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If I would have to ask any “premi” today what he or she achieved by burning what they burnt, breaking what they broke, injuring people whom they didn’t know, destroying national assets and dying on the streets of Panchkula unrecognised and for whom, probably they will have no answers. As a few would sit next to their fields watching the setting sun from their charpoy and ask themselves am I a Sikh, am I a Hindu or am I whatever religion. How did I get attracted to this person? How did I lose faith in my God? How I forgot my scriptures? How I got brainwashed by this fellow? Can I justify to myself what I thought of him? What I did to show my frustration yesterday? Was it the disbelief as I could not digest who this baba turned out to be? Was the annoyance and disappointment with my own self? Was all that I did correct?

What satisfaction did I get by putting so many states on tenterhooks? Were the railways my enemy? Was the press reporter an informer of the secret kind? Were the police personnel there to sing Arti & Ardas for you? Well, the answers can only be found and judged by those who participated as a supporter of this baba. He and his indoctrinated followers have shamed our nation beyond limits.

I grew up in Punjab and Haryana. I was deployed in these states many times. Such lovely people, such lovely spirit, such camaraderie, such big hearted people, happy go lucky people, such hard working people, such fantastic company, such solid friends and out of that lot emerge these people who got entrapped with this man’s charms that they could not understand fact from fiction. It all happened in that fraction of a second which the local government anticipated chaos but turned a blind eye to it.

The death toll must have reached half a century by now. This happened despite the courts giving clear orders to the Govt to use everything within their means to control the crowd. Our police were mere mute spectators and did not open fire. Two people in every area who thought that they will be able to destroy the state assets should have been shot below the knee, all supporters would have vanished into thin air within minutes. This man who would have come down to his knees would have deterred all the others from further rioting. The stigma and fear to be maimed and carry an amputated leg lifelong would have changed his thought process. Most of them would have run to save their own lives.

It is easy to decide to destroy but when one sees death so close you think a hundred times. When you know the police are approaching and there is a petrol bomb in your hand and a bullet hole in your knee the first thing one shouts is please save me. The second thing you hear is who gave me this Molotov cocktail (petrol bomb) and you disown it. Thirdly, you would have tried to prove that you are from the local area and had come visiting the place and not a rioter. Finally, you would have disowned the baba knowing the consequences of your arrest for destruction of public property. That is the effect of one bullet. You would have lived to tell the tale of the strictness of the police.

The police-walas were carrying weapons, I doubt if they were loaded. Why did he not fire at the rioters when in his full view they were destroying property, carrying out loot and arson? Or they were told not to fire. They why give them weapons danda’s should suffice. If a protestor can snatch away a weapon from him in broad daylight and his comrades stand as moot spectators. What does this show? That now from a banana republic we have become a bloody Kaddu republic?

The Army came out and within an hour protestors evaporated into thin air. Time and again it is the army that comes to the rescue of this nation. If one goes by the figure of the police big wigs floating in the state of Haryana can anyone justify this mayhem? What are the umpteen numbers of IGs, DIGs etc doing, chamchagiri of the political leadership. The people on ground who brought the situation under control were Colonels, Majors and our bahadur jawans. They organised themselves and moved out on their duty to get things under control. I say, why the Haryana administration didn’t hand over to the army in the first place. All these goons would have been put into the right place ab-initio.

If the last resort has to become the first resort then so be it. Why wait for things to escalate. The Army would have done this with minimum causalities. The riot leaders would have been identified, earmarked and on the cross wire of sharp shooters. One wrong move and a hole in the bum, second move and a hole in the head, period! Dera premi would have turned desh premi within one second. I pay taxes and these chaps have no right to burn my hard earned money. If they think they can burn national assets, then I should be given the right to put such miscreants on a pyre and burn them too.

It was the saddest day indeed for me to watch this tamasha of totally crippled State Government machinery. Media felt bad because media bore the brunt for the first time. Media can now ask for resignations of all and sundry. Media you need to now question the accountability of the politicians and every babu. Enough is enough. I now request the media to project the Armed Forces in the correct light of what they rightly demand. Premi’s have burnt their fingers. Panchkula and other places suffered for no reason but will anyone understand that the people who have taken an oath to save this country from external aggression and internal disorder get the izzat that they deserve, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!! (With due apologies to all the dhotiwalas, babus and khaki wardi walas)


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  1. VP

    What you say makes a lot of good sense. If the last resort has to be the first resort, then ‘so be it’, henceforth! It appears that either the khaki is deliberately, kept under tight leash by the dhotiwallahs, or the khakis, have been so pampered and got used to the good life that they have forsaken discipline, training and duty. Perhaps, if reports of their abandoning posts are true-a streak of cowardice has crept in. Not a good comment on their leadership, or on the propensity of the regime, to praise them sky high and put them on a pedestal, while the dirty work is done by the efficient soldier. A bullet or two fired early, as you say, would certainly have turned quite a few in the unruly cloud, into sober philosophers and seriously cut down the toll and material damage. The compensation shouldn’t come out of our hard earned tax money, but out of “Saccha Sauda”, or maybe from the pay of the defaulting powers that be -Neta, bureaucrat, police,. The nexus which resulted in ‘such a sauda’.

    • Noel Ellis

      Couldn’t agree with you more sir. Your analysis needs to be factored in. Many thanks and regards

  2. Jkjauhari

    Hi Noel. Liked and appreciate ur blog.

  3. Harry Coelho

    Kindly read BMP as BJP. Auto correct error

  4. Harry Coelho

    Dear Brother, Ellis
    Hats off to you for your bold and Frank Blog. I was deeply touched. I have spent three years in Jalandhar and few days at Chandigarh. What lovely and affectionate people. Always warm hearted, generous and ready to help. How can a National Party like BMP and it’s stooge Khattar, sacrifice more than 36 people on the altar of their vote bank politics. If the BMP and Khattar have an iota of sympathy for those who were martyred, injured and suffering and if the have an iota of self respect left in them, they should resign forthwith and impose President’s rule in Haryana. Will they do it? Am I expecting too much?

    • Noel Ellis

      Thank you very much sir for your kind words. Let’s hope good sense prevails. Regards

  5. With due apologies to all the dhotiwalas, babus and khaki wardi walas? You forgot the blackrobewallahs and wallies sitting in ivory framed glass towers! Yes, the very same people who have directed FIRs to be registered in every case of civilian death in the north east!

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