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top annonces 06 rencontres My views on the FMs press conference after the GST council meet


http://fhlchristianministries.org/?encycloped=Part-time-engineering-degrees&9ee=91 My dear Mr Jaitley

http://bilgiwebs.com/?plemjaw=conocer-hombres-de-jordania&e49=be I have been thinking of you lately

http://www.mabnapouyesh.com/dfdf/7064 The financial jiggrey-poggrey you do

go site Which only you and your staff know

follow site Leaves the common man wondering hopelessly


Best binary option websites platform The tax burden is such

The common man can’t do much

ranitidine liquid buy Except paying and shutting shop immediately

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buy generic amitriptyline Your intelligent looks

Would shake any crook

To give what he took

To sew or to cook

Or else get booked indiscriminately


But tell me one thing

The surprises you spring

Are they meant to stream line

The sales and buying

Or is it to torture us financially


The traders are unsure

To follow rules or wait some more

For you to make up your mind

To save them from the grind

Which may leave them broke ultimately


The concoction you brew

In your kettle which isn’t new

Is giving everyone the aches at wrong places

So decide once for all

What tax is for what all

Rather leaving everyone conjecturing seamlessly.


The GST appears to be a pain

We don’t know will it be a boon or a bane

But one thing is pucca

The way you are giving jhatkas

The public is going insane


You demonetised we bore

GST added to the woes

To lump it or dump it

Left no choice with 125 crore


Be nice to us Mr Jaitely

Your decisions off lately

Are screwing the common man galore

Kindly give no more spins

Let us see achhe din

And be grateful to this nation immensely



© Noel Ellis