consequences of which will always be catastrophic. The plane has to crash along with all the passengers. The pilot will never be there to answer the questions after the crash and the people collecting the broken bones after assaulting the general public will blame it on instrument error for the crash. As the saying goes the MLA didn’t break the bones but the danda did. The systems are such in this country that one has to blame oneself for the mess as we elect these leaders and allow them to become monsters instead of ministers.

There was an airline pilot who was made to quit his job and join politics to be blown off to smithereens for no fault of his. Then there was his brother who used to cut the wrong “NUS” of people thus scaring even children and octogenarians’ to run for life before that particular nus was cut. He too died in a plane crash. Their progeny we see are trying hard to drive the old rickety truck, which has no destination, runs on vintage technology, has over run its mileage limit, has rusted, been dented, has its chassis bent and now is good to be put in a museum but still they are insisting on running it on biodiesel when it needs high octane petrol to run with a driver who doesn’t know how to drive, is night blind, colour blind and deaf too. It simply means that if you are not trained for a job, how you can do justice, except for messing it up nicely. Congressmen are you listening?

The person running the country today might be good and a learned one. His vast experience may run this war horse but is his team and maintenance staff well qualified to run India? Here I am referring to the PM and who has such uncouth MPs. People will say yes, but I don’t agree, reason being that one man cannot run the show alone where as just one such fish can spoil the pond. If his MPs who though on paper are teachers, who are supposed to be the writers of the destiny of our children, are just teachers on papers or may be with false degrees then using such people on citizens of this nation as guinea pigs is not warranted. This nation needs a system, this nation needs a method in the madness, this nation needs to progress in all fields and this nation needs people who are educated and trained to run this system efficiently. PM appears to be doing his best but if his team members behave in such ludicrous manner that they will bash up or threaten to bash up public for no fault of theirs then God save us.

The airline industry treats you like guests but when a guest becomes a pest he needs to be put in place. You may ban him from flying; he will do the same thing in Rail. I would rather say this MP should have been tied on his seat and bummed off in a place from where he could have never returned. This aircraft should have been diverted to Leh and thrown him off with a parachute over Pangong Tso. The Chinese would have sent him back in business class after doing Ching Fung Li on him. (Pun intended)

I fail to understand, every channel went overboard trying to get the parliament and its disciplinary committee to get after him. I feel it should have been the public who should have sorted him out then and there. Can both these neta’s be stripped off their ranks of MP and MLA with immediate effect? If not then the parliament should pass a resolution today rather than supporting him and getting after the other airlines who have taken this act of indiscipline seriously. Will people of such mentality keep coming to the sacred places of governance? I am sure they will continue. Should the common man take law into his own hands to teach these goons and ruffians a lesson like they do to road side Romeo’s? I think it is high time. So you people in high places of governance be warned that the patience of people is running out fast. Will netaji listen or will it be “laton ke bhoot baton se nahi mante? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis