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This world yoga day I got tired of doing “SHAV ASANA”. So I decided that from Monday, I must add a few more asanas to my kitty. I started my day, I broke wind and it was a very loud one which shook my wife up from her deep sleep. I am told that unknowingly I did a “PAWANMUKT ASANA”. Oh great! Not that I suffer from any stomach upset because I had this gush of wind coming out from my rear I was a little upset. I calculated it backwards, that why so much of wind was set free at such an unearthly hour. To my surprise it led me to the afternoon lunch the previous day, where we had ordered sizzlers. They were pure vegetarian with broccoli, baby corn, okra, egg plant, spinach, cottage cheese and the works. I realized my system is not used to eating vegetables, thus the wind was in protest by my intestinal system against the sudden change of culinary habits and I accepted it and have decided that I won’t deviate from the normal in future.

Be that as it may, I am just a lethargic kind of yogi. I want to do it on my own & in my own sweet time. I have an allergy with forced programmes, with artificiality, with showmanship, with everything which is done to be forgotten the next day. For national events, I am sure the rugs had been purchased for dual purposes. Yes, once we finish this event, it would be given to “Tommy”, who has been sleeping on carpet all these years. This rug will be used to dry all sorts of dals and achars in the balcony. Worst come to worst it will be used as a cover of the motorcycle. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I can vouch for many treadmills, indoor cycles etc as they land up being used as clothes hangers.

I agree that India has been a pioneer in yoga but I have a basic issue here. I want India to do yoga of the mind first. I want Indians to cleanse the mind of all hatred, ill feelings and corruption. Where do I find an asana for such yoga?

Let’s have a hatred mukt asan. In which everyone from all castes & creed can sit together and enjoy the fruits of yoga. Everyone is treated equally. We should dine at the same table irrespective of what we eat or wear. Our Mazhabs never teach apas main bair rakhna then why are we hell bent on slitting each other’s throats.

Let us also introduce and anti-corruption asan. Moment anyone tries to take or give bribe or do things which have an angle of corruption should automatically start twisting and entwining on his own till the time he is squeezed so badly that he pledges never to do anything like that again.

No appeasement & no false promise asan. Come elections and this bimari spreads like wild fire. We will bring such and such type of days may not be that achhe. We will bring all the money which is disguised in the colour “noir” and convert into “blanc”. Such promises should never be allowed.

I out of curiosity opened a website which gives English equivalent names of Sanskrit asans and I found them quite interesting. Let me mention a few like the Bhardvaja twist asan. Indian politics is only about twists and more twists. Let us untwist them for the common man to get his do waqt ki roti.

I saw one called the “utkasana” or the “chair pose”. I don’t know about the pose but the chair I find is the fulcrum of all elections. “Kissa kursi ka” as they call it. All politicians should be able to do this asana to qualify to sit on one. The Child pose or the balasana caught my eye. Countrymen, let us leave our children to live as children. To enjoy have fun and frolic, no child should be subjected to torture and trauma of rape. Cobra pose or bhujangasana should be for our enemy. Let’s bite our enemies like cobras both internal and external including the invisible enemies of polarization.

Ultimately, why do we do all this twisting and turning around for? It is to hold the mind stable, to keep calm and flexible, to stay mentally alert and disease free. If yoga helps us to be good & healthy human beings, why not give it a try. The irony is that when in our country we practice so much of yoga then why is it that we are still not at peace with ourselves. Why is the yoga just a “Dhakosla” or we really don’t understand its powers? I wonder!!!!!!!!


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The innocent stone pelters of J&K are turning “innocenter” by the day. They are extra ordinary citizens who can be found praying all the time in this holy month of Ramzan. For what is a different issue? They don’t abuse, they are never violent. It happens so that when security force people appear in their area, stones, batons and bricks appear in their hands by a miracle. They are such naive people that anger is generated in them from somewhere, through some divine power that they start smashing and bashing anything related to the security forces.

It appears to me that their behaviour is akin to people who go into a “trance” when they get connected with that invisible force. Thereafter they don’t see or feel anything, they just throw anything and everything at the security forces in their stupor. The forces are actually there trying to assist them. Kashmiri’s need to understand that people are giving them false hopes of Azadi. This, the pelters are unwilling to understand.

Peace can never be one sided. Violence against the state and its forces will only increase the agony and time to attain peace. If forces withdraw, will all these people who attack the security forces guarantee peace & prosperity for their people? Will all those who are motivating these pelters guarantee that they will be able to look after their affairs. As I see it, these people do not except the elected government also. Can one Kashmiri be at peace with another Kashmiri? The answer is a straight and blunt no.

