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My blood starts to boil when a life which is not supposed to be lost is lost. We all are patriotic, we all love our country dearly, but when will we understand the pain of the family which loses their life line. Worst is that the enemy beheads them, tortures them, mutilates the bodies and feels good about it. Further, I squarely blame the politicians for all the 150 innocent lives lost while they were asleep in the Kanpur train tragedy. They had entrusted their lives to the railways and the railways betrayed them. Some were going for weddings, happy as humming birds, some were sad, going to attend funerals, not realising they were preparing for their own. Little kids, excited as ever for a train journey now cannot trace their parents. Painful as it may be, but our “Sewaks” are in deep slumber. No one seems to be bothered about the human life and its value in this country. Fauji’s aside, every life is precious. My prayers for the martyrs, and every life lost in the train accident. It is due to the long standing animosity of India and Pakistan that someone pays a price for mistakes done due to the incompetence of the political leadership, as also the myopic view over safety of railways which is left to the poor gang men, who toils day in and day out. They walk along the tracks with the most primitive and basic tools to detect fractures on the railway lines on which modern trains run at more than 100 kms per hour. How absurd and how funny? My fellow citizens, time now has come to set the Rail Minister’s and the Defence Minister’s tail on fire, if need be to catch hold of the PMs Tail, to get the ball rolling. Railways need sorting out and Pakistan too needs to be sorted out and pronto!

Pakistan is not going to change its stance about terrorists and terrorism, is a fact. They believe the terrorist factories are jihadists and are volunteers for the so called Kashmir cause. This is also their state policy. So to hope they will understand our view will never happen. Therefore, let us as a nation be clear, that we need to take this anti terrorism war to the enemy’s shore, now and with immediate effect. We got to pick out these B’s and all those who support them and eliminate them. So what if they are in Pakistani uniforms or disguised as civilians. A strategy needs to be worked out, a timeline needs to be laid down, tactics needs to be practised and rehearsed, and its execution has to be pin point and precise. Forget about the collateral damage to the enemy population. Our country, our priorities, our lives are more precious. We need to be crystal clear that we are Indians and fighting for India. If yes then nothing else matters, period! There is a saying in Hindi, GEHUN KE SAATH GHUN BHI PISTA HAI, so be it. Let the Pakistani army dare us, we shall engage with them appropriately at the place and time of our choosing. Enough of just reacting, enough of pussy footing, enough of who will think what , time now is for action, so Mr PM, give the word go, and see the results. The armed forces will never let you down.

I want to ask the PM, Sir, you have put whole of India to such inconvenience by withdrawing two notes. People claim that there has been so much loss of life while standing in the queues.  I know you don’t bother for those who are getting married because you are a bachelor, never mind. Then be man enough to let us take on the enemy. Causalities will be there, but they will be worth the sacrifice. Sir, we the uniformed people are not war mongers, and we do not want to commit suicide but the nation now needs your will to give a green signal that friends just sort out Pakistan. Let me add one more thing here Mr PM. Leave Kashmir issue aside, just leave it and let it rot for a little while longer. It’s been rotting since 70 years; let it rot another 10 years for all I care. Kashmir shall get automatically sorted out once we sort out Pakistan. I plead that you understand this. Let us focus on one issue that is Pakistan and be done with it, Kashmir shall be jannat again. The more you let the hurriat-shurriat breathe, the more trouble they shall cause for India. By choking the currency route of stone pelting and bandh creators overnight, you have done a great job, so let us not lose momentum now. Let us bring this effort to its culmination. Once Pakistan is shown its place, Kashmiri’s who ride piggy back on their support and money, will be brought down to mother earth. I am making this statement very responsibly sir, please mark my words, the earlier you do it, chances are you come to power again and that to emphatically, the more you delay it, losses of this nation will keep coming back draped in tricolours.

Internally sir, get Mr Prabhu who runs the life line of this country to work on safety at a war footing. They have the funds, and are generating enough. Let rail safety not be compromised at any cost. Let the DRMs wet their pants on hearing about the rail mantri’s visit. You do a surprise visit too; in fact I would suggest that you celebrate your next birthday with the railway staff. The Jawans know how to keep their morale up as they have wonderful leaders leading them. Your leadership now is needed for these civilian “Mehakmaas”, who may not have ever dreamt of the PM being on rails. Like you interact with the Generals, get into the railway operations room and get hold of them first hand. Put your team and find out what is actually wrong and where. No need to finger point, but ensure all anomalies should be rectified within this financial year, should be your target. How it is going to be achieved, let the Rail minister to work out. He can do it division wise or the way it is suits him, but if there is another accident of this nature, you shall be responsible Mr PM. The railways also functions under you. Every life lost must count, thus safety should be 150 times better in this financial year should be your governments aim. Let’s do it Mr PM and we know you can do it.

Well Sir, here I talk of saving lives, and on the other hand I talk of sacrificing lives. Isn’t this a dichotomy? Yes it is, but, I can assure you, the price we shall pay to sort out this rouge and failed state called Pakistan will have far reaching effects compared to the sacrifices we are making now on a daily basis. You can continue with all other diplomatic, economic, back channel, financial initiatives to isolate Pakistan, but give a green signal to the Armed forces of India to shake Pakistan with the roar of their guns. Let us not be scared of the nuclear card, they dare not even think about it. They are a bunch of liars, and they will never understand the value of peace. We now need to split Pak right through the middle, or rip it apart from the LoC/border, or do both. The earlier we execute this plan the better it is for our India. Are you listening to mere man ki baat Mr PM? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis