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Yesterday was the blackest day in my life when because of the Green Tribunal many of us who adorned the Olive Greens, Whites and Blues for the best part of our lives were evicted, manhandled and transported in the shabbiest manner from Jantar-Mantar. They did not spare even the ladies who lost their husbands in service of the nation. Well, in garb of the Supreme Court orders, where only “your honour” work, the police did the most dishonourable thing. They had no choice but to obey orders, so be it.

Law is equal for everyone, isn’t it?  So, in the same breadth had OROP been given the way it was envisaged and passed in the parliament, as it is given to other Government services, there was no reason for the veterans’ to sit for more than 860 days and demand parity, as if we are beggars.

Be that as it may, there are two ways of doing things; one is the gentlemanly way which has been exhibited by the veterans’ community till date. The other way can now be something how the Jat agitation or the Gujjar agitation was done. We have always given our services in “Aid to Civil Authorities” whenever the need was felt by the nation and when the civil administration had completely failed. Do we need to prove that you guys have been failures time and again as far as running administration is concerned during time of crises? I am sure the community which already has OROP needs to justify why they deserve it and why ex-servicemen have been deprived of the same for so long.

This nation is constantly facing external and internal enemies. We understand what the government must be going through to sort out issues internationally and regionally. That is why we are agitating peacefully. We have borne the brunt of external aggressions and internal disorders by laying down our lives in service of the nation with no questions asked. Here you treat us so dismally. Though we do not adorn the uniform anymore, we are capable to fight for our rights in a different manner. Will it be acceptable? The government is pushing us to the wall and time now is ripening for retaliation. Hope the time never comes! If the Government can speak to terrorist organisations, what wrong have the veterans done?

We have till now been fighting for the Izzat & dignity which is due to us. Now why should we hesitate to fight for our well deserved money also? We should get our dues or be capable to extract the same any which way. If the government gives it upfront, we have no issues, if it doesn’t then be warned that we have the acumen to do things differently. Say, if we disrupt Delhi for the same number of days as this agitation, there will be utter chaos in one day only. If need be let there be bloodshed on Vijay Chowk. Let the President who passes by it every Republic Day and there after enjoys beating the retreat ceremony at the same place should feel jolted to sit on the blood of veterans who always bore true allegiance to the Tri-colour. Let him also realise that it is time for him to intervene, as we the veterans have no choice left but to look up to the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces for his personal indulgence now.

Spending time on holidays with jawans is appreciable Mr PM. Madam RM, I had requested you to at least go and meet these veterans once. Had you done it, this stage would have never come. I wish it happens that instead Generals you put civilians as the commanders. Can the Chief downwards till Brigade Commanders be civilians? Chose your best Mr PM, let us see then how the integrity of the country is maintained. I know my argument is preposterous but I am convinced that we will be given OROP within two days. Let us see equal sacrifices from all those who are bent upon to block our right.

In the true spirit of the uniformed community, I think the Prime Minster should be contacted to give veterans an audience and explain to us the reasons for delay in implementation and why the deviation from what was promised in parliament. Let the RM be in attendance which I think can be arranged.

Christmas is coming, so one national holiday should be spent with the veterans. Hope PM becomes Santa Clause for us. The Presidents’ bodyguards could be requested to loan a buggy and some horses instead of the sleigh and the reindeers. Let him come dashing through the Delhi fog, on a one horse open sleigh and wish us Merry Christmas and grant us the correct and well deserved OROP. Will he? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. PBSingh

    RSS wala agar Santa benta hai to it will be great for the nation

  2. Wg Cdr RK Bali

    Dear Noel,

    It is disgraceful for the veterans at JM to defy legal orders. I feel ashamed the way we are behaving at JM. We should learn to differentiate between political hooligans and
    respectable veterans. Don’t try to justify some thing absolutely stupid. We are loosing our credibility in the eyes of public.

    • Noel Ellis

      If there were orders to vacate, they had no business to be there, I was told that last date was given till 04 Nov. I fully agree that we made a mockery out of the whole issue, what ever IZZAT was left also went down the drain. I later came to know that this drama was staged, feel sad for that too.

      Thank you so much sir for visiting my blog



  3. Sudhakar Chopra

    Well written article. Raises vital questions. Those in powers should answer the questions raised, as to why the OROP that has been given to civilians, without their asking, has not been given to the Armed forces. It is unfortunate that the defence forces are being handled so shabbily. And when it comes to aid to civil authorities, be it Elphinstone bridge construction or restoring a fallen bridge at JN Stadium, or Disaster relief, first action of the civil administration is to requisition the Army. I particularly liked the idea mooted, knowing fully well that this will not be done, of replacing Generals with civilians. In fact, I am reminded of an old joke, wherein a Brig and Major having a drink in the evening are tied in an argument where Brig is insisting that __x is “work” but the Maj insisting that it is a “pleasure”. Brig calls his batman to settle this for them. The hesitant batman gives his logic that if it was “work” then he would be doing for Brig, so it can definitely not be “work”. Same is the case with the civil authorities, if it is pleasure, it is their work, but if it is “work” then Army must do. It is “Authority without Responsibility” that they are use to now.

    • Noel Ellis

      Thank you sir what you say is a fact. Your joke nails it all and let me add forces have now become like HXXXXX, Biwi kisi ki, bhaga kar koi le gaya, aur poonch main aag laga kar koi ghoom raha hai. Thank you sir once again for visiting my blog, regards, Noel

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