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I was hesitating all this while whether to comment on Gen JJ Singh joining politics. I am sure after such a long and illustrious service to the nation where he headed our professional army as a Chief and now as a Governor. Why has he decided to join SAD? It makes me feel sad. I will try and apply my mind to the reasons why a wardi wala takes a plunge to become a dhoti wala. Pardon me my saying so dear politicians, but in my eyes you guys do not meet my eye by any standards. You guys do not fit in my scheme of things. So Gen JJ your decision to change is very unpalatable to me. Well, to paint all dhotiwalas in the same brush may not be correct, but some become pyjama walas, some become suit boot walas, some become khadi walas, some become topi walas, but most of them become mauke par chauka walas, in my humble opinion. Where will you stand, we shall wait and see sir?

I know it is difficult to run a country with such a varied terrain and population. The irony is that this country continues to run on its own steam, irrespective of the pink colour of notes, irrespective of the colour of the lotus, irrespective of mixing up all the left over spices (parties), which actually left a bad taste in our mouths during the NDA tenure. Nehru came Nehru went, Indira came Indira went, Rajiv came Rajiv went, Vajpai came Vajpai went so will Modi in due course of time, don’t forget the others in between. Badal’s came Badal’s went and Badal’s came again. Will they continue to stay forever; your guess is as good as mine? The only thing Modi has brought in is a little change, a little freshness and little cleanliness from both garbage as well as corruption even if it is superficially. I like it, as I constantly look for something fresh in life. Sooner or later it is going to be stale. Kashmir is a stale issue, parliament logjam is a stale issue and in fact except for NOTEBANDI, nothing seems to be fresh. The 2000 and 500 notes are fresh, so I love it. Generals joining politics is a stale issue, as none of them have done anything worthwhile for their community, serving or the veterans as far as I am aware, so now this General who rose up to be a Governor is convinced to get into the grass roots. Welcome to the “HAMAAM” sir.

May I ask you, is it that you were fed up of the Raj Bhawans, the golf, the book writing etc that you now want a change. If that be so, I somehow feel that you should not have become a General in the first place. Why do you want to fall from grace? Or is it that you have seen so many politicians in your life that you have got so impressed by their work and deeds that you want to emulate them? May be you are so fed up from them that you want to do your bit to change them. Or is it that you find nothing else better to do than to join politics, to stay relevant for at least those five years that you are elected. I don’t know sir, why do you have to stoop that low. I am sure your reasons must be genuine, but for our sake and by “our” I mean the veterans’ sake please do something or don’t join politics. I wish you retire and enjoy your pension, do community service, rather waste your time and hard earned money in this tomfoolery called politics is my humble suggestion.

Sir, if you genuinely feel that you want to do something for the nation, then why you haven’t floated your own party. I also want to know from you that are you so mesmerized by the Badals that you have accepted a SAD ticket. I also want to understand from you that out of all the places why you have chosen Patiala as your constituency for election, Are you from Patiala?  Can you make a dent in the Captain’s armour? The person, who has been from the ruling clan of Patiala, will outnumber you even if he loses and I can assure you that you may lose your security deposit in the bargain. The only thing I find in common is that you are a Sikh, fine, but don’t think they are all sardars. The people of Patiala are thinking people and well educated at that. But, who am I to stop you from burning your fingers? I don’t know the exact political sway and political alliances of that region as it exists today, but rest assured you are in for a shock if not a surprise.

I have a problem when a person who once adorned a four star uniform and star plate on his car is branded with politicians. I have a problem with a man whose vehicle used to adorn the Ashoka insignia where ever he went will now have nothing of that sort. Tell me General, is it the craving for a white ambassador car which has made you to decide to fight elections. Wasn’t the black one you sat in most of your life good enough? What was the motivation behind to join active politics? We would like to know. From a General to the civil streets, from a governor to worst than a section commander, who at least used to have nine men obeying his word of command? Here you may have nine hundred “chamchas” but all looking in as many directions. Well, you are used to an organised set up, where you had your ADCs noting every word that came out of your mouth. The staff and perks which organised every move of yours, here now you have decided to get back to walking the streets and asking for votes. I don’t know it just doesn’t go down my gullet.

Well general, I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart if you really can change the way politics is done in India and especially so in Punjab. I wish you luck if you are going to do something for the veterans and the widows of the uniformed community. I wish each and every case which is pending in courts is chased by you personally, even if it means to get on loggerheads with the CM, Defence Minister or the PM. I say so as I was posted in Patiala District many moons back, and I saw the plight of the Veterans community. I saw the way widows kept increasing due to the conflict with Pakistan. I met hundreds of them, who carried pictures of their beloveds close to their chests with pride, but were deprived of honour which was their due. I felt ashamed when the civil administration neglected them as they had retired or become widows for no fault of theirs. My heart goes out to them, as more than 12000 used to gather in the canteens to pick up their groceries and things of daily needs every month besides the “Quota” which every person in the civil administration demanded for petty works of theirs. Be the change sir, for our sake.

Well sir, if you promise me to just get back the dignity of every veteran and veer nari back on track in Punjab, I am with you, but if you are going to become just a typical politician with no difference, then I rather stay mum. Will you pay heed to what I say, I wonder!!!!!!


© Noel Ellis