With limited resources, lack of education, jobless youth and over dependence on government funds, can these guys think of peace? Sarkari Naukri’s are limited. Tourism which became the backbone of Kashmir’s economy is touching rock bottom. Where is the famous apple of Kashmir? The fruit industry which can boost the economy is rotting. The blue revolution is below expectation, actually the fisheries are gasping for water. Animal husbandry needs a real husband to do the job. Timber industry which is so much in demand world over appears as if “ghun” (mites) are slowly gnawing through and turning it to dust.

I was staying in a walnut forest when I was in the anti-infiltration role in Kashmir. The logs which were being illegally “adjusted” in full view of the forest department for “deodar” & “akhrot” were unimaginable. “Janglat Vibhag” was the most “in demand” department. Timber smuggling was rampant. There is no penalty for a tree which has fallen due to natural reasons but how many were felled and reported as rotten? Villagers have been given permission to fell a few to construct or rebuild their houses. One tree becomes two and so on. The forest cover keeps dwindling. Funds for the forest keep evaporating.

Why is peace eluding J&K? I have heard many politicians deflecting this topic by saying; it’s a very complicated subject. Definitely it is! That doesn’t mean it cannot be tackled. Who are the main players? It is the people of Kashmir and their representatives. Then why can’t a solution be worked out? Cessation of fire has been imposed on the security forces, what about the same on the not so innocent militants, they don’t accept it. Is it a political gimmick? Should it be one sided?

Is Pakistan the culprit? In my mind I have no doubts. They can be tackled externally. But, who will sort out these mites who are drilling holes in our healthy wood? I would rather say they have done the termite effect on Kashmir. If the militants are the mites, then the people who support, fund, shelter, encourage militancy and are in touch with Pakistan, sitting inside Indian territory are termites. They are eating Kashmir from within.

By spraying insecticide the disease & decay won’t go. We need to eliminate the queen. Who will identify the queen? I think it has been done already. When a termite hill is attacked, the workers and soldiers are bound to be agitated. They fight and try to plug in holes so that the queen remains safe. The forces have been doing the ant eaters job. Eating and eliminating what is visible and leaving the rest of the nest to recoup, rebuild and keep feeding the queen which keeps reproducing more white ants. The expanding graveyards are witness to it. Government of India has got the wherewithal to just focus on the queen. Distractions and deflections have to be guarded against.

The “innocent” worker ants are pelting stones, the “soldier ants” are attacking as militants. Where has the queen gone and hidden herself? We got to locate & eradicate her. The sooner we get our act right, whole Kashmir will be in peace, India will be in peace, Kashmiriat will return, Insaniyat will resurface and Pakistan will rest in peace. Have I got it right? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis




Ceasefire has been ordered in J&K. I don’t know will it be applicable to both sides as some forces are hell bent to destroy Kashmir and in turn India. Why a cease fire in the holy month of Ramadan only? Why not every month? Kashmir thus will stop suffering and so will the security forces.

I say why anyone should fire at all and then call for a cease fire. Every Kashmiri has a right to live in peace and so does every man and woman in uniform deployed there. Why pick up a gun or a stone in the first place? If every village decides to cease hostilities, where is the question of anyone dying? I hope militants will be sincere in not violating it for the sake of people of Kashmir. If this time is going to be used to trouble villagers to condescend to their demands to garner support and brain wash Kashmiri youth against India, then time is not ripe to give this leverage of ceasefire. In case they are going to cross the dotted line, then God help them.

Who doesn’t want peace? The security guy will be the first one to grab anything which will help to create a peaceful atmosphere. He is fed up of roaming day in and day out in unknown territory, checking unknown people, whose intentions behind those fake smiles are not known. He also wants to sit and enjoy a kahwah and wazwan. He also wants a “Sunday” to rest. They fire at him and stone pelt him. Then only the soldier retaliates. Who actually needs to cease fire then?

If our own convoys cannot pass safely in our own territory then it should be a matter of shame for the Kashmiri people. It looks pathetic that security forces have to place guns on top of our vehicles to kind of intimidate the militants warning them to dare attack us. The common citizen has to pay the price by getting inconvenienced, delayed, diverted and threatened of dire consequences if a convoy is harmed. The militant comes, does his job and melts away, Common man bears the brunt.

Let us then ceasefire like this on mutually agreed terms. No firing or militancy related activity in the months of January as it is the first month of the year. February, we have Valentine’s Day so everyone to give and take love. March is Holi and time for spring. So let us enjoy the fruits of nature. May and June are too hot and June also being the month of Ramadan, so let us forget our animosity. July is monsoon, time for a break. August is when India attained independence & Id time, so why fire then. September and October are months of Dussera-Diwali. November is my birthday, so please don’t fire. December again is time for Christmas so let peace prevail. Let this cycle repeat.

If peace is the requirement of the valley people, then it is they who need to create an atmosphere for peace. The security forces will take nine steps but you take one. Security forces cannot be only on the receiving end always. The forces will continue to keep their vigil and stick to their word. People of “jannat”, when will you understand this? I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!


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